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  1. I won't avoid the argument (because in this instance, there's nothing to argue about)! My brotha from anotha had it pegged right! This is beyond a shadow of doubt, the absolute WEAKEST SDCC exclusive boxset on record! It being an MCU (and that IS what the Netflix verse is) based set CANNOT be ignored and should not be overlooked. We can only hope this year is an anomaly because it's the MCU's 10th anniversary and next year we go back to the way things should be (damn right MCU lovers! You practically OWN every wave NOT affiliated with the MCU and Comic-Con was/is the final sanctuary for  (that's right) the characters who made it possible for YOU to have a hobby! It's gotten so bad now that at least before, we would get a figure that was in a boxset that got a general release and SOME time went by between releases, but now, not only do we know we're getting doubled up on Netflix/MCU Luke Cage, they're being released literally weeks apart form one another (and in the case of the US, the boxset is gonna precede the 2 pack).  The one amusing thing I draw from this however, is in both instances, Cage is released only as exclusive (I find it amusing but simultaneously, I feel bad for our MCU collectors out there).

  2. On 7/3/2018 at 1:00 PM, tarot said:

    Wrong group dude. ML only. But I understand your pain. No Comic ML for SDCC this year Either.

    You KNOW I'm feeling the pain Tarot!!! The last bastion of comic based love has been ripped! Let us hope this is only because of the MCU 10th anniversary and just a one time occurrence.  I would ask the design team if this were so when I go to Comic-Con, but from experience, I know I'll simply get a vague & generic answer (ei; "anything's possible").


    I realize this may come as a shock, but things are pretty dead across the board around here. Target, Walmart, Walgreens, wherever. The occasional King Cobra, plenty of Kilmongers, a left-over Pink Panther or two, and a smattering of '90's Deadpools.


    You know, I'm no marketing genius, but with two hit movies released within the last 2 months, a third major motion picture release just around the corner, not to mention Captain Marvel and Avengers 4 hype burning up the internet you'd think Hasbro might take advantage and try and actually sell some of this stuff.

    I'm still trying to find a Cable in the wild, and every time I go to one of the usuals, all they have is the B heroes :(. You'd think they would want to change the case assortments once they figure out where the demand is, and Prowler and King Cobra aren't it...


    I think only ONE time have they changed assortment ratios, but on the norm, Hasbro NEVER does that!

  4. I would like a Dan Ketch but after we just got a Ghost Rider, they might hold off on them for a bit.


    I would like to see them do the F4 separately and each of them comes with a part of the Fantasticar. once you collect all five of them they can combine into the bigger version.

    That's a great idea Tarot! I would love to see an Aragorn. Since we've gotten a Black Knight, maybe it could come with a classic Valkyrie. Or maybe a Blade (dressed like the one we DIDN'T get) with a motorcycle.

  5. For those interested (and this will of course annoy the "bigger is better" posse), I sized compared Cull with both the Thanos & Gladiator Hulk BAF's. Most of you probably already know Thanos is a tick larger (taller) than Hulk (without the helmet) Just like in the movie (Just in case, let me say "SPOILER"), and Cull Obsidian is even larger than Thanos (also like in the movie). "Why would we be annoyed if he's larger"? Because having seen the film (even I, due to my preoccupation with accuracy) am compelled to admit he isn't large enough. He's at least a full head taller than Thanos (in the movie). He does match up nicely to the Hulkbuster armor, so if Hasbro re-releases it with up to date paint apps they'll both look good together (even though they're both a bit undersized).



    Update: I just saw the movie again. Obsidian is more than a head taller than Thanos. And Tarot, I see what you mean. Anatomically he's correct, but his outerwear is different. In fact, I dare say he looks more comic accurate (and if Hasbro gives us MCU versions of Corvus Glaive and Ebony Maw, I won't be mad because they look almost exactly like their 616 counterparts). For me, the only one who would be "out of place" is Proxima Midnight, who looks nothing like her 616 twin.

  6. Don't mistake this for another MCU vs. Comic argument but I've got severe case of MCU IM, Cap & Starlord overload. There are sooooo many comic versions of each of them that they could easily slip a comic version of any of them in any of the waves for the next movie & I swear, no one will mind. How bout this Hasbro? Say for the Avengers waves for the next movie you pair an MCU IM with a Comic post Secret Empire Cap or maybe an MCU Cap with one of the many different comic IM armors. How bout a comic Starlord, or Winter Soldier, or Falcon, or maybe battle suit Gamora? You can still get a lot of recognizable characters in circulation without the manotany of the past waves. One the flip side there are plenty of MCU characters that could use an update as well. Whatever, just a suggestion. It's just that this current formula is getting pretty stale, quick. But what so I know? I've only supported this line and watch it falter and succeed several times.

    BANGIN' suggestions. I'm on board with all this. It's well documented my feelings on the subject.


    wolverine will be the top seller of the wave. jamie will be a shelf warmer.


    they were 'found' at a local comic shop btw.

    The fact that Wolvie will be a top seller goes without saying, but you're totally off about Maddrox. First, the fact that he's a new character will make him one of the "better" sellers. Second, even if he sold less favorably with the casual fans, there's more than enough of us dedicated fans that will be clamouring to get multiples. I personally feel like we may be lucky if we're able to get maybe three, at best. Lastly, I'm not sure how long you've been a collector, but Multiple Man has been on the ML most wanted list since the Toybiz days. It's inconceivable that it's taken this long to be done. 100 percent, Storm & lame ass Gladiator will be the peg warmers.


    Once again you've echoed my thoughts exactly. It's kinda scary.

  8. To chime in, I actually liked the Ronan thing...for what it was. His head was too small. The best one to me would've been the TB one, but his proportions were off.


    I can see why people might not like it, since it isn't really a true representation of classic Thing. But people are and should be allowed to have their favorites, whether it be TB or these new HB. hell, there are a few that I don't think Hasbro could ever outdo (Beast, Doc Ock, Kingpin). So for those, I'd stick to my TB ones. But let's wait until final pictures before truly judging.

    My point exactly. This is similar to what happened on another "forum". The guy in question stated he felt the Thanos BAF should be bigger (yeah we haven't heard that one before) and that he didn't think the Proxima Midnight figure scaled properly. I was like "did you get invited to an early private screening of the movie"? Because that would be the only way he could possibly know if she scaled correctly with Thanos. Someone else who agreed with him told me "thank you, but I'll reserve judgement for myself". That's all well and good, except for one thing; HE HAS NOTHING TO BASE A JUDGEMENT ON! The movie isn't out yet (the new trailer came out today so maybe there's a better reference of Proxima there). It's yet another example of 1-The "Bigger is Better" posse's motto of "Accuracy be damned" in full effect, and 2-Marvel Legends collectors simply need something to complain about. Why this is, I don't know. Nieman is right. Let's wait until the figure comes out (or at least until we get some hi res pics)

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