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  1. You know a set I'd love? Acts of Vengeance. With Mandarin in his blue / white armor, Red Skull in a suit, the Wizard, Kingpin and a Loki too....'seems like a lot of these exist and could be updated, ...ooo, then a companion heroes set! Ah, dare to dream.......oh and I will dance of joy if a box set of the original New Warriors or Thunderbolts is ever made
  2. Ha ok I just saw this and seeing Beat's exasperated expression, with appropriate hand placement no less, is fantastic!..so many times with dioramas, people go for "action" as much as possible, which makes sense given the genre but to readily have other emotions on display is very well done.
  3. Agreed totally! that's a weird way to do photon blast /energy effects......and don't get me wrong, overall I really appreciate company's efforts to visualize energy powers (e.g. I like what Hasbro has done with say the ML Dr. Strange movie figures)...but this looks like lava-jelly slurping her arm.
  4. you know, I try to be positive because...well in generally being overly negative isn't such a great thing to be.....plus DST is usually great quality..but holy hell, was that really the best facial expression for her they could come up with!??! How does that get approved?? Is her being massively disinterested, or possibly medicated, a plot point?....what an odd & rare miss for DST. 'easy pass on this one.
  5. I caught that too! You know what I think? Endgame was perhaps decided on later than they'd have us think and Lego didn't have time to update their publicity photos, but did get the packaging updated at the printer....that' the only explanation I can imagine..is there another?
  6. damn, ok that might be the best Anthony Mackie likeness I've yet seen..powerful, dynamic looking figure here...well done. If I wasn't about to buy a Hot Toys Black Panther..or Captain Marvel.......damn you, budgets!..this would be a great one to pickup
  7. I still think Goose scratches out the eye! look at Fury's injury in Winter Soldier, there are totally claw-marks there.......or , I'm super imagining things not there. which is entirely possible.
  8. had to Google it and yes! that's it.... outstanding looking figure, and this one appears to be the same... Spidey really can bring out the best in sculptors
  9. I would swear that looks like a better....more articulated.......version of an old Diamond Select figure.....the Peter headsculpt really does it for me, you could do far worse than getting this guy for your Spider-man figure.
  10. Agreed 100% we all like things (ok most of us probably do) that are completely unappealing figures to others........shoot, I was legit excited for a Night Thrasher figure, how people in the world can write THAT sentence?! lol.......it's delightful to live in a time when your favorite MCU character has a real chance to be made into a quality figure sooner or later.
  11. seeing the 3 figures together makes me absolutely ready to shell out 3 figures on an SDCC or NYCC box set of the entire Starforce..they look fantastic together!! hopefully this is in the works sooner or later.
  12. So, per another thread, the idea for this one came up. Knowing we live in a golden age of superhero costumes adapted for the big screen, I'd argue since Sam Raimi's "Spider-man" in 2002 (NOT counting the X-men's biker leathers) which is the best, the very best ever adapted costume on the big or small screen?...Granted, thinking of one probably makes you think of 5 more, all of which sound like good answers ......... and they are!.........but if you had to choose one, which would it be?......and for this site, which figure goes along best? (I'm biased and will always go with a Hot Toy) For me, it's an embarrassment of riches thanks to the MCU, and I'll go with the SHIELD suit from "Captain America: Winter Soldier." Amazingly unexpected, faithful, functional that set a template for every other Cap uniform to follow, along with inspiring a perfect Hot Toy. It's impossible to pick one MCU costume........looking at you original Iron Man armor, for starters.....but I feel good with my choice. Yours?
  13. right? But then again, Marvel has an amazing track record of doing that.........Hmm, you know, that would be a good thread to start.., can I even do that?....to see who we fans think is the most comic accurate costume adaptation, (you gotta pick your personal fave for #1) and then which figure best supports that.
  14. well there you go. I wasn't aware it had been revised then, 'looks like good updates without doing an unnecessary overhaul; thank you much.
  15. Is that..her movie costume or her comic one? I'm running out the door to work so I can't jump on Google...but can jump on here! (priorities)......and I would swear that's more her movie look...which is incredibly cool to live in a time when movie costumes are so good and speak so well to mass audiences, the comics are taking queues from them. Love it.
  16. right? I agree that it's an odd strategy because if you buy....... 4? you can have multiple figures but many leftovers, including 3 extra Black Widows.....my math might be off as I haven't had coffee yet....so unless there's a secret clone subplot, this feels like a very wasetful buying plan...... Hmm, I hope there's more to it.
  17. Ha! ok the unbridled enthusiasm in this review is spectacular, and I'm sure I'll feel the same when my Thanos arrives soon! I try to buy one Hot Toy per Marvel movie, and I nearrrly picked up the newly resculpted Dr. Strange, but really there was no other option than Thanos. The face sculpt here is almost eerie it's so on point, and the interchangeable glove hands?! brilliant! The gauntlet crafting looks spot on, and I like the sizing next to other heroes & the Hulk, feels perfectly balanced in scale. (Ooo, bad puns..)
  18. Once again DST seems to own the marketing in affordable, collectible statues...Iceman and Beast seem like msut buys and the more I look at Iron Man from Infinity War, the more he falls into that category...the amount of detail they can affordably mold, and their commitment to dynamic, action poses, is very impressive...great coverage here.
  19. I wonder if, as Endgame is the last of the RDJr / Chris Evans movies (probably), the line will also expand beyond the normal number of characters per wave, or do anything else to notate the end of an era; between last year's MCU10 figures and the Marvel 80's this year, they're not shying away from marking history, which I like to see.
  20. see, I'll throw one word into your description of Alex Ross' art (very well described, btw, and got me thinking what adjectives I would use) but there is a regal'ness to his art, especially with Asgardians, that I think this figure doesn't quite capture......that said, is it a bad figure? Absolutely not. and this Toy Fair from Hasbro feels so diverse, so rich and well-rounded, I think this was their best showing. Truly, something (or on this site, a few somethings!) for everybody.
  21. I didn't see those pix yet!! omg, thank you....I think when I last saw that page the pic load was up to maybe 195 images........wow, those last ones are truly incredible. From a beat-up Juggernaut.......which, granted, never happens. I love Colossus but normally Juggy smacks him around....and that Iron Man, to have a Tony Stark head as he holds his helmet?! so so classic... I love it, ditto for ultimate classic Cap; I swear that might be the best paint job / representation of color I've ever seen on an action figure......still not feeling the Thor..something about him is too passive for me...but with that Iron Man and Cap, and the Hulk vs. Wolverine set is a dream come true, ....this has been the best Toy Fair in awhile.
  22. is that true? Id idn't see listings for the Thor / Cap / Iron Man figure to show extras and attachments...is it somewhere and I missed it?
  23. This set was perfect for inclusion with a copy of the book.... I'm all for sets just being sets, but in this case? it's such a specific name based on a classic, intense limited series...(c'mon Hasbro! Barnes and Noble sells it for $8 lol)....the context would have helped sell this more in a mass market retail chain like Target, I think anyway...but that siad, this set is fantastic...I really like Kraven's rifle being included and Peter's bruised face to reflect how physically, as much as psychologically, damaging this story is...this set is as well crafted and well thought as any Hasbro has produced. 'very good set to buy.
  24. echoing a few people here, Dr. Doom in a pristine classic costume, I'm thinking this, is a mandatory. Hopefully around the same time Marvel unrolls a summer or Fall event series with him as the lead bad AND Kevin Feige makes him the successor to Thanos as the central unstoppable villain of the MCU (he's a king like Black Panther but a magic wielder like Dr. Strange AND hates the FF; nothing but connections to the new heroes of the new MCU... He need to be universally loved! or feared. or both.) Other than that, I'd love to see Quasar. Yep, Quasar. and Stingray. Two characters that have mayyyyybe a 2% chance....I doubt it, but I always really liked their costume designs and thought they'd make interesting, cool figures. Oh and I still want an original New Warriors SDCC box set.... c'mon, it's only 6 figures Hasbro, and you already have Night Thrasher!!
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