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  1. very good call on a Toad custom!!!! if you do that, please post pix! quality customs are always very good to see & admire
  2. never in a mililno years did i think I'd see a Hydroman figure and compliment hwo amazing his hair looks lol... I swear this batch of Hasbro figures jsut feels like a leap forward...in personality-infusion, in styling, coloring......variety..everything. I'm very very impressed and so pleased, ...and I never knew how much I wanted an Ant Man hat I could wear till i saw it!...so far the WW2 Ultimate Cap / motorcycle is a lock for buying, as is Citizen V, that Julie Carpenter Spider-woman is terrific, and the updates to the ToyBiz X-men are an unfair push on my nostalgia buttons.......ok, i really do want them all.. food, who needs food!?
  3. ok so for fun, I checked out the X-men Legends: Magento figure....see if this was very similar... and it's not even close! this one radiates so much more aggression, rage and power...outstanding face work here....... Quicksilver and Scarlet seem fine...solid costumes but sorta dull / lifeless expressions.. 'not sure I'd call this a mus have overall, but boy does that Magneto make it close..
  4. Yes! i love that particulate Thor figure and display him next to the Hawkeye of the same line...those were two of the very best Disney Store figures in my book....I agree onthem being out of a scale being a reason not to use them further, but boy they turned out nice.
  5. Whoa. ok I've seen good Mezco figures before, but especially the Netflix Punisher and movie Captain Marvel.... they're really giving Hot Toys a run for their money with quality body & especially, face sculpts. Those look fantastic and others that I have seen before still are impressive..e.g. the old school Logan in his civilian clothes or that Ghost Rider bike set......but all that said, seeing the 3 Ragnarok figures together is amazing, just the scale and costume detailing....these will be hard to pass up...
  6. Ok those PEZ dispensers are adorable and delightfully detailed too..that Wolverine in particular is really catching my eye for a classic Logan look....the Phoenix figures are just a depressing reminder of Fox not embracing comic accurate costumes in their films. ....but as always, she lends herself to well detailed and imaginative designs at any scale & detail level....'very good desktop items for work here.
  7. yes! i thought the same....I love the other 4 figures shown here...but if Cap / Thor / Iron Man are supposed to be based on Alex Ross's art, a simple Google search proves that to be all wrong. He looks more like a perfectly serviceable Thor figure, but nothing we haven't see before, and certainly not nearly as accurate to Ross' interpretation as Iron Man and Cap are (both look fantastic, high marks there)....there's been so many Thor figures, that it's hard to make a new one really stand out unless it's based on a costume.....hmm, but are they any left that haven't been made?? or an art style......ah well, bring on WW2 Cap & Peggy!
  8. Ok that was cool! I wish they had a bit more detail on the timing though.....how long before figures are in stores do they receive imagery from Marvel, or updates if there are changes during production? I can't imagine it's always smooth and not a time-crunched schedule...plus if they go through revisions? Ha, I'm just a sucker for documentaries about the industry, ......'loved The Toys that Made Us , so more of this? the better!
  9. You know, I like to think that merchandising decisions are based on other plans.........which, logically I know isn't always true...but when I see a fantasic figure based on a criminally under-used character, I hope it means Marvel has larger plans for him in live action. The sculpt looks well detailed with even better color application....variations of blue without conflicting with each other look really sharp.........hm, the green smoke-swirl base looks a bit "Mysterio" but I'll absolutely check this out in stores, DST's scale series is overall a great value for the price point.
  10. here ya go sir, from "New Avengers" back in 2007... "Unknown to the New Avengers, Hawkeye is resurrected once reality was restored. He seeks out Doctor Strange, who offers Hawkeye shelter while he comes to terms with his new life. Against the advice of Dr. Strange, Hawkeye eventually travels to Wundagore Mountain and finds the Scarlet Witch living a normal life with no memory of her past and apparently without mutant abilities. The two become intimate and Hawkeye then leaves Wanda to her normal life.[70] Returning to the United States, Hawkeye learns about the assassination of Captain America. He confronts Tony Stark, who then offers Hawkeye the Captain America shield and costume to continue the legacy. Hawkeye is later inspired by the words of Kate Bishop, whom he met while hiding his identity, and rejects Stark's offer.[71] Hawkeye returns to see Dr. Strange and meets the New Avengers. The team invites Hawkeye to join the team. Hawkeye accepts, and accompanies the team on a mission to Japan to rescue Echo. However, leaving behind his Hawkeye identity, Clint Barton takes on the disguise of Ronin.
  11. Sweet lord......ok to put that Cyclops with the Wolverine and the Gambit...who btw, is posed insanely well and makes me not want to see a live action Gambit unless shots like that are in it......but yeah, the pose-ability of those are ridiculous, and the fact that they're detailed & well colored too makes them hard to pass up...I read a great book about the X-men Animated cartoon last year and it's made me want to add some collectibles of the show to my collection....these absolutely might be the ticket!
  12. Fantastic review and sold me on a figure I was already 90% sure I needed to pick up.. I've always enjoyed her design.... had to look it up and it's Ron Frenz, who knew?...but a great design that shows action with a hint of 80's flair (1985 was her premiere date) but sophistication too by leaning into her nickname, reflected in the uniform. Hasbro's captured her fierceness and grace very well, not sacrificing her strength one bit.....i like the dual gun accessories too, and maybe it's due to having young kids, but them not looking hyper-realistic isn't a dealbreaker to me at all.....the one dwonside I see is when you line the figures up, her legs are a bit too on the skinny / slender side for an athletic woman..but still high quality and one well worth getting....onward to the fantastic Kingpin!
  13. You know, as much as I love hot toys, i find their "exclusive" extras to be incredibly hit or miss.......I seem to recall for Infinity War it was like, an extra weapon here (Cap) or a different base there (War Machine)....which felt forced to me just to label something "exclusive" and charge a few extra bucks.......now, that said? This deluxe addition looks amazing!!! including the cat......who all signs point to being a memorable character, AND the bomber jacket?! (extra effect hands don't necessarily do it for me, but they are neat), that's a very smart, fair set of extras to include and I'd pay additional money for them...............the figure overall appears to be at the usual amazing, wonderful standards that Hot Toys has......not their best face sculpt, I still argue that's Jon Bernthal's Punisher figure and it's uncanny appearance...... but especially the helmet-wearing head? Colors, details...all appear spot-on. Hot Toys is the best investment a collector can make in my view.
  14. See, it was on another thread........Puma! took me a second but I remembered.....where there was talk about facial expressions. This absolutely y proves my point on the value that Hasbro brings to the table with giving personality-specific expressions.....look how on point Bullseye is....it's like his really in the moment.........(yes, I understand that posing & lighting play a big part).....but contrast that with Whizzer, who's just sorta "there" and his serene face doesn't match any action he's taking in the pic, or could take........and then circle back to Kingpin who does have an idea displeased expression, 'easily one that he'd throw out before stuff goes down............A very well put together photo all around, no question, but boy do (some of the) facial expressions really help elevate it to another level.
  15. seeing this just reminds me that Toy Fair is in only 2 weeks!! so hope there are amazing reveals for Endgame & new product from Hot Toys..........hm but without major Endgame spoilers (looking at you Lego!)....anyway, Toy Fair coverage on this site is always terrific and One:12 was almost a series I collected as they do product great quality....I just thought Hot Toys was a step above, despite the wallet hits................. Only one pic here but Carols' helmet looks very well crafted, ' appears to be fine details / articulation and I look forward to more images soon.
  16. I know this will never happen, but! when Kurt Busiek and George Perez started their Avengers run way back 1998, it had a medieval theme to it.......I think it was Morgan Le Fay that they fought....and I'd love to see those "Avengers in Medieval Times" designs as figures. 'really a high point for Perez's creativity / design sense.
  17. Agreed, Speedball is a natural for a Spidey wave. It just kills me they're doing one-off's (Songbird here, Citizen V there...... Night Thrasher now, etc.) I want sets!..because I'm in my 40's and nostalgic, with more disposable income than when I was a kid lol
  18. See I disagree... I enjoy the ferocity of the open mouth; it's pretty much scary & disturbing, in a good way, Open, roaring mouths on characters like him or Beast show an emotional expression that fits my use of figures...which is more as reasonably priced statues to display, rather than figures for play. Tapping into that personality trait does a lot to give it unique visual appeal...'makes for good contrast compared to others....too many figures have a serene facial expression which contrasts their action- hero nature. 'well done on this one.
  19. lol ok i did a quick ebay check and you arent' kidding! although is it me? or is the 5" one, from 1992 Toy Biz, a better face and body sculpt despite the less detail??
  20. You're spot on wiht a few of these! one, I'd love to see an Original New Warriors SDCC box set....with Justice / Firestar....Nova / Namorita.........Night Thrasher re-issue, (e.g. no helmet version) and Speedball........and along those lines? 'ditto for Thunderbolts. Seeing Citizen V and knowing Songbird is already out? Moonstone & FIxer, Mach-1 and a Songbird reissue, maybe Atlas as a build-a -figure? and you can swap in heads for their less-Legal identites!! .....I swear, there's a nostalgia market for sets like this, I hope Night Thrasher sales bear that out.
  21. This is amazing! To finally have 1 of the 6 OG New Warriors.......well, in a classic look as I know they have created a Nova figure before...gives me hope that one day a New Warriors SDCC set may happen....or an original Thunderbolts....or both! Yep, the 90's was my comics heyday and I'll keep hoping if others like me buy these classics........c'mon, Quasar in his headband costume!...... Marvel Legends will produce them all. Great looking figure and I very much look forward to picking him up soon.
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