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  1. What collector doesn't have OCD? Lol you're not alone on that one. Also, you're right, not all employees are out to get us, they're just out to get YOU!!! 😄
  2. Thanks for the offers! Yeah if I didn't order a couple of 3.75 Scarif Troopers off their website, I'd never find him at my crummy ass walmarts that's for sure. Wave 9 of the 6in Black Series was all killer and no filler for me so I simply ordered the case off EE but Revan has been confirmed for upcoming solid case case packs so he will be available to order individually off of Etailers like EE soon enough. Baze and Chirrut (#36-37) are already available in this manner as well so if you want those two (they are awesome!) you might as well order them. They are the only two new figures comprising wave 10 and Wave 9 BARELY made it to stores so I imagine finding those 2 at retail would just be an exercise in futility.
  3. Yeah that was like the best day ever being a marvel legends collector, I'll never forget that day. So many new figs my head was spinning in the store lol
  4. Yeah lol I completely pooped the bed with Beta Ray...I don't know he was stuck in my mind for some reason. Also, me and my buddies had the exact same experience at a local TRU lol! We went to the aisle and saw there was 15 (yes literally 15) cases of Modok wave on the top-stock riser above the aisle. My buddy climbed the shelving like a spider monkey and just pushed ALL of the cases (thank you TB clamshell packaging!) to the ground lol sounded like a car crash. An employee walked over to us moments later with the craziest look on his face and just said "are you guys ok?" We were already knew deep in cutting the tops of the boxes open with our car keys and just looked up at him and said "yes, yes we are" The guy waited a second or two and then just walked away lol. Long story short, we all had the whole wave and more than enough variants lol and my buddy Joe literally bought EVERY Destroyer figure and proceeded to later sell them like wildfire on eBay for about $40-45 each (this was of course when Legends were like $8...) Ahhh...good times, good times. By far the most money I've ever spent on Legends in a single day was when the Walmart Giant Man wave landed. Just got done working the overnight shift at Target with a buddy and we hit up a Walmart on the way home at like 7am. They were literally wheeling out the 4-sided PDQ shipper pallet to the floor as were walking to the toy section. Between the AOA Wolverine and stupid 3-4 Sentry Variants, I'm pretty sure that wave was around 15-16 figures lol. The Face-Off 2 packs also landed at the same time and they all 3 packs of wave 1 plus the 3 variant packs. I'm pretty sure this was when Icons were just landing too as I remember buying several of those as well plus the variants. All told, I don't remember the cost but between me and my buddy, it was literally 2 FULL shopping carts worth of figs lol. What's crazy about that is back then, Legends were like $8 each ($7.44 at Walmart), Face-Offs were $15 and Icons were $15...if I found this exact same haul of figures, but with TODAYS pricing...I shutter to think what the cost would be since single carded figs are $20, 2-packs are $40 and Icons are just ridiculous at $50. All in all, just like DSmith said, there's no denying that (since figs are now $20 each) we are getting a much better value now with alt heads and the like included in the package (which was a TB variant staple back in the day for ex) and there's really no reason for them to revisit "Variants" as a result. BUT...I still love the "idea" of actual variants so I'd be lying if i said I didn't miss them lol. True "chase" variants though (like the ones you weren't even guranteed to get even if you were opening 3-5 boxes at once-sometimes being a variant of a variant and in rare cases...of a variant), much like I mentioned in my previous post (Bobby Drake Iceman I'll see you in hell!) are something i absolutely DO NOT MISS.
  5. That's an awesome idea! If I opened my figs I'd be ALL over that lol. I'm a soft goods guy for life so I've always found it lame that 99% of the Legends capes/robes/sashes/skirts/etc whatever all come with hard plastic draping in those respective areas. Oh well, at least SW doesn't let me down with soft goods "most" of the time (looking at you Jawa!)
  6. Well I can absolutely agree on Walgreens being pretty spot on with their exclusives-I have been able to find (usually many times over) every Legends & Black Series exclusive and hell, even usually any exclusive pops too (I don't "collect" them minus the Deapool & Punisher ones but I do pick up some random ones on occasion) 3PO, more than any other Walgreens exclusive by far, was the one that actually required some real effort in my area. I wound up finding a couple but I just bad luck with the boxes and wound up ordering two momc ones off of eBay for $25 each. Walmart though...they are ALL over the place. For Black Series, I was able to find Wave 1-5 of the SA 3.75 line but never saw Wave 6-7 (I assume the upcoming Wave 8 will be similar) in stores and had to order those off their website. I also still haven't found the 3.75 AT-ST either! Also, to be clear, when I say "I" I really mean "We" as my Dad and 3 buddies of mine all collect a lot of same crap so instead of 1 person striking out (me) it's really like 5 people on these aforementioned items lol. For the 6in Black Series, they've only had 2 exclusives so far and I/we never saw the Battlefront Shock Trooper in stores and had to get it off their website. For the Scarif Trooper...that thing was everywhere lol. For Legends, there's also only been 2 exclusives (and now a 3rd with Panther) and I'll tell you what, if it wasn't for a lucky stop at a Walmart in Orlando when I was on vacation (they had just put them out and had 6-8 of each on the pegs) then I would've never seen a Bucky or Falcon in the wild. I did have my buddy find 1 Falcon and 2 Buckys in the wild but they were destroyed. So I know I can't speak for everyone as all of our areas are different and the frequency in hunting is also different for all of us but based on my experience...I'm not envisioning seeing Panthers falling off the shelves of my local Walmarts anytime soon. For Sue, definitely not worried as I'm sure Walgreens will have my back as usual lol.
  7. Yeah it was pretty strange to see the Shocker Tbolt Belt and I can't take credit for discovering it as my buddy is actually the one who found it and showed me it. The thing I find most odd is that I believe I've read a FAIR amount of Tbolts comics over the years (i haven't read EVERY issue) and I don't ever recall Shocker being on the Tbolts roster lol.
  8. Yeah it's a shame with the whole Fox thing because I too would happily buy Teddolchiban's wave as well. My ideal Deadpool wave would HAVE to have an Udon Agent X but there's so many characters that would make great choices that the sky is the limit pretty much.
  9. Yeah I literally found the entire Jnaut wave like 5 times over at JUST Walgreens alone (yes including deadpool) and I wasn't even hunting for them since I ordered two cases from EE lol. I guess it pays off living in south Florida once in a while since 99.99% of my local Walgreens shoppers are incredibly old people just trying to fill their prescriptions at the pharmacy so they don't...ya know...die. Not the kind of crowd that races to the toy aisles around here lol. I'm sorry Heisenberg but I just find all of your posts about this Warlock wave just downright hysterical (in the good way) That is equal parts because I love reading all of your conspiracy theories about how store employees are out to screw you over and also because when I read you saying something like you have been going to Targets every morning for weeks to find this wave...I can't help but laugh as when this wave goes up for preorder at EE next month...I'm just going to click a few buttons on my phone while I'm outside my branch having a smoke...and have the wave sent to my doorstep lol. I greatly respect your passion for the "hunt" sir, truly I do. I'm not saying I necessarily understand it lol but I love it.
  10. My alternative would be for the price to increase to $25 a figure and in turn, each figure comes loaded with the aforementioned accessories. Should we have to pay more than $20 a figure to get some actual accessories? ABSOLUTELY NOT...but...it's clearly not being done at the $20 price point... Also, I don't really have any creative ideas to throw in the mix with regards to accessory "packs" but it's not entirely out of the realm of possibility for these to exist some day for ML, especially since there is already precedent for it in other lines. The Neca Predator/Alien accessory packs are reasonably new for example and they are KILLING IT with those packs! However, I don't open my Legends (I've only bought an extra Agent Venom, Deadpool, Jim Lee Punisher and Angela to open...since 2014) so even if Hasbro released amazing accessory packs, i personally wouldn't buy any of them. I'm in the minority on this I know but that's me. I buy ML to keep in the package but I buy Selects to open because of their beefier scale and far superior sculpting/paint apps (plus they come with great accessories for the most part) The main reason I said I'd rather go for ML at $25 a fig for the accessories is because Selects are only a few bucks more then ML and what you lose with the BAF piece is more than made up for in the quality of the figure you are getting these days from them by comparison. Now KilionNorcal mentioned vehicles...now that I would like to see as I feel that's a very delicate but very interesting concept.
  11. Ahhhh Variants lol what a love/hate relationship they can be. Now "Variants" I can get behind and that's partly due to me being masochsitic and partly due to the fact that I just genuinely love the idea. Needless to say, im much more behind variants when they are actually well executed and damn did ToyBiz torture me sooooo good lol. I think the best Legends variant was the Beta Ray Bill from TB Seres 16 Modok Wave and man did they go out with a bang! Not only did 5/6 figs from that wave have variants but the Beta Ray Bill variant was freaking DESTROYER!!! Now "chase" figures...not so much. Series 5 Red Skull anybody? Xmen Classics Bobby Drake Iceman anybody? FF Classics clear Sue Storm anybody? Good god those were just beyond ridiculous to chase down with those damn awful case ratio equations... I do NOT want to see a return of chase figs lol.
  12. I may not be the best judge on this since I really don't "hunt" per say (sans exclusives) as I do most of my hunting through EE preorders. Whatever doubles of ML I wind up with from the EE case I can always offload to my other collecting buddies BUT since most Marvel 3.75 waves offer more than 1 double in the case and since NONE of my friends collect 3.75 besides me, I do usually hunt for my MU. Having said that, I did some small hunting over the past week or so for the new MU stuff, the TRU Groot and some McFarlane color tops/Neca Predators & Aliens, etc and was able to score on everything. In my experience: 1. Sandman Wave-Kamala P.S. Has anyone else found the running change/variant of Shocker? He comes with a belt with a Thunderbolts logo on it. Weird. 2. Titus Wave: Star Lord but that's not the least bit surprising as he is the two per case fig. I have actually seen the entire wave 3 times over, all figures. Angela and Darkhawk moving faster than others should not come as a surprise to anyone also and so much so I'm not even going to elaborate as to why. Additionally, I've seen Darkhawk and Angela several times at separate Walgreens... 3. Warlock Wave: haven't seen a single figure lol
  13. @Heisenberg Really? He must me a collector or at least appreciate collecting if that's the case. If you live next to a Walmart that has an emnaculate toy Dept then consider yourself BEYOND lucky lol. Also, if I see a Sue or Panther in the wild, or come across an actual date, I'll definitely let you know. What part of the states do you live in?
  14. @Heisenberg I completely agree that a Gwenpool would practically be a given within the context of deadpool themed wave but who knows lol
  15. @Teddolchiban Are you new to the boards? I only ask as I don't recall seeing your handle before but then again, I haven't been on these boards very long myself (I'm new to the Internet) but if you are new, welcome! Also, may I ask if you are new to collecting Legends? Again I only ask as your sheer optimism is almost startling lol. Unfortunately, DSmith pretty much hit the nail on the head with his response but I'd like to elaborate even further if I may: There's an embargo on Marvel merch across the board (not ALL companies but most) from companies like Hasbro, Diamond Select and many, many others, when it comes to releasing figures that either resemble their Fox movie onscreen costume, likeness to the actor, or just anything in between regarding their film counterparts. This is an "unofficial" directive from the top dogs at Disney. Disney is in an eternal pissing contest with Fox on trying to re-acquire the rights back to the Marvel IPs Fox owns. While this is happening (and it's been happening for quite some time) their is a tactical embargo placed on releasing figures/lines/waves that directly tie into any Fox movie in ANY way. This is Disney's way of strangling" and cutting off any proceeds Fox could reap from movie tie-in merch (which as we all know, movie tie-in merch is a time tested recipe) in an attempt to undermine their financial bottom line. The fact of the matter is this; if Hasbro (just them for example) released a figure that is based off of Fox's movie, Fox would actually receive a small stipend or dividend if you will, of said sales of movie figures/merch. In short, to "flex their muscle", Disney will not stand for it. Again, as DSmith said, the chances of a wave being released and containing more females than males is simply unrealistic. Could it happen? Sure-never say never right, but the fact remains, there is simply ZERO precedent for it. This precedent holds true since the inception of Marvel Legends but to speak more recently, we can use the "true" return of marvel legends (2014s Infinite Series) as an example: Since 2014, Hasbro has released 22 BAF Series (24 waves in total) and that's not including the Knights wave which has two confirmed females and the Ragnarok wave of which the only confirmed figure is a female. Point here being none of them feature more females than males. In fact, while it is rare, there are waves that contain zero females altogether. The Giant Man Wave featured 0 females and the upcoming Spiderman Wave 8 (Vulture Flight Pack Series) also has 0 females in it. Your comment about the upcoming A-Force TRU box set is not exactly relevant as, by inherent design, exclusives are meant to be thought of as an "outside the box" release and at the least, represent a release that the company (Hasbro in this case) feels simply has no place in a "traditional" annual wave roster/assortment. Also and unrelated, that A-Force set is just INCREDIBLE imo and for me personally, I believe that is the BEST ML box set ever to be released. That's not me being a fan of the A-Force comics and it's certainly not because im a feminist, it's because that 6 figure sets are an extremely rare type of release and the fact that 5 of the 6 characters comprising that set have never been released in ML form is just damn awesome! The fact that a wave will most likely never contain more females than males is also not Disney or Hasbro being misogynistic and actually, it's quite the opposite. Do you think it's a coincidence that the return of Star Wars movies (using the last two movies as that example of course-TFA & RO) have BOTH had their primary hero leads played by females? Trust me man, no one is spending as much careful consideration on gender equality as Disney is. The fact that we always have more males than females in a wave is simply due to male superheroes outnumber female superheroes by a drastic margin. To be honest, no one should be surprised by this ratio as women weren't even allowed to VOTE until 1920...133 disturbing years after the constitution was written mind you...and since Marvel was founded in 1939, (albeit most of the origins to all of the characters we know and love didn't come into play until the 50s & 60s) you can bet your behind that "women superheroes" weren't on their agenda sort of speak. Nowadays though...QUITE the opposite lol. By the way, my name is Cobra and I write overly long-winded posts that put most people to sleep...nice to meet you!
  16. Yeah I hear ya man, would love nothing more than to see a few, really well executed Thor Waves! I imagine we will have to wait until SDCC to get to the real meat of it though. One thing I'll say is I will personally be SHOCKED if we actually get an MCU Hela considering the movie costume looks "close enough" to the comics and I just can't see them passing up on the opportunity to re-release the SDCC version with tweaked deco or something.
  17. Lol my only takeaway from this article is...I need a Jeff Goldblum Legend STAT
  18. @Heisenberg I haven't seen Sue or Panther either (granted I let my friend do most of the Walmart hunting for me as I don't shop there and try my best to avoid going there as much as possible) but they definitely both have a set/street date. As to what that date might be though, I do not know.
  19. Ahh ok. Seeing as we were all talking about a toy show last weekend, I was thinking that maybe we might all be in the same neck of the woods. With me being in south Florida, I guess I was wrong lol.
  20. BAF Cannonball with butt that shoots cannon balls...now that would actually make me want to build a BAF.
  21. @MCUcollector Lol yeah I would've HAPPILY paid the extra $10 to ensure myself one less trip to Walmart. There was a toy show near me this past weekend also...I should've went to that instead of drinking all day Saturday and shooting nerf guns at my neighbors kids.
  22. Hydra Bob...YES! Heikks, you have made my day lol well played sir, well played.
  23. I think if a Deadpool based wave does become a reality, I'd be shocked if Hasbro doesn't cash in on the reusabilty of the molds and just give us all of the mercs for money gang. Having said that, there's only one figure that I would want more than any other (not that I don't want MORE Udon figs) and that figure is Agent X. Period.
  24. I've also seen an Old Man Logan in the wild but I'm waiting to grab the case from EE. On the off chance I find the whole wave in a store, with mint packages, I'll definitely grab them though.
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