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  1. An entire Golden Age Wave? BRILLIANT. I would buy 2 of each figure just to show support for that wave.
  2. Well unless i missed something, they only showed 2 brand new marvel selects, Sandman and MCU Captain “I don’t want a lot of white journalists covering my movie” Marvel. That Sandman though...omg it looks incredible. Instant buy for me.
  3. Just an observation about a certain blue furry mutant we will be getting soon...is Beast the first ever Marvel Legend we are getting that has both an ab crunch and a diaphragm joint? The last time I saw those 2 joints on a single figure, was some of the DC Collectibles Arkham Knight figures, like Red Hood for example. Before that, I can’t recall any figure from any line having those 2 combined torso joints. Something tells me ToyBiz probably did it but nothing is coming to mind.
  4. I totally forgot to mention a 2099 Pun! Any 2099 version, I’m game for it! Also, I have no idea why you dislike Thomas Jane so much but that was a funny read lol. He was great in The Mist so take that!
  5. Agreed. It may not be the weakest Spidey Wave to date but for me, it’s definitely up there. Night Thrasher, Puma and Six-Armed Spidey is what pulled the wave out of the gutter for me. I have no attachment to Red Goblin at all as I had no idea who/what he was (i stopped reading Modern Marvel comics sans a very select few titles) prior to seeing the figure debut but I don’t need to know who he is either because I’m an action figure collector first and foremost and the figure looks cool enough/fine enough on its own merits for me to like it. Everyone is so sour over the 6-Armed Spidey (I wholeheartedly understand it could have been better) but the figure that sours my apples the most is Sable, simply because she is not in her classic attire. How many YEARS have we waited to get a Sable and they don’t release her in classic form? It maddens me to no end. As far as the 6-Armed Spidey goes, I’m just happy to have him and getting an update to a 90s ToyBiz Figure that I played with to oblivion and back as a child, really tickles my fancy. For me, I’d simply rather have the 6-Armed Spidey we got, then not have one at all. I am certainly no hasbro aplogist but this Spidey gets an easy pass from me, strictly due to nostalgia and sentimentalism. Beyond that, I am capable of looking at the picture as a whole and to that end, we received over 130 individual Legends figures last year alone. I would have to double check my inventory but I think the final number for 2018 was 137, figures including BAFs and repaints. Point being, out of THAT many figures, how many were truly terrible action figures and/or had awful articulation schemes? 6-Armed Spidey will no doubt be a part of another year (2019) with a 100 or more Legends releases in it so, speaking for myself only of course, a couple subpar figures out of that many releases surely isn’t going to ruin my day lol. Sorry, no matter how hard I sometimes try, I often wind up ranting on like a lunatic anyways.
  6. Agreed. Additionally, if the rumored X-Force Wave actually comes out this year AND if it’s a full 90s roster (as it should be), then I legitimately think Strong Guy might make his debut.
  7. Ha! It ain’t being lazy my good man, it’s shopping smart lol! Yeah it can be a pain being a MIMB/MOMC collector when there are extra figures you have to buy because you want to open them but luckily, that’s not that big of a problem for me with Legends. The only real Legends I buy extras to open are Spidey rogues/villains and the occasional X-Men themed character. I had to buy an extra wave to build that big and beautiful Kingpin and I will be building Monster Venom soon (those two BAFs will be the first BAFs I’ve built since ToyBiz). I would’ve built a Rhino and Juggernaut but I much more prefer the size, weight, paint and sculpt of my Marvel Select versions. I may or may not decide to build Lizard. Don’t get me wrong, I think the BAF is great but for some reason, I still really like my Marvel Select Lizard. I know I’m probably like one of 9 people that love the Select Lizard but idk, there’s just something simplistic yet engaging about it for me. I do get extra Deadpool’s to open as well cause I’m stupid like that lol. Beyond themed figures, I will buy extra of a fig if I have an attachment to the character, like Punisher, Angela, Crossbones, all F4 characters, Majik and the upcoming Blink, etc to name a few. Luckily, I won’t run into a problem with the Caliban wave as I definitely don’t need that as a BAF. BAF choice aside, I fully expect that wave to be the downright best wave of the year as the character selection is nothing short of rock-solid imo. However, what I don’t buy in the form of extra Legends to open, I more than make up for with the extra Neca and McFarlane figures (to name a couple) that I buy duplicates of to open lol. P.S. Circling back to Punisher for a second, great job on that Jigsaw post you made as the topic turned me into raving 8 year old when I wrote my response. Thanks a lot...lol
  8. @monron999 I am right there with you and I think a first appearance Jiggy would be awesome. Having said that, since Punisher is my favorite Marvel character and we barely ever get Punisher Legends, I will happily take whatever version of Jiggy Hasbro can throw at me. I want any and all Jigsaw’s I can get. Furthermore, to take it as left field as I can, I would want a Gamerverse Jigsaw with deco modeled after the original NES lightgun game (kind of like how Neca does their video game appearance figures) Having said that, wasn’t the final boss of that game Jiggs in a giant mech suit lol? That would be awesome! Maybe a Gamerverse 2-pack with Castle & Jiggs. Realistic deco or retro game deco, I don’t care, just give it to me lol. For Punisher, I want a Marvel Now version with the hood (that series was an excellent read), I want a real full fledged effort of a Bradstreet version, I want a new Tbolts version, I want a War Machine version (how cool was that!), I would want movie versions like an updated Thomas Jane and a new Ray Stevenson War Zone, both with the photo real tech. A photo real Dolph Lundgren?! Yes please lol. I want it ALL!
  9. EE all day. Free mint condition package guarantee, great selection, top notch customer service, pricing at MSRP or just over and free shipping option. For collectors who wait and stack their orders or just outright collect a fair amount of stuff, you would really never have to pay a shipping cost.
  10. Yeah my credit card takes a beating after Spidey and X-Men waves come out lol. To think of it, my credit card is always taking a beating as of late cause between all the figure lines, there’s just awesome stuff dropping left and right! The 4th case in the box is for a buddy who gave me the money to preorder it for him as I’m slowly converting him from a retail hunter into a EE customer lol.
  11. No I could care less about Shadowking really lol. I do however always buy 2 cases/waves of Spidey and X-men assortments, for investment purposes (should that rainy day come where I have to sell figures)
  12. Yeah Trasher is the bread winner for me for this wave, been wanting a Legend of him for quite a while. Second is Puma as classic villains (especially Spidey villains) are what I live for. 6-Armed Spidey was close to being my #2 pick of the wave as I LOVED the original ToyBiz figure as a kid lol.
  13. Kingpin has arrived! This marks the first time I’ve bought an extra wave in order to open and build the BAF, since the ToyBiz day’s.
  14. Wasn’t quite sure where to post this but in case anyone would find this info useful, I’m gonna share it here. The double packed figure for X-Men Wave 5/Caliban BAF is Gambit. Also, as per usual, each of the seven figures comprising the wave will be available as individual singles to order as part of the etailer solid casepacks. The wave is, as of now, solicited to start shipping in May. Lastly, Ultimate Riders Wave 3 (Vespa/Xavier) is as of now, solicited for February shipping.
  15. EE shipped out my cases the other day. Should start seeing them in stores within the next few weeks I’d imagine but who knows as retail is very inconsistent, as mostly everyone is aware of at this point lol.
  16. I noticed a few people have the Dark Pheonix from the TRU X-Men 2 Pack on their fav figs from 2018 list but that set came out in the summer of 2017 lol. It is a nice figure though and to this day, that set was the hardest 2-Pack to track down (In my experience) since they re-introduced the 2pack line. I could be wrong but I also think it goes for the most money on eBay compared to all of the other 2-packs released over the last couple years. Hasbro...maybe do some more X-Men 2packs lol?
  17. I like Mafex but I am pretty pick n choosy with them. I do think they look better (as well as being better priced) than SHF but I still think that they are overall too expensive, for what you get. Now, speaking of killing it...Mezco 1:12 Collective! For me, the Mezco Marvel figures are easily the best Marvel figures on the market, in any scale, for the quality and amount of accessories/features you get with them. I have all of them minus a few exclusive variants that I was too late on preordering (thanks to them lasting on their site for like 5 seconds) and that I will have to track down later. Grrr. For Mafex, I have half a dozen or so Star Wars figures, all 3 Robocops, Big Chap Alien, both John Wicks, Deadpool, Venom and I think 1-2 more of something but I can’t remember at the moment and I’m too lazy to check my inventory. I definitely don’t have a large collection of them but at least I’m keeping it eclectic lol. Same deal with Figma, I like their stuff but I am very pick n choosy and I think that they are definitely overpriced for the most part. Case in point, I have the Figma Big Chap Alien for example (which was already overpriced at like $90 if i recall) and then they threw up a Predator 2 City Hunter and it’s like double the price almost (think it’s $160 if I recall). It’s like seriously...wtf guys, no thanks! My Fully Loaded version of the Mezco 1:12 Punisher came with like 50 guns (among plenty of other things lol) and it cost less than that. Crazy. For pure import lines however I must concede that I like the Amazing Yamaguchi Revoltech line the most, with Magneto, Tiger Wolvie, Venom and Carnage in particular being super stand-outs for me. I don’t even care about DC but definitely couldn’t pass up their Batman and Deathstroke. The line is just unique and super fun imo. Minus the lack of proper 3.75 product (I sure do miss MU & Joe’s), it really has never been a better time to be a collector as the variety out there these days is just NUTS!
  18. EE also put this set on their site like a month ago for $40, in case people didn’t know. It’s yet another Walmart Exclusive that EE has “rescued” this year.
  19. If you only prefer to army build by buying at retail and/or by taking advantage of sales, that’s one thing and that’s totally cool. I couldn’t ascertain that from your original post obviously as the the thing that stuck out to me was the whole “giving up on trying to find the figure” thing. However, a figure being made available online, for anyone in the country to purchase with ease and a few clicks on a phone, is literally the same as being readily available to all. There is a distinction but with no difference. Being readily available at retail is purely subjective based on the regional, county and city locality of the Collector and the density of the populous that resides within said localities. Case in point; you stated you struggle to find new legends/Multiple Men in your area and I have seen MM on at least 8-9 separate occasions in retail to date (about half of those locations were GameStop’s). Locally speaking, he’s been readily available for me but clearly, he’s not readily available at retail for all...so that’s not really being “readily available” when contextualized by locality. Said figure however being available on a website for that ships nationwide, for MSRP, for months on end, is truly then available to all. I, (along with you as you stated), have been choosing the online route for years because it’s just the most practical and stress free approach. This is especially true if you are heavy collector or completionist such as myself. If you pre-order, you’re just gonna miss out on fall/holiday sales is all. I don’t usually have the luxury of waiting for something to hit clearance at B&M retail (even when I know for 100% fact that it will), because I need a mint package but hey, that’s my prerogative. I must concede however that after witnessing the PLETHORA of Legends sales that transpired across all the different stores/sites, over the Black Friday/Cyber Week period, I’m probably going to be more discnering in what I preorder for 2019. I have a buddy that’s a fellow legends completionist but who has much stricter budget limitations than I do and man he CLEANED UP this past week. Dozens and dozens of single carded legends for under $10 a pop. Black Widow bike for $13, Ghost Rider bike for $22, Vintage Wave 2 case for over $30 off, all of the Apoc Wave and other new legends waves for 15-20% of retail, Sasquatch case for $65 less, SP/DR case for $40 less, almost all of the MCU 10th sets for 40-50% off, etc etc I could go on and on and on lol. He basically saved a ton of money this year by barely buying anything, hoping the gamble would pay off for Black/Cyber sales and man did it pay off lol. I don’t remember every single thing he bought but I know he saved at least $500 off msrp, maybe more. There’s no reason to suggest that Legends product will be slowing down in 2019 so this should serve as evidence that it might just be worth skipping a lot of product next year, to then turn around and get a ton of it on Black/Cyber deals for a fraction of the cost. Mileage will vary and to each their own of course.
  20. I agree. Black suit Kingpin in a box set (single box release would be dope though) sounds extremely probable.
  21. Well let’s take a look at the data and then collectors can determine for themselves. Below is a list of all BAFs that have also been made available in a set or as single carded release, since the Legends Infinite Series rebrand in spring 2014. Total Released/Confirmed BAFs (2014-2019 so far): 38 1. 2016 Civil War Wave 3 Abomination. Also released almost simultaneously in the SDCC Raft Set. 2. 2017 Spiderman Wave 7 Sandman. Also released 6 months earlier as a “sand” variant in the SDCC Raft Set. 3. 2015 AOU Wave 2 Thanos. Also released 3 years later as a Walmart Exclusive single carded figure in 2018. 4. 2015 AOU Wave 3 Hulkbuster. Also released 3 years later as Target Exclusive MCU 10th Anniversary box set in 2018. 5. 2015 Ant Man Wave Ultron Prime. Also released 3 years later as a MCU 10th Anniversary single carded figure in 2018. 6. 2014 GOTG Wave Groot. Also released 2.5 years later as a TRU Exclusive single carded figure in 2017. 7. 2018 Infinity War Wave 1 Thanos. Also released 6 months later in a MCU 10th Anniversary box set in 2018. 8. 2016 Dr. Strange Wave Dormammu. Also released 1 year earlier as part of the 2015 SDCC Book of Vishanti box set. ***Ares. Brought back in 2017. ***Arnim Zola. Coming back in 2019. Those 8 above, not even including Ares or Zola, represent 21% of the total BAFs from 2014-2019 so far. Also, one could make arguments on the following 2 BAFs: 1. The Black Panther Wave 1 Okoye has been re-released/re-purposes as the Ayo figure in Black Panther Wave 2, sans the different heads and what not. 2. The Jubilee BAF from the 2014 TRU X-Men Wave 1 is essentially no longer important thanks to the upcoming Jubilee from the Caliban X Wave. Bottom line (and not even talking about Okoye or Jubilee), Hasbro has alternatively released or re-issued (so far), 10 BAFs since 2016. That’s not exactly a small number with all things considered. Not a large amount for sure but not entirely trivial either. I for one would be fine if ALL BAFs found their way to single card or box set release, several years after being originally released-I think that’s just good business imo.
  22. As far as my thoughts on the Kingpin wave, while it certainly isn’t the “best wave” of Spidey Legends that’s been released (imo), it’s BAF is LEGIT. Case in point, I collect MOMC and only buy sporadic duplicate figures to open up each year (this year more than most years) and I for one will be buying a second wave of Kingpin just so I can have the BAF. This will be the first BAF (since the Toybiz day’s) that I’ve actually cared enough about/wanted, to actually buy a second wave of and build. Before the final 3 figures to this wave were revealed, I personally thought this wave was garbage and shaping up to be the worst Spidey Wave to date (just talking about the wave roster, not the BAF) but the final 3 figures really turned this wave around for me. I, as some of you know, am all about the bad guys/villains and getting a new, never before released Classic Spidey villain in a wave will always trump whatever version(s) of Spidey also come in that wave. So, with that being said, I’m super pumped to be getting a classic Puma. Night Thrasher was and has been, on my shortlist for a long time so big win there for me as well. Six-Armed Spidey is also a huge win for me as I’ve always wanted an update to that early 90s Toybiz version that I adored and played with extensively as a kid and I couldn’t care less about the ab crunch as I’m just thrilled to be getting that figure. The new Black Cat for me is meh and the Black Spidey is super meh. I know nothing of the Red Goblin (nor care to) because I’m already on board with the figure due to it being a new bad guy and I think it just looks cool enough as an action figure first and foremost. The biggest disappoint for me is Sable as I have wanted a classic Sable to come out for a LONG time but since the figure is nowhere near being done in the classic outfit, the figure just really irks me a result.
  23. Well anybody really dead set on grabbing a mercenary Killmonger shouldn’t have a hard time acquiring him as he is 2 per case along with the Vibranium charged BP.
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