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  1. This isn’t really a “sighting” or “haul” but i learned this information last week and in the event some collectors may find this info useful and/or don’t already know this info, I figured I’d post it. Spiderman Wave 11 (Series 10) Kingpin BAF Case Breakdown: 1. Silver Sable. Comes with 2 guns and BAF right arm. 2. Black Suit Spidey. Comes with extra set of hands and both BAF heads. 3. Black Cat. Comes with whip as well as BAF left arm and BAF cane. 4. Red Goblin. Comes with tendril pieces (not sure if they are detachable or not) and BAF left leg. 5. Night Thrasher. Comes with 2 batons, skateboard and BAF right leg. 6. Puma. Comes with BAF torso. Not 100% sure but torso is likely 2 pieces. 7. Six-Armed Spidey. Comes with extra set of hands and no BAF piece. This is the 2 per case figure. Just as has been the case for years, this Spidey wave will ship out from etailers between the last week of December and the first few weeks of January. Expect this wave, the 2nd Panther wave and the Captain Marvel wave to be shipping out (from etailers) all around the same time (within the span of weeks from each other), starting at the end of December to the end of January. No rest for Legends!
  2. Yeah those are fantastic deals. I just ordered both cases for my dad for Xmas. Also, on a side note, I would HIGHLY recommend no collector playing the waiting game on Vision. I personally think Vintage Wave 2 is superb but that Vision is INCREDIBLE. Great body mold, excellent headsculpt and the paint they used is something you have to see in person to really appreciate how impeccable it is. This Vision is hands down the most well done classic and comic styled version of the figure ever produced and sans a re-release, I can easily see this figure commanding a hefty price in the years to come.
  3. Why are you giving up on buying a figure that is so readily available lol? I ordered 4 extra Multiple Men from EE and they shipped them to me a couple of months ago. He is still currently on their site and is in-stock. EE charges only pennies over retail MSRP and you get free shipping if you spend $80. Go army build to your hearts content lol
  4. For those who want the set, Brickseek lit up in South FL for the Target Exclusive Legends Into the Spiderverse Miles/Gwen Set. I picked mine up earlier in Pembroke Pines. DPCI: 087-16-3881 This set was an especially nice grab for me as this completes the last remaining Legends release of the year! 2018 was exhausting but I’m ready for 2019!
  5. In no particular order and I’m sorry but I can’t just do 10...too stressful to put together just 10. Top 30 is the shortest I can do lol. 1. Colonel Stryker 2. Kane 3. Maverick 4. Raza 5. Silver Samurai 6. Savage Land Wolerine 7. BoneBreaker 8. Lady Deathstrike 9. Morph 10. Senyaka 11. Cameron Hodge Phalanx 12. Space Wolverine (update from the goofy 90s Toybiz one that I played with as a kid...loved that fig) 13. Nightcrawler 14. Corsair 15. Marvel Now Magneto 16. Spiral 17. Trevor Fitzroy 18. X-Cutioner 19. Sebastian Shaw 20. Toad 21. Bone Breaker 22. Cameron Hodge Phalanx 23. Lilandra 24. Deathbird 25. Proteus 26. Vulcan 27. Pandemic 28. Ord 29. Gauntlet 30. Xorn Bonus for fun: 1. Robot Wolverine 2. Spy Wolverine BAFS: 1. Tusk 2. WarStar 3. Random 4. Predator X 5. Strong Guy
  6. I didn’t realize Gamestop snagged the set as well (looks like Hasbro is letting several retailers “rescue” recent exclusives (with Star Wars as well) so since Gamestop is still offering 25% off, they are probably a better deal right now than EE for those who still need the set. However, If you want a mint box like me, I definitely wouldn’t recommend ordering from Gamestop over EE lol.
  7. I have it and I personally think it’s a great set. For $25, it’s a REALLY great set lol. The stark head sculpt/paint is using the photo real tech and is EASILY the best Downey Jr likeness to date. I also never had that MK1 Armor since I went from owning every Toybiz figure to quitting Legends cold turkey when Hasbro took over and I didn’t get back into the Legends until I thought the quality was back, which was the Infinite rebrand in 2014.
  8. @Mangar I’m not sure if you need the Walmart Cage & Temple Set but since you brought it up and mentioned the price, that set is available for preorder from EE for the $40 msrp. I don’t personally care for the set that much but since I’m a completionist and I loathe Walmart, I was pretty stoked when EE scooped it up lol.
  9. I generally as a rule of thumb don’t post my sightings or hauls on this thread because I order every non-exclusive figure off of EE so 90% of my annual posts on here would’ve been along the lines of “I spotted X wave or X figure at my doorstep” and that’s probably not super helpful to anyone. Having said that though, if i did for some reason decide to keep my collection current by only choosing the retail/hunting route (that ship has looooong sailed), then I think I would just go to Gamestop at this point. As with any store from any chain, locality and mileage varies but I go to my local Gamestop on exactly the amount of occasions that require me to (I buy all my video games from Best Buy) and those occasions are when their exclusives (that I’ve preordered to be shipped to the store) get released. As of within the last week, that was quite a lot as my McFarlane COD Ghost Variant, McFarlane Stranger Things Ghostbuster 4-pack and Barb and my 4 PS4 Legends Spideys all came in. 25% all of that was fantastic as well I must say! I mean who does sales like that lol freaking amazing. Back to why I bring up Gamestop in the first place (is digression a disease?) is because I every time I walk into my Gamestop, they have everything. Like everything. The only place I’ve seen the newest SW Black Series Wave? Gamestop. Only place I’ve seen real allocation and replenishment of the Sp/Dr and Apoc Waves? Gamestop. Archangel. MCU Ultron, Red Skull and Ronan. AIM Soldier 2-Pack. Newest wave of the SW Vintage Collection? Only place I’ve seen Legends Vintage wave 2 so far?Wait for it...Gamestop. On top of that, when it comes to waves I’ve seen at multiple retailers, I’m starting to consistently see those waves first at Gamestop and sometimes, by a substantial lead time. Gamestop has invested a large amount of resources into slowly turning their physical stores into 50/50 operations (half games, half collectibles) and it looks like the company portfolio change, acquisition of ThinkGeek and aggressively doubling down on seeking out the toy manufactures to fully carry their lines and acquire exclusives, is definitely paying off. Year to date, GameStop’s figure/collectible revenue has increased 700%. Gamestop is now the 4th largest distributor of action figures/collectibles in the US, behind Amazon, Target and EE respectively. TRU closing was obviously a game changer for the competition but whatever your view on Gamestop may be as a retailer for figures, one thing is for sure and that is they are going out of their way to capture action figure market share more than any other retailer and they are only going to get more and more aggressive. The only real thing imo that they need to work on is their shipping and handling of the figures to both their stores and homes cause yeah...it’s less than ideal.
  10. Hey man, sorry for the late response. I’m in the Pembroke Pines/Miramar area. Have you found her yet? I noticed a store next to me (which did not have any last weekend when I hunted) got in 2 full cases (12 figs) and they put them on an endcap with all of their other legends. Most stores I’ve been in just have a “marvel” endcap, with pops and all kinds of other crap but a select few stores have gone off planogram and have just turned that endcap into a primarily Legends endcap (manager merchandising discretion based on current stock levels). The store I’m referencing that got in 2 cases is off of Pines Blvd and 136th (directly across the street from the Mercedes Benz dealership).
  11. In a record (maybe historic is the more apt word) year for Legends with 10 waves already out and a promised 11th wave before years send, on top of the countless box sets, 2-packs and exclusives, this really is the definitive year for the line, for now anyway. By my math (I’m too lazy to double check so plus or minus 1 or 2), we have received 137 individual figures this year (not unique, just individual) when you add everything up. CRAZY. With that being said, my #1 for the year is Thing. Thing, imo, is nothing short of a 10/10 masterpiece, as far as modern Hasbro legends are concerned. Below is my top 10 favorite figs along with top 10 runner ups. 1. Thing 2. Cable 3. Vintage Vision 4. Doc Ock 5. Namor 6. MCU Yellowjacket 7. MCU Crossbones 8. SDCC Red Skull 9. Taskmaster 10. Silver Surfer Runners Up (in no particular order): 1. Reed Richards 2. Elektra 3. Prowler 4. Klaw 5. Deathlok 6. Mysterio (superb figure but sculpting his suit lines and not painting them really irked me) 7. MCU Ant Man 2 8. Vintage Wasp 9. 90s Deadpool 10. Bishop
  12. Agreed on Thing. I must respond to your Deathlok comment though because I found it interesting. The fact that you don’t know of or don’t know that much of Deathlok is fine, but shouldn’t we be judging the figure and it’s prospective purchase...on just the figures quality itself lol? In your own words you stated that it’s a great looking figure (I completely agree), so shouldn’t that be enough to buy it lol? Certianly not judging, just inquiring. I apparently and most definitely wont speak for everybody but for me, I’m an action figure collector first and foremost and whatever line i collect, is just secondary and is only an extension to being a figure collector in and of itself. Bottom line is (for me) if a figure looks cool and looks worth the money, than I am gonna buy it and not get bogged down in who the character really is or what “team” he will stand next to...or any of that crap. Buying cool looking, well executed toys that are priced right, is the only barrier for entry my wallet cares about lol. When it’s a great figure AND it happens to resonate or connect with you because you have a passion for the character, is just a bonus for me Off the top of my head (literally), I can say this about the recent Cloak and Dagger figs. I know “of” the characters but I’ve never read their comics, I haven’t watched the show and I’m completely fine with just not knowing all that much about them as characters. But, I thought Hasbro did a great job with them and how the figures can connect with one another with the whole head/cloak thing over Dagger was just awesome and really well executed. A buddy of mine bought them because he had been WAITING for these two to get made for a long time and he simply adores the characters. I bought them because I just thought they were great figures and I could care less about what their history or story is lol. This isn’t the best example I can make or speak to, but for some reason C&D just immediately came to mind for some reason lol.
  13. I’m skeptical of a third Avengers Wave for next year but, having said that, considering it’s the final avengers movie (for a while at least) and obviously going to be ultra climatic, Hasbro potentially going out with a bang on Avengers figures/waves next year would certainly not shock me in the slightest. I am however MUCH more skeptical of a 2nd dedicated X-men comic wave next year. I’m just going to say right here and now, that it ain’t gonna happen. To that end, I’ve heard Ting & Stall reference the Caliban wave as “the 2019 X-Men wave”, much in the same way they referenced the Warlock and Apoc waves prior to that-always in a singular terms. Now, I for one hope to be proven quite wrong because us getting two Spidey AND two X-Men waves EVERY year is something I wish for immensely. Regarding whatever that wave is that contains the Wendigo BAF, is where things get interesting... Firstly, the “Deadpool” waves we have gotten this year are primarily (imo) just super solid X-Men & X-Force waves, with some actual Deadpool’s thrown in. I’ve hated that they they were calling them “Deadpool” waves but I understand why they were, from a solicitation standpoint. Also, on a side note for Hasbro in case they are reading...you can afford to tone down the Deadpool’s, just slightly. I get the appeal and I love me some DP like anybody else but like that boxers DP figure for example should have never taken up a wave roster slot... That’s the EXACT kind of figure that should comprise an exclusive. Secondly, this Wendigo wave is the first wave I can recall, that has ever been announced this early. They announced the BAF and Guardian...but said nothing to what the actual wave actually is...AND they stated it’s a fall 2019 wave. Hasbro never reveals BAFs or a figure for a wave this early (a full year out). That’s something not unprecedented for Star Wars but certainly is for Legends (in the modern Infinite era anyways). It’s like they are keeping this wave highly secret right now...but felt compelled to partially reveal it a full year out. Very odd. I would kill for a Rick Remender Uncanny X-Force Wave (as well as a Remender based Uncanny Avengers Wave) so I’m really curious to see more about this mystery Wendigo wave. It would be very strange to even see the whole wave revealed at Toy Fair in Feb but I imagine we will something else to it, at least one more figure, two tops.
  14. Let’s play figure out the remaining waves for 2019! So, assuming they produce at least an equal number of waves next year as they did this year, which is 11 (also, historically speaking, they have only increased total number of waves released each year, for the last 5 years, and have yet to reduce), what are the remaining waves going to be? So far, I’m positing 8 confirmed waves for next year already, which would leave 3 TBD mystery waves. 1 X-men wave, 1 Deapool wave (whatever that Wendigo wave is), 2 Spidey waves, 1 Captain Marvel wave, 1 Vintage wave and 2 Avengers waves. For me personally, I would love the remaining 3 waves to be: Another Knights wave (sans any Netflix figs), a Thor wave (which won’t happen) and an Uncanny X-Force Wave.
  15. Well my first post was from July and contained 37-40 figures and since then only one of them has been confirmed (Classic Comic Loki) so I’ll just keep my original list for a while I suppose lol. Having said that, while Night Thrasher, Puma & 6-Armed Spidey-(LOVED that original toybiz one that I played with as a kid...so where’s my Armored Spidey???) weren’t part of my original list, they (along with 200+ other characters) could have easily been and I’m just thrilled to be getting those 3. Having those 3 figs finish off the Kingpin Wave has also turned that wave (for me) from garbage...into a pretty decent wave! Sure, still having over half the wave be lackluster (WHY did we not get a CLASSIC Silver Sable...so frustrating) should discount the wave in a more serious way for me...BUT...Puma, Thrasher and 6-Arm Parker are HUGE wins for me.
  16. As of today, I can confirm Majik is in South FL. I hit up 6 stores today and 5 of the 6 stores had 2 Majiks each. I also saw restocks of Surfer, Reed and Thing, with 1 store having received a new full case (6) of Reed, another store received a case of Surfer and a 3rd, different store, had a full case of Thing on the shelf. I also saw a TON of new Walgreens exclusive pops. I am not a pop collector per say, but there is a VERY limited number of characters that I do try to acquire every pop for. With that being said, I picked up a Pop Toxin and Punisher 2099. Speaking of which...would really love to see some classic 2099 Legends and I think that would make a cool exclusive program for like Target or something. I would be thrilled to see 2099 versions of Ghost Rider, Doom and Punisher for example. I also picked up several of the new Diamond Select Nightmare before Xmas figures at Walgreens today too...because why not lol? Incredible movie and these figures are just fantastic. I can officially, finally, cross off one retailer for 2018, that I no longer have to walk into/hunt exclusives for! Happy hunting fellow nerds.
  17. @Rukk Well I for one think a shield agent 2-Pack, specifically a female agent 2-Pack, would be something cool to see. Sign me up for a set.
  18. Not sure why you think that a MIMB collector would be responsible for that...pretty sure you were dead-on with the latter lol. True MOMC/MIMB collectors pay full price for their stuff and sure anything can happen as anyone can do anything but I just have the thought process of if a MIMB Collector is going to spend full price on a fig, they probably aren’t the same collectors stealing. If someone thinks it cool to steal, why would they ever pay for a figure lol? If they are getting away with it, then it would stand to reason than they are just going to keep doing it. For me, that’s the only downside to being a mint carded collector, you usually have to pay full price (let’s use an exclusive for example) for the fig because if you wait for it to go down in price, or clearance, the chances of you obtaining that said figure mint, goes down exponentially by the week. Target MCU Hulk/Hulkbuster Set is a prime example. Before I even saw that set in stores, I knew it would be clearance, but I can’t wait for clearance because I’m looking for the cleanest box (it was kind of a pain finding that set mint due to its weight and it took me a few stores to succeed). On the flip side, a buddy of mine who opens DID wait for clearance and he got the set for $35 last week, along with a Crossbones set for $25 and the Thanos 3-Pack for $35 lol. Being a MIMB Collector costed me $100 in that example. Oh well, I’m gonna keep being me!
  19. Well since this topic of MIB Vs openers has gotten such a response and I’ve seen so many opinions on here (some of which are just absurd), allow me to chime in: I collect MIMB/MOMC, not MIB/MOC and that’s because for me personally, if I’m going to keep the figure in the package, whether it gets displayed or not, I don’t want the package banged up. Collecting carded/boxed was simply a natural progression for me, once I grew out of “playing” with figures as a kid. My joy and passion for the figures and for collecting in general, didn’t fade after my need to play with them however did. I know it may seem like an odd thing for the limited number of people who participate on this specific site to understand, but there’s a LOT of collectors who enjoy collecting MIB. Heck, I personally know 3 of these kinds of collectors besides myself. Conversely, if you have been a die hard SW figure collector such as myself and have engaged with other SW collectors in the wild, or read posts and forumns over the years from the various SW sites, than you would know that an extremely large amount of SW collectors collect MIB. In my experience, it’s definitely over 50%, but that doesn’t mean that some of them don’t also buy additional figs to open, because many do. Collecting MIB/MOC is actually a thing everybody...it exists. Point being, let’s say I was the ONLY carded Legends collector in the world (even just using this thread on this site as an example tells you I’m not)...why on earth would I care if you think that’s weird or “pointless”? There’s at least one member on here who really overestimates how many pinches of salt his views are worth anyhow. Ridiculing collectors because they don’t collect the “way” you do...is so pathetic, trite and dumb...that I almost can’t wrap my adult brain around it. Theres quite a few reasons collectors may not care to “play” with their figures. For some strange reason, I’ve been seeing on here that people think it’s solely because of a ROI mentality. I can’t speak for every one, but if that’s the “sole” reason you are doing it, than your more of an investor (which is fine) than a collector. For most carded collectors, that’s just a bonus if the situation calls upon it some day, like you falling on hard times and have to part with your Collection to make ends meet for example. It’s kind of funny how some collectors actually find it strange that there are collectors who collect mint boxed figs...like do these same people think it’s weird that a comic collector prefers to buy comics that aren’t in bad shape? Who goes to a comic shop and buys a comic that’s bent or beat up...when there is most likely a cleaner, sharper copy of that book behind it to choose from? Probably NO ONE is the answer but that’s my guess anyhow. Just because certain collectors don’t want to open the figs they buy does not mean they don’t enjoy collecting as much as they do. Beyond the fact that this is all relative and highly subjective to each persons parameters of enjoyment, there are other factors as well. Space is big one. I collect a TON of stuff and even if I didn’t and ONLY collected Legends (to which I do as a completionist), I would be struggling to have adequate room to display them all out of box. Conversely, I would have even less room with displaying them in package, so most of my stuff is in boxes and stored away. It’s not ideal, but it’s reality and I am not going to collect something I like just because I don’t have the room/space to showcase it. I also have a storage unit because I’ve been collecting for over 20 years so there’s that too. Granted, I have 80 long boxes of comics and that is NOT being stored in my house. I would need to live alone in an 8 bedroom house to adequately display my collection and that’s just not in the cards at the moment, but I will get a house that big someday as it’s a goal and I always achieve my goals. Beyond space, there’s another one and it’s a doozy...it’s called marriage and kids. While I don’t have a 8 bedroom house, what I do have is a 4 bedroom house with a wife and two young boys. One of the 4 rooms is the guest/entertainement/Collector room and while I do have figures on display in that room, I wouldn’t dare dream of tormenting my children with the thought of a room where daddy gets to play and display a ton of figures that they can’t touch or play with. As a parent, that’s just not practical, at least for me it’s not. In addition to that, I personally love the presentation of carded/boxed figures, especially when the packages are awesome (like Vintage 3.75 SW line for example). I also think the current Legends box as well as current Black Series box are very sharp and presentational. For me, there’s a certain “uniformity” and “cleanness” to seeing carded figures adorn every inch of a wall...I just love it. Also, for the record, I do open certain figures from certain lines to display, just not much from Legends and not much from figures offered at the $20 price point in general these days. I prefer more detailed and larger pieces if possible and I don’t care about POA at all if the sculpt and paint are there. A prime example of this would be vintage McFarlane lines like his movie maniacs, tortured souls, military and of course, SPAWN. His last 10+ or so waves of spawn figures have sculpting and paint apps that you still can’t even find today, epscially at the price point they were being offered at. That’s my jam right there and I have a lot of McFarlane figures out of package as I bought doubles. To be crystal clear though, I think it’s awesome and cool for those collectors that do like to open everything and/or make/have the time to set up displays/dioramas. I think that’s awesome and more power to you. Conversely, I personally couldn't care LESS about setting up displays and doing all that and even if I did, I sure as heck don’t have the time nor desire to photograph them, which I know some collectors enjoy. I mean I think Astronauts are awesome too but I have ZERO desire to be one. I personally know collectors that do both and it’s all good to me. As far as the whole “buying multiples” of a figure thing goes...I couldn’t care less about how many figs collectors buy. I buy doubles and triples of plenty of figs, if I like the figure enough and I tend to always buy 2 of exclusives. I don’t resell them (I don’t need to nor care to) and if my friends or father needs it, than I will buy whatever I need to, to help out, when I see them. Having said that, the only time I walk into a store and buy a figure is if it’s an exclusive. That’s it. Period. Even if I see a figure on the pegs and it’s one that I don’t have because EE hasn’t shipped me mine yet, I pass it by because I know mine will be on the way to my doorstep soon enough. I’ve read a lot of comments about people’s opinions on buying multiples and how it’s polite to leave some for others and how distribution is terrible and what not. My question that is...have you heard of online ordering? Collectors snatching up every Cable they see? Walk into a store to buy a figure but instead find it stolen or swapped? Certain waves not landing in your area? NONE of that affects me, because of online ordering. Unless it’s an exclusive, which can be hit or miss depending on the item and store carrying it...then it’s NOT RARE OR HARD TO COME BY and there’s plenty of these figs out there. Like Dan Larson says, “leave one for the next collector” lol that’s ALL I do. Every non-exclusive Figure I find at retail is left for the next collector (or scalper). Lastly, for all those die hard brick n mortar hunters (or collectors looking for exclusives), shop smart and not hard when you can because afterall, it’s retail workers job description 101 to help the customer. Here’s a recent example: I went crazy hunting a couple weeks back as ton of exclusives were dropping. Thanks to brickseek and the help of retail staff, I found just about everything I was looking for. Brickseek lit up for the Target exclusive McFarlane call of duty figure Seraph. I went to the store, didn’t find it on the shelf and then grabbed the guy from electronics (Which is where McFarlane and Neca figures are merchandised) and had him punch in the DPCI. He was like “yeah, we have that figure, it came in yesterday but I put them in the stock room because there was no shelf label for it so I didn’t know where to put it”. Hunt complete. I went to a different target looking for the Black Series Exclusive Bespin Leia, Moloch and Gamorrean Guard as Brickseek showed counts of 2/3. There was nothing on the shelf so I asked for a manager to assist me. The manager walks over and I gave him all 3 DPCIs (Brickseek showed zero for one of them but it’s not 100/100 times accurate) and asked that if he did find them in the back room, if he could kindly bring out the full cases, so I could pick the figures with the best condition packages. He left and came backs few minutes later with 3 sealed cases for each of the 3 exclusives. He dropped them on the electronics desk and asked if I needed anything else and then walked away. Hunt complete. The exclusive that annoyed me recently was the Walmart Exclusive SW 3.75 Vintage Collection Tie Fighter... Brickseek lit up around 11pm for 5 stores in my area. I pallet shopped 2 cases (2 to a case) from the pallets littering the aisles of each of the 5 stores working their trucks and I had to go to all 5 stores and go through 20 vehicles total before I found a mint boxed one at the final store. Between the boxes taking hits during transit/loading the pallets and Hasbro deciding to make the actual vehicles box out of apparently high grade tissue paper as the box will dent from breathing on it too hard...it was just a nightmare and I was out until 3 am with that nonsense lol. Most collectors on this site/forumn are informed collectors (most of which are also very helpful and polite) so I’m sure plenty of you guys do this stuff (asking employees to check the back) as well but my broader question is...how many collectors don’t? How many collectors walk into the store, see nothing on the shelf and then walk out? My guess is a good handful. If I didn’t ask store employees for help from time to time then there would be figures I would’ve never seen on the shelf at all (looking at you, Walgreens Black Series prototype Boba Fett!) Seen some people post about comic shops. What comic shops do you have that have staff making retail runs to stock their shelves? I have a VERY large as well as some VERY small local shops and they all do the same thing-they buy the case of figures wholesale and then stock them on the pegs for $25-$30. It’s very commonplace practice for most shops I’ve ever been in. Now I have seen some store exclusives in a comic shop which obviously means they had staff hunt for them so they could upsell them at the shop. I mean that’s lame but it is what it is. BBTS does this too... Lastly, for all you collectors who find stolen/swapped figs or boxes missing BAF parts etc, do your fellow collectors a favor and bring all that garbage to customer service and report it. It helps two-fold. 1. If enough of these incidents become known to the store, they may decide to have their street-clothed LP officers spend more time casing the action figure section or spend more time monitoring the cameras in that area of the store. Ideally, they will catch these losers from time to time. 2. It will allow for the store to damage out that stock, which will reset the inventory numbers of that SKU accordingly, which may allow for additional replenishment. I walked into a Target that I rarely go to about a month back and I literally saw SIX packages with stolen BAF parts and another 2 boxes with figures missing or swapped. That store only had 10 Legends on the shelves total and 8 of the 10 were victim of theft. Not only did I bring it all to customer service but I made a point of having the manager come out so they could be apprised. Just ludicrous, absolutely ludicrous. No matter how you collect, you are supporting the hobby and also presumably enjoying doing it as well so all I have to say is cheers!
  20. Man I’ve been collecting thousands of figures MIMB across many different brands for over 20 years...I wish someone would’ve told me that it defeated the entire purpose collecting a long time ago so I wouldn’t have wasted my time!
  21. Chicago’s got Majik eh? Nice to see a report on the east coast. If I had to guess, probably gonna take another week or two to hit me in South FL. I did hit 2 stores today and found another mint Thing so just need one more to complete the set of 6 I want. Medusa with peg-warming action feature lmao that was great.
  22. Yeah anything can happen and I certainly wouldn’t rule that out. Having said that, I think a Super Skrull would’ve made a decent BAF choice, specifically from an accessory stand point, like they did with Absorbing/Sandman. Sure, Kreel & Sandy could’ve been single carded releases but the amount of accessories they came with is what made them decent-great BAF options. A really well done comic Super Skrull could also work well in the deluxe box format, like they did with Archangel, as there’s a little more room in the box to fit stuff. Put out the Super Skrull in that format for $30-40 even and I think you would see some sales. It could probably done single carded but not with the level of execution we would want, more from an accessory/alt hands/arms standpoint. In any case, I just think the Kree Sentry BAF could’ve easily been a single card release. It’s not that I don’t want a Kree Sentry, but I’m genuinely surprised at anyone that could be super excited for it, seeing the actual execution of it. It doesn’t even look like the figure is painted-it just looks like a bunch of purple and grey plastic with virtually no detail minus the actual paint that’s on the face. Also, what is with those single hinged elbows that clearly look they have like 10-20 degrees or range movement at best. Idk, just really looks like a phoned-in BAF with very little effort imo.
  23. Agreed. The Thing is the best legends figure of the year imo and we really haven’t seen those kinds of paint apps since Toybiz. Whether it’s the overall sculpt, the faces/expressions, the POA or the paint, this Thing is just a masterpiece. Hasbro should be patting themselves on the back with this Thing figure and to be honest, the whole F4 line they’ve done thru Walgreens as a whole imo. On that note, I’m really sad to see the program switch from F4 to X-Men but if it had to switch, I’m glad it’s X-Men I suppose.
  24. Kind of a so-so show for me so far but here are my thoughts anyway! 1. Jubilee, Forge & Caliban: Jubilee doesn’t excite me but the figure looks great. Forge is finally coming so I’m stoked for him but I agree with Monron that his face is off, like he looks like a deadpan Office Depot manager or something. However, I do love the guns he’s coming with as they look legit and most importantly...they aren’t yellow, purple or green. Caliban? Ummm ok...I guess? This does bring the wave to 6 figs and that BAF doesn’t look like he will need more than 6 figs to complete but I’m holding out hope there will be a 7th figure to be revealed. If not, who are they going to double up on twice? Gambit and Weapon X Wolvie? BAF aside, I’m actually very very fond of this X-Men wave and if they can sneak in a Beast or Nightcrawler or another obscure bad guy, then this wave will be nothing short of incredible imo. 2. Night Thrasher: how do I say this? NIGHT THRASHER!!! By far the best legends reveal of the show for me and this fig injects some much needed badassery into the Kingpin wave which as of now, for me, is shaping up to be one of the weakest Spidey waves to date (incredible BAF notwithstanding) There’s still time to turn the wave around as we should expect a 6th and 7th figure to round out the wave though. Scorpion? Puma? Carrion? Vulture? Tinkerer? Mr. Negative? Cmon Hasbro, let me see what you got! 3. Spidey & Kraven. Doesn’t excite me but there’s been a LOT worse 2packs to come out so I ain’t gonna hate on it. 4. Beta Ray Bill: Doesn’t excite me per say but I will NOT scoff at getting ANY figures tied to the Thor universe. 5. Corvus & Maw: Stunning, absolutely stunning. Those figs represent some of hasbros best work to date imo. Based on this, looks like Avengers 4 Wave 1 so far has Hercules, Beta Ray, Corvus & Maw so kind of interesting wave so far and I’m definitely not complaining. Hell, even if these were the only 4 figs in the wave, it would be more exciting than the last Avengers wave we got imo. 6. Zola & Hydra Cap: Very strong 2-Pack and one of the best Hasbro has done imo (the bar is set pretty low when it comes to 2-packs they do) Didn’t read nor care to read the story (I barely read comics anymore) but the Cap figure looks cool and it’s awesome to see a new Zola. Also, I found it amusing that Captain Marvel is the first 2019 wave we will see and they completely ignored it lol. Still 1-2 comic based figures needed to round out that wave no? Out of the 5 figs that have been revealed for that wave, only 1-2 excite me but if they can add CLASSIC versions of Captain Marvel and Ms. Marvel into the mix, it will really help turn that wave around for me. What I wanted to see: 1. ANYTHING pertaining to getting additional Fantastic Four figures. 2. Inhumans? We got Black Bolt through a Black Panther Wave and Medusa through Walgreens and both of them were re-issues soooooo is Hasbro aware that there are more than TWO Inhumans characters in existence? Heck, give me a wave of half Inhumans and half F4 and I’ll buy 3 cases of it just to show support. I’m already buying 6 of every F4 fig from Walgreens for that very reason alone-just to show support. 3. More MCU 10th Anniversary Sets? Are we gonna see releases for the other 10 films, #11-20? Sure the MCU sets are overpriced and there were some misfires but overall, I think there was more hits then misses with the line. 4. Whys is NO ONE talking about Haslab for marvel legends??? X-Men Black Bird anyone? Punisher Van anybody? Accessory Pack box sets? Diorama/effects pieces? Money on the table guys...money on the table.
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