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  1. cheers!!!! This guy gets it! I'm not even a fan of MCU figures and I always knew that! I'd chalk it up to things like this being nonsensical, but I've always known our fellow ML collectors simply need something to complain about ( I have to believe this because the alternative is to assume they're stupid, or too young to know any better). For example; people are already complaining about the lack of "pincers" on the upcoming Iron Spider figure. We haven't even seen the movie yet! We have ZERO idea if this iteration of IS even HAS pincers! So what do fools do? Instead of waiting to see the movie and confirm (one way or the other), they accuse Hasbro of "getting it wrong" again, or worse, "going cheap"...3 months before the film is even released!! Yet and still, these people continue to collect...and complain. Speaking of "marketing strategy", Hasbro is top notch! We may not like it, but ya gotta hand it to Hassenburg on their shrewdness! Notice the MCU Iron Man figure comes with no MCU Thanos parts? Why not any of the 3 Marvel based figs (instead of "movie" and "comic" based. I've started using "MCU" and "Marvel" based)? This forces a "couldn't give less than a damn about Marvel figures" collector to purchase ALL THREE Marvel figures! I love it! You people want the MCU to take over this line (no matter the lack of interesting or colorful characters), this is the price (plus you now know how it feels when we collect all Marvel based and get an MCU fig as our pay off). Bravo Hasbro! Bravo Tarot! I love a mod with fire!!! Lol PS: MCU Collector! I'm jelly you already have the bikes! I'm paralyzed because I preordered from "you know who". Got lucky! I was hoping avengers wave wouldve been the same, but sadly no. Im very close to the top of the list though so next shipment out I should be included. Only a tiny amount was released.
  2. thanks for the heads up. Its been going around in Facebook groups. Hopefully it turns up soon in my area.
  3. Avengers was always supposed to be our first. I think Spider-Man and Deadpool just had special early releases to Walgreens and TRU like Warlock wave was with Target. I still believe that wide mass release for those waves are April. Avengers expect in March with some going to get in February. Dwight has stated before that retail dictates quite a bit of that. Retail stores do toy resets only so many times per year and want new product during those times.
  4. For the first time ever, Im actually disappointed in Hasbro. Yes these are great improvements, but not necessary.
  5. You guys know I love movie figures, but I actually thought she was going to be a comic based figure. The good news is that there is a female figure with double jointed elbows. Time to celebrate.
  6. https://instagram.com/p/Bd6kmhAHfeI/ The box looks huge. At first I thought it was the same size as GOTG, All New X-men, and A-Force, then the Defenders, but now I see it is much larger. Im thinking it is a new Sentinel and Wolverine.
  7. Me too!!! I can't find it on EE, can you share a link please? only available through distribution.
  8. Tony Stark from the Marvel Unlimited subscription is an MCU Robert Downey Jr head. A friend of mine actually pointed out that it is a suit that RDJ himself wore to SDCC one year and not a suit color scheme from any of the movies. He called it a Robert Downey Jr figure, not Tony stark
  9. EE confirmed to me that X-Force Deadpool IS in the wave. Different UPC than the HasCon. I would imagine that there would be to be some slight different to it. Maybe a different gray or less weapons. Something
  10. I have it too, its actually a pretty good sculpt. I wish it were Legends, but at least we got a movie Shuri Figure.
  11. Whoa! Target is way late to the game! Those are clearances at Woareens and Walmart
  12. This is the first time Ive ordered through Robot Kingdom. Too impatient to wait for it to show up in store.
  13. I forgot too! I was always wondering what figure that was supposed to be.
  14. Do you have an order in for the Infinty War Wave? Status says expected in February along with the riders line. So hopefully well find out before Toy Fair. Plus DP wave ordered.
  15. You're absolutely correct. It WAS always the comic figs that lingered in the past. Nobody denies this. Here's the thing though; the reason for that was there were either only 1 to 2 MCU characters, or NO MCU characters in those waves. There will always be peg warmers. There will always be characters the majority of ML collectors aren't interested in. For the most part (with some exceptions), the percentage per wave was limited to 1 or 2. Now however, with more MCU per wave being rammed down our throats (this due to MCU fans politicking almost incessantly for more movie figs despite there not being enough characters to honestly support that desire. But they wanted Zemo, Quicksilver, Crossbones, Yellowjacket....hell, even Trevor Slattery!), with little to no regard for the comic fans or the characters, because they came into this only viewing movies. Hasbro gave them 3 per wave, then more, then even the friggin' Build-A-Figure! THAT still wasn't enough! Those photos do not lie! This "cause" has resulted in multiple "effects": More money is being left on the shelves, comic collectors have less likelihood to get characters they've always craved (MCU fans get more characters, but check out those pegs again). This has carried over to the BAF's. It's gotten so bad, we get characters that could be part of a wave as the seventh figure as the Build-A-Figure! And all the while, a character that's also been in demand falls by the wayside, and why? To appease movie goers who are in love with actors. It's to the point Hasbro isn't even listening to the comic collectors "campagns for characters. If they did, we WOULD'VE gotten that Man-Ape. We WOULD'VE gotten comic Black Order (don't even front. If Proxima Midnight was a comic based figure, we would've seen her by now and we would know what the BAF is already. It's gonna be MCU based). Now we have MCU fans attempting to rationalize what's going on by saying "it used to be comic figs" ( it isn't just you) so they can take no responsibility in the current state. BOTTOM LINE: The best thing for this line is for MCU to be brought back down to 1 or 2 characters per wave...AT THE MOST! Build-A-Figures: only when necessary. NOT just because a movie is out and the BAF has to be movie related. As for MCU collectors, you guys need to admit it. The formula was great (and needed to keep the line going) at TWO. You guys just got greedy. Excellent points that I can absolutely agree with. Yes, I can admit Ive gotten greedy for more MCU figures. If Hasbro were to limit movie figures to 2 per wave, they would still be getting my money. I think the increase in movie figures boils down to the fact that they are still toys. In my opinion movie figures are more appealing to kids because they can recognize them more so which should result in an increase in sales. The Thor and Loki figures being double case pack really fills the pegs. Im afraid Blacks Panther and Killmonger will follow suit. Same with Daredevil and Punisher. I think thats the first change that Hasbro needs to make. I think I Proxima Midnight will be comic based.
  16. I will admit that lately the MCU figures have been warming, but it was always the comic figures that were in the past. That doesnt change the fact that we wouldnt have the 6 line if it wasnt for the movie figures.
  17. Really?!? I received no info on that. I was informed however, that a payment for the Vintage wave is pending. That would be something if I got a 2fer. Would be the 1st time for that.You havent received your vintage wave yet? I got mine a couple weeks ago. Get with your rep to get in earlier on the queue. Mine puts in automatic orders without even calling me first. Interesting. Good to know. Thanks. Would your reps's initials be JT?Nope, its DH
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