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  1. On 10/15/2018 at 3:56 PM, Gmen4ever said:

    Reason they ain't selling 12' versions of their A-listers is cuz none of them is a giant in the comics. And us hardcore marvel comics collectors know this! Why the freak am I gonna spend 50 clams on a giant Spiderman figure? Now I see a 12' scaled Giantman/Goliath/Titan, etc, I'm getting that sucker cuz I know he is a giant In the comics.  You're the one vastly underestimating the comic IQ of the hardcore fanbase.

    Completely disagree with this. Just not that much desire among buyers for that kind of thing . 


    And yes I bet we get Galactus in the next 2 years. I really like the Sentinel set . I was surprised how big it was and it makes me feel like I am 8 again walking by it and pressing the button every once in a while lol . 

  2. On 10/18/2018 at 10:47 AM, bluebee said:

    it's funny when people claim they're saving money by driving all over the place.

    Flat out get 90% my figures online due to this. Jacksonville , FL doesn't have jack for figures most of the time til very late. I will say my walmart has been pretty good lately as they got all the MCU 10th Anniversary figures super early but beyond that I go with Big Bad or ebay for them. Finished the MCU 10th line and the 2nd vintage wave last week. 

  3. You got the rarer version . If it wasn't what was pictured then you could contact the seller and maybe they give you a parital refund or something but I wouldn't get to annoyed either way. I tend to not make big deals of that kind of thing as most of the time it is an honest mistake. The seller probably didn't realize there were 2 variants ect. 

  4. on the Thanos Walmart exclusive hunt....... had to rant a little after today....

    today about noon, 6 stores in my area (north austin) update on brickseek showing 6 Thanos in stock in all but one store that showed 4. I go to store 1 right after work - brickseek says 6 - none on shelf. I show an employee my phone and the brickseek info, she goes to another employee who says 'you'll have to check later...' i kindly explain that the brick seek info changed earlier today from '0' to '6' so maaaaaybe theseare sitting on a pallet??? No - he did not lift a finger to go check ..... 'you should check around 12....' *sigh* on to the next store......


    Brick seek says '4'... none on shelf. i ask employee again showing brickseek info and kindly asking if he could please just look - i just want one puny Thanos before the scalpers come in and buy up the entire case!!!! he says he will look. Disappears to the back. over 30 min later he is nowhere to be found. another employee asks if she can help me. I hand her the freakin shelf tag , she scans it and says 'nope we didnt get any' i look at her phone (scanner) and it reads '4 ON HAND'. i say - so what does '4 on hand ' mean??' 'um well... we're supposed to have them in the store but.......' followed by silence. she is not about to walk to the back and look i realize and turn and walk away.


    It is 11:30 and im about to go to bed. I check brickseek and ANOTHER store has updated from '0' to '6 on hand'... ok - these stores MUST have these - this makes no sense. the last 2 weeks have shown '0' at every store in my area and today almost all show 4-6 on hand???? hmmmm either brickseek is waaaay off or INCREDIBLY LACKLUSTER EMPLOYEES....... hmmmm


    I decided to go back to the store showing 4 on hand since it is open 24hrs. Theres a pallet of stock sitting in the aisle where i had sat waiting, waiting waiting just 5 hours earlier. on the top is an open Hasbro case of Thanos with ............. can you guess how many?? yep - 4 spanking new Thanos exclusives inside. I took one and the box and put the remaining 3 on the shelf so some poor bastard like me might have a chance of finding him tonight or in the morning.


    What have i learned? Well - brickseek does appear to be correct and employees just dont care and in the future i will not trust ANY employee. If brickseek shows in stock - chances are very good that the item is there. I'm exhausted - been driving around looking for this guy for a few weeks. Now i am vindicated!!

    Annnnnd this is why I never ever buy figures from stores. Just wait til I can get them for a decent price. I am completely happy with my thanos I got from ebay for 29.99 including shipping 3 weeks ago.

  5. The question of "what happens to the product designated "TRU exclusives" has been answered. Entertainment Earth will be taking over the reins (in some cases with another entity) and has the Vision/Scarlet Witch 2 pack up for order. I received word from my rep that EE will be getting most of the (formerly) TRU exclusives. Some will be in unison with another entity.

    Good to know. I prefer this then them going to place like walmart and target as I buy all my figures online anyway. I think the last figure I got out of a store was the agent venom figure a few years back. The stores here in Jacksonville just are way to slow getting anything .

  6. I buy every single ML figure made and have most 6 inch Marvel figures starting with the Legends from Toybiz but there are many that I buy and never display and just put in a storage bin. There ain't a single figure that will be put straight in storage that was shown this weekend with maybe the exception of the Cap and Thor in the MCU series .Even compared to 2 years ago Hasboro has really stepped up its game. I bet the next X-men or Deadpool wave do have a Strong Guy BAF as it does seem Hasboro hears the streets .

  7. I really love the new Avengers Infinity wave from what I have seen but Proxima Midnight is such a badass looking character in the comics I was dissappointed with how she looks in the movie ( according to the toy). But loving how Spidey looks in his Iron Spider costume . I do think it is beyond stupid that Walmart is repainting the Old BAF Thanos for an exclusive AND this wave has a BAF MCU Thanos . Just not needed. Of coarse because I am a completist I will own both but just a waste of a figure.

  8. TRU could definitley benefit from scaling their "adult collector" section back to just NECA, Diamond Select, Funko, and McFarlane Toys. I agree, there's just too much random stuff littering their shelves. Most TRUs I visit are a wreck.

    That is why I may go to my TRU once a year . Just a mess . But it is closing so its a moot point I guess. I get all my figures on line as you can't find jack here in Jax.


    Well, that kinda sux. Now I'm kinda pissed I spent so much cash on the HasCon version. Hopefully it will have a buttload of different weapons cuz those other ones are all pretty played out. I swear if I see that damn rifle with the X's hashed down the side or that freaking Luger type pistol again, I might find myself writing a strongly worded letter to the powers that be at Hasbro or perhaps an overtly passive aggressive post on this forum. Lol, cuz seriously what can we really do but grin & bare it? Maybe if we ask nicely. Please Hasbro, no more bazookas....of any color. I have so many bazookas even my Punisher figures think they're passe'. I'm sure there will be some slight difference to insure that the something about the exclusive remains "exclusive". I hope this means well be seeing more X-Force figs. Fingers crossed for a new Forge or perhaps a ForgetMeNot. But, didn't they already do one of those. I forget. Wait, who was I talking about. Oh, Forge, that's right. We really need an update for that chatacter.

    Back on subject. Just got my Iron Man from the Black Panther (Okoye) wave. Another case of BHS. The Stark head is actually bigger than the helmeted head. It just strikes me as funny cuz obviously that nut doesn't fit in the shell. This time it won't really matter that much cuz I won't be displaying him as Stark anyway. I wonder if it's the same head that's coming with the Marvel Unlimited subscrition. Probably, but if so I'm interested in seeing how that bulbous head sits on that already undersized suit buck.

    Does anyone know if there's ever been a ForgetMeNot figure done in ML?





    LOL . Zero chance a super super odd character like that would ever get a figure but I am impressed you know that character as he is great.

  10. I am seeing the old Black Panther Walmart exclusive hit in my area. I already bought him online awhile back. Also the Vintage figures showed up in a special cardboard display away from the boy's toy aisle. Found it by luck and managed to get Wolverine with the Logan head. This is from Northeast Texas.

    Yep the vintage figures at my Walmart as well are being sold in a display well away from the men's figures. It was hidden at the end of the barbie isle . lol I was able to grab the Black panther 2 pk with Shuri and Klaw at the local TRU . It wasn't on the shelf but I had a guy I know go get it from the back here in Jax.

  11. I realize this is slightly off-topic, but considering the only types of vehicles you can possibly get in a set such as these, at this price-point, are variations on motorcycle themes, I'd say not only would I be willing to consider the Surfer's board a vehicle, I'd welcome it.


    Once I got over the coolness of the Widow set, and the "well duh" factor of the Ghost Rider set, I had to groan at the endless series of character-specific "hogs" we'll be subjected to if these sets prove successful.


    Seriously, are we really ready for an Iron-Cycle? A Hulk-T-V? Oooo, a Sub-Marinawaverider!

    This isn't the 80s or 90's so I think we won't have to worry about that. Wolverine with his bike would be one obvious one . Maybe one with a small fantastic shuttle as well. Possibly Hawkeye's old glider . Really the toybiz line got most of the decent ones but I would love redos.

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