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  1. While I wouldn’t hate it, I don’t see the point in releasing another rogue. We’re already getting one as it is this year. Hopefully it’s for a vintage wave and then I can skip it. Fair play to anyone that wants it though
  2. Horses for coarses. There’s a whole bunch of characters from the 90s that I have no real interest in. I hate the x-factor costumes. But I appreciate that there’s a group of collectors that are really into them, and so I don’t criticize I just don’t buy them There’s always a few characters that are going to peg warm but we could at least have a few x-men from that time released that are fairly popular, like a rockslide, armour or dust and let’s see how they do. The Kyle/Remender X-force are from that era and Hasbro have released a few characters from those teams (some a few times over) so they at least must be doing well.
  3. For me there’s a been a lack of mid 2000-2010’s X-men. I love the Jim Lee costumes for the aesthetic and I used to watch the animated series as it aired in the UK for years after initially aired, but they’re not the looks that originally got me reading comics. I imagine there’s few other millennials that feel the same so it would be nice to at least be given one or two characters from that era. Lately they’ve just given us the colossus from the warlock wave. I want: 1) Rockslide (he’d have to be a BAF) 2) Anole 3) an updated cyclops (uncanny utopia era costume) 4) Cecilia Reyes 5) Pixie 6) Thunderbird II 7) Exodus I’d live to see more b-list spider man rogues aswell like Armadillo, vermin or a swarm although these I could imagine would never get done as they’d all need new bucks. Actually vermin could be done on the jackal body which they never reused for some strange reason.
  4. There could be scope to give us a second wave focusing not just on natasha’s supporting characters but also on Russian comic figures. I’d like to see: 1) Comic Yelena Belova: modern costume. Goggled head and unmasked head included. 2) Darkstar 3) Red Ghost 4) Perun 5) Chernobog 6) Vostok 7) Red guardian: rerelease of comic figure with the addition of the throwing effect shield that came with captain America BAF: Ursa Major I know this wave is a bit niche but it would basically give us the Completed winter guard and a whole team that act as avengers rivals/villains.
  5. 1) Mandarin 2) Jarvis 3) Whiplash 4) Extremis Iron Man 5) Ironheart 6) Madame Hydra 7) Guardsmen BAF House of M Iron Man
  6. Regular figures: Magneto (dawn of x): Multiple effects pieces including a force field he can stand in and a piece showing him stopping bullets. Cyclops (astonishing): Various length optic blasts using the head port we saw with the vintage line release. An additional head with sparks coming out of visor and a normal head. Angel (white and blue costume): feathered wings no other accessories needed Dracula (red armor-curse of mutants): this is a niche figure not everyone would want but it could coincide with the release of morbid and they could include multiple medieval weapons to go with asgardian characters Baf size Surtur: with flaming sword and maybe even some mini fire demons Laufey: axe and casket of ancient winter Dario Agger: Minotaur form with axe included Holocaust Knull
  7. For me it’s got to be Warren Worthington/Angel/Archangel. So many different looks which usually bring with them a new power set. although does anyone know why he had was riding a bike? Seems pretty pointless when you can fly
  8. So at toy fair, it sounded like Hasbro are creating some new effects pieces sometime soon. Just wondering if anybody has any idea what these are and if there’s any effects people desperately want? Ideally I’d like some kind of tornado piece for Storm, we’ve got enough lightning pieces and it could be used for characters like whirlwind. A bambf effect for night crawler would be great also.
  9. Green and gold. I want to complete giant size X-men.
  10. I think we’d have to complete the four horse man with it being an AOA wave and at the same time adding major X-men they missed in the first wave. 1. Mikhail Rasputin 2. Abyss 3. Magneto 4. Sabertooth 5. Iceman (he crossed over to the 616 so would fit a lot of people’s xforce shelves) 6. Colossus 7. Legion (since he created the universe) BAF: Holocaust I’d like to see a twin pack Havok and Cyclops with the addition of a new head for Nightcrawler(Like they’ve done for shadow king, onslaught etc.) because the costumps are very similar so we wouldn’t even need a new figure.
  11. Yeah I think It’s got to be Siryn. Would make sense with strong guy being the BAF and those two being on multiple x-teams together.
  12. I would lean towards modern(-ish) first and foremost. I’m a big comic reader and so I prefer my figures to reflect the characters look in my favorite story arcs which are usually modern. I like to complete teams as well so I’m happy to receive costume variants from multiple eras. My favorite run on the X-men was the Matt Fraction Utopia era. I loved how the costumes were modernized variants on the characters most iconic costumes. So I’d ideally prefer the figures to reflect this era.
  13. Astonishing Cyclops! I want to complete that team with decent looking figures
  14. I think there’s an opportunity here to give us a new figure that has its own individual accessories while also giving us some much needed ones for other characters. An example of this would be Quentin Quire who could come with numerous psychic and maybe even some phoenix affects which would work for him, but we could use for other psychics Jean, Xavier, karma, E.T.C. Spider-Man’s an obvious one we could get a new costume and multiple web effects to go with our other webheads. I’d also like to see a character that’s a more generic energy manipulator maybe Vulcan or a more modern Bishop as I think they’re power sets that lend themselves well to multiple effects pieces.
  15. I wanted to do something different and focus on the more horror themed marvel characters rather than it being a spooky spider man wave. With us already receiving a man-thing that we got in the Netflix wave I wanted to make a wave that gave us a near complete legion of monsters. 1) Werewolf By Night (jackal body): a given and that jackal body would be perfect just needs new paint and head sculpt. 2) Morbius: I like the one that we already got but it’s a morbius wave, so either the movie version 😐 or maybe we could get a release with a new trench coat or lab jacket 3) Dracula (long white hair curse of the mutants version): classic marvel villain. They could use the doctor doom cloak but the would require a lot of new parts or retooling 4) Zombie (Simon Garth) 5) Jennifer Kale (new costume no way in hell the classic one is getting made 😂😞 with us receiving man-thing already this would be a good addition to our shelves and I needed a female character. 6) Baron Mordo (classic comic version): been a while since we got one and I need more mystical characters 7) The Living Mummy BAF) Frankencastle: I really liked this look and it might encourage hasbro to give us a new Daken. He’d look cool with that mini gun they gave Deathlok
  16. Mine would probably be something like this: 1. Manwolf (very surprising that jackal body hasn’t been used again and would be a good fit) 2. Assassin spider man (from what if) 3. Overdrive 4. Firestar 5. Anne weying (She Venom) 6. Morlun 7. Menace BAF Stegron
  17. Actually you’re right I didn’t think of that at all. I’d probably be alright with an additional wave now if they included Iceman and Nightcrawler. I forgot they played an important part in Rick Remender’s run of Uncanny Xmen
  18. Yeah I can understand the appeal for some people but I only really Display 616 comic figures on my shelves although I’ll take variant costumes and display them elsewhere (grey and black xforce costumes for example). I just think a whole wave for AOA when there’s so many major main universe X-characters we’ve not got yet is a bit extreme. I think it would be better if they were to drip feed AOA variants in the regular x-waves maybe 1 or 2 per wave. That would benefit the collectors that appreciate the alternate universe variants as well, as when they are done with AOA they could move on to Days of Future Past or House of M. I can’t see either of those two getting their own waves. I get that there are some collectors that really want the AOA wave but I’d rather there wasn’t a whole wave wasted on versions of characters we have already got and were short lived when there’s still characters we’ve never got or are really outdated. Thats collecting for you, Hasbro are never gonna make everybody happy at the same time with every decision they make.
  19. Hopefully if the FF wave does well they’ll start to diversify. I think they’re struggling with the Spider-Man waves (two figures from the game in one wave is evidence🤣)...I just hope they don’t put all their focus on x-men. I love collecting the x-men but I really don’t think we need a whole wave devoted to Age of Apocalypse. Their just alternate versions of characters we already have. I’d rather see them release characters we don’t have like Armor or Rockslide.
  20. Yeah I’m with you on some of those. The second coming Nimrods or any variant of the sentinels would lend themselves well to a two pack or being single packaged rather than being BAFs as I’d imagine most people would want to army build them
  21. Hi guys hope you all had a good Christmas! Which Characters would you like to see Released as a BAG in 2020? It can be from a wave that’s been announced but doesn’t yet have a confirmed build a figure or from a wave of your own imagining. Personally I’d love to see another Thor wave next year with Dario Agger (Minotaur form), although I don’t think we’ll see one now until Love and Thunder(2021). It should be simple to do just the sensibility buck with some retooling and a new head sculpt. It could maybe come with an axe as an accessory. Knull the symbiote god would also be amazing. It could come as part of a Spider-Man wave or ideally with a venom wave released for the sequel. I’ll be interested to see what you guys come up with. My picks are both pretty new characters but I feel like they would be a welcome addition to my shelves.
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