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  1. Why do they feel that they have to alter his classic look in every damn movie? If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
  2. I didn't care for the Lizard BAF nor the umpteenth different Spiderman versions in that wave. I only wanted Mysterio & I sold off the Lizard BAF leg that very night to someone that did wanna build him. Nothing about "popular" ones. I'm a classic comic fan & only buy comic based figs, not the MCU or flavor of the month figs. I finally found Mysterio for under $20 at Walmart after 6 months. I wasn't gonna pay $30+ for him online prior to that.
  3. Gmen4ever

    So is Galactus inevitable?

    That's why you release them exclusively online via EE or HTS to actual hardcore Marvel collectors & not the general public that doesn't know crap about these characters. Hasbro can include extra hands, alternate heads to a Erik Josten Goliath/Giantman/Orka/Sentinel/Kree Sentry/Titan/Stranger/Celestials, etc. I'll gladly pay 60$ for that. The Gigantic box sets figs were lanky looking & the POA was decent but not great. The newer 12' scale bucks they did were superior to the Gigantic battles figs. Hasbro can knock these out of the park. Make a 12'-14' Galactus with open/closed hands, power effects & a 6' scaled version of his heralds Nova or Air Walker, that would be worth $80-$100 imo. I don't see the high demand for 12' versions of 6' characters such as Cap/IM/Spidey/DP. That to me is a colossal waste of time, effort & $$ on their part.
  4. Gmen4ever

    Netflix Cancels Iron Fist

    It shoulda been a "Hero's for hire" IF/Cage series from the get go imo. I was not a fan of the actor they picked to play IF because they couldn't even take 6 months before the series even started filming to buff this guy up to at least a semi Bruce Lee level of MA fitness. This guy is supposed to be the greatest practitioner of the MA only 2nd to Shang Chi & he is built like this? Guy has zero muscle tone, no shredded abs, nada, zilch, zero! It made it so hard for me to take him seriously as IF. The MA scenes were awful in season 1 & only slightly improved in season 2. DD has way better MA fight scenes, why is that?
  5. Gmen4ever

    Netflix Cancels Iron Fist

    Make fun all you want, it's my opinion & I'm entitled to it. It was an awful show but imo, them giving the power of the IF to Colleen was a SJW driven move by Disney. I'm also not the one that came out with a personal insult at anyone. I just stated my opinion.
  6. I think she's been great as BW & will be keeping an eye on this & what the plot will be. I believe it takes place in the 90s or even earlier. Her origin is very intriguing to me & I look forward to seeing it on the big screen. As for Cap Marvel, not so much. A BW action figure wave could include comic based figs of the Winter guard members such as Ursa Major for the BAF, Vanguard, & Crimson Dynamo 80s version. Those characters have never been done in any scale except for CD & are long over due. Just upsize the MU CD fig to 6.5 inch scale & we are good!
  7. I know it wouldn't go to that DOFP Sentinel/Wolvy boxset. Whatta ripoff!
  8. Gmen4ever

    Netflix Cancels Iron Fist

    1st off, I'm a latino male . So much for assuming. And why get butthurt and have to throw a personal attack? I just don't play the PC SJW game that is ruining Marvel comics & played a role in getting this series cancelled. The series sucked regardless but the BS with making Collen IF at the end was the nail in the coffin for me. the SJW agenda has ruined the Star wars franchise as well. JJ was great in season 1, once they went with the anti-JJ in season 2, not so much. And as Monron999 stated, these are superhero based shows based on comic book characters that many of us grew up reading about as kids, stop with all the realism. DD is my favorite Netflix marvel show due to the fact that he's the only one actually in a costume! Punisher is #2 for me. Soon as I see that a "superhero" based show is full of characters in regular clothing, I lose interest. The DC shows are way better due to the fact that they do put all almost all their characters in superhero costumes & don't take themselves seriously. Ironfist in the comics could only channel the power of the IF thru his right fist, since when has it changed to where he could channel it thru both? I stopped reading Marvel after the WW Hulk story arc.
  9. Gmen4ever

    Netflix Cancels Iron Fist

    Ok, if you say so. It was a combo of it being a terrible series & pushing the "I am woman, hear me roar" SJW agenda by making Colleen the IF. Casting a non Asian to play Steel Serpent was also another PC move.
  10. Stow the tude. I guess you're one of those that fits the criteria. As hard as some figs are to find, if someone is buying multiples just to have 2-3 of em, that's wrong imo. I have yet to see a Black Knight on the shelves probably due to people buying 2-3 of him. after like how many months of the Mysterio wave being out, I lucked out & found a lone Mysterio (no loose joints) at Wally world 2 weeks ago. Opened him up, sold the LIzard BAF piece & he's on my shelf alongside a bunch of other Spiderman villians. Found Doc Ock at a Gamestop 2 months ago as I have yet to see him on the shelves of Wally world/Target.
  11. Gmen4ever

    So is Galactus inevitable?

    Neither is worth 100+ clams. Hasbro needs to stop being cheap with these re-issues & create an all new articulated buck in the 12-14 inch scale for giant sized characters. Waste of $ making giant sized versions of normal sized characters. Put new, never before done giant sized characters as exclusives if you have to but at least they will be worth spending $$ on over another giant sized Spiderman or DP who stagnate on the shelves at Target then get clearance a few months later cuz no one wants to shell out 60 clams for em. Hank Pym has had 3 different costumes as Giant man/Goliath, make em all in 12' scale! Make Erik Josten in both his Masters of evil "Goliath" costume & in his alter ego good guy look as Atlas. Give us Titan of the Imperial guard. Classic Sentinels & Kree sentries. A deluxe 14' Galactus. Give us Sub Mariner's enemy, Orca on a thick buck. The cosmic elder, the Stranger. So many visually cool giant sized characters to make but they keep making the same normal sized characters in giant form over & over. Oh well, guess they don't want my $$. Is there anybody here that wouldn't buy those characters if they made em?
  12. Gmen4ever

    Netflix Cancels Iron Fist

    Good! Keep pushing that BS SJW agenda Disney/Marvel. That's also why a lot of their titles are getting cancelled almost on a monthly basis.
  13. Geez! How many #1 relaunches does Marvel now do? 5-6 a yr? That Iceman rendition looks nasty!
  14. How exactly is a figure "hard to pose"? I've never opened up a fig that had "loose joints" right outta the box. If the fig looks great in the package, it'll look great outta the package too. Sorry, but your reasons for buying 2, 1 to open, 1 to keep MIB, make zero sense. Only figs I have ever bought multiples of are army building figs such as Hydra grunts, Multiple man, cuz you know, it makes sense.

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