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  1. The sad reality is that the guy asking for Heimdall & his "crew" probably only knows of them via the MCU & not the comic versions. Other wise he'd know that Volstagg is fatter & more massive than the Kingpin. The MCU version is a damn twig compared to the comic version. My thing is, if all you collect is MCU based figures of actors, great for you, but don't knock those of us that actually read the comics & know who the comic based characters are & only collect those. With Avengers endgame over, Hasbro should just be doing comic based waves these next 12 months or so. But yeah, they know there are MCU fans out there that will happily buy the umpteenth version of MCU Cap/Ironman/Spiderman/Hulk & now want obese Thor as well. Hasbro can paint a huge turd Gold & sell it as a BAF & they'll be salivating for that as well. Fools & their $$ are soon parted.
  2. So because of your ignorance of the character & never having picked up a comic with him in it, the rest of us who are fans of the Serpent society should get shafted out of another member of the team? Wow! Guess what, Gwen pool is an even worst character & a bigger waste of plastic so I just didn't buy her, Don't buy it if ya don't like it, what a concept!
  3. What a POS line. The SJW movie couldn't even save the comic based on the character. 30,000 a month in sales, wow, If the comics & the MCU start pushing the SJW agenda on the masses, both will soon go down the drain.
  4. EEwwww! If that's what she looks like today, that's freaking awful! Artistic license at it's best! Give me these versions of her 24/7
  5. Those bashing the classic comic Loki are obviously MCU fans, only they would bash it when an 80th anniv classic comic Thor is forth coming. Prior to the BP movie, no one knew Shuri from a hole in the wall, even in the comics, she was a hardly ever used character in the BP mythos. Now due to the movie, 'everyone" wants her? Not me. For those not wanting Rock Python, good, better chance I'll be able to snag it in the wild, he's a member of the Serpent Society & therefore a valid inclusion. Much more prevalent in the comics than Shuri ever was. Union Jack Hasbro version blows away the earlier version in every way shape & form & for comic fans of the WWII era Invaders, is a must have to go with Cap/Namor. UJ is a very visually cool looking character.
  6. Just Loki, Rock Python & UJ for me. That classic Hulk in the 2 pack with 1st app Wolvie will be the only Hulk I ever need. As far as the Serpent Society is concerned, I'd love to see Bushmaster, Anaconda, Puff Adder, Rattler & Death Adder get the figure treatment in the next yr or 2.
  7. Really don't think any of the upcoming Avater movies will threaten Avengers:Endgame . Godzilla vs King kong stands a better chance for all I know.
  8. As long as they plan on making the rest of the Reavers, I have no issue with them making this guy. Sprinkle in 1 different member is assorted waves the way they're doing with the Serpent Society & that would be great.
  9. Kang has just never resonated with me, Not saying I wouldn't by a classic Kang fig, just not high on my must have classic Avengers baddies list. I'm hopeful that Hasbro redoes the wrecking crew in scale accurate bucks & in their classic dud as well.
  10. Be nice if they finally do an Alpha Flight movie along with the Star-Jammers & not another buttload of GOTG/Captain Marvel/BP/Dr Strange/Antman/Wasp movies. How bout a solo Hulk movie where Ross becomes the Red Hulk?
  11. I for one am all burnt out from all the X movies that have come out since 2000, could really care less if any mutant related movie is ever done. Same goes for DP. Lemme know when they actually get an actor to play Wolvy that is small in stature as he shoulda been from the get go & not 6'3 but 5'3.
  12. Especially. Nefaria just requires a new headsculpt & cape as they could use the Cap Universe/Vance Astro buck for him. fist/open hands & an angry yelling head plus regular "mean business " head & we're set. To me, those 2 plus a classic comic Thanos (which we also need) are my top 3 Avengers adversaries ever.
  13. These are my 2 most wanted versions of Avengers enemies ever! I would hope that Hasbro does not neglect these 2 long over due classic Avenger baddies.
  14. My biggest fear is that once again, Hasbro makes this definitive classic Thor giant sized & once again, he's outta scale with his fellow classic Avengers. Thor is 6'6, not 7'6, what's so hard to comprehend about that from Hasbro?
  15. Figure shoulda come with an alternate bionic/robotic hand as well. Other than that, it's a good figure. I'll snag it whenever & if ever I see it in the wild.
  16. No legs on Cannonball & no arms on Hydro man is a deal breaker for me. Cheap Hasbro, really cheap. Only wants in both waves are SS, Guardian, NC, Cyke, Storm & classic Iceman.
  17. There is no comparison. Hasbro version blows the TB version outta the water in every way shape & form. Only thing Hasbro messed up on is giving him an alternate closed mouth version & a fist hand.
  18. Never bought the original releases of these 2 so this is an instant buy for me... if I can ever find them in the wild. These hitting store now?
  19. Bout all this is good for is to slap on an Ultron head on it for a cool Ultron custom. "Infamous IM"? Really? Marvel is running out of good hero/villain names & just throwing any ol name on the wall & picking what sticks.
  20. I'm shocked that show lasted 1 season, let alone 2. "The gifted", really? Now saying "mutants' offends people? PC is killing us!
  21. All that was missing in that pic were Beast & Jubilee for the classic Jim Lee 90s Blue Team. Jim Lee Storm has to be coming in 19'-20'. That Gambit is outstanding. My only grip is that he shoulda come with 2 fist hands as well.
  22. Only customers it would confuse are the "don't know crap bout Marvel characters but thru the MCU" crowd. A BAF of comic based Stegron would have been much preferred & tons better than molten turd man.
  23. So instead of making a human looking Molten man that looks way better, they go with molten slag/turd version? And I thought the Spy/der/happy meals toy Kree Sentry BAFs were bad, Hasbro tops them with this gem.
  24. Wow, Hasbro just made a huge Golden turd & called it Molten Man & some of you actually are OK with that & want it? Only figs in this wave I'll be getting are Scorpion & Spiderwoman. I'll be selling off the 2 Golden turd BAF parts on ebay. They cheapened out on giving Hydro man regular arms to swap out with the water arms, other wise, I woulda bought him as well. I do wanna thank Hasbro for saving me $$ on the past 2 Spiderman waves. Just want Kingpin, Scorps & Julia from these 2 waves. Same for the happy meal BAF Kree figure wave. Just got GG from that sorry looking wave.
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