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  1. It's a no brainer. I really do not see the demand from consumers to make giant sized versions of regular sized characters, it makes zero sense. Gimme 12 inch versions of John Byrne classic "DOFP" Sentinels such as these & I'm all over that & buying between 6-10 of em! Make a variant version of these Sentinels that fought the new mutants as well. I'd get another 6 of those as well.
  2. No big surprise. Sorry, but Hasbro dropped the ball with making foot tall versions of normal sized characters. This is the line where they could have capitalized by making much in demand giants sized MU characters such as classic Sentinels & Kree Sentries which would be automatic army builders. both versions of Hank Pym's Giantman/Goliath looks. Evil Eric Josten Goliath as well as his Atlas look. Orca, the Stranger, Titan of the Imperial Guard. Throw in extras such as interchangeable hands/heads & I'd gladly fork over $60-$70 for these. But for foot tall versions of Spidey/Hulk/DP/CAP/IM? No gracias.
  3. Thanos in classic 616 MU was never supposed to be taller than the Hulk even when Hulk was a 7 footer. Thanos listed hgt is 6'7. This urgency to shoot up certain MU characters hgt is absurd to me.
  4. Not at all. I don't collect the MCU, so I save a ton of $ right there. I only buy comic based figs & cherry pick those for just the one's that I really want. I don't buy flavor of the month 1 comic app, 1 page characters like Gwenpool, Ms Marvel India, countless DP variations, Ex-hilo & any other 1 hit wonders Hasbro may have done. The Spider universe, I only need Pizza Spidey & all Black costume Spidey & I have yet to buy him. From the Sasquatch wave I just bought Sasquatch , Deathlok & still need to get 90s DP & that'll be my only DP fig that I need, before he was a Merc w/a mouth. Just snagged Doc Ock & Gladiator last weekend. Just need Wolvy & Sabes from the BAF Apoc wave. Mohawk Storm does nothing for me, waiting on classic Storm. From what was shown at SDCC last weekend, Only 7 figs for me so far that I plan on getting & 3 of emare from the vintage 2 wave.Snagging Kingpin alone as the rest of that wave is blah. Gambit, Prof X & Manbun Herc which I plan on customizing into his classic version soon as I get him.
  5. I just think it's the more recent MCU fanbase that doesn't really give a hoot about scale more so than the long time comic fans like us that were buying & supporting Marvel way before any movies ever came out. Don't get me wrong, I love the MCU, not bashing it at all. I quit collecting comics right after the Planet Hulk/WW Hulk arcs ended. Marvel is now Disney's slave & does what they say, I can't jive with that. I just wish that the artists would stick to the written hgt/wgt scales that were done for all characters when they were created. Spiderman is 5'10, Cap is 6'2, Wolvy is 5'3, they don't mess with their hgts but once you get to the MU Powerhouses, they seem to equate strength/power with size. Like, "No way Juggernaut can just be 6'10, 900lbs, we gotta make him bigger". Why? Is being 6'10 900lbs not big enough?
  6. My top 10 most wanted classic Marvel 616 characters, mostly Avengers related.
  7. My only issue with it is the scale. Too big. Ben is 6ft 500lbs, not 7ft 1000lbs, that's classic Hulk stats. Once I get it, I'm gonna see if I can perform some sorta customizing surgery on it to knock off an inch to get him in proper scale. Todays artists take way too much artistic license with certain characters & draw them monster sized. The Thing is thick & wide, not tall.
  8. Team Nimrod all the way. Long overdue X-villain & very important character in X-Men history. The more modern version is the rare instance where it trumps the 80s/90s all pink version. The newer version looks more imposing. Make it in the 8'-10'. scale. And no, I don't want an animated Krampus looking Wendigo for a BAF, wow.
  9. I'm a big fan of the vintage line as well. I got Wolvy, BW & classic Punisher from the 1st wave as that re-hashed Ironman is on a small buck & features those awful ball hip joints. For wave 2, I'm getting Vision, Hawkeye & Wasp. Already got the perfect classic BP last yr & don't need clone spidey nor that Antman on that lanky buck. Hasbro dropped the ball on the buck selection on that one. Woulda been better off using the Sunfire buck for Hank & the helmet/headsculpt from the recent Antman/Stinger 2 pack.
  10. Enough with the motorcycles for everyone talk, Hasbro hear's this & all they gotta do is modify & tweak the 3 bikes they've already made & that's it. Panther doesn't need a bike, Cap doesn't either. At least the comic versions don't , if you're talking about bikes for the MCU versions, then have at it. A comic based battle van for the Punisher is what I'd like to see done. A winged horse for BK is another want. FF fantiscar, sure. Personally, I wish Hasbro would start delving into the diorama arena. Make interlocking city street dio sets or an office dio for the Kingpin, Avengers quinjet that fits 6 figs, 2 in the cockpit, 4 passengers. I'd rather fork over $75+ for stuff like that than another rehashed MU Sentinel & umpteenth Wolverine re-do set. An X-Men danger room dio.
  11. Right off the bat, the only figs I'm getting from what was shown at SDCC are: BAF Kingpin -don't need a single fig from that wave which IMO, is gonna peg warm hard. Prof X Gambit Vision Hawkeye Wasp Hercules-reluctantly as I'm not a fan of the modern "man bun" wearing version. Truly upset that Hasbro didn't upsize the awesome 4' MU 80s version they did of Herc. Herc sports 2 iconic versions & they decided to do the modern version 1st? Really hoping they plan on making his 2 more iconic versions in the near future & this is not the only version they ever plan on making. Can Hasbro just pack 2 of the same army building character please. The term "army builder" means uniformity amongst the characters, that they look the same. They did this crap with the Hydra set & gave us Hydra guys on roids when all I wanted was 2 regular sized Hydra grunts. Had to customize the 2 Hydra roid heads into larger sized Hydra grunts:
  12. I for one hope that the next director kinda tones down the humor a bit. Thor ragnorak had a bit too much humor imo. Thor himself is not nor has ever been a wise cracking character in the comics, I feel he was written way off character in the 3rd movie. Leave the humor to others, not make Thor a God version of DP. And as for Thor becoming the leader of the GOTG....no. Really no logical reason for that at all.
  13. Holy Toledo! Can't believe I won this! Thanks so much & can't wait to get it in the mail hopefully sometime next week! My favorite of the wave is classic Black Knight which I have not seen on the pegs since I started looking for him a couple of months ago. Now I have another classic Avenger to add to my ol school classic Avengers lineup. Can't wait to add classic Vision/hawkeye/Wasp as well later this yr.
  14. Totally agree with you on the over sizing of certain characters such as Hulk, Juggs/Thanos/Thing/Hyde/Rhino. These characters are all large in a "massive" way but not hgt wise if ya know what I mean. I blame the artistic license that Marvel has allowed artists since the early 90s to get away with when drawing certain big characters such as Juggernaut who was originally listed at 6'10 but is now drawn close to 9ft tall. Hulk was always a 7 footer, now he's a 8 footer or sometimes even bigger. Rhino was just 6'5 but massive as is Thanos who is 6'7 but now skews in the 8ft range. The worst has been what Marvel has allowed artists to do with Ben, the Thing is 6ft 500lbs but now is drawn almost as big as the Hulk in the 7ft range. What made the Thing always appealing to me was that for his 6f t hgt, he always was the underdog vs the other heavy hitters of the MU such as the Hulk, Sasquatch, Gladiator, etc He might lose, but he'd go down fighting vs the big dogs. Now his figure, while great overall, is too tall & I'm gonna be hard pressed to try & customize it down to a more decent size. It's like todays Marvel writers/artists equate power with size, the stronger the character, the bigger he has to be. With that mindset, DC should make Superman an 8 footer as well instead of keeping him at 6'3. That's why I have never bought those Copiel Thor figs, they are too outta scale as are the Wrecking crew that they decided to turn into hulk size. The wrecking crew members range in hgt from 6'3 to 6'6, none are anywhere near 7ft tall. The Hyperion/Gladiator buck was the perfect buck for them with only Wrecker needing a new upper torso buck. That buck is perfect for characters in the 6-4- 6'5-6'6 range. Was surprised to not see a classic Doc Samson this yr as they can easily just have used that buck along with unworthy Thor head sculpt & Hyperion boots to do ol Leonard. Sorry to drone on but I'm a super scale Nazi & like proper scale size in my ML figs. Thor is 6'6, no other Avenger should be anywhere his hgt yet I keep seeing Ironman now listed as being 6'6 in armor. I've been collecting Marvel comics since the 80s & I have never seen Ironman drawn the same hgt as Thor. Stark does not magically gain 5-6 inches in hgt just due to donning the armor, sorry, his boots do not have 5 inch lifts in them. The suit is form fitting so he should maybe gain an inch or 2 of hgt from the boots & helmet space, nothing more That's why George Perez & John Byrne are my 2 favorite artists ever, they were sticklers for drawing every character at their proper hgt/scale. Way too many artists today just draw characters at whatever scale they feel like. These 3 pics I posted show how big IM & just about every other Avenger other than She-Hulk (6'7) should be when next to Thor
  15. Same here. DP has been oversaturated both in the comics & toyline IMO. Only need to get the classic 90s version of him & that's it for any DP fig I need. Unless it's Ironman & possibly Wasp, I don't need 10 figs of the same character just for a small variation. I have Brown costume Wolvy & Ol man Logan & still need to get the new classic tiger stripe version, then I'm done with Wolvy. DP was originally a straight up assassin/hitman when he 1st came out. Then he was made into a poor man's version of Spiderman with the wise cracking jokes. Many never done before Marvel characters could have been slotted in the 2 DP waves but instead we get slipper wearing DP & such. They made Sasquatch the BAF in wave 1, why not include a few more AF members in wave 2 such as a new Vindicator/Guardian, Puck, Shaman, NorthStar/Aurora?
  16. IF season 1 was the worst of all the Marvel Netflix shows IMO. DD/Punisher have been the best followed by JJ season 1 as I really didn't enjoy JJ season 2 as much. JJ doesn't exactly have a big list of enemies. Haven't seen Luke Cage season 2 yet but I did enjoy season 1. One thing I don't like is how only DD has been in an actual costume & everyone else is just in civs. While I love the MCU for at least making an effort to put every character in costumes, Netflix Marvel seems to go out of it's way to do the same. And why can't they actually use the names of MCU characters when it's obvious they are in the same Marvel universe as they reference the alien invasion & such. Really hoping we see Danny don the IF costume in season 2.
  17. Totally agree 100%. Unfortunately, we now live in a world where everything "offends" someone. I'm not condoning what he said, but my God, this was said 11 yrs ago I believe. Won't be surprised if the 3rd GOTG movie sucks.
  18. Outstanding Kingpin figure, can't wait to see the 3rd head sculpt. The wave he comes in sucks so I'm just buying this by itself when it goes for sale. I can see Hasbro throwing on a Shadow King head sculpt on this & using it as the BAF of a future X-wave. As far as people saying it can be used for a classic Mr Hyde...no, Hyde isn't rotund, they might be able to use the arms & lower waist but the torso would have to be new as Hyde has a bit more muscular build & bit more tapered waist line, no pot belly.
  19. IMO, this was an OK showing of ML figs. Way too much un-needed Spider related stuff in that Kingpin BAF wave. I'm just getting that awesome Kingpin fig when it becomes available by itself either at Dorkside or Ebay. Modern Herc with manbun over the 2 more classic versions, really? Now I gotta hope they re-release him at a later date in his classic togs in a future Avengers wave or buy this one & do some customizing to make it into his classic looks. The head/ upper body is great, just from the waist down that I gotta change. I don't collect the MCU, so that's a lot of $ saved for the classic comic figure stuff. The DOFP set is way overpriced. Had they thrown in the TB Wave 10 Sentinel, I woulda gotten it as that one sells for $200+ on ebay & is my preferred version of the 2 made so far. Had they at least changed up the torso on the MU Sentinel to give him better articulation, the multiple voice effects is not really essential. Skullbuster Reaver looks okay but not really what I pictured a fig of him looking like. The Vintage 2 wave is great as I will finally be able to add classic versions of Hawkeye/Vision/Wasp to my classic Avengers lineup. The BP should been a classic BP with a new half mask sculpt plus unmasked version. Vision should have come with 2 open hands instead of an Ultron head or even an angry Vision head. They dropped the ball on Antman by putting him on that tall lanky buck. Hank Pym doesn't have that build. So far, from what was revealed , I'm just getting Prof X, Gambit, Kingpin, Vision, Hawkeye, Wasp & Herc. Hopefully we get some more additional surprises at future toy shows. Need new classic versions of Ironman, Thor, Yellowjacket, QS, Wonderman, Scarlet witch, Photon, Starfox, Swordsman, Warmachine, US Agent. Hasbro pretty much has the bucks for all these asides from classic IM. Classic versions of Ultron, Count Nefaria, Mr Hyde, and new in scaled versions of the wrecking crew are needed as well as those giant sized WC figs are way outta scale with everyone else. For a classic comic Spiderman wave, new figs of Tarantula, Scorpion, Hector Ayala White Tiger, Shang Chi, Vulture & BAF Stegron would be very much appreciated & long overdue.
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