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  1. That's modern comic based Thanos, I want Hasbro to do a classic Bronze age 70s-90s Starlin/Lim version on a broad buck that is no bigger than 6.5-7' tall. He would not need double joints on his arms or legs due to being the correct thickness. Again at 6'7 900lbs, Classic Thanos is massively muscled, not super tall.
  2. I think you hit the nail on the head pertaining to Shooter leaving Marvel as EIC. He more than likely would not have approved these artists going crazy with all those size/hgt alterations that post EICs allowed them to do. Manbun Herc is done & outta the way, I highly doubt he will be one & done. Classic Herc can be done in future Avengers waves, vintage waves or 80th anniv waves.
  3. Preach bro! It seems some people can't comprehend that many of us ML collectors want our favorite superheroes/villians in the correct comic listed hgts in relationship to one another. Just cause some artists are allowed by their writer to take artistic license with some characters & draw them outta proportion to their listed hgts, does not mean they should be made that way in figure form. Juggs was always listed as being 6'10, 900lbs (Cuz that isn't big enough) then certain artists draw him gigantic & now he's a 9 footer that weighs 1 ton. Same goes for the Hulk. Rhino is another character that is listed as 6'5 710lbs but artists draw him gigantic looking. I mean WTF is this? A Sentinel sized Rhino? Artistic license taken way overboard. The last pic of Rhino with his buds is a perfect version of what he should look like in scale as a 6'5 character. He shouldn't be towering over them by 2 feet! Hasbro needs to start creating bucks for characters that are beefier in mass such as Rhino/Thanos. They made the perfect buck for Doc Ock who does not have a body builder physique.
  4. Yeah, cuz being a 7 footer isn't big enough. Heck, let's hope the Marvel artists start drawing Hulk, Thanos & Juggs as 12 footers.
  5. Still near 8' scale, 7' scale woulda been perfect. A classic Starlin/Lim Thanos needs to be 7' scale max. Thanos was never a giant in the comics until the typical artistic freedom took over & the MCU also made him a giant along with the Hulk was a 7 footer until artists started drawing him gigantor sized in the late 90s. In his 1st app Grey look, he was 6'6. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
  6. My bad, thought it belonged to Hasbro. Then Hasbro needs to get cooking on a new buffer body buck that still maintains the same scale as the newer Herc buck. It would be perfect for a classic Thanos who is a character with great mass but not hgt. classic comic Thanos is 6'7 900lbs. In the fight with Champion who's listed as being 10ft tall, Thanos is nowhere in the 8+ft scale that artists now depict him as. It took the damn MCU to scale him up & of course the comics have to always follow suit with what the movies do. The SOTA street fighter Bison figure is the perfect buck for a classic Thanos figure.
  7. That I can agree on. I wonder why can't Hasbro use the MOTU bucks to make certain characters such as Herc more beefier but still in the correct hgt scale.
  8. Hasbro phoned in the Wrecking crew by using that outta scale /outdated Warpath buck from 2010. I never bothered buying them when I saw they were giants. But yet, they got defended by the "some artists draw them huge" crowd, even though the tallest member is Thunderball at 6'6, the rest are in the 6'3, 6'4 range. I really hope Hasbro revisits the crew & gives us these iconic versions on the Herc buck with only wrecker needing a sculpted upper body. That T-ball on that outta scale buck is laughable. Wrecking crew has never been Hulk sized. Throw him on the new Herc buck with new lower legs & now we're talking!
  9. Omega Red is 6'11, so yeah, he's supposed to be bigger than Creed. OR is a visually cool looking character but I've just never liked him & therefore, have no need to buy the figure. He's a mutant with some death aura & carbonadium whips that shoot outta his forearms & is a expert in hand to hand combat, yet, always seems to always be getting beaten pretty easy by whomever he fights
  10. Warstar BAF wave would have to be a mix of X-Men & other IG core members such as Smasher, Starbolt, Fang, Hussar & Earthquake, that we only have Gladiator as the sole rep of the IG is total BS! The Serpent society is as obscure to non comic fans as is the IG, yet they have like 5 members already made in 6' ML form. Non comic fans have zero idea who Eel, Copperhead, King Cobra & Constrictor are & now they've added Rock Python to the group. Why no IG or for that matter, more Alpha Flight members? Shaman, the twins & Snowbird are all long overdue as is a better Puck! I'm tired of the ol BS "they don't have a movie or cartoon based on them" card getting pulled. Serpent society doesn't either.
  11. I don't care if I'm in the minority but the vintage waves line is the best line to finally get both the 1st & 2nd app of Wonderman. I've always loved both looks & he is needed for my 70s line of classic Avengers figures that I'm putting together. Either use the new Herc or Namor bucks for him, slap on a new head sculpt & done. Would not be a hard character to do. Guy wearing a safari jacket with shades does not scream "superhero", His modern version has been done, let's get the classic versions done as well.
  12. Why is the Sabertooth fig "small"? It's on the correct buck that represents all characters in the 6'4-6'5'6'6 hgt. Sabretooth is 6'6 not 7'6. That's why I hate when artists take artistic license with the established hgt of a character & draw him bigger than they actually are, cuz then you have the "Oohh, I want a figure of him that big" crowd chime in. Latest 90s Jim Lee Sabes is perfect as is., only thing I wanted that they didn't do is give him alternate open/closed fist hands & alternate 'snarling" head. They dropped the ball on Beast by not giving him a closed mouth head & now he is perpetually in a snarl pose 24/7. Hasbro needs to start making all figs with alternate head sculpts & open/closed hands. Hasbro should make a pack full of nothing but extra alternate head sculpts of figures that need it. Say a 10 pack for $49. The next Banshee they make better come with both a closed mouth head & screaming head sculpt.
  13. Blob classic War Machine Classic Falcon Perez Ultron 1st app Wonderman 1st app or 80s Hercules Comic accurate 80s "armor wars" Crimson Dynamo & 70s Titanium man
  14. I quit collecting comics in 2007, so yeah, I'm not up to date on todays comics except for the fact that the art for the most part looks like 8yr olds are drawing these issues & the storylines just either are re-hashing older storylines or involve too much political views of the writer which I don't buy comics for. Stan Lee wrote issues based on the politic of the time such as the X-Men who were a reflection of racial oppression of the 60s, but he didn't shove it in your face like today's writers tend to do. I loved reading comics to escape the real world, not be reminded of it. I just wanted to read a good Avengers vs Ultron or X-Men vs Sentinels 2-3 parter & then go on to another 2-3 part issue involving another bad guy. Claremont & Shooter wrote awesome solo issues or 2-3 parters on a yearly basis, now these writers try & write year long storylines that just drag & drag. I enjoyed 12 issue yearly events once a yr, now it seems like they occur 4x a yr or more. And the fact that comics now go for $5 + is straight up crazy, you expect me to believe that young kids under 15 have the cheddar to be buying tons of comics every month at $5 a pop? Highly doubt it. This Red Goblin character will be a footnote in comic history & people that bought the fig will be selling it off for the price of a comicbook in a few yrs. One of the most famous story arcs in comic book history was just a 2 parter & made 39yrs ago & just had a movie loosely based on it a few yrs ago in the X-universe, I don't think I have to say which story arc I'm referring to. The Dark Phoenix saga was around 5 issues long & also a classic. I consider Claremont/Byrne the best writer/artist team in comics history. Their IF run was great, their Marvel teamup run was great & their X-Men run has yet to be matched imo. Shooter/Perez runs a close second for me. I'm hoping that either with this 80th anniv line & vintage line, that we start to get classic characters that have yet to be done & long overdue or need a re-do as their Toybiz version no longer stands the test of time. I think it's a slap in the face of long time comic book readers that are also ML collectors to see a flavor of the month character get a figure while a character that's been around 40-50yrs has yet to be done.
  15. Red Goblin along with the vast majority of non Venom symbiots will be long forgotten in yrs to come. Just a phase. Marvel nowadays just throws any new Spider related character up against a wall & sees if it sticks. They have a great abundance of classic Spider villians in which they can write stories about but they choose to go with the flavor of the month & ride it it to death. When was the last time Marvel writers wrote a Spiderman vs Tarantula, Spidey vs GG, Spidey vs Tombstone, Spidey vs Kraven or the Rhino?
  16. Another character that is long over due & shoulda been included in the recent Kingpin BAF wave instead of that Gawd awful symbiot Goblin is the original White Tiger Hector Ayala. Hasbro just has to use the classic Black Panther buck with Blizzard head, sculpt new lower legs & bam, The White Tiger lives. He along with a classic Tarantula need to be done either in a vintage wave or Spidey related wave.
  17. I don't have either figure so this is a welcome set for me. But I'm not paying scalper prices for it either. Hopefully I find this at retail later this month.
  18. Modular armor on figures? Nah, some things need to stay buried in the 90s, this is one of them.
  19. I have classic Brown Wolvie & old man Logan, once I get Jim Lee Wolvie & 1st app Wolvie, I'm done collecting Wolvie figs. There is such a thing as "overkill" ya know. Having numerous different armors of Ironman make sense, having umpteenth versions of DP, not so much.
  20. My ideal classic vintage wave would be Avenger heavy with both Heroes & villians.
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