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  1. Buddy, I grew up in Williamsburg, Brooklyn for the 1st 30yrs of my life, hence my name. I know full well what I speak of. If the 5 boroughs of NYC had as many Wally worlds & Targets as other states such as the great state of Texas where I now reside in have, you'd see tons of shoplifting & figure swapping in those 2 stores by lovely NYers. You couldn't pay me to move back there. I left NYC for good in 98' & even then, there were no Targets in Brooklyn & only 1 Wally world that I can recall. I also worked at Target for a yr in 2018 here in San Antonio as a merch protection officer & my CCTV cams caught tons of shoplifting/merch swaps so I'm sure it would occur in NYC in even bigger numbers. Shoplifting is a multi billion $$ problem in the US. Ever wonder why prices tend to increase yearly at the big chain retailers, blame the sticky finger discount club. And I have been to, lived in & visited more cities/states & more countries than you ever have. So plz don't play the assumption game that you're speaking to some country bumpkin that has lived in the same little grid square all their lives.
  2. Ah yes, the good ol anti version of the main character. How bout throwing her against her ex husband, Red Guardian instead.
  3. Maybe not, but they did throw down back when she was an Avenger during the good ol days of comics.
  4. It helps when Disney itself is buying up most of the tix. It's 2nd week numbers took a huge plunge as well. Also read many reviews by actual comic fans of Captain Marvel that saw the movie & not reviewers that only know of the MCU & never heard of CM, & they had very negative things to say about the movie. I tend to take what actual Marvel fans with actual knowledge of the history of the character say over those of non Marvel fans & those that only know about the past decade of MCU movies.
  5. Being as it's the rotten apple & many people there belong to the 5 finger discount club, not surprising that the owner would have merch locked up.
  6. I'm enjoying how Hasbro is sneaking in other members of the Serpent Society with Rock Python being the latest member to get the plastic treatment but it would be great to get more members of Gladiators Imperial Guard as well as all 4 members of the Star jammers, a Comic based wave consisting of 4 core members of the IG plus Corsair, Raza, Hepzibah & Ch'od as the BAF would be an awesome wave for fans of those 2 teams. This wave could fall under the 80th anniv line of comic based figure waves. My top 4 IG members that I'd love to see get the plastic treatment are: Smasher Fang Starbolt Hussar
  7. The Captain Marvel movie wave is pretty much a very lame wave with multiple figures of the same character & a phoned in BAF that looks like it actually got pulled from the Marvel kiddie based line & tossed in the wave as a last minute decision. Movie really isn't doing as great as some of you are making it out to be & I'll be giving it a redbox rental as $1.50 is bout as much as I'll waste on it. Just got Grey Gargoyle for my Zemo led Master of evil team. Bout the best figure in that weak wave imo. How some of you want a "bomber jacket" version of her is beyond me. What's so special bout that? This was a perfect wave to have given us classic comic versions of Ms Marvel, Quasar, Super Skrull, Starfox, not multiple versions of the same character. Oh well, Hasbro saved me a ton of $$ for those great 80th anniv comic based figs.
  8. Oh yeah, been a Giants fans since the Phil Simms days. It seems that the left will pull crap that was done or said 20-30-40 yrs ago by someone they don't like, to now crucify them be they dead or alive. How come you don't ever see the right pulling this immature, childish crap? Anyway, I'm glad Gunn is back to helm GOTG3 & look forward to SS2 as well. Like I said before, people that live in glass houses shouldn't throw rocks.
  9. Was interested until they mentioned it'll be based on the MCU & not comic based looks. Big FU to us comic based fans. Everything's geared toward the movie based crowd.
  10. Put in a pledge to get 4 of those Hydra looking Grunts. Let's hope this gets the funding it needs to give us these cool looking army builders.
  11. I came to terns with Juggernaut going from 6'10 to 8-9ft, but Thor is 6'6, in the comics, how can they possibly continue to fudge up the scale on him & make him outta scale hgt wise with his fellow Avenger ML figs! Cap is 6's, Thor should only be half a head tall, if that, when posed standing straight up next to comic Cap not a full head+ or taller! Gonna have to do some major customizing surgery on that figure to get it to scale. I think the Herc fig is alright scale wise, just the damn selection of costume to do him in that stinks! I don't recall a huge outcry for "manbun" wearing Herc at all from the Hercules fanbase. Either classic leg strap Herc or 80s H-harness Herc were the top 2 requests from us Herc fans. Hasbro better have a figure of those 2 much demanded versions in the next yr or so.!
  12. That classic Ironman buck lends itself to numerous other armors such as the "nose" helmet, the pointy mask version & a stealth version. I also think they will use it in a 'vintage wave" in it's more classic red/yellow look with hopefully one of the other helmets I mentioned.
  13. I'm 1000% with ya bro. I'm a huge scale Nazi & that Thor is once again, oversized. Why does Hasbro have a problem getting him done in the proper scale? Thor is not a 7 footer! I'm still hopeful that Hasbro will eventually give us a classic comic based Thanos at a properly scaled hgt & not 8' tall! Classic Thanos is thick/massive, not super tall. Wonder what part of that do they not comprehend? But as you said, there is that small portion of fans that could give a fudge about scale & like certain characters bigger than they actually are. Funny how Hasbro makes very sure to do all Logan figures at a smaller more accurate scale but mess up on the big guys. And once again, Ironman can be "listed" as being 6'6 in armor, but has hardly ever been drawn as the same hgt as Thor who is listed as being 6'6. I even post pics of him not being drawn as tall as Thor with Thor right next to him & people still wanna cry that he's drawn as being 6'6. The most Stark, who's listed as being what, 6'1, should gain in hgt as Ironman is 2 more inches, 1 inch for boot soles & 1 inch in helmet space, and that's talking bout his classic bronze age armor, not his more modern post 2000s armors. In just about every single comic book I have of classic Avengers, Ironman has never been drawn as being as tall as Thor when the 2 stood together. And I call BS on saying Perez didn't draw characters in their proper hgts, he along with John Byrne are just 2 of the very few artists of the 60s, 70s, 80s & 90s who made sure to draw characters at their listed hgts. I've seen hand written writing by J Byrne himself stating that the Thing was actually 5'10! They later upped his hgt to 6' & should be drawn as such back when he was helming FF in the 80s. Now all of a sudden the Thing is "Hulk" sized? He "mutated" but the rest of the FF is still the same despite all 4 being exposed to cosmic rays, yeah, OK. Like you stated, all it takes is one artist to take artistic license with the size/hgt of a character & all of a sudden people want him that big. Liefield was one of the 1st to start drawing the Juggernaut like 10ft tall in the early X-force comics & then McFarland followed suit. Now all of a sudden Juggs went from being 6'10 to 10 ft tall.
  14. I thought the Hulk comes with both open/closed hands? Cap looks to be coming with another alternate headsculpt as well. I hope Thor comes with an alternate mean looking scowl headsculpt as well as open hands & fists. That torn up Helmet for Juggs is awesome & will come in handy for when he throws down with either Thor or the Hulk.
  15. Hasbro needs to start doing an Ironman based comic line. There are a ton of his classic enemies that have yet to be given the ML treatment & a few that are in serious need of a re-do as Hasbro just phoned in the T-man/CD figures. Their MU 3.75 Guardsmen figures were awesome & they need to upgrade those to the 6' scale using the Beetle buck. I'd army build those in a heartbeat! Where's a classic Spymaster at? We need classic Blacklash, Titanium man as the BAF & 80S version of Crimson Dynamo!
  16. Is Hasbro releasing Ironman in 2 different color schemes? He's sporting the Alex Ross Red/Gold in the loose pics but in package, I've seen him in his classic red/Yellow colors along with the great Bob Layton looking helmet & a great comic Tony Stark head sculpt. Shame that I'm gonna have to do some customizing surgery on that Thor to get him in proper scale to his fellow Avengers. Does Hasbro not know he's 6'6 in the comics? They keep making him like he's a 7 footer! And sorry, From the 60s to the 90s , Ironman was never depicted as being as tall as Thor . 6'2, 6'3 is what I always saw him drawn as by all the great Marvel artists of the 60s thru 90s. The MCU IM movie in 08' is what started this "he's 6'6 in armor. Funny cuz when standing next to Cap in the films, he sure doesn't tower over Cap who's 6'2. nor did he look as tall as Hemsworth who's 6'3 & probably 6'5 sporting the boots. The classic Bronze age armor is form fitting, almost like a second skin that hardens to a steel hard consistency while still being supple, if that makes any sense. So no, IM in the Bronze age classic red/yellow armor is not 6'6. Maybe in his newer MCU based armors he is, but not in the classic comic based armors. Those were all pretty skin tight. So even that new classic armor IM that's coming out looks a bit on the tall side as he seems to tower over the chainmail Cap fig. Great, more custom surgery I gotta perform to get him down to proper scale. Hawkeye is 6'3, the master, George Perez was a stickler for drawing all his characters in their proper hgts, so give IM a 6'3 hgt in that BA armor. That's the tallest I'll give him wearing that suit of armor.
  17. I'm with you on wanting that 80s "H-harness Heck but not on wanting him bigger in hgt. Herc is 6'5, not 7'5, why would you want him towering over Cap who at 6'2 is just 3 inches shorter than Herc. Mass wise, yeah, he could stand to be a tad bit thicker. I'm already beginning to notice that Hasbro, once again, put Thor on some an over sized scale that makes him close to 7' tall & a full head bigger than he should be. Thor is 6'6, he should be half a head taller than Cap. Gladiator is 6'6, but that classic Thor figure looks like it will tower over the Gladiator figure. Thor & Herc should only be a half head bigger than Cap/Ironman/Vision/Hawkeye as those characters range from 6'2 to 6'3. Neither of them should be a full head taller as that would make them both 7 footers.
  18. I was very impressed by all the classic comic character reveals. I just hope that in the same way Hasbro is sneaking in a different member of the serpent society, they need to start doing the same with other members of teams such as Alpha Flight, Squadron Supreme, Imperial Guard , Masters of evil, & how bout some love for the Starjammers? The buck for a Chod is there with Abomination.
  19. Good to know. Now we need a re-do of classic Tarantula. One TB or Hasbro did a while back was a tiny midget! Just put him on the Sunfire buck & we are good to go!
  20. Well that should tell you how long I've been away from Marvel comics. So is Mac Gargan Scorpion again?
  21. Back when Hasbro made that version of "Neo classic" Ironman, they were working with some bad bucks & they tried adding the moonwalker boots & gauntlets to it & it just didn't work on that buck. I'm sure if Hasbro revisits that version of Ironman, they will do a far better job of it using a newer buck. I really do want Hasbro to take another crack at this awesome version of Ironman. Their 1st attempts at this version of Ironman fell short.
  22. I'll give you that it's classic looking but not the face & is that even Mac Gargan cuz last I heard, Marvel had him fused/merged with the VENOM symbiote or some such nonsense.
  23. Not bad, still glad they gave us his more classic look & not some creepy looking fang face. But don't act like they also haven't messed with his classic look & given him some mutated crap looking app in the past few yrs cuz I've seen it. Though nothing could ever beat the POS Transformer looking Rhino that Fox gave us in their last Spidey movie before Disney took it over.
  24. FA Scorpion had the open mouth mask, then the 80s-90s version had the Green face look, hopefully he comes with the alternate FA head sculpt, if not, it's OK as either of the 2 versions was my most wanted looks & not some mashup crab looking creature crap or however the heck he looks now in the Marvel NOW universe. Classics are always the best! Serpent society fig is Rock Python, he's one of the heavy hitters of the Society as he has rock hard skin & super strength. That 3 pack of Mags/Quicksilver/Scarlet Witch is a dream come true for me as those are the 3 most iconic & favorite looks of mine & was praying they didn't give Pietro the FA Green/White costume that was his attire as a villain with the BOEM. Hasbro should save that look for a future wave that includes an all new Blob as the BAF. The powder Blue/White costume makes him perfect for my classic Avengers lineup. I'm also stoked that they made a Julia Carpenter Spiderwoman to put in the west coast Avengers lineup! We still are in need of a comic classic based War machine, Falcon, Yellowjacket, Starfox, classic Herc & 80s Photon.
  25. All I know is that Hasbro will be re-doing that IM in his classic red/Yellow armor with classic helmet. Probably as soon as the next vintage wave. Include fists/open repulser blasting hands plz.
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