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  1. Dang it! Was hoping to see them surprise us with a few more classic Avengers such as Falcon & YJ, maybe another much requested villain such as Mr Hyde or Count Nefaria.
  2. Only thing "new" on that short Ironman was the boots/gauntlets were thinner, that was all. Had they added just 1/2 inch to the scale, he woulda been a buy for me. Is that X-Factor Cyke gonna be from the vintage wave?
  3. Extremely happy at all the classic comic based love that we are getting this yr from the ML line. I don't think that the MCU fanbase can complain about anything as they also got quite a few requested MCU figs done for 2019 as well. That classic 70s-80s Colossus is a thing of beauty & the only version of him I'll ever need. Nightcrawler as well. That Silver Samurai is a HR as well. 80s Dazzler is great too! That Mr Sinister came out great but I've just never been a huge fan of the character. That chain mail Cap & classic Thor will be mine. I'm on the fence about that Ironman unless it also includes the optional classic comic book helmet as well. Classic Hulk/FA Wolvie, Mags/Pietro/Wanda packs are awesome & I already pre-ordered the mutant family pack. The addition of 2 more X-force members is great! Totally stoked at getting another member of the serpent society in Rock Python! Was hoping to get a few more Alpha Flight core members to go along with that awesome Vindicator/Guardian. Classic Scorpion , yesssssss! Hydro man looks good as well. Not a big fan of AOA Wolvy but I know he's been asked for. That classic Juggs is a must have as well. Guess I'll be selling off the other one. Wonder if Hasbro still has a few more figs to show us tomorrow?
  4. Look like massive bombs, all of em. Must be catering to the under 12 crowd kiddie crowd. When is someone gonna do a " tales of the classic MU type animated series where the animation is top notch & features animated versions of "classic tales of the Marvel Universe, featuring theAvengers/X-Men/DD/Spidey/ IF & Powerman/Defenders/Alpha Flight/FF/Hulk/Silver Surfer comic book stories from the 60s/70s, 80s, & even 90s. I'd love to see an animated version of such classic story lines as " DOFP based on Byrnes art, some Avengers vs Ultron/Count Nefaria story arcs based on Perez art as well as FF classic story arcs based on Perez & Byrne's art. The 90s 2nd season of the FF show was very Byrne influenced animation wise & had great episodes in it based on classic comic stories & great animation. That is what I'd like to see as a future Marvel animated type show.
  5. Be nice if Hasbro also gives us a classic 80s Beta Ray Bill to go with classic Thor. That modern version they chose to go with leaves much to be desired imo & no one asked for that version.. Make this happen Hasbro!
  6. This is the version that Hasbro needs to re-do in ML form at a normal 6.5 ' scale. Imma wait on the ML version of this guy.
  7. It was idiotic of the MCU to mess with the mutants of the comic verse. Calling them "gifted", like mutant is a dirty word. Then again in this new PC world we live in, that might offend real mutants, wherever they are hiding. Just finished pre-ordering this set as it comes out in July. Took Hasbro long enough to finally give us the 3 definitive versions of these 3 awesome characters. My classic 70s-80s Avengers shelf is gonna look great in 2019. Still need classic versions of Yellowjacket, Falcon, Warmachine, Hercules, Wonderman & Thanos little bro, Starfox. Some more classic members of the Masters of evil are needed as well. Mr Hyde, Moonstone, Blackout, & plz re-do the wrecking crew on some scale accurate bucks as those giant monstrosities are on a POS outta scale & outdated buck. Hasbro really phoned it in with them & they deserve better!
  8. Oh hell yeah! They made Pietro in my all time fav costume for him! I was hoping it wouldn't be that nasty Green uniform. Glad I held out on buying that that Magneto from last yr that they made in his crappy NOW look. That fig screamed classic redo. I saw a bunch of customizers using the buck from Red Guardian for a classic Mags but I figured I'd hold out for Hasbro to re-do him in his classic & most iconic version & that Scarlet witch screams 70s-80s version which is my fav era of Avengers. Oh my classic Avengers shelf is gonna be looking great in 2019. Now where are classic versions of Hercules, Falcon, Yellowjacket & Wonderman at!
  9. While that Mezco IM is great looking, it's also way taller than the ML figs & of course, way more expensive. The ML IM will be in proper scale to his fellow Avengers. Ironman should be no taller than Cap who is 6'2. classic comic book Stark is 6' & in that skin tight form fitting Bronze age 70s classic armor, should only gain an inch or 2 due to the boot soles & helmet space. Maybe the modern MCU based armor has platform boots that now have him listed as being 6'6 but in the comics from the 60s,70s ,80s-90s, he was never drawn the same hgt as Thor who is 6'6 or even Hercules who's 6'5. In This Avengers artwork of the classic 80s team, this artist drew them exactly as they should scale to one another with Thor at 6'6 , being the tallest & Cap/IM at 6'2 being the same hgt while Vision/Wonderman & Hawkeye all being a tad taller as they all stand 6'3 & Panther at 6' being the smallest of the men. That is a perfect picture as far as accurate scale goes. Sorry for the double pic post. I have zero doubt that this Alex Ross IM will be re-done in his classic red/Yellow 70s look with a more classic Bob Layton/George Perez helmet sculpt as those 2 great artists drew my favorite versions of Ironman. He could come out in Vintage wave 3?
  10. New head sculpts & new lower boots would be all that is required now that we have a classic Thor buck. A bearded classic Thor head sculpt would be cool as well. So we can have the option of giving both classic Thor & Erik Masterson Thor either the clean shaven look or the bearded looks.
  11. Hasbro would make more $ making seperate versions being they were 2 different mortals. Donald Blake & Erik Masterson. Now a bearded Thor head sculpt to go along with the clean shaven classic Thor woulda been awesome.
  12. Not to be greedy, but I would also love a Thor version of when he was Erik Masterson.
  13. OK, that pic of Hulk with shredded shirt clinches it. Hasbro has finally hit a HR with a classic version of the Green Goliath! After an umpteenth amount of movie based Hulks, we finally seem to be getting the definitive comic based version. He needs to come with 3 sets of hands, fists/grabbing hands & thunderclap hands since he looks to have butterfly joints. Can't wait to finally do a classic Hulk vs classic Thor throw down!
  14. That classic Hulk seems to have butterfly articulation so it would be nice if they include a pair of "Thunderclap" hands to go along with the fists/grabbing hands. Based on these initial inbox pics, this could very well be the definitive classic comic based hulk that many of us have been asking for these past few yrs. Same for classic Thor & chainmail Cap. I really hope Hasbro is including a more comic based classic IM helmet along with the AR helmet sculpt. I don't recall a huge uproar for figures based on his art. When it comes to Ironman, Bob Layton or George Perez Ironman are my all time fav versions of shellhead. Had it looked like this GP art, I'd be a drooling mess on the floor right now!
  15. Doubt that Thor is on the Omega Red sculpt, that would make him an outta scale 7- 8' tall fig. Hasbro has finally given us a classic comic based Thor, the last thing I wanna see is that they screwed up the scale on him...again!
  16. None of them rates to be an Avenger. Marvel just tosses in a bunch of characters they know will help sell the book & labels them "Avengers. Bendis destroyed the classic Avengers I grew up with & just started turning the team into top selling all star characters that always operated solo or teamed up once in a while: Spiderman, IF/Powerman for example. Been a very long time since the word, "Earth's mightiest heroes" & Avengers could be used in the same sentence. When that team consisted of Thor, Ironman, Vision, Wonderman for example, to go along with Cap, Black Panther, YJ, Scarlet witch & Beast, now that was a super mighty lineup. To me, Frank is & has always been a character that operates best going it alone. Wolverine is an X-man, period. And now they're throwing in a barbarian with a sword inn the mix? Wow. As far as ML action figures go, I do hope they make a classic Conan figure utilizing the Namor buck.
  17. Why does everybody always harp on Hulk being bigger/taller than so & so? The movies really messed it up for non comic fans who seem to think Hulk was some super giant in the comics. His 1st app Grey form was only 6'6 then when he mutated to the Green version, he went up to 7ft hence the "Jade Giant" nickname. Is being a 7ft 1000lb character not big enough? The Thing was always a 6ft 500lb character, that's what made his battles with the Hulk, legendary. He knew he wasn't in the Hulk's class in either hgt/weight, but still threw down with him. Now he's a 7ft 1000lb giant as well, so now you gotta make the Hulk a 8-9ft 2000lb guy just to still look bigger than the Thing. Sasquatch is 10ft, 2000lbs, now the Hulk is almost his size, c'mon now. Stop with the size upgrade on certain characters for no real logit reasons other than BS artistic license! Cosmic rays haven't mutated the other 3 members of the FF but only Ben, yeah, OK.
  18. That classic Hulk better come with 2 sets of hands, both fist & Open/grabbing hands. The big 3 look great & classic Thor/Ironman were extremely long overdue. I hope Hasbro re-releases that Ironman in his more classic Red/Yellow colors as that's my fav look of BA Ironman. Hope that the War machine fig is classic 80s looking as well. Now where's classic Falcon, Yellowjacket, 80s Herc at?
  19. 80th anniv stuff should be relegated to comic based characters, not MCU based, they already just finished doing a 10th annive line. I really wish they would start knocking out much needed classic team members of classic Alpha Flight, Masters of evil such as Mr Hyde, Goliath, Moonstone, wrecking crew on the unworthy Thor buck, not those giants piece of craps bucks they phoned them in on. We need more of the core members of the Imperial Guard for Gladiator to boss around. Where are the Starjammers at? We need more core members of the Squadron Supreme such as Dr Spectrum, Power Princess, Tom thumb, etc. Hion ow bout a classic Herc to make up for that man bun wearing version that no one asked for. An artist specific version of Alex Ross Ironman/Thor was not asked for, they will look odd & out of place with the classic comic based Avengers figures. If they were gonna make an artist specific version of Thor/Ironman, George Perez versions would have been the best . I'm just looking forward to comic based classic characters.
  20. A Marvel based superhero show full of 3rd tier C grade female superheroes? Exactly who is the fan base that this woulda been geared for? Not me, that's for sure.
  21. More power to ya bro. It's a lot less costlier to replace a ML fig that might break or get loose joints than it is a Mezco fig. Don't get me wrong, the Mezco line is great & I enjoy looking at all the great figs they've done & all the extras they include with the figure, it's just the price point that prevents me from investing in this line. Their Deathstroke & classic Punisher figs are my favorites.
  22. Gladiator would make short work of Juggy. I have to laugh when I see people saying they don't like him & why did Hasbro re-do him again in his classic comic colors. I have to assume they either never have read comics with him in it or just only know him from the 90s toon in which even there, he beat Juggs in less than 30 secs & wiped out half the X-team as well until Phoenix tossed him into space at which point he broke out of her entrapment & was ready to head back to engage her. Gladiator is the Superman of the Marvel universe. He has taken on the Hulk, Thor, Colossus, Thing, Hyperion, Nova corps, & Thanos, whom has stated he does not relish engaging with Gladiator in combat. Gladiator also threw down with Image comics version of Superman, Supreme in a company crossover event between Marvel/Image back in the day. Gladiator is a baaaaaaaaad man.
  23. Also a ton more expensive than ML version. Maybe some of you are very well off & can afford to throw 90+ clams on a single figure, but I can't & wouldn't want to.
  24. Maybe you didn't understand what I was saying. I have no problem with the open roaring/yelling/screaming head sculpts, but they need to include an alternate closed mouth version as well so you have the option of displaying him with either one & for those of us that take action pics, the alternate heads are a must. If you just buy figs to just put up in a static pose on your shelves & that's it, then I guess just having one head sculpt is good enough. Kingpin BAF is great cuz you have both a mean yelling face head sculpt & a closed mouth serious look. Only other thing I woulda wanted with KP is another set of open /closed fists.
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