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  1. On 10/4/2022 at 2:11 PM, tarot said:

    I put her in there because she is in the Special and people may not have her yet. That plus her old figure was a TRU exclusive near the end of their run so she was extreme hard to get. Plus, I made this set in the vein of Amazon box sets, like the recent Spider-man (with Razorback), Venom set and Wolverine set, all just old figure with new heads. 

    But you're right. I wanted to put Manphibian or Living Mummy in there, but they would require whole new sculpts. I let Dracula out because he will be getting a new figure next year for the Blade/Marvel Knights wave.

    I totally understand, though as I said given she was already in a boxset, it might be better for her to be separate or it will be another Corvus Glaive where a character is only available in a multipack. Yeah Blade will be in the Blade wave, though the one in the set could be Gene Colan version and the one in the wave could be his red armour look.

  2. On 10/3/2022 at 8:10 PM, tarot said:

    I thought with the Werewolf by Night special coming out this week (Friday, 7th Oct), I thought I would do an Ideal Box set. I decided to do a box set for this instead of a wave, as there is little chance, we will get a wave for this special. I also thought to make this set mostly just repaints. Think of it like how Amazon have been doing the box set for the past couple of years, like the Spider-man set and the Wolverine sets.

    The Theme for this box set: Monsters


    And that’s the box set. As for why I picked each of them:

    • Werewolf By Night – This is a WBN box set so he must be in it. This is one I’m surprised Hasbro hasn’t made as it’s the easiest to make with either the Jackal or Puma build.
    • Man-Thing – I think the most surprising thing about the trailer is that we saw that Man-Thing is making his MCU debut. This will be a straight repaint of the BAF that was released a few years back. Maybe fill that hole in his back with a branch.
    • Vampire By Night – I wanted to include a Vampire in this set but I also wanted to leave the Count to the eventual Blade wave next year. Then I remembered that there was a hero who not only is part werewolf but is also related to Jack Russel, being his niece. She was subject to the same curse as her uncle, but a vampire bite causes her to become a Vampire with the strength of a Werewolf. This will use Shriek body with a new double-jointed jacket.
    • Frankenstein’s Monster – Next we have another figure that was in the old TB box set, Frankenstein’s Monster. I think we saw him in the trailer, so he is included here. This will use the Hercules mold with a new jacket.
    • Elsa Bloodstone – Lastly, we have another figure that will be a straight repaint. She is in the special as well, but her original figure was part of a Toys-R-Us close to when the retail chain closed down. Since David Nakayama is currently working with Hasbro on the packaging, then Hasbro should repaint it and give it a new head similar to the image he did for Dr. Strange.

    I would replace Elsa in the set, since she was already available in one multipack it wouldn't be fair to ask people who way want her to have to try and get another exclusive just to get her. I would either leave it with the 4 monsters since Man-Thing is a BAF or replace Elsa with her dad.

  3. On 10/4/2022 at 12:03 AM, Atlantis said:

    Don't think vehicles are the issue, as the hasbro HISS tank demonstrated. Its the cost and the appeal of this particular vehicle.  This thing simply does not warrant that price tag, and these figures they're proposing, aren't all that spectacular either. The charger is nice, yes. But it ain't nicer than the HISS tank, and even that was overpriced. At least on that, you get quite a big bang for your buck. 

    Hasblo wants to make money. Nothing wrong with that. Greedy? Yeah. But that's what companies do. What consumers/collectors have to do, is get smarter about where to spend their dollar. Yes, the collecting community does influence (if not "make") hasbro what does. If they see that collectors are willing to overpay for this, then best believe all the figures are going up. 

    Yeah, Hasbro have over-estimated the HellCharger's appeal. It's nowhere near the Hiss Tank's iconic recognition. As pretty much everyone else has stated it is overpriced. This might still get backed but I would see it just getting it. Of course, that would still give Hasbro carte blanche to charge more for their figures even if the world stabilises and production cost go down.

  4. On 10/1/2022 at 3:49 PM, Audie said:

    I love the Legends team, but you always have to take what they say with a grain of salt. Like when they said we’d not get Robbie except as an early bird but we got the alternate head. Or when they said we’d not get any more hints but we get an obvious Madeleine Pryor nod. So when they tell us we’ll never get the stretch figures if we don’t buy the Hellcharger, I have to conclude that we’ll get this essential X-villain at some point even if the community continues to conclude that this was a badly handled Haslab

    It doesn't help that when Nova was revealed and Galactus was struggling, they said that if The Big G wasn't back it would be a few years before Nova would be released. The think here is instead of giving figures related to Robbie (which to be honest there aren't that many) like the other two HasLabs, they are going for the figures we can never release at retail strategy

  5. Here's my breakdown

    • Retro Iron Man -  I have the original Modular, but this does also play off my nostalgia - Easy Pass unless I can get it cheap
    • Orb - Looks good, but don't care about the character - Maybe educed
    • Molecule Man - Fireballs again? Do Hasbro do the research on these characters (No.) If they were to give him an accessory it should have been his wand. Still, Maybe reduced
    • Moonstone - Looks great, some blast effects would have been nice, still will go nicely with my Zemo. Must Get.
    • What If...? Gamora - Don't care.
    • Wolverine - Looks good, not essential but still tempted
    • Longshot -  Never liked him, so pass
    • Multiple Man - Was never a fan of his costume look, but you can't have enough Multiple Men
    • Avalanche -  Finally, no effect pieces though. Still another one for the brotherhood.
    • Spiral -  Don't care about the character, so pass
    • Dark Phoenix - Looks good, but I would have preferred regular Phoenix
    • Banshee - Hopefully comes with a standard head, but not really keen on getting a Three pack or him, might wait for the GSXM version
    • Storm - Looks nice, but not interest in that three pack at all
    • Stryfe -  Looks really good, but it will depend on the rest of the Random Villains set
    • Animated Cyclops -  Pass
    • Animated Spider-Man & Carnage -  Don't care about animated figures
    • Daredevil 3 pack -  I have versions of most of these so pass
    • Star-Lord -  It's different, so I might get it
  6. My thoughts on possible BAFs-

    Avengers Wave

    • Ultimate Iron Man - We have Ultimate Cap and it would be a large Figure
    • Ultimate Hulk - Again, they might be trying to do the Ultimates

    Spider-man Wave

    • Grizzly - They have the parts just need a new head
    • Black Tarantula - Rival Crime Boss of the ROse from the 90's
    • Digger - Gamma based enforcer - First appeared in JMS's run but has recently returned as an enforcer for the Rose 

    X-Men Wave

    • Astonishing Beast - The first one was two small and seems like they want to do the Astonishing Team
    • Glob Herman - They have KId Omega, so why not one of his few "friends"
    • Chod - Another Starjammer - could lead to a new Abomination
    • WarStar- Another Imperial Guard member.
  7. On 9/28/2022 at 2:25 PM, monron999 said:

    While I love Hugh Jackman and I love his Wolverine, I really hope this is his last time for two reasons. First, though both these cats have aged well, Jackman is clearly aging out of the part. That's not a good look for an ageless person. Deadpool they can always cover up with prosthetics. Second, it's time to move on with the next guy, it's just the truth. The more they keep bringing him back it gets harder and harder for us to accept any other actor as Wolverine. He's iconic and we wish he could play Wolverine forever but the sad truth is he can't.

    Sure he can with creepy CGI, deepfakes and AI voicing like in Star Wars.... oh wait

  8. On 9/27/2022 at 8:45 PM, tarot said:

    Fang is guaranteed to come with a Wolverine head and claws. 

    As for Ghost rider, it will all depends on whether or not the Haslab succeeds. No point in making a tie-wave when there is nothing to tie in is there. 

    Yeah I would be surprised if Fang didn't come with Logan parts. 


    I'm still thinking we will see a Ghost Rider wave regardless of the HasLab

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