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  1. They finally replied to me and said 2 things: Can't confirm and go ask them (Disney Store)

    That pretty much confirms it. 

    Don't know why so much secrecy. The thing is already revealed

    3 hours ago, ejvs_theuniverse said:

    I'm a bit underwhelmed on the alternate hands/accessories, I don't recall that chunky looking arm device in the movie, I wish they would've included like the more favorable ones, the projectile launcher would've been great, the battering rams, the shield too, and the better nano hand blade. Just a few pieces that would've made me reconsider buying this, but I think I'll pass on this one.

    So you pretty much want it to be the Hot Toys version?  To me it would be a lot better if they included the wings. Anyway, SHF version will have those at a good price so you can be in the look for that one if it is your thing. 

    I know I want one. 

  2. So the original picture was from him. It is the same picture of the boxed figure 

    Still haven't heard any words from DST, but now the cat is out of the box. 

    It's very cool. The used that awful hip articulation that I don't like but the movement will be better than the Mark 46 that they previously released. 

    One flaw that I see is that once again they got the scale wrong. He looks a bit short to me. 

    I still want it tho 

  3. 8 hours ago, Falls22 said:

    Whoa that is awesome. It does look legit too. Hard to tell though. Because on EBay they have those big select size Iron mans that are bootleg. And you would think Diamond would’ve mentioned this at NYCC. At the very least if there was a leak wouldn’t it be packaged versions of Cap or Thor? Hmmm IDK but I want it! 

    In my recent memory they have released Thor and Spider Man without any notice or previous figure shown. The same was done to Thanos. The Big difference in all of these situations is hat the figures were all comic based. 

    8 hours ago, tarot said:

    they do seem like 2 different figures. maybe one is bootloeg and one is not.


    I guess what is different is the light.  The pictures come from the same site. 

    If they are bootlegs are well done and even the package looks nice. They could be from China were they make the figures. There is one famous bootleg that is the Mark 43. That one is nothing more than a Mark 42 repainted, but comes with some fun accessories that were made for this figure like the unmasked head and two infinity gauntlets.  The head is actually very well made. The package looks very similar to a real Marvel Select. But again they had a figure to star from. 

    The last one that they released was two years ago the Mark46 from Civil War and this one does not seem to be the same figure because the articulation scheme is different. Mainly on the lower part of the figure. 


    But there are a lot of good forgeries out there and some customizers do make good jobs. We also live in the Fake News era, so we must question everything that we hear or see when is not from a reliable source. 


  4. Hey guys. Just saw this now at a Brazilian website. Haven't seen any news anywhere else or any comments. Diamond Select Toys has done this before several times, so it might be true. 

    Honestly, seems like a bootleg or a custom. But I can't identify which figure this might be based on. 

    I sent them a message and I am waiting for confirmation. 


    I present to you Marvel Select Iron Man Mark 50 exclusive to Disney Store. 





  5. 5 hours ago, JKenbok said:

    Oh my bad sorry I should have realized you were talking Mezco. I gotta say I’m just not into the look of the Mezco Wolverines. This soft cloth outfits just make him look to baggy or bulky or something. And I haven’t seen one unmasked headsculpt I’m crazy about. But that just my particular taste. I’m partial to Legends. I can’t get into the cloth  

    For some figures it works very well. I have Batfleck, Deapool and Flash.  Unfortunately didn't get the Punisher, which is one o the best looking ones. 

    For Woalverine, to me the thing that they got msot wrong was the height. He should be a lot shorter than he is. I know which head youa re talking about, but you can always go after some good custom.

  6. On 10/19/2018 at 10:03 PM, tarot said:

    OR he could have been off in space for so long and hasn't  returned yet (I mean just Nebula and himself were left on that planet how will they get back so fast?) and the world has been falling after at the seems after Infinity War that she felt she needed to help out the Avengers. Tony probably left her a suit in an emergency and she uses it to do her job. 

    That is also a very plausible idea

    On 10/19/2018 at 10:49 PM, Slashman3 said:

    These look like the basic 6" figs to me. Look like 5 POA figures.

    They are the basic figures. I guess this image was taken from a toy convention for retailers not open to consumers and someone leaked the picture. Maybe on purpose. Who knows. 

  7. On 10/19/2018 at 11:56 PM, JKenbok said:

    If I had to recommend one man I would highly recommend getting the retro Wolverine or the juggernaut series one which is the darker brown. But I think the retro is more true to the comic look. 

    I already have the vintage wave. Thank you. I am eager for the Tigerstripe because it is my favorite. The cartoons and the comics from the 90's had a huge impact on the way I see super heroes until this day. This is Hasbro

    Now to Mezco, yeah since I can have only one I will give the brown costume a chance although I didn't like the shorts they gave him  even with the changes they have made. 



    On 10/19/2018 at 11:56 PM, JayC said:

    Cage season 2 wasn't bad but I thought Iron Fist season 2 was better. A Heroes for Hire series would be cool but I def think if that were to happen it would be on the new streaming service. Daredevil season 3 was really good and my guess is the best performing show of the bunch, so if Netflix doesn't pick it up for a 4th season I would say that def means Marvel and Netflix are done.

    Well it appears that they are definitely cutting ties with marvel for good. Jessica Jones is currently filming. It might be the last show or they will wrap the shooting and save it for a relaunch at the streaming service.  Haven't watched DD yet but I bet it's amazing. 

  9. I have a crazy idea, but maybe that is probably way off. I don't think Tony would put Pepper in risk. Unless this armor is there like for a while and when she is in danger he activates it just like he did to the Iron Spider Suit, or when he is in danger she will be saving him for a change.

    But my cray idea if that Friday gets a body. He has several AIs and maybe one of them appears to save the day, the one that has a body is Jocasta, but he ditched her back in Age of Ultron, so I don't know. Crazy theory. 

    On the other side I think we have Thanos, Hulk in his suit and Nebula. 

    They might not be looking exactly like that but the other basic figures from Infinity War were pretty much the same as the regular ML.



  10. 53 minutes ago, Falls22 said:

    I’m still waiting for the classic version of this to come out! I’m interested in it, don’t know about the $90 price mark though. 

    But it does look good this armor is like the perfect resemblance to the Avengers EMH’s Iron Man. 

    All the figures with light up features will have an increase in price. I don't like to pay more for figures as much as the next guy, but it is an additional feature and if it works well enough it's worth way more than 10 bucks. Plus he has diecast parts and the magnetic faceplate.  Cyclops and Cable are 100 bucks now because of the same features. So 90 is quite fair. 

    I also would like very much to have the regular version. It is the most classic looking figure in this scale with this quality and amount of accessories we have ever seen. 

    1 hour ago, JKenbok said:

    No I hear you. It is an exclusive, I know. It’s just a tad bit annoying when there’s so many different characters you’d like to see. I’m sure I would feel differently if Iron man was in my top three. For example, I never get sick of seeing different Wolverines. 

    I am right down with you man. I will be forever bummed down about that Tigerstripe. Still figuring out if the regular brown costume is worth picking up. I would love to have that Logan too. But budget is waaay too limited. 

  11. On 10/18/2018 at 12:27 AM, JKenbok said:

    No we are definitely getting too many iron man figures. Yeah he has changed armor constantly lately but there’s been so many releases of the same armor in different takes. Not just speaking mezco. And at least one completely unnecessary and largely unwanted one.  

    Again, it's an exclusive, limited edition. If you don''t like it, you don't have to buy it.  It's for the Iron Man fan. It's not like they didn't release a figure and instead put that one like some companies do. 

  12. I am gonna say that for an exclusive is amazing. Why? Is not the main armor and just a repaint of their original Iron Man armor that to me is the most interesting one.  People are complaining, but it's already on waitlist. 

    I have the SHF version of this armor the "Marvel Now" and I have no interest in buying this, like I said I much rather have the regular one to my Iron Man collection. 

    I agree with Jay C. Back when Tony got the Silver Centurion armor was a big deal. To me is one of the coolest ones and I guess only Comicave made one in 6 inch scale and now is sold for a big buck. I love to see Mezco take on this one (please don't be an exclusive one)

    The bottom line is that this another perfect example of what an exclusive item should be. Something cool, but not essential. 

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