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  1. On 10/15/2018 at 4:47 PM, Hogun said:

    Why do we need more Wolverine collectibles? He's so overrated.

    I disagree. Wolverine is one of the most iconic character from the Marvel comics and the most famous mutant.  There is a new comic arc of his return to the main universe going on now and to me is quite the opposite, Wolverine is never enough. 

    This piece is amazing.  Not into statues tho. But this one reminds me that the new Weapon X marvel legends will come out next year and I couldn't be more excited! 

  2. On 10/2/2018 at 2:01 AM, EvilHayato said:

    I have to say, these look pretty awful overall. Ive seen and have some of hasbros really great 3.75 figs and these are in no way great looking. Also its kind of a shame that these are just teaser figs. As in dont expect any more figures coming from the spiderman or marvel vs capcom properties. One shots i suppose would be a better terminology. 

    I agree. They seem rushed. Meanwhile Star Wars in this scale are getting better. 

  3. On 10/11/2018 at 8:38 PM, GojiBill said:

    Congrats to Scarlet, it’s about time she got her own film. Pity it’s happening after Red Sparrow, which is comparable to Black Widow origin story outside MCU.

    Unfortunately I haven't seen that movie yet, but you know Marvel and they will put a great effort to make it a unique thing.  There is also Atomic Blond to consider in the mix, but still. it will be great. 

  4. To me the likeness is not spot on as the previous figures. Overall the Infinity War figures don't quite nail the face. The rest is perfect as always, but the faces are off.  This one has that thing that when looking straight on doesn't look at all like Sebastian Stan, but from certain angles it does look like him. Off course we know that is Bucky, but the face is just off. The best one so far, but still not quite right. 

    Can't wait to see how is this "disintegrating mechanical arm" thing. Must be like the regular arm, but missing some bits and pieces and with that "rust" effect. Should have accompanied a surprised look face or something.  The accessories are a bit lacking to be honest. 

  5. But I thought that was the opposite and the Netflix shows would be a separate thing and be kept under the streaming service. I wonder what has changed since the last announcements and what will this mean for the rest of us that really like the shows and don't live in the US.

    This last season was way better so it couldn't be due to ratings or criticism. I really hope that they give us an official statement about the reason behind this. 



  6. I also bet that they might use the quantum realm to access the past or other dimension. There they will find a Lost Ant-Man that have been trapped for the past 5 years and will meet his daughter Cassie all grown up and (maybe) as Stature? Who knows? 

    They are doing reshoots and the deal with Fox will go through in January, apparently. 


    Man, right know, anything is possible as they often are pulling surprises out of nowhere, we could see things that nobody anticipated. 

  7. Ok. That is nice, but do you remember how much money Evans and Hemsworth got paid for their first Avengers movie? 

    Way less than her. As any less famous actor should. Now, they are as much known as her.

    Gal Gadot got paid much more than Cavill in their respective first movies. 

    This thing of gender pay gap is a myth. People should get paid according to how much they bring back. A female athlete shouldn't get paid equally to a male one of the same sport if she sells less apparel and tickets. That is free market economics.  Wages cannot be regulated by law or any other government rule. 

    If they want to pay her the same, good for everyone, but cannot be something enforced. 


  8. So now all the figures that have light up features will cost 100 bucks now. Seems very steep price considering that the lights are not that great. Especially if it is only in his armor. The plasma cannon seems to light up too, so I don't know. 

    The Iron Man that they are doing also has this feature, but costs 90.

    I am very interested in this despite the price, just wished that they chose another look for him.  Amore classic sort of Liefeld look with pouches and that huge harness like the Legends or even the Select one, but with more articulation. 

    I hope it doesn't sell out too fast

  9. Well I saw it at the premiere and I was also with low expectations, however to my surprise I thought it was a very fun movie. Started slow and building up until Eddie gets Venom. It was very interesting from that part one. My wife is very nick picky about effects and CGI and though it was very executed for what it was.

    To compare it to MCU is not fair at all. They proposed to do something and in the end they delivered. Would be a better movie if it was R rated with more gore. 

    I watched Shartimus Prime movie review and I agree with him almost 100%. One of my biggest disappointments was that after seeing the movie I got the idea that the trailer showed too much and took away some of the surprises. 

    Bottom line I would not dismiss this movie so easily neither brand it as rotten. People should go see for themselves and stop worrying about the critics. I was have in my mind that msot critics don't like movies, If they don't get it or something like that they will bash it. 

  10. 16 hours ago, monron999 said:

    I've been noticing the reduction of quality of some of the head sculpts as well. I know I'm not the only one that was somewhat dissapointed by the Psylocke sculpt. While not a bad sculpt, it wasn't quite as good as the likes of Rogue or Mary Jane. I'm assuming with the amount of product Hasbro is putting out (remember, Power Rangers is also on its way) Gentle Giant has had to take on some new talent. At the end of the day Marvel gets the final approval. That being said, I agree the Kraven sculpt is terrible and I'll also throw in Forge as well. One is ridiculously too expressive an the other is impossibly non expressive. Both those sculpts should be nixed by Marvel and taken back to formula.

    I agree with  EvilHayato and I will add that I liked the Psylocke head very much. What is actually happening with some female figures is the so called "lollipop syndrome".  The heads look great but they sit way too high on the peg and a huge gap appears. You can see all the insides of the head an that breaks completely the aesthetics of the figure. There are like 3 or 4 current releases with this exact problem.  Maybe the problem is the neck peg is too long. 

  11. 11 hours ago, EvilHayato said:

    Its not so much because its Gentle Giant, I actually love Gentle Giants work. Being an artist myself, you can notice similar works from the same artist. Not all the figures are in the same exact style of eachother. This specific head sculpt is so bad that you can see its similarities to a similar bad headsculpt.. this being Kraven to unmasked Logan. 

    I wouldnt say that Psylockes head sculpt is bad in any way. I think most people were not happy with her overall body type choice. Sure her head doesnt match Jim Lees art its based on but honestly none of the figures theyve made do. They put a certain hasbro/gentle giant twist on the designs overall. Its why almost all of them are great but not perfect. Forge isnt terrible, just boring and somehow not as interesting looking as the crappier one they did years prior. 

    I see. Could be an specific guy, but would like to point that this goes through soe sort of approval by the ML team.  So they could be blamed as well. 

    To me these are isolated cases. Specially the female figures have got much improved heads in the past year. One exceptional example is Typhoid Mary. 

  12. 14 hours ago, EvilHayato said:

    Oh yeah and I forgot to mention, looks like the same sculptor that did that ulgy as hell Logan head that keeps being reused for some reason, did the new Kraven head. It looks awful. Its got the signature eyes too far apart and gross squinty look that just all around looks off. Whoever that sculptor is should be fired or at least demoted. 

    I guess it's from Gentle Giant. They usually do all the sculpting for Hasbro and other companies. 

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