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  1. First thing I am gonna say about this:

    "Private companies, private rules"

    There is nothing political about this or first amendment and things of the sort. 

    Now for the second part os my 2 cents on this:

    The irony, is that he criticizes Trump and other people that have a different view from him and the mainstream Hollywood, highly progressive, leftist and things of the sort. These people cannot tolerate a different view on any subject, now try to dictate the rules, what can be shown, spoken and such. BUT, they forget that we are humans, we make mistakes, we are imperfect and sometimes we may say or do things that we regret later on. With the internet, nothing is forgotten, nothing is forever hidden anymore.  Someone cannot cal himself the bastion of self righteousness and have a dark past, because in the next second you are discovered, that crumbles and your hypocrisy will be shown. 

    The worst part, is that the fans, cannot separate things and will support the person, no matter what bad thing they did, IF their political and ideological views are the same.  But this is wrong. You can't have double standards.  You can't throw stones at Roseanne and hold Gunn your arms and comfort him.  If both did "wrong", they both must suffer the consequences equally.  I say "wrong"  because I believe in liberty. Freedom. Real freedom. You can say and do literally whatever you want. BUT it is "freedom with responsibility"  Do as you please, but beware the consequences of your actions.  Right or wrong could be sometimes just a matter of perspective.  One exception that is very clear is the call for violence. Actual, physical violence. There is no excuse of that.

    And once again it's not a freedom of speech thing.  They are not being persecuted by the government. 

    Sure he apologized, said that he was terribly sorry and that he changed. Good for him. His conscious is clear. But if the company decided that it was in their best interest not to have their image linked to his, well, that is it.

    Deal with it. 

    The lesson is, don't be quick to judge others, to point flaws, because one day you are in the graces of "the people" but next you could see yourself on the wrong side of door and that door will shut on your face.  

    On a more "mudane"  side of things, for us the fans of the MCU and GotG, let's see what happens to the franchise now. 

    Sorry about the long post =]

  2. Great to see that they are improving the vintage collection and making it more interesting. The scarlet spider is the coolest so far. I also liked Wasp and Ant Man. Panther is cool, but I wished that they used another body. But the look is very good. Something between the first appearance and a more modern take and movie inspired.  They have two more to reveal. I hope that one is am X-Men character. Could be Jean in her Marvel Girl outfit. The other will probably be a classic Vision. 

  3. What it is mozt amazing to me is the face printing tech that they are using here. Stepping up the game and making the figures very realistic. I hope that doesn't implicate that the cost will increase, but even if it doesgo from 20 to 25 bucks or even 27 bucks, with this quality is way better than pay 2o for a GI Joe face. 

    The weird thing is a whole movie based wave. To me looks more like two waves mixed and the comic figures are mot revealed just yet. 

  4. Wasp had so many costumes over the years, but I liked the choice. Ant Man couldn't be any other one. This is a repaint of that Eric O'Grady Ant Man, but still ok.  Too bad that the only accessories are the mini figurines. Wasp could have some bast effects or something. But for what they are, it's ok.

    The Black Panther wave, the coolest one is Klaue! Looks just like Andy Serkis damn! 

  5. Ok. So as a Marvel Select collector and fan I have somethings to say about these:

    First and foremost: OH MY GOD! Finally Rogue is coming!!!! And she is fantastic. Has all the accessories that we need, like all the hands that we could ask for and even the hand holding the glove. Damn! The look is dead on, the metallic green paint and the jacket. Just so happy! I've been waiting  for this and asking them for it in every single Ask DST, Facebook message, post about cons, whatever. Really all over. She will come with another cool Danger Room piece with a laser cannon! The only thing that I could possibly point that could be improved, is the facial expression. Is too stern. They almost never put expression on figures and this takes a bit of the fun. Another thing (not being a perv)but I think that her boobs could be a little bigger, because its the way that she has been designed by Jim Lee and the ML figures displays that very well. Even her statue from DST also shows that. But this is a minor detail.  I am a little worried about the arms articulation with the jacket. I hope that is not very limited. I love that they apparently went back and used the Lady Deadpool hip articulation instead of that awful T joint. 

    About the other figures:

    Beast (not shown) is still not ok to me. His face seems off. I could be wrong, but they seem to have changed a bit the hair and flatted the face, but I miss the blue eyes. The body could be wider. But overall, not bad.

    The Infinity War figures are not bad either, Thor being the best one. He comes with what he always has come: A weapon. It will be a two pack with teen Groot, so it's a plus. this figures looks cool too. Not much to say about it. I wish he came with an alternate head with the lighted up ou eyes or some lightning effects. Then we have Iron Spider that is also not bad and that one also has better hip articulation than the HC Spidey. I hope that those arms have good articulation. Paint and sculpt seem very good. I liked the colors and they seem very vibrant and metallic. Finally Cap. The uniform color is wrong. Should be darker and with a dirtier look. The face, as always is not good, but way better than legends. I hope he comes with two pairs of hands. The silver lining is that he comes with the shield at least! Just couldn't see if it's just one or if they bothered to make two. 

    Overall, the reveals are very good. I can't wait to have that Rogue. Now I really want them to make a massive Apocalypse, as big as the Destroyer and, hopefully with a couple of accessories. I would't bother to pay a little more. 

  6. Shartimus is always so hilarious. I have great time watching his reviews.  As always Hot Toys delivers. It's even unfair to compare this to any other collectible company. The only one that will even be close to this is the Mezco one. The other were very disappointing.  

    The only thing that would really make this figure perfect would be an alternative head wit the light up eyes. 

  7. I like Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. although the beginning of the show was much better and they kinda went downhill the last two seasons. The addition of Ghost Rider of kinda nice, but the characters was not as explored as it could have been.  This last season to me was one of the weakest. I hope that they get a better one at elast to end things on a high note. 


  8. I watched the review yesterday and I got further disappointed with some figures. The Colleen figure is so poorly executed.  Her head is way too high and you can see the peg from every direction exept from the front. She the lollipop syndrome and the hips are hideous with that huge gap.

    Sure Danny's figure has a great hair sculpt, but the face is very off, but you can see it's him. But like Jay pointed out, looks like they took the inspiration much more from the Iron Fist Poster than the Defenders show. 

    Seriously, to me the coolest thing from this whole set id the box.  You can definitely use it as a set for pictures and stuff. 

  9. Humm Idk. These pictures didn't convince me to get it. Like, If I wasn't getting them before, I wouldn't change my mind now.  Sure there are some good things, like the whole easter eggs and tidbits from all the shows, but the figures themselves are not appealing.  Daredevil and Jessica are the best ones, but we've got them before and the previous ones were better. If it was a Matt Murdoch figure with the pulled down glasses and a cane would be a lot cooler. Jessica could come with a bottle of liquor or something like that. Luke Cage is missing the hoodie. The only two new figures don't have good face sculpts, the rest is ok. So, my veredict would be it's not horrible, but  pick it up only if you really like the shows and didn't get any of the previously released figures.  Compared to the previous SDCC boxsets, this one is not as cool. 

  10. Hey Jay!

    First, awesome review. Well, this figure seems one of the coolest of the bunch. Great sculpt and the face paint is very nice. The disgruntled face suits him well. I guess the only bad thing on this figure is definitely the cowl/shoulder pads deal.  They probably did that way to cut costs but if I had this figure I would cut off the shoulder pads and find a way to attach the to the shoulder of the figure without hindering the articulation. It wouldn't look so sleek and seamless, but when moving the head maybe it wouldn't look so weird. Also do something about the head inside Idk.

    Anyway, it's another great MCU villain figure and we surely needed that one for our GotG display! 

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