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  1. Yay, another Wolverine figure. When is Hasbro going to stop making Wolverine figures? Only Wolverine figure I want is the Hugh Jackman version.
  2. First of all, that's the old Toybiz Apocalypse BAF. Second of all, thanks. He's the first BAF I have ever completed.
  3. I bought 3 of the original version of this Beast figure as an investment. Now I feel like an idiot for doing so. I'm going to give one to one of my managers as a goodbye present. I didn't want to sell Beast to anyone. They had to prove their worth and that manager has proven his worth to me. I'm more than happy to give him one of my extra ones. I might not get this grey Beast figure though. I prefer the blue Beast.
  4. My favorite superheroine is back! Yes! I am so looking forward to what new adventure awaits her. I have the comic where she makes her first appearance next to her Marvel Legend on my wall.
  5. Hasbro couldn't have bothered to give us a Gamerverse Mrs Marvel?
  6. Sugar Man is an interesting choice. I thought for sure Apocalypse would be the BAF of the wave. But I guess Hasbro wanted to try something new.
  7. They're using the Endgame Hulk BAF bodymold. It does look pretty sick. Not going to buy it since I am not a big Hulk fan.
  8. The one in the middle looks like lady Sif. Some people are saying it is Valkyrie. Either way, tis would mean me and my friends might be getting Marvel Legends of ourselves. Tis will make me very happy. Volstagg shall feast heavily to celebrate this reveal. Fandral shall try to charm some Asgardian women and I will be less dour than usual.
  9. When I first saw this, I was like 30$? That's not that bad. But then I realized that this price tag came from a Target in the US. Not Canada where 30$ is how much a Marvel Legends goes for. I can understand why some figures such as the upcmoing Venom and the re-release of the Giant-Man figure would go for 40$ CDN. But 30$ U.S for a single carded regular figure? That's a little too much. I hope this gets resolved for my fellow collectors across the border.
  10. The only revo figure I ever owned broke on me. Which was Psylocke and it was the psychic blade. Ever since then, I have been avoiding them. But I think I am going to get Cable to replace my Sasquatch wave one.
  11. The Canadian equivalent to Gamestop is EB Games and I'm surprised to see that Gamestop has increased the price of your legends. People pay 30$ for a Legend plus tax at my local EB Games. Which I believe is about 20$ USD at Gamestop I pay 27$ since I have the Edge card which gives me a 10% discount. I have spent a large amount of my money at EB Games on their figures and never have I felt swindled. Some figures are more expensive than others because they are not the regular releases or because they are larger figures, such as repacked BAFs, which I think is reasonable. The only problem I ever had with EB Games was the fact that sometimes, they received their cases later than others and they don't have a lot of Marvel Selects. other than that, I have nothing against EB Games. But to see their US counterpart be such scumbags just makes me happy that I live in Canada. This sucks and I hope Gamestop changes their way.
  12. Hasbro has consistently re-released BAFs with a more accurate paint job, sometimes a new head and/or hands and maybe some new accessories as a single-carded figure. This allows collectors who either missed out on a wave or refused to buy the figures from the wave just to build the BAF to acquire it. So, I want to know which BAFs would you like to see get a re-release as a single-carded figure. I'm going to list my top 5 most wanted and least wanted and then I'm going to make a separate list that will be as objective as possible. So, I won't piss off a lot of collectors with my list. Also, to make this list easier, I've limited my options to BAFs released from 2015 to the present. Also, BAF's that have already been re-released will be excluded from this list. Top 5 most wanted: 1. Sauron I never got the BAF because I refuse to own a Deadpool figure in my collection. Classic X-Men villain. 2. Mantis This feels like the figure that will most likely get released as a regular figure since as a small BAF, she can easily fit into a regular clam shell packaging. I need Mantis for my Guardians team. 3. Venom Space Knight: A cool concept made into a great figure. It looks badass. 4. Molten Man: I think it's a pretty cool looking BAF and I like the direction Hasbro went with for this BAF. I'm glad it's not the real Molten Man. 5. Sandman: The only figure I wanted from that wave, besides him was Spider-Man 2099. Hasbro killed it with all of the sculpted sand and it looks great with how the green paint blends into the sand arms. I would like to have more sand constructs. Honorable mention goes to Onslaught Top 5 least wanted: 5. Armored Thanos: Honestly, this would have made my most wanted list if it wasn't for the fact that I plan on getting the Marvel select version. I really like the design they used for Thanos's armor. Although I do agree that the articulation left more to be desired. 4. Vulture MCU: I don't want Hasbro re-release this accessory because this was the first BAF I ever completed and I'm sure collectors who built the wings would be less than pleased if this was re-released with a minor paint job. Although mine is hanging on the ceiling, so I wouldn't be too mad if Hasbro did re-release this in a 2-pack. 3. Okoye: I never liked her BAF. It was just way too short and I only built her because it just so happened that I had her pieces. Even then, I re-resisted getting Nakia for the longest time. She was never a BAF that got my attention and she would have been better off as a single release. I get why Hasbro made Mantis the BAF in the second Guardians wave, but there is no excuse for Okoye. 2. MCU Gladiator Hulk: This was originally one of my most wanted BAF re-releases. That is until I got the Marvel Select version which is 10 times better. Better sculpt, larger figure, better paint and more accessories. Also, better price. I only paid 31$ CDN for mine. To see the Marvel Legends version get a re-release would not help Hasbro at all. 1. Apocalypse: I made it my objective to complete him before the end of the summer. He is my favorite X-Men villain and looks super cool. I think this is the best Apocalypse figure. It's the right size to go with my other X-Men figures. I don't think the large Apocalypse from Toy Biz would look well fighting the rest of my X-Men figures. I really don't want this figure to be re-released as a single-carded figure because that would make my efforts of getting him futile and I don' know how you can make him look cooler with slightly different paint apps. Top 5 most wanted (objective) 1. Goes to Caliban: I mean, Caliban has got to be the most in-demand character in the entire MU. Who wouldn't want a Caliban to go with Apocalypse and Mr. Sinister. Okay... I'm just messing with you guys. 1. Kingpin: An amazing BAF and popular character in a terrible wave with only 2 of the figures being desirable. Would anyone be mad if Hasbro just re-released this figure as a single carded figure as is, with no new accessories or paint job? I mean Kingpin is most known for wearing a white suit and I feel as though a black suit just wouldn't be as appealing to collectors as him in his white suit. 2. Apocalypse: Here is where I would disagree with collectors. If it wasn't for the fact that I owned him, I would totally be for my homeboy Apocalypse getting a re-release with an updated paint job and new interchangeable weapons. 3. Cull Obsidian: I think Hasbro is the only toy company to ever give us an articulated Cull Obsidian figure. I really like the sculpting on the figure, but I do believe collectors are hoping for a re-release of this guy in a film accurate design. 4. Okoye: This is where it might get controversial among some collectors. Although I don't want to see a re-release of the Okoye BAF. I could see why some collectors would want one with a better head sculpt. Okoye, admittedly, was a breakout character in Black Panther and she has become a fan favorite among us. 5. Mantis: I think everybody would love it if Hasbro re-released her single-carded. She would totally kick names and take ass in our colelction. I'm sure a lot of us were missed when they made her the BAF instead of Death's Head 2 (I still don't know who that guy is). Honorable mentions goes to The Lizard. I've heard a lot of people complain about it's design and I could totally see Hasbro giving us a new and improved version to appeal fans. The MCU Vulture: gotta let those who couldn't afford to build it have a set for their collection. Top 5 least wanted/least likely to getting a re-release 5. Caliban: I don't think anybody was clamoring for a Caliban figure. So, when Hasbro made him the BAF of the X-Men wave, not a lot of people, who had Beast and Jubilee, built him. That said, I own the BAF and I have got to give props to Hasbro for the amount of articulation they have given him and the pearly white sheen they used for its design. Which is why it is the lowest on my list since I could see Hasbro maybe re-release him. 4. Fat Thor: I don't think people are clamoring for a re-release of this figure. It's not a figure that will appeal to most collectors and you can imply buy an Iron Patriot figure and replace the head that came with your IW Thor with the BAF piece. 3. Dormammu: It has already been re-released as a BAF in the doctor Strange wave from the Book of the Vishanti SDCC set. I don't think anyone is clamoring for ANOTHER re-release. 2. SP//DR: The only way I see Hasbro re-releasing this character is if Hasbro gives us an Into the Spider-Verse version. Even then, it would have to be a completely new mold. 1. Kree Sentry: 2 words: Discount Sentinel. Let me know what you think of my list and please list your lists down below.
  13. With the New Mutants movie coming in April, I can see them giving us a Cannonball with legs and re-releases of the Magik and Dani Moonstar figure and throw in a New Mutants Sunspot figure while they're at it.
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