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  1. I want the Longshot and Mojo. But I do not want the rest and in this economy with my current salary, I might have to buy them loose.
  2. What are in your opinion, some of the worst costume designs in a superhero movie? Now, I am going to ignore the 2000 X-Men film and its use of black spandex because it was at a time where superheroes wearing their comic accurate costume was unheard of and a pipe dream. 1. Eternals, it is no secret that the Eternals had terrible costumes. You can easily tell that the reason why Hasbro was able to pump out all 10 Eternals in one go is because when it comes down to it, it is just a bunch of dudes in robes with different geometric shapes and colors. They work as initial costumes for when they come down to earth. But as they learn about earth culture. It would have been easy to see them incorporate earth culture into their new modern suits. Why could we not have received comic accurate costumes in a franchise that is supposed to give us comic accurate costumes? I especially hate Kingo's design. While it would not have made sense to make his costume look like a samurai in the comics, given he is played by Pakistani actor Kumail Nanjiani. They could have easily given us a costume based on Indian Rajput armor and it would have still demonstrated his sword fighting abilities. Gilgamesh wearing a face mask was the coolest aspect of his comic design as it conveys this sense of mystery to him as the Forgotten One. The movie eschews that for a big beefy dude in a gross combination of green and yellow. There is also Makkari's visor which makes sense, given she runs a lot and the visor would protect her eyes and it just screams speedster. I am rambling too much. Next! 2. Fantastic Four reboot. Nani, Superheroes wearing all black costumes in 2015? Yep, extremely bland. It makes the characters feel like in-name only versions of the Fantastic Four. This is not like Fox did not know how to design comic accurate Fantastic Four suits. The Tim Story duology had great costumes. I rank this one lower than the Eternals because while the color scheme is all black. At least their suits tell the audience about each members' powers. Also, what is up with the Thing being buck ass naked and lacking genitals? Did the trip to planet zero castrate him? 3. Deadpool, and I mean the 2009 X-Men origins: Wolverine version. Where do I even begin with this design. He has no mouth. He is shirtless and the red markings on his face look wrong as hell. I know the guy in charge of Fox at the time hates Deadpool and he was the one who ordered his mouth to be sewn shut. But to what extent? He is making that movie for money. No one whpo went to see the movie in theaters were there to see Deadpool, the merc with no mouth. 4. X-Men Apocalypse: every costume barring Psylocke. They are one dimensional. The lore behind the method of obtainment of these flight suits is dumb, they stole them from Stryker's base, and the fact that it makes them look ore like a mono chromatic army is dumb as hell. As for the horsemen, Magneto is wearing an edgier version of his outfit, same for Storm and Archangel is not blue like in the comics. Why add a significant character into the movie when you are not going to adapt his iconic storyline that involves the movie's main villain. Apocalypse looks like he came from a Power Ranger show instead of the comic book beefy dude with a commanding presence. 5. Black Panther: the new suits. I have mixed bags about the new suits used by T'Challa and Killmonger in the final battle. Why could we not have gotten mercenary Killmonger in the final version? While the new Black Panther suit has what looks to be a bra and a mouth, something the Civil War version laced and looked cool. It makes up for it in powers, Granting T'Challa the ability to redirect kinetic energy. But the cat mouth on the mask really bugs me. Obviously there are more out there. These are just the ones that came from the top of my head. Feel free to let me know what live-action movie costume you hate.
  3. I am Hogun the "Eric Cartman" Grim! Leader of the Warriors Three and companion to Thor
  4. I personally want more well-known characters as BAFs. Because that would incentivize people like me who hate obscure characters getting the BAF treatment to build the BAF. I want to build a BAF. I want to trade BAF pieces and build a character that I want. But these obscure characters getting the treatment irks me. Especially Controller which is just a Thanos repaint with a new head and hands. As for characters like Korg, I think made him the BAF because he is the largest character to appear in the movie that the trailers have not revealed.
  5. Dinosaurs? Really? They could chosen any human regardless of race or disability and they chose to copy Jurassic Park?
  6. I like this version more than the Marvel Legend. But if I am going to be honest, with the rising price of figures. I may have to stick with my Legends copy. I made some symbiote goop effects. So, this is really just an unnecessary upgrade for me.
  7. Pre-ordered and I think I am going to keep him MOC. I still prefer the BAF.
  8. I do not like the mask, but I love my Summers' brothers and I am looking forward in acquiring him. Havok is such an underrated character and those effects really do him justice.
  9. I am impressed at the high quality of the printed pattern on the forearms and legs. But he needs more than just the Controller torso. I would have thrown in some additional hands or an alternate head. Just anything to make the figure stand out more.
  10. Not going to lie, I am picking this guy up exclusively for the arm cannon for the BAF. otherwise, I prefer the upper torso and the colors on the 2018 BAF.
  11. It is simple custom to make. I would love if Hasbro took notice of this and made an official version with new pinless arms and a new head.
  12. Time to discuss what could be incorporated into the next Fantastic Four wave. Here are my picks and hear me out. We must obviously have all 4 members of the Fantastic Four and assuming it will be a wave of 6. My picks are Human Torch, Thing and Invisible Woman, Skye/Kaila and Victoria and the Griever. Their costume will be the the Reckoning War versions. So, the Human Torch will have his flamed on armor My pick for the BAF is a new Terrax to go with the new Haslab Galactus. Now, you may have noticed that I have left out Mr. Fantastic and that is because I want Hasbro to do him justice by making him a deluxe and include a bunch of swappable stretch parts. I want a new stretched out torso and stretched out legs. Screw the salad fingers, unless we can incorporate them into stretched out arms. Also, how about a 3-pack featuring Alicia, Jo-Venn and N'kalla?
  13. I traded my Walgreens Mystique exclusive Mystique years ago and I have regret it since. This is the first time I want one of these 90s X-Men in the cassette tapes. Now they just have to repaint Cable and Bishop and I will be set.
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