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  1. I am a curious for those who are planning on getting the Eternals wave. If you are going to cherry pick the characters or buy a complete set. I plan on having a complete set, but for now I have Ikkaris and Sersi pre-ordered. Also, another problem I have with this wave is the lack of accessories that represent their powers. While some of them do already come with power effect accessories i.e Ikkaris, Thena and Kingo and some do not need effects to represent their powers or they are too difficult to make into accessories i.e Makkari, Gilgamesh and Sersi respectively. Hasbro has no excuse not to give more accessories to Phastos, Sprite, Druig and Ajak. Sprite and Druig are pretty big outliers. Sprite is seen in the trailers with a knife and if Druig can control people. Just give him a mind-control head. You could say that Phastos's powers are too hard for Hasbro to represent, but when his powers involve building technology and innovation and they bothered to give Thena her weapons. There is no excuse here, Hasbro. Also what is up with their faces? Ikkaris's hair looks too wild compared to the trailer shots. Phastos and Kingo have puffy cheeks. Makkari's face does not do Lauren Ridloff justice. Sersi looks like a generic Asian woman. Ajak and Thena's faces looks generic. Sprite looks like Becky Jackson from Glee. Druig's is the only one whose face looks near identical to his actor.
  2. I see Mafex taking a page out of Hasbro's book and packing Spider-Gwen with Spider-Ham.
  3. I was originally uninterested in this figure, but then I heard Dan Stevens would be playing him and it got me very interested. I only wish Hasbro would paint his eyes, instead of leaving them blank.
  4. Are they serious? I sense a lot of greed. Marvel could just give more credit to Steve Ditko and Jack Kirby.
  5. Now these are amazing effects that do justice to Leung Chiu-Wai! I want those so badly.
  6. Blue Marvel would be a nice staple for anybody's collection. Maybe we could get a comic Gilgamesh or Attuma included in this wave too.
  7. Zaheer in a Marvel movie? I hope they allude to his role in The Legend of Korra
  8. A couple of months ago, I tackled Hasbro's biggest blunders when it came to case ratios with their Marvel Legends. Now, let us talk about the best case ratios Hasbro has ever made. Now, we are only talking about the regular Marvel Legend release. So, no standalone figures or Vintage cards. Also, these are not necessarily figures that YOU wanted double-packed, but figures which from both a collectors' and casual consumer perspective satisfies both ends. Let's see what Hasbro has (rarely done right with which figures to double-pack) In my opinion, the best double-pack Hasbro has ever done in my opinion is double-packing Dr. doom and The Thing in the Fantastic Four Super Skrull wave. Let's be real, there was no way these 2 would not be double-packed. The Walgreens exclusive Thing was such a hot commodity in the aftermarket. Hasbro needed to release a regular version available to the general public ASAP. While I do own the Walgreens version, there is no doubt that Thing figure would have made my top 10 list of figures in 2020 if I did not own the Walgreens exclusive. Dr. Doom was a much request from fans and double-packing him over any other member of the Fantastic Four was the smart thing to do. Especially since people who already own the Walgreens exclusive set can just buy him and be satisfied. There was no way this Dr. Doom would be a pegwarmer in store shelves. It's a testament of time that almost nobody wants the vintage collection Dr. Doom and prefer the regular release of the figure. Another no-brainer on Hasbro's part was double-packing the movie Venom and Absolute Carnage from the Venompool wave. Both have brand-new bodies and sculpt. Tom Hardy Venom was a much requested figure and he does not disappoint. It stands massively tall compared to other figures from the wave and has the much loved double torso articulation. Absolute Carnage was a bit of a curveball for some of us. Since we already had the very good Monster Venom wave Carnage, but the new sculpted veins just makes this Carnage figure a whole lot better than the standard Bucky cap mold. I am not going to hold Hasbro accountable for double-packing Gambit over Beast in the Caliban wave. While Beast was obviously the clear cut choice. Gambit is in my opinion the second best option. So, if they were not going to double-pack Beast than double-pack Gambit. Double-packing Golden Jaguar Erik Killmonger in the first Black Panther wave was questionable at first. As you had better options. Basically any other figure besides Nakia would have been a solid choice to go with T'Challa. Hasbro must have foreseen something special in him as he was double-packed with Black Panther. 2 figures who look almost identical. That is going to warm pegs. We were wrong. That Erik Killmonger is far more superior than the initial Black Panther movie Black Panther figure. First of all, no 'man bra' and second of all, that Black Panther figure looks blocky with those butterfly joints versus Erik Killmonger's more natural design. The reverse could be said for the M'Baku wave as military Killmonger was a clear cut choice. We had Ulysses Klaue in that same wave. But Hasbro decided to double-pack what is essentially the same figure with purple highlights and a new head. Surprisingly, I thought that figure was a much better improvement over the original release. Maybe it is just the purple paint distracting me from the 'man-bra' but I must applaud Hasbro for making that figure work for me with just a mere added highlights.
  9. I would have loved to own this figure in my collection. Unfortunately, the only figure from this wave I am interested in is Sylvie.
  10. Damn it, Hasbro! Why did you not include these rings with the Wenwu figure? The current Wenwu is great, but we need an update with new arms without the rings and these effects.
  11. I would love to get him, but unfortunately he is a Walmart exclusive and for some reason, walmart exclusives are impossible to find at Canadian Walmarts.
  12. Way too easy to pass. Why make him instead of double-packing a different character. It would have been better money spent.
  13. 1. Me 2. Myself 3. I 4. Fandral 5. Volstagg 6. New film accurate Wenwu 7. Cable
  14. There are a lot of Marvel Legends that represent Amazing characters that Hasbro needs to redo in order to give them justice. Give me your thoughts. The only rule I ask is that it has to be the same character with the same costume. So, no 12 Spider-Man with the same body mold but different costume. It could be a change of accessories or just better paint in general. So long as it is same costume and same character. I want Hasbro to redo Death Dealer because that figure does not do him justice. No fists and no separate dagger and dagger holding hand. Instead we get splayed hands and a dagger holding hand but the dagger is is this small little flat piece held by the blade. It is a shame. Considering his fight against Shang-Chi in the fight club was one of the best and most well-choreographed. On that subject, I want a new Wenwu with interchangeable arms where the rings are launched and a movie accurate costume. Wenwu is my favorite character in the MCU and as a Hong Konger like Leung Chiu-Wai. I want a figure where Leung Chiu-Wai throws his rings like a badass. How about deluxe Mr. Fantastic with a new stretch body because those bendy wire arms are just not going to cut it. He is not fun if he can only stretch his arms.
  15. Those faces do not look as bad as I initially thought they would. Sersi though, looks like your generic Asian woman.
  16. I want a Sabretooth on that Omega Red body. He could really use those butterfly joints.
  17. Why do they got to cancel Hellions and X-Factor? They were both amazing series.
  18. I know a lot of people are not happy with Falcon and Lo0ki being straight-up repaints. I personally would have gone with the Pizza Spider-Man body for Loki.
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