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  1. Nice, hopefully this figure makes it way worldwide somehow, in my country we've been getting most exclusives through some store or other, hopefuly thats the same case wth this figure.
  2. I really hope so, We really need a comic book based 6" War Machine, while they're at it we also need a good 90's Iron Man.
  3. Im not really excited about any ot these figures (except for Silver Sable, Might en up picking up the 6 Arm Spiderman but I dont really like the mold they used on him and Im betting his paint apps will be lacking just like spider hamm) but that Kingpin looks amazing, I guess Ill have to buy a kingping built from a reseller
  4. That beast looks really nice, Im willing to bet next year we'll get the remaining members of X-Men Gold Team, we might even get a couple by the end of the year in the rumored X-Men Vintage Wave (Im thinking a Classic Iceman and, a remake of the Jim Lee Jean) and next year a White or Silver Storm and a Classic Colossus, hopefully we also get a Classic Nightcrawler soon as well.
  5. Many people might not like these vintage waves but its sort of a smart move on Hasbro's part, the figures require minimal if any new tooling (which is a big expense when it comes to making figures), by making these figures they can make characters or costumes that they either got wrong before or they already made and wouldnt make sense putting them in a regular wave with them just being a diferent costume, it has the nostalgic card which appealls to some collectors and it gives some collectors that missed out on the original releases a chance to pick them up with a slightly diference and in most cases cheaper than it would be to get them in the secondary market. Would I want better characters, more accessories or something different?, Yes, but for what they are IMO they are ok. Ill pick which ever character I like and skip on the rest and won't have to worry about not being to build a BAF or missing pieces.
  6. Well I didnt see that comming..... *cough, cough* [sarcastic tone], all jokes aside I know some people enjoyed both Iron Fist and Luke Cage and thats cool if you did. I personaly didn't, I thought both (along with Jessica Jones Season 2, which im betting will probably be next in lone to get the axe) suffered in 3 key components: 1) A streched storyline, in some cases not being very entretaining (seemed like the seasons would have been better if they were shorter, more episodes made for boring and unecesary moments in most episodes) 2) A lackluster or boring villian(s). and 3) An overall lack of action which gave way to a lot of talking and exposition (both had their action scenes but it seemed that they were too few and most were a bit dull). I like the characters of Iron fist and Luke Cage and thought they would have been great series would they have done them justice, so I really hope either Netflix plans on uniting both characters for a heroes for hire show (I dont know how the deal between Disney and Netlix was done), or Disney has plans to pick these shows up (and maybe the rest eventually) to either of their Streaming services (I agree they would be better suited for Hulu). Hopefuly Marvel TV will learn from their mistakes and plan these shows better, rather than just pumping them out as soon as they can with a poorly though out story arc, (also get writers that can make the actors shine like they did in DD, Punisher and the first season of JJ. Aside from The character of Look Cage, almost every other character in these two shows seemed to me like a perfect example of an acceptable casting that writing made boring.
  7. abnuggler

    Netflix Cancels Iron Fist

    Really? Well I can't say I didnt see that coming. I havent seen season 2, but out of all the shows, IF season 1 was probably one of my least favorites. I really liked DD seasons 1 & 2, JJ season 1 and Punisher season 1, but aside from those 4 the rest IMO have been quite boring, I was really looking forward to Defenders in particular and even though it had its moment it wasn't that great. I havent really enjoyed either Iron Fist or Luke Cage, hopefully instead of just killing off these properties they just cancel both shows and make a Heroes for Hire with both of the characters together, also Marvel has to put a little more effort on these Netflix shows.
  8. I thought Wendigo was going to be the BAF for the next X-Men Wave, or will there be 2 x-men waves, so far they've showed Gambit, Blink, Weapon X, Jubilee, Forge, Guardian and Skullbuster (as well as mystique that is rumored to be a walgreens exclusive but that hasn´t been confirmed officialy). Im thinking maybe hasbro has plans for 2 Mutant based waves for next year (1 x-men and 1 x-force replacing the deadpool waves) X-Men Wave: Wendigo BAF -Weapon X -Gambit -Blink -Guardian -Jubilee -Skullbuster X-Force Wave: Callibak BAF -Forge -Mystique +4 more figures
  9. This figure looks amazing, Im really digging the armor pannel style they put in the mold of the suit, its a bit out of my price range and I dont really collect 1/6 scale figures, but Its still a great looking figure. I really hope Marvel Legends of Mafex do a 1/12 Comic book style Iron Spider soon (included with articulated legs not like the ML MCU version that didnt come with the spider legs accesories).
  10. Yeah I was aware of that, apparently Neca did come to an understanding with Playmates where they let them release these figures as specialty store exclusives (probably because playmates finally understood that those type of figures were geared more towards collector market and it wouldnt affect the kid toy market they go for, and werent really intrested in getting in the collector market). I was just using that set as an example of an exclusive that shouldnt be an exclusive because it ends up making a lot of collectors mad, being an item that would easily sell well on regular/mass distribution and is very sought after and the only way to get it is through attending a show is a bad idea IMO (I understand in this case at the time it was the only way NECA could release them but its just an example of an exclusive that shouldnt be), instead of an exclusive that fits right being a more niche product that everyday collectors wont be that upset if they cant get their hands on them.
  11. Totaly agree, exclusives should be figures that are cool but are not must haves that way people who want them will try to get their hands on them even with the "exclusivity" price, and people who dont can just pass on them. IE Neca's Movie TMNT set vs Super 7's Laughing prince Adam: Making a set like the TMNT SDCC exclusive was really bad at first cause everyone knew these items were going to have an extremely high demand (thank god neca realized this and was able to release them individually through gamestop later on), where as Laughing He-Man was a perfect exclusive, its an item that motu collectors and casual collectors might want but its not a figure that if you couldnt get your hands on it youd feel like your collection was incomplete.
  12. OMG just cancel this already, you know the movie is going to be bad when its been pushed back not once, not twice but three times now. The trailer looks so boring!, I understand Fox at least wanting to get a little bit back of what it put into it since they have already spent the money, but seriously this is just sad. BTW I was scrolling through the tv the other day and X-Men Apocalypse was on (and yeah I know its bad) but it was the scene where the "kids" go to the mall and after coming out of the movies they are discussing wether Empire was better or not (cant really recall), anyway I believe Jean says something like "we can all agree the third one is always the worse" (this being by many considered a dig on X-men 3: The Last Stand being the worse of the original X-men movies), but now all I could think about was... "Well X-Men Apocalypse is also the 3rd movie in the new X-men movies, and it also happens to be the worse one (yet)" I wonder if this is just a funny/sad coincidence or the writers knew all along it was gonna be the case.
  13. I really like how this figure looks, too bad its a Mezco Store Exclusive, and since I live outside the US (and mezco doesn't ship to my country) and I wont be going to NYCC, itll be hard to get my hands on this one for a decent price, I was really digging this figure too bad but I understand mezco making him a mezco exclusive, oh well.

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