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  1. yeah he also comes with a regular classic Ironman helmet and a tony stark head, there is also the Hulk I mentioned that is in a 2 pack with wolverine.
  2. If they go this way it would probably be the 80th anniversary Iron Man that will be released later this year, just repainted to a more classic look (im thinking yellow instead of gold kind of like the boxed prototype they had on display during NY Toyfair)
  3. Im thinking there is a high change we are going to see the Stan Lee figure single packed, maybe with some added item (he'll most likely be sold as a regular release single packed figure down the line sans the extra accesory) and a pack related to either the Captain Marvel movie or the Avengers Movie (the figures don't have to be MCU figures just related to these two movies that came out this year, kind of like what they did when Thor Ragnarok came out they had the Comic Thor Set). If the set is Avengers inspired, my guess is it could be a Classic Avengers Set to simbolize the end of the mcu's Infinity saga, using mostly the upcoming 80th comic figures with more classic colors (bright blue for cap, yellow insted of gold and red for iron man, bright green hulk and some minor change for Thor, maybe throw in another avenger in a classic costume that they havent made in their vintage line, like Ms. Marvel, or maybe if they dont single pack Stan lee then put him with the other avengers. That or a comic Captain Marvel set like some have already said: Classic Ms. Marvel Mar-Vell Genis Vell (captain marvel suit) Super Skrull (the rumored walgreens exclusive is still MIA) Ronan the acusser BAF reissue (with minor changes like they did for ares)
  4. I found a 90's Deadpool on clearance and I put the X-Men Deadpool Head on him and it looks good (I have that figure on my deadpool corps. little display) I also ended up changing his belt and sword holster to make him look a little different. On a similar note I found a loose Symbiote spiderman in a flea market really cheap, I took one of the Unmasked Multiple Man Heads, popped it on (had to dremmel it a little bit cause it originally fit a little high on the peg hole) A frienf helpes me out to give him a slight face repaint (painted some symbiote goo running up his face and gave him some eyebags to simulate a tired look). I also used the original Simbiote Spidey Head I wasnt using anymore and popped it on a Reed Richards body for a F4 Spidey.
  5. For me its the Calliban Wave, eben though I really want some of the figures from the vintage wave and the x-force wave, I pretty much want all the figures from the calliban wave (even though the BAF is not that important to me), Gambit has been one of my favorite x-men (and very underused IMO) for a while and I have been praying for a new figure, Im a sucker for anything 90's Xmen so Jubilee, Beast and Forge, are definetely joining my collection, Blink is probably one of the my top 3 favorite characters that came out of AOA (I know she technically was created before but I didnt know her before and the costume she's wearing was first used in AOA), and Weapon X is always a welcome figure, if anything the 2 figures Im least excited about are the Calliban BAF and Skull Buster (and Ill still be getting both :P )
  6. I cant remember too well I think the first real Marvel Legends figure I got was Toybiz Wave 1 Cap and or Ironman (I had both of them, I cant remember which one I bought first or if I bought them together) I do remember my first Toybiz (ML type figure) I got was the Symbiote Spiderman from the Spiderman Classics line that preceded the Marvel Legends, I later found the regular suit spiderman but Symbiote SM was my first figure from this line
  7. Toybiz era: Sentinel Hasbro Era: Sauron
  8. Great topic, off the top of my head this is my list of Toybiz figures that either need a hasbro update or were already made by hasbro but were just not good. X-Men & X-Men Villians Pyro Toad Banshee (on the bullseye body) Longshot Jim Lee Jean Grey (Updated Body) Jim Lee Storm (This one is pretty much a given that it will be made soon) Warpath (on one of the newer big bodies like colossus) White Queen (classic look) Spiderman & Spidey Villians Vulture (Classic Costume) Iron Spider (Comic costume) Big Time Spiderman costume Future Foundation Costume Avengers, Marvel Knights & Others US Agent (Updated Body) War Machine (Classic Comic armor) Moonknight (Classic Costume) Falcon (I kind of like the more modern costume the best, before he wore the cap costume, like the variant toybiz made) Classic Costume Dr. Doom
  9. Im also adding weapon X to my wolverine collection, I wish the helmet head had a gworling (showing teeth) expression, I dont really like the unhelmeted head and will probably have him posed with the helmet head and would have liked it to have a little more expression
  10. I was originaly going to get skull buster to make an x-force deathlock out of him but the figure actually looks good, might have to get me 2 now (I will wait to get them till they are on clearance because I know these will definetely pegwarm in my country)
  11. I really cant think of any out of the top of my head, I really doubt theyll make any large scale vehicles because it would entitle a higher pricepoint and I really dont see that happening. Black Knight with his Atomic Steed would be awesome but seing how we just got the single carded figure and it wasnt exactly a top seller, I dont see hasbro re-releasing the figure so soon. A similar thing goes for Hawkeye and his Sky Cycle there are already 3 hawkeye figures (the last one releasing just in the last vintage wave) so I wouldnt see it happening right now. Maybe this way they could do a Bonecrusher or MOJO (even though the toybiz one still holds up) without being BAFs. The only other ones I can think of are Cyclop's motorcycle (with a re'release of jim lee cyclops or the same figure only with the old man logan's jacket) they would probably use the motorcycle from black widow and repaint it, the other one would be a Winter Soldier with a bike (either an update of bucky from the winter soldier movie with updated articulation and headsculpt, or a new comic version of WS)
  12. Does anyone remember NFL SuperPro, such a silly concept for a character, but if they ever made a figure of him I'd totally pick him up just for the sheer absurdity of the concept (though I gotta admit just from the design point of view the design of the character wasnt half bad) I remember his villian Instant Replay looked pretty cool back in the day (very snake-eyes inspired)
  13. Yeah I really liked the character since I was a kid and I was excited when it was announced I remember thinking I was without a doubt getting him, then as I said by the time he came out I was selling part of my collection and making it more of just the teams I really wanted to complete so I put off darkhawk just for the fact that I didnt want him to be just standing there all alone, in the end Im glad I picked him up (ended up making a little space in my collection for Marvel Characters that kind of fit together but werent an actual team I call it my " sort of Marvel Knights" display, I have DK, Blade, Taskmaster, Punisher, Moonknight, DD, Bullseye, Elektra and Typoid mary there, the funny thing is most of these figures I either picked up for the baf pieces and ended up really liking them or got them on discount later on) On a similar note going back to characters who's comics I read when I was a kid and arent real popular in the overall Marvel Universe, I wonder if we'd ever get a SuperPro figure jajaja, I remember I had a couple of his comics back in the day
  14. I always liked Darkhawk (specially since I read the comic when I was a kid) but when the figure came out I put him off for a while and just thought I wasnt going to pick him up (at the time I was trying to limit what I bought to just teams I really wanted and was selling stuff I didnt have space for), then came the discounts, saw him and snatched him up imediately and it was worth it.
  15. Its those little gems that every once in a while make it worth a while to step out of one's comfort zone, its happened to me more than a couple of times. I dont collect MCU/Netflix figures (partly because of lack of space and partly because I know myself and know Id eventually buy most of them so I try to steer away from those figures) I did end up getting the jessica jones figure because a friend showed me his and I just fell in love with the figure. Deathlock, Typhoid Mary and Lady Deadpool are a couple I can think of that I bought just for the BAF pieces and originaly planned on selling the figures and once I had them in hand I just couldnt let them go. As for great deals, I ended up getting Bullseye, Darkhawk and Blade on an amazing discount (close to nothing) and the figures ended up being better than I expected.
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