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  1. Didnt really need that black costume storm, the white one was the one I wanted and got (though im ok if indeed its a standalone figure just for the people who really wanted that black costume version), ill pass on it like most have already said here. The stepford cucoos are looking nice, and Id like to say Ill get 3 of them but in my country walgreens exclusives are weird, sometimes we get them, sometimes we dont (got silver surfer and emma before everyone else but never got sue, mystique and still havent gotten the danny moonstar) hopefuly we'll get them and Ill be able to snatch 3 sets (I like the red hair headsculpt the best, if I manage to get three of them I might repaint the extra 2 red haired heads blonde, and try to get a third head loose to have an option for all three on a more clasical blond look). Also, looking at the Cucoos figure, at first I was thinking this body would be an excelent base for a Penny Parker custom to go with the SP//dr BAF but knowing hasbro they probably know this and will most likely put out a Penny with this body down the line soon (hopefuly in the second Spiderman wave of 2020).
  2. There are a bunch of characters that need figures and could fit in 2 packs but for this im only going to name 2 packs of what I could see hasbro doing in a 2/3-pack (and leave the other figures out because they could be released in a regular wave) some have already been mentioned but I also want those packs (so thanks for the ideas). - Spider-Man and Friends 3-Pack: Spiderman, Iceman (repaint of the vintage one) and Frirestar - Death of Gewn Stacy 3-Pack: Classic style Spiderman (head with smaller eyes with thicker outline), Gwen Stacy & Green Goblin (re-release of hasbro's GG with more classic colors and a new more classic headsculpt) - Captain Marvel 2-Pack: Mar-Vell (on the Spider Uk mold) and Ms. Marvel Carol (classic costume with interchangeable long hair head and 80's shorter hair) - Skrull 2-Pack: Super Skrull BAF repaint and a Regular size Skrull (maybe it could include a couple extra skrull heads, female and male ones to be able to put on other figures) - Riders Wave Crystal with Lockjaw
  3. I dont think Sabretooth should be the BAF, he could very likely be a regular figure and since Dwight has hinted that they have plans for at least 2 waves for AOA, Sabretooth would be a better fit the bigger sized figure in wave 2, along with Magneto, Rogue, Cyclops, Bishop and a couple more figures (hopefully 2 villians like Mr. Sinister, Havok or Abyss) I think Apocalypse should the the BAF of this wave (it IS "Age of Apocalypse" after all), and for wave 2 have Nemesis/Holocaust be the BAF, Colossus would be a cool figure but I never thought he was that important in the overall story, Id rather he was made as a regular figure in a 2 pack with Kitty, same goes for a Nightcrawler & Mystique 2 pack.
  4. Awesome, Ive already shared this though my twitter account. Good luck to all.
  5. Since Diwght hinted before that there are plans for at least 2 waves for AOA figures, Im thinking Apocalypse will most likely be the BAF of this wave (seeing how they might seem to be splitting characters around the 2 planned waves and since Apocalypse is the main antagonist and namesake of the series they might want to release him this year). Concerning Sabretooth (he's very likely get a figure since we already got Blink and will be getting Wild Child, though I dont think he warrants to be BAF, he could very well be the big figure in the 2nd wave, like dark beast is for wave 1). As for Colossus, he could be done as a BAF, but If I remember correctly even though he was one of the main characters in The Generation Next book, that comic wasnt that important and Colossus seemed to me more like a B-Lister during AOA, I could see more likely that Hasbro releases some two packs of popular characters who were on teams they dont want to complete, like a 2-pack with Colossus and Kitty, a 2-Pack with Mystique and Nightcrawler, and a 2-Pack with Gambit and Jubilee (this could be a 3 pack or even an amazon set) As for other characters that could posibility for a BAF for either this wave or the second I think the most likely one is Holocaust/Nemesis, (Id personaly like a sugarman but with his proportions and design it looks like a hard figure to make, maybe for a wave 3 if hasbro sees that this line is working). Seeing how they are mainly releasing Rogue's team from Astonishing X-Men and some independent characters, I think they'll most likely include in wave 2: - Rogue and Sabretooth (to close out that team) - Magneto as the main leader (gotta have Magneto and Apocalypse in this line) - Cyclops (to complete the love triangle with Weapon X and Jean) and maybe: - Havok (just cause they already made dark beast and we need more villians) - Bishop (he is a very important character in the books and he was primarily a solo character) - Mr. Siniester (another important villian in the series) And if Hasbro see's this line is doing well they might think of making a 3rd in a couple years with the Amazing X-Men Team: Storm, Banshee, Dazzler, Cersi and Iceman, Exodus, and maybe another villian like Abyss
  6. If I was still collecting Marvel villians I would be upset that Crossbones is still using that chest (at the very least they should have used the Unworthy Thor remolded Chest which is a lot better in proportions with the remolded pecks), still since Im not planning on getting him I wont complain. As for the AOA figures Im all in, love that saga and have been wanting decent AOA based figures since they old pre-legends toybiz ones, as many have said its likely that we'll see Sabrethooth in this wave too (I would like to see him in the Omega Red mold but knowing hasbro that they like to keep diferent versions of the same character in the same mold its very likely we'll get him in the hyperion mold, hopefully with this one they do use the updated odinson chest, though the collar will probably help hide the weird pecs shelf if they use the regular hyperion mold), Im also thinking that this might be a 7 figure wave if not an 8 (though I think 7 will be more likely, for X-men waves Hasbro usually makes 7 figure waves, so hopefully we´ll still get a couple more figures in this wave)
  7. I wont lie, I dont know anything about spymaster, but even though Im not going to buy him, I´ll never complain that hasbro makes obscure characters (There are a bunch of lesser known characters I want to be made and I feel that just like me for those characters there has to be someone who is happy about characters like Spymaster, Robotman, Blizzard, White Rabbit etc.. getting a figure). As for Super Skrull I would have preffered for it to be the Walgreens Exclusive that had been rumored since last year, only because I already own the 4 fantastic 4 figures (I prefer the more classic costumes) and dont really care to buy the grey "she" Hulk, so Ill probably only end up getting Doom which means itll be a hassle to get my hands on Super Skrull.
  8. The iron Spidey is looking a lot better than the Infinity War one but its still looking a little off for some reason, I dont know if its just the pose on the picture or the proportions are a little weird, specially on the head/neck area, those new waldos are looking good though but I was fortunate enough that when I got my Mafex Iron Spider I didnt have any issues with my waldos (Ive been told that my figure was was part of the second production where they didnt paint the pegs that went into the back piece which prevented the paint from sticking and then causing the breakage when you tried to move the articulations I dont know if this is true or not but in any case I didnt have any issues, they do feel a little delicate but handling them with care is enough to articulate them and not break them), so I think from what Im seeing Ill probably just stick with my mafex one and pass on this SHF one. I also agree with Jay C that its pretty cheap from SHF to include the accesories that should have come with the first releases of the figures just to get people to buy two of them, and Im also sure that hasbro will eventually release their version of the warrior thor figure so im going to wait for that one. I have to admit that the Rescue figure looks really nice (they should include a pepper head with either no helmet or the faceplate up but I doubt they will). I also think that its very likely they will announce a final Ironman figure later with a bunch of battle damage, the nano gauntlet, an interchangeable hand with the finger snapping pose and a beat up RDJ head. (Hasbro might also do a 3 pack with an battle damaged suit Cap with Mjolnir and the Broken Shield, Warrior Thor and battle damaged Ironman with the nano Gauntlet and and unmasked RDJ battle damaged head)
  9. I really wasnt expecting Demogoblin, and am a bit dissapointed (not at the figure itself but the fact that its a BAF), IMO they could have easily made him a regular figure (and just pack him without a BAF piece because he came with the glider), I kind of want this figure but Im not looking forward to how hard he'll be to build since Im not really thinking of buying most of the figures in this wave. Winter Soldier is a figure ive been waiting hasbro to remake and Im happy with what I see so far (hopefully he'll also come with an alternate head like the 2 pack they did a while back) Im thinking he'll be in the upcoming Black Widow Wave, which is cool cause it means we wont get just MCU figures, hopefully we'll get a new US Agent soon as well (on a bigger mold like the Wolf Cap or even the mold they used for hercules).
  10. Im thinking hasbro could easily make another X-Men Based Vintage Wave, Id like a Banshee, Thunderbird and classic Black Suit Storm. They could also re release Rouge (in her cartoon colors for all those who missed out on the first figure) and thow in a couple easy to make villians like pyro, avalanche, black tom cassidy. Aside from a new vintage x-men wave, I could see vintage Ironman and vintage f4 waves, for ironman they could give us a couple color variations of the 80th ironman figure (stealth, silver centurion), throw in some new villians, put it in a card with the style of the Iron Man Cartoon figures, same for F4 further down the line (they could just repack the walgreens figures with classic blue/white colors, a depowered johnny storm, a more classic colored doom) all in a cardback similar to the old toybiz f4 line. They could also do a 90's Spiderman Cartoon omage vintage wave but with spidey having 2 waves per year I dont see many people liking this idea.
  11. Cant say Im surprised, I dont think I even finished the first season, the series started out intresting but got really boring and long winded by mid season without anything of importance really happening, I tend to give almost every super hero (or super hero adjacent) shows a chance from the begining, some have been great, others not so much, and others have started strong and just died down with the passing of the seasons, but I tend to at least watch the first season of each show to get a real sense of what they plan to do, and this one was probably one of the worst shows Ive seen in a while (just a personal thought) but it never really got my attention and it felt like I was watching the show forcefully just to try and give it a shot. With Disney + getting more cohesive mcu centered shows I think the right move for Marvel is just to let all the shows that are on other platforms/channels die out and eventually do their own take if the characters are warranted a show.
  12. Ill have to wait for better pictures (probably even reviews of the figure once it releases) but basing on just how it looks overall (proportions and overall look, not taking articulation into account) Im kind of thinking the Figuarts one looks a little better, I dont know if its the head or what it is but for some reason it looks kind of weird.
  13. seeing as this is only a 6 figure wave im betting that the baf will be one of the bigger sized characters, Im also really hoping its one of the b-list characters since im only planning on getting a couple of the figures in this wave that way I could pass on the BAF and wont need to buy figures I dont care for to get the rest of the BAF pieces
  14. my Picks for Wave 2 are the following: 1. Triton 2. Crystal 3. She-Hulk in the classic F4 Costume (though since we are getting the new female Hulk figure in wave 1 I dont think they'd do another she-hulk so close to the last one, this figure could be exchanged for Karnak) 4. Amazing Bagman (I dont know if spidey could be used in this wave or he has to be released in a spiderman wave, if he cant then replace this one with Moleman) 5. Firelord 6. Kang BAF for waves 1 and 2 Uatu and Super Skrull (in any order), Ill leave Annihilus for a future F4 Movie wave (since he could might be the villian) with most figures of that wave being MCU figures and a couple comic figures (other inhumans we havent gotten)
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