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  1. Really cool, Hasbro could easily do a 2 pack of figures kind of like what they did with the endgame quantum suit figures, just pack in a female body and a male body, put in storm, gambit, banshee and psylocke heads, a couple interchangeable hands and their dedicated accesories and done, wolverine can be easily put in a X-Men wave (since they like to pack in a wolverine in almost every x-men wave, and jubilee done later down the line. Great job
  2. this is probably my least favorite Emma suit, still ill probably end up picking her up just for the headsculpts, I was already planning on doing a custom for both a Classis Emma and an update of the Puck Wave Emma so these heads will help, the rest of the figure will serve as fodder (*And then once Im done with my customs Hasbro will probably release those same figures cause they always do*)
  3. When it was announced that McFarlane was getting the DC licence and they confirmed that they were doing the same thing they were doing with the fortnite line in respect of articulation I pretty much knew their DC line was going to be 7" scale, Im ok with it since most my DC figures are DC collectibles and they tend to run on the bigger side, but I understand why many people would want a 6" scale DC line to go along with the Marvel Legends or even fit ok next to the Multiverse figures, McFarlane is always weird with their scales, either they go too small or too big but regularly they tend to stick with the 7" scale.
  4. I think if they're thinking of starting up a new team the Excalibur team would be a good choise, we already got a Nightcrawler that would fit perfectly in that team, a blue costume Kitty has been in a lot of people's wishlist for a while now, add to those two a more classic Captain Britain, Meggan, Rachel Summers and a Cerirse be it a full body figure ot even just a little robot accesory included with one of the figures
  5. I havent been a huge fan of McFarlane if only because of his lack of articulation, but seeing Todd finally gave in to collectors wants and seems to be going in the right direction on that account Im definetely excited to see what McFarlane does with the DC license (we all know McFarlane is great with sculpting but has allways lacked in the articulation side and even though their qc issues have improved they have been present before), if anything I dont see how McFarlane could be worse than Mattel so to me its a welcome change. Then again its different for DC since its been years since I was excited for a DC line, so most changes are good right now, for marvel it would be a completely different story, Im all in Marvel Legends so any change for me seems like a wrong move.
  6. Ive been asking for a Peter Parker & Gwen Stacy 2-Pack since the Mary Jane 2-Pack came out, I would even be glad to get a Romita Jr Style Spiderman instead of a Peter (but I'd rather get a Peter), but if we're going with wishlist I could also go for a 3-Pack in this instance Peter Parker, Gwen Stacy and Green Goblin 3-Pack (they would easily re-release the previous green goblin, give him a brighter non metallic green costume and a more classic headsculpt). If they went with a Peter figure for this set, they could also make a J. Jonah Jameson & Romita Style Spiderman 2-Pack. I also really really want a Spiderman and Friends 3 Pack.
  7. I made a topic on this a couple weeks ago, here are my picks for what I'd like to see (I went for 3 whole waves, even though I dont think more than 2 waves will happen) but I think at least 3 waves would suffice to get enough of the most important characters. If its just what figures need to happen (aside frome the 3 already shown) Ill have to go with Magneto, Cyclops, Jean and Rogue and an Apocalypse BAF (Id rather have a Nemesis/Holocaust new baf, but it is Age of APOCALYPSE after all)
  8. I havent gotten the 80th anniversary figure yet but he looks better in my opinion (I still like the Marvel select one better), but still from the 2 marvel legends figures the 80th version looks better (my only complain is its missing a belt (it doesnt have to have the big black belt the baf had) but in the original design and the Marvel Select sculpt he at least had a small ridge for the belt, IMO it would make the figure look a bit better (the lack of belt looks weird to me)
  9. After completing the Blue and Gold teams and nearly completing the X-Factor team Im thinking Hasbro will most likely focus during the next 2 years on completing the 90's X-Force and X-Factor teams, hopefully (aside from villians) we'll also get some sprinkled figures for classic 80's X-Men (like banshee and thunderbird), and maybe theyll start to make figures from the late 80's early 90's Excalibur team.
  10. I cant wait to get my figure in hand by the end of the month. The figure seems to be really nice (it could have used a little bit of a wash on the costume to make it less plain plastic looking but im good with it anyway)
  11. I dont think it would be good, DC and Marvel properties need to be made by big companies that have the resources to make a ton of figures (If the licence went to Neca, Storm, Diamond, Super 7 or some other company even if its a great company they wouldnt be able to make a lot of figures per wave and we'd inevitably be getting the caps, iron man, spiderman, wolverines all over again before we get to Secondary characerts, dont even deam of obscure characters like demolition man, Darkhawk, Black Knight, and so on) Hasbro making marvel figures might seem somewhat bad for some things like not getting dedicated sculpts but it has its advantages because we get more characters, even different costumes. Also a new company would mean a fresh start that could mean new scales, and starting right from the begining again (it would be hard to get figures that would fit right alongside our marvel legends figures), so that leaves only Hasbro, Mattel and McFarlane (with McFarlane making DC, I dont see Disney wanting Marvel in the same place) and we all know Mattel sucks, So in my opinion the best fit for Marvel is to stick with Hasbro (seeing how well they've been doing together I dont see why Disney would not opt to extend the licence with hasbro, and how Marvel's Licence has done wonders for Hasbro Its hard to imagine Hasbro letting it go that easily, so on both ends I dont see a move happening).
  12. The tentacles are not the same as Dock Ock, they dont seem to have the bendy wires either though, but they are definetely diferent, I saw them myself, they are a lot thinner, just a tad thicker than Omega Red's tentalces, but not my much (theyll most likely have the same amount of articulation than dock ock's (they might rotate where they attach to the backpack, and it seems like the clamps will have a similar balljoint where you'll be able to rotate them and lightly swivel them) this is what I could tell from behind the glass of the case but again im just assuming from what I saw
  13. Im thinking we'll most likely see a Deluxe version (or a Previews or Mezco exclusive version) that will have the Baggy Cargo Pants and Military boots, maybe a Ternchcoat and a couple Guns. I totaly agree, the suit itself looks almost perfect as is, it just need the sash to separate a little bit the overall look of the onsie, I dont think baggier pants would look good on this particular design, Im sure theyll do another version with the other more tactical costume, they might even do a white version of this one, or a shirtless one
  14. I dont collect the MCU figures but in my country basically every single 10th anniversary figure at some point got to discount (the only figure that sold out before it ever got to discount was the Ironman single carded figure), but my country is also kind of weird when it comes to Legends (MCU are usually the figures that sell out the most and people buy more of, even lesser MCU characters sell just as much if not more than the bigger named Comic Based characters) that being said I only collect the Comic figures (and not all of them) but Im not leaving it to chance and I allready preordered the 3 single carded avengers (ironman, cap and thor) and the 2-Packs that have been on preorder so far (juggernaut pack and hulk pack), I could probably have waited and most likely some of these will eventually get discounted but since I really wanted these figure I pulled the trigger, Ill most likely also buy on preorder the Jean Grey 3-Pack and the X-Factor 2-pack once those come up here, that being said Im almost certain the MCU packs will be on sale by the end of the year/begining of 2020, those havent been selling all that well in preorders (the only 2-pack that sold out during their preorder time have been the Ironman and Iron Spider, and the Corvus & Loki 2-Packs)
  15. Andy Serkis is a terrific actor and has done wonders for the advancement of motion capture acting, even though he is not yet a prooven director he has made a couple movies, and a movie live Venom which will most likely be either R or PG 13 rated and like the last one will not be a huge budgeted movie is a good move for Serkis to grow his directing resume, hopefully he'll do a great job and not only will the movie do well and be a good one but he will get better recognition as a director for future bigger movie projects.
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