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  1. AOA wave is a must have for me, love them though I have a couple minor complaints with the figures: Iceman: Seems to be using the first Iceman Mold (Juggernaut wave) with new shoulders chest and head, would have liked them to use the Vintage wave Iceman mold better. Also I didnt know what was off with the headsculpt till I realized he's missing the 2 strands of ice hair that he had over his forehead in the comics. Magneto: At first I didnt like that they reused the Black costume magneto's bracers and boots I thought the more classic ones would be better but sometimes they did draw him like this too, but my main complaint that I hope they fix is that although in some books they didnt paint his trunks purple, most of the time they did and he looks better that way. Kitty: Not digging the facesculpt and I would have rather gotten a more important character in the AOA storyline (at the least another villain, were missing a lot of the bad guys), this goes in tandem with the BAF, I like how colossus looks but would have rather gotten Holocaust/Nemesis The rest are all perfect though I kind of wish they gave cyclops some sculpted boots instead of the sleek bucky cap boots. I know it wont happen any time soon but I really wish in 2022 or beginning 2023 they revisit AOA and give us a 3rd wave with Gambit, Sinister, Storm, Abyss, Nichtcrawler, Havok and Bishop with the BAF this time being Holocaust/Nemesis (if they dont give us one in a Deluxe figure before that)
  2. So for the Infinity Saga Line my predictions are these: Set 2: Who knows?, could be anyone. Set 6: Ironmonger - For the pricepoint Im really thinking the Ironmonger figure wont come alone, Itll come with either an Ironman figure (though if we're already getting a mk3 and we got a mk1 and tony in the 10th anniversary line, I dont know which one they could include, maybe a Mk2) Though my prediction is itll come with a Obadiah Stane figure (though it would also be cool if it came with a opening cannopy with a molded in Stane upper body (specially if you could take off the head and use it on another suited body) Set 7: Its been reported that itll be surtur (im guessing similar in size to the giantman mcu baf) Set 8: Im thinking it could either be a Hulk and Thor in the quantum suit to complete the group, or most likely a Captain Marvel in her outfit from Endgame Set 9: Could be any numer of Armors, either a 2 pack of armors like the two pack of the disco armor and the other hot rod one or any of the armors and a Killian figure. For AOA: I kind of wish the list ist completely true cause I dont really need another Iceman figure (Im using my Juggernaut wave Iceman for my AOA display, I know he's a little different but he's close enough for me), and Kitty meand we'll get Juggernaut BAF likely (unless they're doing what they did with wild child packing her alone to keep intrest open for another wave down the line where we'll get Colossus), Legion I like but he could have been made in another wave like and X-Force wave I would have rather had more of the characters from the actual AOA. Id still like to see Storm, Gambit, Mr. Sinister, Havok and a lot of others from AOA. For F4: Its almost certain theyll be a re-release of the walgreens figures just in their blue and white costumes, I do kind of wish Human torch is made in the Translucent Sunfire Mold (like they did for him in the skrull wave) and I really want him to be decoed like the Toybiz figure (with the black lines all over the body and not the f4 costume kind of peeking out of the translucent body), as for the other two, I'd really want both to be villains, Im down with the idea of Psycho-Man and a Herald of Galactus (I want firelord)
  3. Hopefully down the line they do make a 3rd wave, I kind of want the BAF for wave 2 to be Holocaust/Nemesis just so Kitty is kind of a Wildchild figure that sort of indicates that there will be another wave eventually with colossus to go along with her. I love all your choises but I also kind of want more villains like Mr. Sinister and Havok
  4. I have most spiderman figures and villians but I tend to rebuy the vintage versions cause I like those versions better, for me the figures that need to be done are: Lizzard (with a better more classic headsculpt) Shocker (classic costume) Id also really like a Chameleon redone with his look of the 90's cartoon Hobgoblin Im happy with my fig but itd be cool if he is redone cause a lot of people missed out on him As for new characters/figures Id like: Armored Spiderman Alistar Smythe Tarantula and I know it would be correct for a Vintage wave but we really need a comic Iron Spider ASAP
  5. I have 2 options for how I would like to see more AOA figures Option 1 (If it was ultimately my chorice this is what I'd Like) AOA Wave 2 (BAF Nemesis) 1) Sabretooth 2) Storm 3) Quicksilver 4) Cyclops 5) Havok 6) Mr. Sinister 7) Bishop I didn't pick Magneto Rogue or Gambit cause If I could choose I would like a Love triangle 3 Pack (like Hasbro did with cyclops jean and wolverine) with these three figures If the 3 Pack is out of the question then id interchange those 3 in the regular wave for Quicksilver, Bishop and Havok (Maybe we could get then a Deluxe figure Nemesis instead of it being a BAF and have Colossus be the BAF or viceversa)
  6. I had the same initial thought, just a Captain Britain with excalibur, either that or they are hinting at what could be a X of Swords Storyline themed Wave (like the recently released Age of X), but completing the Excalibur team sounds better IMO either as a Boxset or it could be that the rumored X-Men Classics wave will include these figures, and the Age of Apocalypse wave has been put on hold or is just another wave (I dont really think of AOA to be considered "classic x-men"). If it was my decision we would get a 2nd AOA wave and a Excalibur Boxet (I really dont want my AOA display to remain incomplete) As for if it does end up being a Boxset, I really hope they go the Alpha Flight Set route and not repack previously released figures (they didnt repack guardian or sasquatch and they justified packing puck cause he was a BAF hard to find and they tweaked the head), I dont need another Nightcrawler specially since it would be pretty much just a repack of the one we just got, Id rather they include a Classic Capt. Britan (the same costume from the toybiz figure, cause even though we have the more modern one, we need a redo of that character in a more classic costume), Meggan (In the green costume), Kitty Pryde (in her classic puffy blue suit), Fenix Rachel Grey, Widget and Lockheed Accesories, and Id rather get Cerise over just a repack of Nightcrawler, maybe even a Kylun.
  7. At first I didn't think I needed this figure since I have the 80th anniversary Ironman and I like the Gold paint better than this new Yellow version, but maybe Ill pick it up just to have a place to put my 80th Unmasked Tony Stark Head on and display him like this (I might just be trying to justify myself into buying what is essentially just another repainted figure I already own) đŸ˜…
  8. Well after the pannel here are my thoughts: Gamerverse Wave 2: Im only intrested in Falcon and Kang the Conqueror (I Would have prefered falcon to have the sleeveless costume, but Im ok with it) the rest are a pass for me. Spiderman 2021 Wave 1: Ill have to wait for the rest of the figures to be revealed and in package shots to see how the BAF pieces will be scattered through the wave (with it being a smaller baf) Im hoping the figures have a bunch of interchangeable hands and accesories. But so far neither the Miles or Gwen figures look that intresting to me.... PS those miles lower legs though (anyone else thinks those would be perfect for a Mangaverse Spiderman in the future) Villians Wave: Amazing, I dont really care about dormammu even though he looks cool, Im definetely buying Arcade, we'll have to see what other villians they pack in this wave, Im thinking good choices are a new Classic Red Skull, Classic Ultron, Mephisto, Mandarin. Age of X/Powers of X Wave: I like Moira, havent really read any of the comics so the rest are a pass for me unless they include a figure of a x-men character we need in our regular x-men collection, Im wondering what the BAF will be though, they did mention that if we got the Haslab Sentinel the BAF would go well with it, any thoughts? Stand alone figures. - Firestar: Hell yeah Ive wanted this figure for a while now (I believe rektangular said this one will be released as a single carded figure posibly in the vintage spider-man cardback, along with a J. Jonah Jameson and a Black Cat figure most likely fan channel figures) - Thanos Deluxe: Looks really nice, a vast improvement over the comic BAF one, Im definetely getting this one. - X-Men Vintage figures: Gambit's new head looks nice, and I like that his accesories the cards are painted this time around, but I dont know if its enough to buy it again, Rogue is a disapontment, I like the headsculpt of the previous one better.
  9. There's a bunch of things off with these figures, I dont think Ill buy this set on regular price, might pick it up on sale if I find it on discount. Though I might have to get some extra bodies to put the extra heads on them. Im thinking these could be good body/accesory replacements for all the heads. - Young Charles: straight from the set as is - Young Magneto (Helmet head): Straight from the set as is - Young Magneto (Non-Helmet Head): Non Helmet head and maybe a Peter Parker or Stan Lee Body. - Old Magneto (Non-Helmet Head), Maybe the Agent Coulson Body could work (find a trenchcoat to fit over the body and a fedora and you can have the look he has in the first movie where he speaks with charles in the UN) - Old Magneto (Helmet Head): I wonder how the head looks on the Star Wars Black Series Director Krennik Body (if it fits well, just remove the imperial badges, trim the puffy part of the pants, and repaint upper boddy, arms and cape black for a suit similar to the one he wore in the first movie) Either That one or the General Hux Figure could work just add a cape (as an added bennefit the general hux's trenchcoat could work for the non helmet head. - Old Charles: I'd try a suited body like Agent Ross with the Toybiz Wheelchair and the Patrick Stewart Head
  10. I think your right with the first two figures, but If I remember correctly the third one said a figure in the 3.75in line never done in the Legends line before so that would rule out Rogue. I do think rogue will be part of this wave anyway since im thinking this will be either a regular X-Men Wave or most likely a new Vintage X-Men Wave. So my thoughts are that the Wave will have those 4 figures as well as 2 reissues (the jim lee rogure reissue with the new glove holding hand, and maybe a reissue of the walgreens Mystique figure) as for the 4 figures mentioned: 1) Toad seems most likely (but it could also be longshot, lady deathstrike or an angel) 2) Banshee (but could also be Spiral or Rachel Grey) 3) Stealth Spy Suit Wolverine (the black suit with the gold armor bits to go along with maverick) thats the only one I could come up with. 4) Beats me, I dont know if it'll be a character that has NEVER had an action figure made of or if they are just counting the modern era lines. If its the latter there are many that were done in the pre-legends lines or the X-Men classics line that could be done like Ahab, X-Cutioner, Exodus, Avalanche, Trevor Fitzroy and so on.
  11. Nice, flame accesories like these sould have come with the figure, maybe some open hands as well.
  12. As for the single released figures, Im thinking theyll be done in the spiderman vintage wave cardbacks. - J Jonah Jameson: Will best bennefit to be done in the Ulysees Clause MCU Body with new forearms, they can just stick the old JJ head that came with the chameleon figure and be done. - Firestar hopefully will have the classic costume and a new headsculpt (maybe give her boom boom's interchangeable hand with the fire effect molded onto it) - Black Cat: seeing as this is sort of a classic wave/spiderman 90's cartoon look, im thinking instead of just re'releasing the 1st black cat, theyll repaint the 2nd one to look exactly like that first one (just paint the boots, gloves and all the fur pieces white, not paint those cat eye decos on the chest and remove that metalic whip/belt piece, and the you go classic Black cat on the new body mold.
  13. Intresting though Im thinking both miles and gwen will probably be just reissues of those 2 pack figures (hopefully with screen accurate unmasked heads). - For Miles I dont see them sculpting a whole new body with the shorts and jacket (they could use the mcu homecoming 2-pack spiderman's arms and jacket for this one, and just sculpt a new waist and thighs for the shorts, put in some tennis shoes over the feet and there you go) -Gwen will probably just be a reissue with a screen acurate head. - Peter is a mistery he'd need new tooling, maybe theyll just go with a full costume pete use the new vintage spiderman with a new ab-piece (for his gut) and give him a screen accurate unmasked head. - Prowler will most likely be a repaint of the comic prowler with a couple new pieces like the forearm guards and the boots and theyll add a separate piece to go with the cape for the pointy back piece. - Frogman will most likely reuse the dock ock body with a new backpack to cover the tentacle holes like someone pointed out already, and new hands, head and feet- - Hand ninja will be cool to have though probably a lot of new pieces Im Hoping hasbro learns their lesson and the hand ninja come with the stilt man extendable pieces so people can army build and he's packed 2 or 3 per case (though knowing hasbro hell come with some other stiltman piece and will be packed 1 per case, and gwen and miles will be the ones packed 2 per case đŸ™„)
  14. If hasbro is smart thats what theyll do and theyll pack 2 or 3 per case, but knowing hasbro there's a big chance pack him with the head and only pack him one per case jajajaj
  15. I would wager either Toad or Lady Deathstike (at least those are the two I'd be most excited about) If that's the case I would think they'r probably either doing a copule X-Men 2-Packs/3-Packs or they're doing a new X-men vintage wave before the end of the year. If they're going with packs my wager is: 1 a Classic X-Men 3 Pack (Toad being the Toybiz figure hasbro hasnt made, Banshee being the hasbro redo and Mystique maybe cause she's pretty scarse) 2 a AOA 2 Pack (Magneto being the 3.75in figure made but not 6in, Rogue figure never made)
  16. Im thinking there will be a X-Men Vintage wave by the end of the year and most of these hints will be part of the wave 1) Toad 2) Banshee 3) Spy Wolverine 4)? (this one might be a standalone figure not in this wave) the rest will be repaints porbably including the jim lee rogue (with the glove holding hand they showed last stream), hopefuly mystique.
  17. Yeah youre right but knowing hasbro they like to reuse stuff and not spend extra money to retool items just of one figure, If anything the chair should have been completely different, not only the wheels
  18. In Mexico the sentinel is being sold on preorder at a local Toystore for $11k (mexican pesos) its a bit on the high price but not too crazy thinking its being imported (in mexico all imported products over $50 carry a 19% import tax fee) that and the shipping costs to import them its not that crazy (specially if you consider the toy store is doing all the work importing the items, and shipping it straight to your house once they get them in their facilities) its good news for people here who want to get it but for me I still think the pricepoint is a bit on the high side to begin with for what it is.
  19. Aside from the Black Widow I dont see the need for any of these figures, Im dissapointed the Iron Spider doesnt include the tentacles or however they are called, and I think that they should have included a ronin (with a bow and quiver and the quantum suit 2-pack Hawkeye head) instead of the Black Panther (that black panther has been rereleased a bunch of times al ready
  20. Yeah the chair is not movie accurate, Im thinking that hasbro didnt want to spend extra tooling on a more detailed chair, that or they plan to reuse this wheelchair for a Classic Comic Figure of Professor X and just didnt want to make 2 different chairs
  21. The Female Prime Sentinel figure is nice and all but not that big of a deal, that one and the battle damaged parts, the only one I kind of liked were the tier 1 Master Mold head, I would have rather like to see a second tentacle, maybe some blast effects for his hands, stuff like that would be cool. Another thing I would like to see is if this continues to sell really well before the deadline (I doubt they will) but I think it would be awesome if Hasbro came back and lowered the price (In the end the price has a lot to do with production and molding costs, if they in the end make at least double what they initially wanted it would be cool for the price to get dropped by getting a lot more backers than they originally planed, I dont think itll happen but it would be great cause many might want to get multiples but for 350 each cant afford more than one maybe lowering the price a little could make people be like ok, Ill spend a little more than one but Ill get two but still less than $500)
  22. No, I dont think that's the case with selling toys or making merchandise, I just think that some times this new focus and practice lends itself perfectly to create more merchandise of things that otherwise wouldnt be waranted, I dont think Marvel's comic division thinks too much of making stories, characters or designs just to sell toys and merchandise, but I do think that these "events" that now happen too often make it easier for companies who have merchandising rights to tie into these events, in the case of toys its clear that even though toy companies dont influence the comics directly they are kept in mind when coming up with these events cause toys usually take about 2 years from planning, logistics and production to see the light of day so its reasonable to think that these toy companies know what's comming down the line from the comics in advanced cause it seems like those times between when the comics come out and toys "inspired" from those comics has been shortened a lot. In any case I think one thing is the toy part of the problem of fatigue created by milking characters and another is the comic side by the editorial seeing potential in a storyline and making it bigger than it should was originally planned by the creative team behind that book, just to create more sales in crossovers. In any case one feeds the other and in some cases it works but in most cases it just creates a fatigue in the consumer's mind (maybe the storyline isnt that bad but youre reading it and all of a sudden the next big event is already announced and its just one after another)
  23. I think marvel has been just grabbing what they see is popular and just going overboard, it happened with Spiderverse, later with Deadpool now its Venom, it seems like if some story or character or storyline suddenly is seen popular on its own they grab it and make it global in all their titles/characters and beat the horse untill its dead just to sell as fast and as easily as possible rather than really putting some good thought into storylines, this is mainly what has been affecting comics over the last years, they seem to care less about developing good intresting stories and more on just selling as much as possible with as little effort as they can, this practice also helps in creating more and more merchandise to sell (specially on toys) that otherwise would feel gimmicky or dumb
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