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  1. It seems that Nighthawk actually has sculpted glove line, it's kinda sad that it took Hasbro almost 7 years to sculpt arm with glove line for bucky cap mold, but still nice, adds some much needed variety to Bucky cap mold.
  2. Well kinda yeah, in reality we only needed Green and Regular Cap Marvel, Bomber jacket and Binary versions are too much, they could have put additional Binary/Bomber jacket parts with regular Cap Marvel. However I do NOT agree with statement that Carol isn't interesting, she has very interesting and even shocking comics story, which points my to my main complaint in regards of that wave: It is shame we didn't get any Comics based Ms. Marvel/Captain Marvel figures, especially when people still want original Ms. Marvel that also works with Dark Avengers, Truly missed opportunity. I hope they still do 2 pack of Ms. Marvel vs Dark Ms. Marvel with bunch of alt heads.
  3. White Rabbit, she should be easy to make if they reuse Typhoid Mary's torso.
  4. It would be funny if they don't even use these suits in the movie, I would assume all of them are cgi'ed, cause there's no set pics that show them on Avengers, maybe I'm imagining things but something is off about those costumes.
  5. Oh :D sure, but for my budget, that is also split with comic books trades, such number of new figures is very taxing, even though I hardly get full waves.
  6. I general hasbro is making highest amount of legends to date, and highest amount of x-men legends as well.
  7. Well I can get why we don't have Cleavage on Black Widow, but I dunno what is the exact sexual difference between muscular woman and thin woman in skin tight costume.
  8. I think that this topic is getting some traction, in last 2 years we seen many figures that are using so called Kate Bishop body, which was great for her and other young adult females but isn't really accurate for Black Widow, Elektra or Silver Sable, (and Psylocke, even tho she has different type of body than them). Mentioned female characters are known to have muscle mass due to their intensive training, and no, I'm not talking about big boobs or butts, most inaccurate is really skinny legs Kate bishop mold has, her butt is actually quite impressive. Only good use of this mold was with Dark Phoenix because in that case Hasbro gave her different thicker legs. Of course, as counter point we can argue that it all depends on art, but for the most majority of fans and artisits those character are seen as having more muscular proportions than average female, even Vintage Black Widows box art has noticeably more muscular proportions than figure. Big Youtubers are also pointing out exact same point. Thankfully, Moonstone body makes perfect sense for muscular characters like them, it's also much better as an action figure. For some mysterious reason Hasbro keeps neglecting that mold (and even legs from Dark Phoenix). So why do you think about it? Is Moonstone mold too expensive and Hasbro just trying to save money? Is there some other issue? Share your thoughts. Let Hasbro hear us.
  9. Well I doubt Hasbro will release remaining 90's Storm (and maybe Jean Grey or Iceman) this year, I think they would like to save those 3 for the next year. Maybe we will see them at SDCC or next Toy Fair, as it is we are getting too many figures already.
  10. Yes "It should have been on Moostone body" is getting super annoying, I agree, I'm personally guilty of that, but it's still true. We talking about Superheroes, Elektra, Psylocke, Black Widow, heroes that are known to have extensive training and muscles mass, it isn't even about butts or boobs, check how skinny are legs on vintage wave Black Widow, Silver Sable and Elektra. It just doesn't fit them. Spider-girl, Spider gwen, X23, MJ sure I don't want them on Moonstone. Check every big toy reviewer be it Shartimus, Anthony or anyone else, they all say body Hasbro is making all their females look too skinny. P.S. Bachahlo has utra stylized art style, it just weird to take his art for proportions. Even promo art for vintage Black Widow has different leg proportions than figure.
  11. I just got Amazing Yamaguchi Psylocke, and I'm pretty happy with it but I still really want to get that Select version, even tho I barely collect MS. Rogue is also very tempting, Double elbows really sweeten the whole deal.
  12. Hasbro had the best showing, I'm glad they finally made Silver Samurai and that they are rereleasing Juggernaut and redoing big 3 from scratch. But I really don't feel like updating Mr. Sinister, Scorpion and especially Nightcrawler, considered I paid 30-40+ for each, these 3 still hold up very well. As for Spider-Woman she seems like nice update even with that skinny body. Magneto family 3 pack is amazing, as well as Hydro man, great use of that Luke Cage Netflix body. I'm glad to have Emma but It seems her <pervert>breasts aren't the right size </pervert>
  13. I hope Spider-Woman doesn't have those lousy skinny legs.
  14. Finally! Magneto done the right way, and they also made another good Scarlet Witch, which is even better than previous one. Pietro is definitely the weakest, he should have his signature hair.
  15. Damn this Cap is amazing, love dark blue color on him, Marvel Legends finally has definitive Cap. Thor is also great looking figure but Iron man, eh.. or more precisely his paint job is huge problem, why do they keep painting him in this awesome metallic paints if they gonna use molded plastic that is far cry from prototype... It's sad really. I would gladly pay 30 bucks if they just painted him right way, if Marvel Select can do this for their 7 inch Iron men under 25 so can Hasbro.
  16. That Spider-Man really does look like a Toybiz figure, except 7 times more expensive and better proportioned. Unmasked head is still meh tho.
  17. I'm tired of repeating that I'm tired of Hasbro using that skinny body, or legs. However, Head sculpt is simply amazing, it really captures Raven's personality. I would prefer different face expression instead of Lilandra, but if it's only way to get Lilandra I take it.
  18. Keep them mixed. It was likely said before, but we wouldn't see so many obscure characters if they weren't tied to movie waves, it works. As for Agenda there's one real agenda pleasing Parents, which consists of Real life Gun phobia or Hoplophobia and I guess, promoting skinny females only since they don't use Moonstone body (or even thicker thighs from Dark Phoenix figure) and are afraid to give Black Cat and Black Widow Cleavage. All related to one thing - angry parents.
  19. It would be cool if MCU introduced their Mutants/X-men with small budget Gambit movie, but I kinda doubt they will want that in Disney.
  20. Marvel Select is evolving with each year, really pleasant looking and articled figure, however, I do think proportion wise he's way too lanky.
  21. Overall nice wave with few mistakes. Ok, maybe they really couldn't manage to give Six Arm Spidey any waist articulation but they could at least add some paint or wash to make webbings standout, it looks unfinished or like happy meal toy. Silver Sable is the figure to get, finally! But why use this skinny body when they have Moonstone mold? Sable is master assassin she should be muscular not skinny like Kitty Pryde.
  22. That TASM2 body reuse is so bizarre, and nothing in the torso ugh... I wish they would at least paint webbing on that sculpt, they can do it, even if it won't be perfect.
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