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  1. Blob, Toad and Spiral would much needed redo addition ML line truly needs, it would easily make this wave super hot.
  2. I am really disappointed with that movie, it seems like knock version of "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" infused with worst aspects of mcu generic. There's great memorable action scenes, especially bus scene, which is easily top 5 MCU sequences, although final battle is uninspired CGI mess, humor is the typical cringe inducing marvel humor, I don't think such huge inclusion of Awkwafina adds anything to make movie any better or funnier, if anything if we saw more sad and lonely Shang Chi working dead end job while also suffering traumas of his tragic childhood we could have way more compelling character arc that would make us more sympathetic to him but instead we get cringe jokes, although seeing Trevor was kinda good surprise. But whole character plot point of Shang Chi and his father seems like unfinished draft that needed way more work, Wenwu who supposed to be brutal ancient Warlord with years of experience seems like just a modern day guy who really misses his wife, movie does very little to portray him as anything close to thousand year old warlord, and they had legendary Tony Leung and they gave him this script when they could easily write and portray character that could easily rival and best Thanos. This movie gives me same impression as Black Widow, another wasted opportunity, but at least Shang Chi might get better sequel.
  3. I can already see this AOA Sabretooth being used as possible body for eventual wrecking crew redo, this gonna give us Piledriver and Thunderball, and most of Bulldozer, while Wrecker will need new torso or overlay. Sadly it feels like big mistake that Magneto didn’t get his full shadow head since I do believe they really wanted to compete with Mafex on some level, it’s even more disappointing since they did gave him full shadow head in 3 and 3/4 MU line.
  4. I would rather have Red Sonja instead, since we already kinda have toybiz Conan and I always loved Red way more despite Conan having superior comic book stories. But we are getting 1/12 Red Sonja from same company that made Lady death so maybe they can also get license for Conan or Hasbro can do some Marvel Legends pulse exclusive sdcc figure.
  5. While it's very cool that we are getting almost all the characters from the movie in the first wave, which is first time we ever seen that in ML, it's sadly one of the least interesting characters line ups and no stimuli like comic book BAF or it separated by two waves mixed with comics characters. It could be blessing in disguise since it seems a lot of people gonna skip this wave unless movie is soo amazing it will make us want these figures.
  6. Maybe Three pack when the new Cap Marvels movie will come out, Mar-Vell with Grey hair, first Apperance Ms. Marvel with Dark Avengers Moonstone head and Monica Cap Marvel. That would be really awesome three pack.
  7. Probably just one off story with some time/universe or some other gimmick, real return is doubtful because bringing Mar-vell back diminishes Starlin’s story but then again with Marvel having periodical death of “insert name of character” it can be believable on some level, maybe as some mentor type figure because he has plenty of kids running around. Never personally cared for him tho I always liked Carol but in her Ms. Marvel days when she was considered in a way loser when everyone seemed to confuse her with some other hero or even when Avengers treated her horribly with that whole nightmarish “giving birth to her rapist” story. Yet having that under dog vibe really made me love her as I did Spidey, but now as Cap Marvels she’s the most popular hero in marvel universe which is good for character growth but also kinda boring. Personally to me Monica was best Cap Marvel.
  8. Same here, It was going so slow at first and now boom like nothing, I guess there’s something about last days that makes dopamine jump up high. I dunno what they can offer for 4rd tier, it could be Firelord since it’s seems to be easiest figure to do.
  9. It makes me sad that they didn’t use new Shriek body for Sue, that would be great although with face sculpt we getting for Sue that might be for the better. While I would prefer hair sculpt that is closer to Shrieks I remember from comics, I really dunno what they based this hair style on, yet she is still my most anticipated figure due to all the weight this body will have to take and hopefully she doesn’t disappoint.
  10. I’m just speculating since Hasbro considerably increased goals compared to sentinel.
  11. The fact that it's reached 14k and is just 300 backers shy of reaching Nova is really shocking to me, I was more or less confident Nova wouldn't be achieved. I guess it's only matter of time before Silver Surfer is announced as next goal but will it be 17 or 18 or maybe even 20. If they want another 2 k backers they would have to extend time for sure.
  12. I'm sorry Hasbro, but there's something wrong, these eyes are wayyyy too small, they don't even seem to be squinty like in Alan Davis art work they are just too small for that head, I guess one will have to repaint eyes to get better version.
  13. I still don’t believe we will see this movie in December, very likely movie will be postponed to summer if pandemic will be as bad and if box office revenues for Venom, Shang Chi and Eternals end up being low.
  14. Yes it's obviously better than Hasbro but considering price and how good both version from Hasbro are I would have to go with ML version, it would be even easier if ML version was pinless.
  15. Only thing that makes me excited for this movie is director and movies she’s done but trailers seem pretty generic with just a hint of space odyssey vibe. But I guess better to have zero expectations and be surprised than other way around, meeting over blown expectations sadly plague marvel movies and tv shows or I guess more precisely plagues us as fans who create them.
  16. Lol they didn’t reveal fat Thor and many characters and looks before movies were already out but they messed up with Spider-man? I don’t buy this personally.
  17. While I do think Disney + Sam’s monologue from finale was cringe, Cap was always anti state whenever state went wrong, and both in comics and real life state goes wrong often. Be it Cap investigating shady government projects like Nuke from Daredevil born again, or when Cap took Nomad persona after watergate scandal which was showcased by inner government conspiracy in comics pages, or state constantly wanting to “own” and use Cap as their own puppet, or infamous what if #44. And even more relatively recent Civil War that made him fight his own friends due to government registration that wanted to “regulate” and control all superheroes. So anti state rhetoric that comes from love of one country and freedom is literally the most interesting thing about Cap.
  18. My only wish is that they give Sam Helmet besides good story, maybe they can get Red Skull back into action, although I guess space story would make more sense for him.
  19. I really didn’t care for captain Carter but after seeing episode and how cool she was In that I really wanna get figure now, especially when we have sweet double joints on her.
  20. I really would like to see Crystal in that line, preferably on Nova Frankie body and generally going for inhumans would be really good direction for the series along with other ff foes such as Diablo and Wizard. They could additionally do bunch of reissues and maybe even redo Namor with new pinless body, it would make sense time wise since there's rumor of him being in Black Panther sequel and naturally Black Panther would also benefit from pinless body redo.
  21. Yup, but also new torso from Superior ock makes that body proportionally better than original white 2099 body + ock's peg hole would work for his cape, just sad to see such wasted opportunity ugh.
  22. I actually can see monsters box set, not only as tribute to Toybiz but also Hasbro's urge to compete with Jada toys universal Monsters series.
  23. I said it on other forum, I really wish they would use Superior Doc Ock body for that Spidey, I did very rough shop of that and even that looks better and gives us idea how good it would be if Hasbro used superior ock body.
  24. I’m not customizer but did 3 hair transplants, it really depends what kind of peg we have there, generally if sizing is okay you can glue it well it enough but you will have to remove peg inside hair that ports into head, which is probably way to go if you want to adjust it properly without constraints.
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