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  1. While this Domino is tempting, it was her figure that needed interchangeable head with long hair, not Cannonball, which got surprisingly generous treatment in this pack and it sadly took things away from Domino.
  2. Pretty cool reveals, Reed looks great with that lab coat, Thing is good update that really captures his look from 80-90s but oh damn my poor Sue, they already had an amazing head sculpt with previous figures, I can tell what they were going for but it just isn't well done or polished enough to work, in this case "lazy" reuse would be preferable. Psycho-man is impressive and almost perfect but I would prefer open mouth with angrier face expression, High evolutionary too is not far from perfection but his colors seem little too toyish, if figure had more of a cherry red with metallic finish it would turn already impressive sculpt into high end looking figure.
  3. Cap Britain on new Hercules body will be the most logical choice for them, it's easily the most appropriate body in their collection that is both good and exciting as something new. Which leaves us with question of what they will use Kitty, Meggan and Phoenix, probably that pack was made way before double jointed Domino, Tigra and Nova, so I doubt we will get much new stuff with ladies yet Phoenix will need new Torso and Kitty probably can reuse arms from 90s Storm. Not sure about Nightcrawler's inclusion, it does makes sense but it will be exact same figure we already got not so long ago.
  4. They all look great, and with concept Doctor Strange I wish we would also get concept Spider-man such as this Superior Spider-man inspired costume that looks amazing
  5. He will have enough of screen time at least in the first season, but I'm 100 percent sure series will end with new female Hawkeye and Clint getting his retirement.
  6. It's good enough trailer but tongue on Carnage feels very wrong, especially when Carnage already looks as big and as similar to Venom as possible just red.
  7. Before 16k backers requirement they first should get 14, but Hasbro is getting greedy, I guess big suits told them to increase numbers to the max after how fast and successful Sentinel haslab project was.
  8. Thank you all! And big thanks to JC for giving us that cool opportunity to be rewarded for talking about what we love.
  9. Is this new double jointed pinless female body we have been waiting for? It seems to be the case. I love how it looks and reuse potential is huge which makes me really excited. Now this is the body that will work for Elektra, Sue Storm, Monica Cap Marvel, Nebula, Moondragon and would have worked for Binary, that we sadly got on old body. But I do hope we will get Nova as single release down the line.
  10. It's interesting they went with raised webbing instead of more textured-in look all the mcu spidey figs from hot toys had, and it's for the better, raised webbing looks way better and striking, just compare this figure to other mcu spidey and you will see, wish movies would go with that approach too.
  11. Figures I would get for sure: 1) Moondragon 2) Nebula 3) Gamora 4) Mantis 5) Mephisto All in their classic costumes and first four can be done as two packs.
  12. I hope legends will do two pack, that will include rerelease of 80th anniversary Cap with slightly brighter colors along with U.S agent on bigger body, new classic Bucky is needed too, that abomination we got in Dark days of Hasbro ML needs to go.
  13. I think it's opposite of PC tbh, Kate Bishop body has least amount of plastic and parts compared to Moonstone, so it's cheap, which makes it seem like plain disrespect to the character and fans, and view that all women should have same body just because it easier and cheaper to produce it.
  14. I think reason they do is just because it's super cheap for them for some reason, but when you think about what is bigger implication that they have this "one size fits all" attitude, which is pretty bad and problematic approach in general, only thing that keeps me happy, calm and hopeful about future of legends is Tigra.
  15. It super disappointing to see Binary on that inaccurate skinny Kate Bishop body when they did black cat reusing moonstone mold or even better they could have used new arms and Legs from Tigra mold and give us not only Binary that is double jointed and more proportionally appropriate but new standard buck for females with better proportions, articulation and pinless joints. You can easily see how much difference there is between figure and cover art. As for MCU figures, glad too see Peggy Cap and Spidey that has pinless articulation, pretty much the first one if we don't count into the spider-verse figures that had clothes and not two color suit where these pins are real issue, Zombie Cap is pretty cool too and I have suspicion that doctor strange torso could be reused for future comic book strange due to logo similarity.
  16. Yeah it was something but since I was into comics at the time I have huge nostalgia for it, mainly due to amazing art that was done by Oliver Coipel
  17. That's fast, hopefully there's still chance for Budapest prequel movie/series, this movie felt more like set up for Elena than proper goodbye for Natasha, Scarlet was great in it, but story of the movie and all supporting characters being goofy and funny just didn't blend with Jason Bourne vibe they started movie with, even in Age of Ultron whole thing with red room's forced sterilization seemed like painful and stressful experience but in this movie it just played for jokes even tho movie starts with footage to convince us that red room is hell? That just seemed really off putting as if movie didn't know what it was and villains sadly weren't any good, since there was nooo actual room given to them to develop.
  18. Would be easier just to rerelease Terrax and update abomination with all new more comic accurate head sculpt, which in both cases would be very inexpensive for Hasbro.
  19. Also if they go with bigger figures they can do females as well, Giant Wasp would be amazing, they can reuse that body for Stature and maybe even Infinity for cosmic beings shelf.
  20. If only that figure didn't have those holes, they could easily include some symbiote tendrils or something to cover it or at least small pegs, especially when it's deluxe price range. Otherwise it's great body for Venom, headsculpt might be too big but it captures essence of Animated Venom.
  21. That looks really cool, sculpts on these figures are amazing, albeit limited in elbow articulation, can't wait for their female figures which seem to be amazing. After close look at Herc I realize he has pinless knees but arms are with old pins and now I can't unsee it, it bothers me way too much then it should, I might be unapologetic in demanding double joints but with pineless I almost feel like ungrateful whiny fan.
  22. Only figure that isn't absolutely amazing here is imo Galactus, it's tooo over designed, I guess they tried to redesign figure that was already with too much detail, I get in general when usually comic book characters are usually more simplistic but with galactus it worked against them. Taskmaster, Wanda, Black Widow are my personal favorites.
  23. I hope this figure will set not only new quality trend but also trend for bigger figures, we need new comic book Giant man that can finally retire old toybiz baf, which is still to this day impressive af, however there could be point that hasbro might want to do Giant man for Haslab (I would guess at 200 Dollars?). Since there won't be need for all the electronic stuff or super sharp complicated details. But Haslab or not Giant man will need just good articulation and simple body they can reuse numerous times, be it Bill Foster, Atlas other Giant man costumes or even reuses for cosmic characters such as Eternity and maybe even Living Tribunal, although Tribunal should be much bigger than Galactus I can't see Hasbro doing HasLab for such unknown character so possible future 15-16 inch Giant Man body should do.
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