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  1. I'm also in the category of ending my active collecting, as: I have most of the main, classic characters that I want, I have no space to add more obscure characters, rising prices, and little interest in getting another version of a main character just for minor upgrades like pinless joints. ...buuuut, I think I'm going to get this. This would be the first HasLab that I participate in. I have the ToyBiz version so I was/am on the fence. But IMO they did this one right by making it an A-list character in a classic costume at a reasonable price. They listened. And for that, I may have to get this one. Also, really good job with the sculpt and details like the glass eyes. I do wish they made it slightly smaller. I mean, where am I gonna stick this beast? I guess crouched down somewhere. Other thoughts: I don't have any interest in the other face plates and will never use them, so I do wish they had picked other incentives for the tiers.
  2. I agree that the proportions are off. The head is noticeably too small and neck is too thin. Feet look small too. Quads look a little too big.
  3. I did cite teams with ever changing rosters so that's to be expected. But especially for a team like Alpha Flight with a fairly stable list of members, the big guy is essential.
  4. Absolutely! It's like Fantastic Four without Thing, X-Men without Colossus, Avengers without Thor.
  5. Nice. A return of Alpha Flight is always welcome. But Alpha Flight without Sasquatch? He's essential.
  6. The arms are too small and short. But overall, it looks good and the half-invisible limbs are nice. Too bad it's too big for a Legends display. Like everyone else said.
  7. Found an image showing what I mean about the Legends Sasquatch being too slender. He was an earlier BAF that came out in 2017-18. Now, the heavyweight BAFs are wider, which is more accurate for Sasquatch. When the Armadillo BAF was revealed last year, I first saw a thumbnail image and thought it was a new Sasquatch and got really excited. Anyway, I think the Armadillo figure's shoulder width and girth are better than the Sasquatch/Wendigo figure for Sasquatch. So, if there should be any inspiration taken from a previous Legends for a larger/better Sasquatch, a better source of inspiration should be the Armadillo figure. Also, I didn't realize that a DST rep was in this thread. Oops, sorry for my comment above about previous sculpts lol. Anyway, I'm a DST fan (the Select Colossus is my default Colossus in my Legends collection) and also hope that you guys can improve upon Sasquatch and other larger characters. I'm there for it!
  8. Really ornate and eye-catching Beta Ray Bill. It does look awesome but it's a little too big for my 6" Legends scale. He looks regal, so I wonder if I could put the Odin head from the Destroyer on that body... hmmmm. Probably not though because the Odin head would be too big for that body. Maybe the Legends Odin head could work. Anyway, I'm here for the real topic that this thread has turned into... Marvel Select Sasquatch. I want it! I need it!! Here's hoping they actually make it. And now that the Select sculpts actually look good, I would want it even more. I mean, look at the old zombie Hulks they used to make. 🤮 The recent offerings have been MUCH better. As far as taking inspiration from the Legends Sasquatch, I would hope that a Select version would be more dynamic, animalistic, and expressive as the Legends one had a bored look and was also too slender in addition to being too small.
  9. The idea of a classic outfit Sabretooth really appeals to me. The fingerless gloves and toes don't seem accurate but that's fairly minor. However, the unfortunate face sculpt and undersized body makes this a pass for me. I already have the Apocalypse wave Sabretooth, which is better.
  10. I was on the fence about pre-ordering this Wolverine since I already have the similar Apocalypse wave Wolverine. The idea of cell shading on figures piqued my interest a little bit since I am a comic (not MCU) collector and cell shading accentuates the comic look, but it would also be my only figure that has cell shading so it may look out of place. Eventually, I decided to pre-order it. A few things helped my decision: The cell shading is not that obtrusive and it could still blend with the rest of my figures, which I think these updated photos confirm. The colors are brighter than the Apocalypse wave Wolverine. And the headsculpts are new and I like them. This Wolverine has the wide, spread-out fins on the facemask that many people were modifying on the Apocalypse wave Wolverine.
  11. Hasbro has had a run of bad headsculpts lately, which is unusual because they used to be consistently good. It made me wonder if they are all attributable to one artist but I don't know. For me, it started with retro Rogue and the initial reveal that sparked a lot of criticism. Some felt the final product was better, but I still never liked it and prefer the Juggernaut wave Rogue's headsculpt. Then, obviously Sue Storm. No need to rehash that as it was universally panned as awful. The 20th Anniversary Hulk is bad and made me immediately pass on it, even though I'm a huge Hulk fan. Some people didn't like the headsculpt on AOA Shadowcat. That was one I didn't mind. The upcoming Sabretooth is another awful one. I will pass, even though I'd love to have a classic-costumed Sabretooth. The Apocalypse wave Sabretooth has a much better headsculpt. The new Dr. Strange, while not necessarily bad, I don't feel really captures Dr. Strange's classic angular look but rather has an older, pudgier face than fans associate with him.
  12. I have 80th Cap and I think I prefer the darker colors, metallic chainmail, and the headsculpt on that one. I know lots of people wanted him in a lighter shade of blue. I'm glad the blue is not lighter than it appears in these photos. In the previous stock photos, the blue looked too light to me. I have this one on preorder too because I figured if I didn't, I'd wish I had later.
  13. I'm a major Hulk fan so it takes a lot for me not to have my interest at least a little piqued by a new Hulk figure but that facesculpt made my decision so easy to pass. That's the only major difference from the 80th Anniversary one and it's so bad. Hasbro has had a strange run of bad facesculpts lately. In this group, it's Hulk and Sabretooth. Pass on both and they are both characters I really like! The only one I'll probably get out of these reveals is classic Havok.
  14. The first video review that I've seen of the retro Invisible Woman in-hand was posted: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Il7b2N2bHW8 Sue has the same bad headsculpt that we saw in the reveal. I'm glad this reviewer is honest and calls it terrible and suggests that Hasbro should allow some avenue for products to be changed based on fan feedback before it goes into production. I doubt that will happen but I'd definitely be in favor of it. I agree with pretty much everything the reviewer says, including the fact that the big hair design is not the problem (it's the face sculpt that's bad), and the fact that the artwork on the card shows an attractive Sue that is way better than the figure's actual face. The same user has reviews of the other figures in the wave too.
  15. I know a lot of people were requesting the 80th Anniversary Cap with a lighter blue, so now they can have him. He is missing the black shading on his mask for a true classic look though. I do feel the 80th version looks better and also prefer the 80th headsculpt as well. Despite that, I assume I'll try to get this new one as well. I do think the bigger shield (I believe) is an improvement. The permanent holes isn't ideal so I guess I'll stick the bullet ricochet effects there.
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