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  1. On 8/30/2021 at 6:01 PM, Atlantis said:

    No matter how similar or different the costumes are, the face would/should stay the same.... 

    I think in some cases, Hasbro should improve upon a figure whenever it has a chance to. My example would be the Red Skull wave Captain America. Good figure, but fat head! Then they released the better 80th Anniversary version of Cap. Same character but a much better sculpt and figure. So I don't think they should always stay with the same face, just for continuity or consistency. If an improvement is warranted, do it. In the case of Sue, they tried a different look and it went wrong.

    On 8/30/2021 at 6:14 PM, Atlantis said:

    Yeah its a dead horse on this forum, but its gonna get beat on again and again....

    The real change for her should have been taking her off that teen body, and making it something more mature....

    I can agree that putting Sue on a different body could have been a better change. The existing body does not bother me, but after seeing your comment and then looking at the figure, I could see her on a different body. That could have encouraged collectors like me who were on the fence about the upcoming Sue that they need to get this new one.

    And I think it's good that we're beating the dead horse about this. It's been talked about on every forum I've seen and since the Hasbro people pay attention, it's good to let them know. And that's another reason why I said that Dan "feigned being hurt" by Wade's negative comment because there is no way they haven't heard the uproar about that face sculpt by now.

  2. On 8/30/2021 at 5:52 PM, RoMe00150 said:

    I may just suck it up and get the four. I have the Walgreens Torch and Sue but and the aftermarket price for a Walgreens Reed and Thing would be almost the same as getting all in the retro wave 

    Yeah, I contemplated for a while (they are so similar to my Walgreens figures) but I broke down and preordered them. I figured I might regret it later if I didn't since I am a sucker for classic outfits. I'm sticking with my Walgreens Human Torch since I don't think the new retro one is better, but I did order the Pulse exclusive powered down Johnny.

  3. On 8/30/2021 at 5:47 PM, Virtualzach said:

    Am I the only one that likes the Skrull wave costumes over the oldschool?  When that wave was released it was the first time I actually wanted a complete FF team (but with the older 'on fire' Johnny of course).  Everyone else seems to hate it and love the original costumes.  😞

    I did think those costumes looked cool and I liked the boots with the tread, but I'm a fan of the classic look, so for me that was the Walgreens version. I did end up buying the Skrull wave Ben though. They got the brow and jutting jaw right on him, and now he's my default Thing, even though I have the Walgreens one too.

  4. On 8/30/2021 at 4:53 PM, Atlantis said:

    I'm not following your train of thought here....the N-Zone outfit is just that: a straight repaint from the original costumes! Her face wouldn't change regardless of what she's wearing. 

    I'm now glad I have the Skrull BAF version 'cause that costume is crap, and I can use her head on the new N-Zone outfit.

    It's true these are all just repaints because all versions of Sue are on the same body mold. But the Super Skrull version is a totally different look. It's like saying black suit Spider-Man is just a repaint of Pizza Spider-man in his red and blue suit. While technically true since they are on the same body mold, they look drastically different and it would be more worth it to a collector to buy two totally different looking versions of the same character rather just buying what I was calling a straight repaint with a very similar design except, for example, the shade of blue as is the case with Walgreens Sue and the new retro Sue. The Walgreens Sue and Super Skrull Sue looked different though technically were just repaints of the same body. The Walgreens Sue and retro Sue are even more similar in design, making it less likely that a collector would want both. So, I was suggesting that Hasbro may have made additional changes to encourage a collector to get the new one.

  5. On 8/30/2021 at 1:39 PM, Legender said:

    U obviously are a Sasquatch fan, but I have seen the BAF getting sold for very low price in internet. I dont think they may bring it soon in such a scale, Giant Man and Atlas (to round up the Thunderbolts, that also dont sell very well) are the most obvious options.

    Yep, I do have the Sasquatch BAF and he was what got me into 6" scale Legends after previously only collecting the 3.75" scale figures. I couldn't pass up Sasquatch, so that started my 6" collection. I have him elevated on a stand in my display to simulate his correct size, so I'm hoping we can eventually get another true-to-size (in height and girth) version of him.

  6. On 8/30/2021 at 1:12 PM, Atlantis said:

    Consistency is important. They used the same face from the 1st Walgreens on the Super Skrull BAF (they modified the hair a bit) and it was fine, more importantly, as it should be. I don't think anyone would feel that keeping that face is "cheaping out". After all, they're not making changes to Reed's face. They fortunately did change Johnny; he was just too big on that first round. 

    I liked the Sue face on the Walgreens version. That's the only one I have. I did not feel the need to get the Super Skrull version since that isn't her classic look and I already had the Walgreens Sue. This upcoming retro one is a classic look so I wanted it. But if it was just a straight repaint with no changes, I would be hesitant because why buy the exact same figure I already have for just a slightly different shade of blue? Anyway, I did eventually order it even though they messed up the face. I'm sure I'll head swap her. But I can see why Hasbro would feel the motivation to mix things up so it's not just the exact same figure repainted. For Reed, they gave him a new lab coat. I'm not a huge fan of the salad fingers either. They also changed Ben's face. I don't think it looks as good as the Super Skrull Ben's face and I'm definitely not a fan of the no-teeth head.

  7. On 8/30/2021 at 1:11 AM, Gigantor said:

    Yay, you all got your Sentinels & the big G. How bout now Hasbro starts making stuff in the more affordable $150-$200 price range. Give us classic  comic versions of  Hank Pym Giant man/Goliath-Marvel-Comics-Josten-a.thumb.jpg.07c50f0225ce39b3d24ad8fd47b5c170.jpg319725193_Alpha-Flight.grouppic.thumb.jpg.14846a17f9e8cfaaa3eed6496d9aba31.jpg1480833338_Giantman-vsSpidey.thumb.jpg.e342238945dc68156b131179370bb7d4.jpg1579319245_GoliathPym.thumb.jpg.156562fc06303b2ec2c381e8d7746bbd.jpgGoliath, Erik Josten Goliath, Classic Orka in the 16'-18' scale. They can come with extra alternate hands & 4 head sculpts. Stoic head, angry gritted teeth head, yelling head & unmasked head sculpt. No BS tiers. Make a 10' tall scale accurate Sasquatch with 3 alternate head sculpts & 3-4 sets of hands with a 6' scale Walter Langkowski figure & I'll easily throw $150+ at that! And a 10' scale classic Champion! That way, those of us who are not as rich as the Galactus/Sentinel backers  can get in on these Haslab  exclusives. 

    I'd back that Sasquatch so fast. Champion is another great option. I want both of those characters. I have the ToyBiz Giant-Man which is still pretty good so I would not be as urgent to get him but knowing me, I probably would anyway. I have no space or interest in these huge Galactuses and Sentinels, but I would like these other oversized characters. Or just make them deluxe figures like Surtur, which is 13".

  8. On 8/29/2021 at 2:12 AM, Atlantis said:

    There's a lot of talk about hip-hop groups and in-jokes that have nothing to do with Legends so yeah, the whole video is gonna take some time. However, if you watch that section you can plainly see he is not "feigning" anything- he's annoyed that he didn't get the answer he thought he was going to get. 

    Maybe they did change her sculpt to match the artwork, but if so, they weren't right to change it . Totally unnecessary and they just jacked it up. It looks ridiculous.

    Look, we hear all the time the reason we couldn't get this or that accessory or feature is because all those things cost $$, and there's only so much money allocated to the wave, etc. Well, how much money did they waste on this crap, when they didn't need to? The head used from the previous two was fine; if they wanted to change something then put her on a woman's body, not some teenager's. Maybe the saved money could've gone into giving Mr. Fantastic something better than those idiotic leaf-raking hands. 

    Yeah, Dan didn't like their responses but he was semi-smiling and then laughed. That's what I meant by feigning being hurt, not that he did like their responses. I agree that he didn't. And it seemed clear that the face sculpt won't be changed because they next talked about how the other guy gets products early so he'd be in the best position to see if it looks better in person.

    I think if they had changed the head sculpt and it looked great, then everyone would be happy. If they kept the same head sculpt, then some people would complain it's just a repaint and why is Hasbro cheaping out again? In this case, they changed the head sculpt and it turned out bad so no one's happy.

  9. I missed the live stream and when I later saw the small thumbnail photos of the new releases, I initially thought Armadillo might be a new Sasquatch and got excited. Similar coloring and a tiny head surrounded by massive shoulders like how John Byrne used to draw Sasquatch. I like the wider shoulders and torso but it would still need more height for a true to size Sasquatch.

    When I saw it was Armadillo, who I wasn't familiar with, I also thought of how the body could be reused for other big characters. I, like most collectors, want a new Rhino. But I also think that's unlikely as it seems like Hasbro is reusing bucks less for other large characters, which I think is a good thing. I'm just thinking of the Hulk, which is essentially the same size as Juggernaut, but the Hulk got its own new sculpt. There are other examples too, like some people thought Ursa Major would just be a retooled Wendigo/Sasquatch but it also turned out to be a new sculpt. I'm all in favor of new unique sculpts so I'm not complaining about that.

  10. On 8/28/2021 at 6:25 AM, Atlantis said:

    Yes!! At 15:44 Dan asked them what they thought of the FF wave and Wade (16:48) told him how bad that sculpt was. Dan clearly didn't like that, but like Wade said, "hey you asked!" I laughed at that one too.

    But what bothered me was that not only was there no follow up as to if they would correct it before it gets in consumers' hands, they never asked why they changed her head in the first place. It really makes no sense whatsoever.

    Thanks for pinpointing the time. I wanted to see the exchange too but didn't want to sit through the 3 hour video to find it! Yeah I'm glad Wade brought that up. Dan just feigned being hurt by the comments but it sounds like there won't be any change to the face sculpt. ☹️

    It seems like Hasbro made minor changes to most of the Fantastic 4 figures, like Ben has different head sculpts too from the two previous releases (I think the Super Skrull wave was the best head sculpt), so Sue's was probably also changed to make it different rather than just giving us a straight-up repaint of the exact same figure. So I think they were right to change it and It seems like they were going for the old look of Sue with big hair that's pictured on the retro package artwork which would have been fine but they just missed with the face.

  11. On 8/9/2021 at 12:03 PM, AnotherPunkChef said:

    Man, every figure looks great, but I don't remember the last time Hasbro did a downright UGLY female head sculpt....hopefully it'll get fixed before it goes into production....

    As for the hand, my head is telling me "animated style Morbius" by my heart says "Emplate from an upcoming Generation X wave"

    You don't remember last year lol? I'm talking about the retro Rogue. I know some people eventually ended up liking it but I wasn't one of those people.

    But add me to the chorus saying ugh, what a buttugly head on the new Sue. And I'm also doubtful that it gets changed before production.

  12. On 3/23/2021 at 9:57 PM, SUPREME007 said:

    This is my exact thought process. And more importantly we need a larger Sasquatch, the ML is criminally undersized. IMO the gamerverse abomination Bag size would be good for Sasquatch.

    Thoughts and prayers for a larger Sasquatch being made by Diamond Select.

    By the way, you mentioned the Gamerverse Abomination, which is a little taller than Legends Hulk. I thought the Select Abomination as far as build and maybe even a bit taller. He even has the long arms already.


  13. Add me to those calling for a Marvel Select Sasquatch. The Legends Sasquatch is too damn small! I'd be first in line to pre-order that one. Please get the sculpt right though by consulting 1980s Alpha Flight issues, but Select seems to be improving on their sculpts as seen with this Hulk, which is a vast improvement over their zombie Hulks that weren't even supposed to be zombies. The clean classic look is for me.

    I'm in agreement with others saying that this is a nice looking Hulk but verrry similar to the Legends Hulk and kinda too big for my Legends shelf but I could fudge it and damn if he doesn't look good and I'm not sure I could resist it if I saw it in person let me just do a quick search for a second do I need or not need okay whoops I ordered it....

  14. The Rogue headsculpt is not as bad as it originally appeared... but it's still kinda bad? Maybe it'll grow on me, or maybe it looks better in person. People who have the Select Rogue claim that headsculpt looks good but I cannot see how that can be. so maybe that's the case here too.

    I like the new Gambit's hair slightly better but I prefer the old one's colors so I'll probably stick with the old one. I wish he came with different arms so I could display him without his jacket.

  15. 9 hours ago, Gigantor said:

    And don't forget it's also close to 2 inches taller than the already oversized 80th anniversary  version. Why they couldn't do him at about 7.5 scale is beyond me but at least I can deal with him at an 8' scale but at almost 10' scale, he'd be bigger than a character that's supposed to tower over him...Sasquatch. That's the character that DST needs to do in this line at a scale correct 10 inches, not more umpteenth Hulks, especially one, hardly anyone was clamoring for.

    I'd be the first one in line for a DST Sasquatch done at the correct scale (10"). They could do it too because that's the height of the DST Groot. Although Sasquatch should be much broader obviously.

  16. Well Diamond Select, you surprised me.

    I wasn't expecting much from them, based on the cartoon drawing they showed. While some of DST's sculpts are great (including Colossus, Hulkbuster, Groot), their previous Hulks looked like veiny, out-of-proportion zombies.

    But I like this one a lot. My first thought was that it looks just like the Legends 80th Hulk but with a more expressive head. It's even the exact same shade of green. But I'm a huge fan of the Legends 80th Hulk. So I'm sure I'll get this one too.

    As for the butterfly joint discussion, I'm glad they didn't add it. A butterfly joint allowing front/forward movement messes up the sculpt. Just look at the gappy Figuarts Hulk. I think if a large figure has butterfly joints, then doing what Hasbro did with the Legends 80th Hulk is the way to go -- just put it on the back. Sacrificing the chest sculpt to add a joint I'll rarely use doesn't make sense IMO.

  17. 11 hours ago, EUPHORICVIKING said:

    if they do they better come with the tried and true. They were getting rather sloppy and passable in their later years. once they shifted to Marvel Legends 3.75" I was no longer impressed.  Plus they were getting to be $12.99. That's when I made a full switch to marvel legends. 

    Yeah, I was confused about the 3.75 scale name change to Marvel Legends because that's the name of the 6 inch scale. How are you supposed to differentiate which one when searching online for a Marvel Legends Captain America from a Marvel Legends Captain America?  I also started with collecting 3.75 scale and switched to the 6 inch scale. I guess it was a good choice since the 3.75 scale became extinct.

  18. 3 hours ago, LandoTucker said:

    Anyone who has got this set: well done - I envy you. It's widely available right now (US and/or via ScamBay) and looks exactly as awesome as I thought it would be.

    Although I pre-ordered mine on  August 23rd, it's not coming any time soon, and I'm now at war with Amazon as a result. I'd be hugely grateful (really, hugely enormously grateful) if anyone could advise/help out here. Here's the story.

    So, you guys probably know I live in the UK, but no worries: Amazon ships worldwide. My boxset was scheduled to arrive early December, but on Wednesday, I had my wallet stolen & all my cards cancelled. Guess what else happened on that day? Of course, I get an email from Amazon advising that the item was shipping earlier than expected, and would get to the UK on 25th November. Then a second email, saying they couldn't process the card (no duh! It had been cancelled) so the transaction was cancelled & I had no way of paying for the item. I got in touch, asking if they could hold the item for 24 hours, as I'd get a new card by then, and could reorder it.

    This is where the fun really starts. Firstly, they said no, and advised that the item was out of stock. They didn't know when it would be back in stock: "Maybe December, sometime." They clarified helpfully.

    Much rage. Many web chats and calls. Two days pass, and the item is back in stock. Thank God! Or not. Same item, same retailer, same price, multiple items in stock, but this time, every time I've tried to buy this, the system notes the item 'doesn't ship to [my] address'. There's no workaround.

    So, this set, which is probably something I want more than anything, I'm probably not going to be able to buy. Amazon don't care, and won't help, so the option is basically pay double (minimum) + higher postage + eBay global shipping con. That's a ball park $300.

    I'm desperate for this set, guys: Can anyone help here? Either strategy, recommendation or (if you're an unbelievably kind person) buy and ship to UK on my behalf, with all costs (obviously) to be paid by me and a nice bonus for the sender: rare stuff (Legends/Star Wars Black Series or Transformers....and *good* stuff too. Or, just cash to cover your time, any costs and to convey my gratitude.

    I don't want to break any board/forum rules, or put my email here (until I'm told I can), but if you can help, please shout (Disqus will alert me to these).

    Ahhh that suuucks! I was going to say, when you cancel your old card, order a new card at the same time, and the purchase should automatically transfer to your new card. That's what happened with me when I lost a credit card and went to cancel it. I was afraid that all the things still outstanding that were tied to my old card would be lost. For example, I was still waiting for a refund to finish processing for an item I had returned. But all those leftover things were transferred to my new card so I didn't lose anything (despite not physically receiving my new card for several days).

    But it sounds like you had bad timing where Amazon attempted to charge it in the brief window in between your two cards. That sucks.

    It sounds like you're willing to pay a little bit more for the set since you offered to cover the shipping and also provide bonus stuff. If that's the case, why not just pay a bit more for the scalper prices on ebay? I see some going for an extra $40. That's not ideal, but I'll bet the prices will come down a bit if you wait some more as well. This boxset is brand new so the prices are high now and if you wait until it's more prevalent in the wild, it should come down. Or maybe even Amazon will change course and (re)allow shipping to the UK again after a while.

    Edit: Now I see that you already did address Ebay as an option. I would still say wait until the prices come down. Or maybe you'll find it for sale locally or on another website that will ship to UK.

  19. Noice! I'm excited for mine to (eventually) arrive. I'm definitely putting one of my Wolverines with this team. Lord knows Hasbro gave us enough Wolverines to go around on every team. And then when Wild Child comes, he goes with Alpha Flight too, which is why I was pretty excited and surprised they are making Wild Child. Still need Box and a bigger Sasquatch (I will continue to harp on it in the hopes that Hasbro listens!).

    I also noticed that this boxset is back in stock now on Amazon for anyone who missed it.

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