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  1. 2 hours ago, bashpics99 said:

    That would be cool, i'd definitely like a marvel select Sasquatch.  My BAF Sasquatch has some loose leg joints  and  it takes some effort to pose him standing up without support.

    Me too, but unfortunately the Diamond Select people have been asked a few times in the past and they always respond that they have no plans to make Sasquatch. My Legends BAF also had loose joints, specifically the ankles so he would topple over and take other guys with him. I gave them the floor polish treatment and now it's better.

  2. 4 hours ago, Gigantor said:

    I'm afraid the only way they'll ever make a bigger Sasquatch is if they make him in the MS line.

    I've contemplated that idea and hoped for that to happen. I'd love for Marvel Select to make a bigger Sasquatch. Hasbro makes better sculpts in my opinion, so obviously I'd prefer a Hasbro-made Marvel Legends Sasquatch, but I would take a bigger one made by anyone, including Select. But I doubt that's ever going to happen either. Oh well. 

  3. I pre-ordered on Amazon when it was released, but this boxset is now missing from Amazon. Usually, if it's sold out, the link is still available and it says currently sold out. This time, the link has been removed and it says page not found. No sure if it means anything. Anyway, if it sold out, I'm surprised as I didn't think Alpha Flight would be that popular and other, more popular characters didn't seem to sell out on Amazon like the pre-orders for Magneto/Quicksilver/Scarlet Witch or Colossus/Juggernaut sets.

  4. 7 hours ago, tarot said:

    How does omega red look next to colossus as warpath is on that buck?

    As another scale zealot (sounds better than scale Nazi), this was one of the first things I looked up when I saw the new Warpath was on the Omega Red buck. I don't have Omega Red myself so I had to check the internet for comparison shots.

    The first comparison shot makes Omega Red look fairly short compared with Colossus, but in the second one, they look closer. And Omega Red might be slightly broader than Colossus across the shoulders.


    Omega Red 1.jpg

    Omega Red 2.jpg

  5. 8 hours ago, monron999 said:

    Good catch, I've never really ever dug up the old Warpath to compare to the new Colossus. I guess I was just remembering how outta scale large he was with most of the other ML they did during the dark days that I assumed he would still be in the same range. Yes, that looks pretty accurate and for the most part that figure still hold up well, especially the head sculpt. If they coulda just redone that Warpath on the modernized buck that they used for the Wrecking Crew, it would have been perfect

    Yeah, I agree the old Warpath still holds up pretty well. The only thing bothersome is the ugly ball joint hips. But I have to say that he looks better in person than he photographs (I've noticed this with several other figures where for some reason, they just don't look that good in photos, but in person they look better. The TRU Warpath is that way). Yes, the Wrecking Crew was the same buck except with better hip joints, so that would have been a good choice.

  6. 20 hours ago, monron999 said:

    The TRU exclusive was way too big.... If you go by database statistics, which for some reason Hasbro is unable to locate, then he's 7'2" which is shorter than Colossus at 7'5" so this is probably close to accurate, but if I'm not mistaken, the Omega Red buck, which is the base for Warpath, is pretty much the same height as the Classic Cable figure so I'm thinking he's gonna be too short as compares to the rest of the 90's team. Of course, in modern times he's portrayed smaller As his powers have been retconed from straight team powerhouse to powers more similar to his brother Thunderbird's, but that's not the version they're doing here. As I've said several times before, I'm just a scale Nazi and it just bothers me, especially when it's something that Hasbro could have easily controlled. It seems the first Colossus buck would have been better suited.

    Yes, 7'2" for Warpath and 7'5" for Colossus was what I found too, so that means they are almost the same height with Warpath being a tiny bit shorter. So then the TRU exclusive Warpath is the correct size, not too big. As far as I know, the first Colossus buck is the same size as the recent Colossus if we're referring to the same figures (Warlock wave Colossus and 80th Anniversary Colossus).


  7. I'd like a new comic Ronan too. Then we'd have almost all the Annihilators! I never even read that comic (too recent for me), but looking at the members, who can beat that team?

    But how about The Champion!! An homage to the Thing in the Marvel Two-In-One classic. I doubt The Champion is the BAF but I do hope Hasbro brings him to us some time. I was surprised when they made a 3.75 version of him (as Championpool), so he is on their radar. I would think a Legends version of him would be similar in size to the new Hulk and Juggernaut, but not as wide, like maybe the size of the Legends Sasquatch BAF (who is way too small for that character!).



  8. On 10/4/2019 at 11:12 AM, monron999 said:

    IMO Warpath is outta scale with the rest of X-Force as he was portrayed in the 90's comic as even taller than Colossus, but accurate scale is not something I've expected from Hasbro for some time now (though they do occasionally get it right), so as long as he's taller than the rest of the team I'm cool.

    That's news to me that Warpath was shown as taller than Colossus. I originally thought the TRU Warpath, which I overpaid to get, was too big, but then I looked it up and saw he should be close to Colossus' height but slightly shorter, so then I was fine with the size of that figure.

  9. Hellll yes, I wasn't expecting a release of such exciting major characters for NYCC. I thought we were past the big announcements for the year and we might get a few repaints and a few obscure characters. But Warpath?? Definitely a must-get for me. But yeah, that looks more like Thunderbird. The Fantastic Four is cool but I prefer the classic outfits. I do like the new Thing's head better though, with the more prominent brow and jaw. I like Sunspot as a character but I'm not sure about this figure. Similar to the recent Cannonball -- I like the character but unsure about the figure. I guess Sunspot is hard to depict as a figure though since he's just all black. Blue Deadpool? Maybe.

  10. On 8/25/2019 at 1:38 AM, Air-Walker said:

    For me, it would be the Sasquatch BaF. hands down. The figure is just way way too small. Ideally, it should be about an inch taller than the recent 80th Hulk, and wider! Also, it should have a snarl like the TB version, which considering the character is a better fit than the placid expression. Some nitpicks:

    -Guardian's head. 1 neutral expression head would have been perfect. A bonus gritted teeth head even better.

    -Adam Warlock; the recent one is cool looking, but from what I've seen, that outfit is already long gone. We seriously need a classic version, either with the Lightning bolt crest, or the second classic outfit from Jim Starlin's legendary story-arc.




    I also vote emphatically for a properly sized Sasquatch, who should be 10" and wider. And yes, an angrier expression would be nice. John Byrne even gave us a closeup of that!








    Next, would probably be Beast, who is too big.

  11. More than pumped to get this set and was super surprised when news broke last Friday afternoon as I wasn't expecting anything else new this year, let alone a big release like this. I already pre-ordered. Did y'all remember to check the "Ship in Amazon packaging" option? (I didn't initially because I didn't know what it meant and then there was no way to edit that option, so I canceled and then reordered.)

    Shaman was the one I was hoping for most. I also thought they would use the Forge boots but they didn't. But now that I checked his classic look, his boots aren't like that anyway but are like Capt America boots but with a split down the middle of the cuff.

    The Puck re-issue is welcome too so we can actually have him. 

    I wanted Box as well, preferably the original/classic blue version of him. The red/gold version is too similar to Iron Man/Hulkbuster. And I wanted Wild Child too. And yes, Box is not that tall. A figure around the size of the recent Legends Thing would be right.

    I will put one of my Wolverines with this team too. We have enough Wolverines for every team. 😁

    We still need a bigger 10" Sasquatch! With enraged head is great idea from bashpics99. But I'll hold off on that gripe since Hasbro has been so good to us lately.

  12. 3 hours ago, RyanDaly said:

    I know lots of collectors consider the new Jim Lee-style Beast the best figure of the year, which bums me out because I'm sitting over here in the corner waiting for a smaller, darker version to go with my Avengers that I know isn't going to get made anytime in the next couple years. *sad emoji*








    13 hours ago, bashpics99 said:

    Just sell extra-large figures separately, as they did with the recent re-release of the marvel universe Sentinel.  The Hulk set seems to be selling reasonably well so  i think people are willing to shell out extra money for a BAF sized figure, depending on the character.. so i think people would pay even more for a bigger figure (again, depending on who the character is). 

    Although i think the notion that hasbro is going to re-do figures they made recently because the scale isn't quite accurate seems pretty dubious - i don't see us getting a new re-sized Sasquatch,  comic Thanos,  Beast,   Abomination, Thing, or comic Hulk anytime soon. The Wrecking crew (aside from Bulldozer) might be a different story since those figures look outdated next to more recent hasbro offerings.

    The new Beast is great, but too big. They obviously knew he would be compared with the much celebrated Toybiz Beast who was also too big so they made him similarly sized, I think. I also have the non-hairy human Beast from the TRU X-Men box set. I think that's a pretty good size.

    I agree that it's doubtful we'll get the same characters redone to proper scale so soon. But I am pretty surprised that the Hasbro people seem to read toy sites like this and respond to what fans want. They've even admitted to it in some interviews. So I guess, keep posting about it and maybe it'll happen. They've given me almost all my most-wanted figures recently (comic Hulk, classic Colossus, classic Thor, Beast). They even fixed the pretty minor quibble most people had with Cap's head being too fat, and he was only released a few years ago. So you never know.

  13. 10 hours ago, Gigantor said:

    Here's pics I took of Thor face to face with his fellow Avengers, he is at most , half a head taller than some & less than that with others. He is not a full head taller than any of them except most of the female Avengers & that is legit as most are under 6ft tall in the comics, more like in the 5'5-5'10 range. He is in perfect scale that reflects his 6'6 hgt in the comics





    Thanks for the comparison shots. I just got mine today in the mail! So I no longer have to rely on internet photos. I agree he is properly sized.

  14. Yeah, I would definitely buy another Sasquatch if Hasbro or anyone else like Diamond Select made him again in the right scale at 10" tall. But I assume the chances of Hasbro remaking him are slim because as you said, he's not a major character and they just released the BAF pretty recently. I'm glad we got a Guardian and hope for Shaman next. The Hulkbuster BAF was almost 10" tall so that's some evidence that a 10" Sasquatch could be packaged as a BAF.

    I was talking about the 80th Anniversary Thor, which I thought was too big like the other Hasbro versions of modern Thor. I don't have the 80th version in hand yet (it should be delivered tomorrow though!), but based on photos I saw, I thought he was like a head taller than Cap, which would put him well over 7 feet tall and almost the size of Colossus, just like the other Thors.









    But now after your comment, I looked around and I'm seeing other photos that shows maybe he's not quite as tall as I thought. Like this one:








    Either way, I'm okay with a properly-sized Thor or an oversized Thor because I feel he should appear mighty and imposing!

  15. 18 hours ago, Gigantor said:

    Sasquatch should have been exactly 10' tall. That the new classic 80th anniv Hulk is the same hgt as him is unsat. Hulk should have been scaled at around the 7-.7.5'

    scale, so when posed next to a 10' tall Sasquatch it would have reflected the accurate size disparity between em. I give much props to Hasbro 90% of the time but when it comes to their big characters or BAF, they are screwing up big time.


    My list of characters they jacked up the scale on & did either too big or too small:


    Sasquatch-10 footer in the comics, 8' scale as a figure

    Thanos-originally 6'7, now an 8+ footer

    Beast-he's 5'11, Jim Lee version is just oversized compared to how he looked prior to JL drawing him. Byrne ,Perez & many other artists drew him in his proper 5'11 hgt

    Thing- he's 6ft, no idea how he's almost Hulk sized now

    Hulk- 7ft, miraculously has shot up to 8ft+ in the past 15yrs or so. 7.5' tops

    Juggs 6'10 originally, no idea how he shot up to 8+ft, should be 7.5 scale at most

    Abomination-Originally 6'8, now also 8+ft should be, 7' scale tops

    Rhino-originally 6-5, now an 8 footer

    Entire wrecking crew- all oversized/outta scale & on an outdated 2010 T-bird buck that has awful POA. Need to be re-done on the Hercules/80th anniv Thor bucks.


    Had Hasbro scaled Sasquatch at his correct 10' scale, many of the other large figs such as Hulk/Juggs would look in proper scale with him, now due to scaling him at 8', Sasquatch looks undersized.

    Totally agree on all points, especially about how the Sasquatch BAF was undersized. He should tower over Hulk and Juggernaut, but the Sasqutch BAF is smaller than the new Hulk and Juggs figures, in mass.

    Sasquatch was one of my favorite characters as evidenced by my username. I've brought up the undersized issue before, but others didn't seem to appreciate it and felt I was needlessly complaining, because I think they did not appreciate Sasquatch's size as they were surprised by the size disparity when I posted some classic images of these characters together. Anyway, I was hesitant to bring it up again, but I will happily jump on board with your message. 🙂

    I remember all the characters at the heights you described. But I'm a fan of the classic characters. Since then, apparently Juggernaut has been upsized to the height of Sasquatch, and Hulk is also depicted big as a house. I also feel that Wendigo should be slightly smaller than Sasquatch and for this reason, I prefer the old Wendigo figure, not just for scale but also appearance.

    I keep hoping Marvel Select could release a Sasquatch at the proper size. The Select Groot is 10" tall and that is what Sasquatch should be. But they always say they have no plans to make Sasquatch whenever someone asks them on their blog.

    I also agree about all of the Wrecking Crew being too big. Those were on an older sculpt with the weird ball thigh joints, so maybe Hasbro can release those figures again with updated sculpts. Warpath was on that buck too, but I think he's properly sized.

    And I also agree about the new Beast being too big.

    One size discrepancy I don't really mind is the new Thor. He shouldn't be that big, and should be only a few inches taller than Cap, but I don't mind it because he is a powerful character so his size should convey that IMO.

  16. 4 hours ago, monron999 said:

    Wow, thanks. They do look great together. I know in the comics they've flipped back and forth over the years as to which one was larger with Juggs usually edging out Hulk by a tad, but this is great. I'm actually glad they use different molds. So they don't look exactly alike.

    Exactly. Hasbro could have so easily taken the easy, lazy way out and just reused the Juggernaut body for Hulk. I probably would have been ok with that. But instead they created a whole new sculpt that is pretty much the same size. I think it looks better and is actually proportioned better than Jugg's body. Hats off to them. I'm totally happy with this Hulk in every way -- size, color, costume, look, paint shading. I even thought I'd dislike the torn shirt he comes with and would never use it, but I actually like the shirt once I got it and use it. It kind of covers the disconnected separation between shoulder and torso.

  17. On 7/16/2019 at 3:22 AM, monron999 said:

    It'd be cool to get some side by side pics of Juggs next to the new Hulk. Just cuz I'm a huge "Scale Nazi" and they have tangled quite a few times.

    Otherwise this 2 pack is perfect. Can't wait till they go up on BBTS or Dorkside. I no longer purchase from Megalopolis cuz they've been so inconsistent in service as of late. Not trying to ding the sponsors but it's just honesty.

    Yeah, as another "Scale Nazi" and big fan of these two characters, this comparison was important to me too. So here it is. I just got the new Hulk. This is the old BAF Juggernaut but he should be the same size as the new 2-pack Juggernaut. I'm still awaiting my new Juggernaut on pre-order.

    They're essentially the same size. Jugg's fists are bigger. Hulk's pecs might be a bit bigger. But overall, very similar, which is great. I really wanted a Hulk that could stack up to Juggernaut and we finally got one. All other previous incarnations were a tad too small.

    Hulk & Jugg.jpg

  18. 30 minutes ago, hisDUDENESS9829 said:

    He’s a deeper cut character than what Select usually tackles I feel like.  It’s exciting that we got one, but I think you are right that we won’t get another one for quite a while.

    Agreed. And yes, I was excited to get a Legends Sasquatch. Just wish he was bigger. But I like him. In fact, he was the figure that started me collecting Legends. I had previously collected Marvel Universe scale figures only.

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