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  1. To answer the ACTUAL question of what I'd want in a 3rd AoA wave and not comment on what is likely per the leaks on the upcoming 2nd wave, I think the following would be good options: Storm Gambit Quicksilver Mr. Sinister Mikhail Rasputin Abyss Bishop BAF: Holocaust/Nemesis This composition rounds out the Horsemen, while also apparently hits at some core characters, as best I can surmise based on the covers (I've admittedly never read the epic, though want to and understand the basic premise...just looking for a HC Omnibus re-release as the price right now is absurdly high!)
  2. These seem almost as if renders, vice actual figures, no? Regardless, color me uninterested...but the Domino is at least a unique take in figure form and the grimace/growl she wears is quite the look.
  3. I had this whole wave and an extra loose BAF pre-ordered via an online retailer and couldn't afford to pull the trigger and had to forgo...this review and a few if the figs now in hand has me regretting that forced error even more! Quality BAF from an interesting scene in HOX/POX.
  4. I've been clamoring for a DOFP Magneto since the film's release in 2014, so this set is a Godsend from the Legends team for me. I feel that look really nailed what Magneto's costume should look like in real life with his 70s regalia. I agree that some things are off with head sculpts, for me that inclides BOTH young Eric heads. I dont recall any scene with the angry emotion/open mouthed rage depicted with the helmeted head, and the unrelated is just off, and they should've taken more cues from the Prometheus Fassbender sculpt/scan from NECA. I tend to think they will have waves of FoX-Men in future, and will receive this figure again in one of those waves with a more stoic helmeted face. Also frustrating that they didn't result the wheelchair into the modern X-wheeled design from the Logan exclusive two-pack use of this iteration. But I don't feel the Xavier head sculpts are as off as some claim, they look pretty great to me. Despite those critiques, I am extremely satisfied even prior to having these in hand, and have two sets on order, with a 3rd loose Magneto likely in my future as well! I don't think folks should sleep on these sets!
  5. This is perhaps my favorite of these ACBA scenes ever...the classic Jim Lee comic versions of my two favorite X-Men and Marvel characters writ large, in a qseudo-recreation of my favorite scene from the climax of the first run of Ultimate X-Men. The blood splatter is in fact a defining characteristic in this piece, and the cacophony of action is beautiful. Great job Nerdyeggroll!
  6. 'Safespace and Snowflake'?...they are both ridiculous AND hatefully provocative, especially coming as they do from a very liberally biased writer affiliated with the Colbert Show. This nonsense will be the death of Marvel...I am considering a full ban on all Marvel related purchases AFTER I get my Fox X-Men Marvel Legends. Boy have these a--hats truly misjudged their customer base or what?
  7. While I was initially optimistic at this news, that it might herald an end to the SJW servicing and trick turning, I have since tempered those hopes given that Iger still will have a hand in the creative team's shaping of stories...which all but assured continued post-PC leftist agenda in Star Wars and Marvel.
  8. Nimrod looks excellent fron what I could discern in the video at least. Will be critical to know how he will be released, and if its via a standard wave, what will be within that wave...another X-wave already perhaps?
  9. We shall have to see if it is natural or contrived, and if it's natural to the story or plot points, then it still deserves evaluation of political pandering. Regardless, the more jaunts the MCU takes to the left, the less likely I am to continue to donate them my right leaning monies.
  10. I had been hoping for some news regarding Rektangular 's previous intel on a potential FoX-Men 5 pack including Deadpool, Wolverine/Logan, and some version of Prof X, Mystique and Magneto. I am hopeful for young versions from DoFP, but with alternate heads to accomodate the older versions of the last three. Also am still optimistic that we will see something more to cover the significant Hasbro gaps regarding Endgame, particularly hoping for a final wave with unmasked/battled damaged Stark/Iron Man, Broken Shield and bloodied Cap, Hulk in suit with swappable right arms for more and post snap, a final battle Ronin/Hawkeye and of course Viking Thor, a death scene Natasha, and of course another Thanos BAF try with the damage to armor, the nano gauntlet, and a couple heads. Alternatively I'll take the Iron Man, Thor and Thanos in a 3 pack!
  11. Nice photo! Is the foreground sentinel the original ToyBiz version? I think I see a port in the hand for the ole tentacles.
  12. 'Excelsior!' yet again Marvelousnews-thanks yet again for the opportunity to have a shot..."so you're sayin there's a chance!"
  13. Once the MCU goes all in on wokeness with Capt Marvel's bitter Brie, it will be over. This is a potential disaster in the making...I'll have the popcorn popping in time for the Sprong 2022 release!
  14. Seems like a strong lineup for a mish mash wave of comics and video game Avengers. I will say, I will never understand retailers' stupidity, ne ignorance?, regarding asking for more heroes than villains in assortments. I have observed as a fan and collector of multiple lines, that the retail folks are quite wrong about that stance: Starscream and Megatron shelf warm far less than Bumblebee and Hot Rod, Flint and Lady Jaye far more than Zartan and Baroness, Man at Arms and Stratos far more than Beastman and Triklops, and so too it is with Marvel...that Leader figure should have been packed by 2, and the obscure (to most lay fans) Gamerverse Cap limited to 1x per case.
  15. Agree w/ Tarot. This is not a forbearance of what is to come, it just doesnt jive with multiple marketing announcements and or research feedback the Legends team have made. Such a concept would be welcome by yours truly to get a reasonably priced MCU Scarlet Witch though, and non-phasing Vision. Might even be a release forum for Black Order revisits, and or 2nd release for MCU army builders like the Chitauri and Outriders, presuming we get them via some other mechanism first.
  16. Good luck everybody! And thanks again to Marvelousnews.com for their generosity!
  17. This...so much this. Both corporations are acting arrogantly entitled, but from a purely analytical perspective, Sony is dead on to remain recalcitrant. When Iron Man snapped his fingers and Cap took his time trip in Endgame, it ushered in an MCU B-Team that desperately needs Spidey, Thor, Doc Strange and the Guardians to keep them relevant to audiences. It's ironic that if Disney stays stubborn on this, when they rule almost the rest of the cinematic world (see any recent BO returns analysis in press on that matter), they very likely will capsize the whole of the MCU...and this when they just made a huge Fox deal that can ensure another 12 years of MCU relevance. But Spidey is the keystone in the bridge to that, and Sony knows it. Disney needs to perform some risk analysis and come to terms.
  18. Yes please, to all of them! Mother of Pearl is that an impressive group custom creation, most especially Exodus! Kudos to the extreme WingsStoke...and you chose wisely on the purple palette, IMHO! Hasbro: I hope you guys are paying attention to these comments. I (and clearly many others) would dump $150 to take a wave full of these guys/gals in a heartbeat.
  19. I want just about every figure shown in this associated image (save the Iron Man), so this would be an awesome win to enable their capture! Thanks to Marvelousnews yet again. Truly a great promotion they run.
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