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  1. I went with: Cosmo Aragorn Fenris Articulated Goose with Flerken bits Old Lace
  2. Accidentally skipped it! Placed Endgame Captain Marvel, and there's more than 100... I just picked the ones I really would buy
  3. Here's my list, all MCU, as far as I can go in no particular order 1Quicksilver 2Happy Hogan 3Iron Fist with face bandana 4Misty Knight 5Kingpin 6Bullseye 7Jigsaw 8Heimdall in Armor 9Whiplash 10Justin Hammer 11Hogun 12Volstagg 13Fandral (Dark World) 14Kurse 15Malekith 16Destroyer Armor 17Odin 18Freya 19Miek 20Cloak 21Dagger 22Alexander Pierce 23Chitauri 24Chitauri Gorilla 25 Aldrich Killian 26Dark Elf 27Yo-yo 28Korath (GotG) 29Howard the Duck 30Cosmo 31Ultron Drone 32Kurt 33Dave 34Hank Pym 35Janet Van Dyne 36Baron Zemo (Falcon an the Winter Soldier) 37Thunderbolt Ross 38Wong 39Ancient One 40Ayesha Throne room 41US Agent 42Stakar 43Martinex 44Krugarr 45Mainframe 46Aleta 47Charlie-27 48Kraglin 49Watcher 50Stan Lee Astronaut 51Shocker with alt heads 52Ned 53Tinkerer 54Captain Marvel Endgame 55Aunt May 56Typhoid Mary 57W'Kabi 58Zuri 59Nakia River Ceremony 60Outrider 61Sonny Burch 62Uzman 63Outrider 6 arms 64Sakaaran soldier 65Att-Lass 66 Mar-Vell 67Bron-Char 68Yon-Rogg alt Head 69Goose (flerkin tentacles) 70Skrull Science Officer 71Talo's Wife 72Rocket Endgame 73Thor Endgame Armor 74Hand Ninja 75Elektra Defenders 76Water Elemental 77Earth Elemental 78Wind Elemental 79Aragorn Pegasus 80Fenrir 81Robbie Reyes Ghost Rider 82Mac 83Fitz 84Simmons 85Quake 86Lance Hunter 87Bobbi Morse 88Trish Walker Hellcat 89Killgrave 90Grant Ward 91Falcon (Falcon and the Winter Soldier) 92Bucky (Falcon and the Winter Soldier) 93Sharon Carter 94Old Lace 95Chase Stein 96Nico Minoru 97Alex Wilder 98Karolina Dean 99Gert Yorkes 100Molly Hernández
  4. I doubt things in Mexico will be better enough for me to risk going to the theater, but I wish they were.
  5. Probably in the minority, but I'd rather see them retool, rerelease MCU Mk5. Bringing it up since I feel like it's inspired on the silver centurion color scheme at least 😛
  6. They could always revisit. We got Red Skull a couple years ago and he's from 2011. Peggy Carter came last year. Ultron and Ronan 2 years ago. I mean, I'm still holding my fingers crossed for a Quicksilver, unlikely as he may be. There's always a chance IMO.
  7. I completely halted my X-Men buying when the Fox purchase happened. I can't wait for the mutants to get in the MCU.
  8. Personally, I'd prefer deluxe figures. Since I'm already cutting down on some lines because I have to save up to afford all the figures I REALLY want, not having to buy comic based figures to complete BAFs would open up more figure opportunities for me. I believe the same would be said for those that HAVE to purchase MCU figures without really wanting to in order to complete a BAF. Unfortunately, I don't see that happening, Hasbro is only finding new uses for unique molds and I understand it from a business point. As a fan, I'm just glad people get the chance to get figures they couldn't complete and still get all the characters they want. Mixed waves and BAFs have me hoping for an eventual Quicksilver, Wong, and other lesser MCU characters that are yet to be made.
  9. ToyBiz never made an Ares or Crossbones. It's Hasbro. But yes it is a removable piece. Although I think it's a pretty expensive figure on a very dated sculpt and I'm not sure I'd recommend getting it even only for the vest. I think you're better off getting the one that came with either Nuke or the Hydra goons. I think it's even on the same sculpt as the current Crossbones.
  10. He looks really cool!!! Sad to say I'm passing on this wave because budget and personal limits about only getting MCU figures... but I may end up looking for that Abomination alone. Since we're unlikely to get an MCU figure from it and this looks way better than the design they used for the movie, I could use it as a stand in. It looks "realistic" enough for me.
  11. I currently get my hunts that way, gives me peace of mind 😛 Even if I find nothing new, just looking at the figures in stock feels fine.
  12. I wouldn't mind. Personally, I do most of my shopping online anyway and since I'm an opener I don't mind the packaging. Quoting Robo "just give me my plastic".
  13. Glad to know you're safe and haven't resented the effects of the pandemic. You could try empathy for a change, the fact that you haven't been affected by this doesn't mean nobody has. I'm lucky I can still work and do everything from home, but a lot of friends have either lost their jobs or can't work at all since this broke out, and that means they are limited to what they can and can't afford by their savings. The fact that you and I may be able to pay for something 500usd + doesn't mean that everyone will be, and on the empathic side of things, those 500usd+ could be used for something a bit more helpful to yourself and society. I'm not talking about donating, or even loaning, but you could probably boost those 500 into something more like investing in some business for when the dust settles.
  14. I agree completely. Therefore, yes, this should be postponed until the world clears from the emergency at hand.
  15. I wish I were pumped on self-esteem. I've crippling low self-esteem to the point of self-sabotage in advantageous situations. ON EVERY LEVEL.
  16. Looks really good!!! All the sculpt for the fabric is amazing! I've no interest in the figure, but can't deny it's very well done!
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