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  1. 13 minutes ago, Gigantor said:

    "These toys are for kids"??? Yeah, kids under 12 have $25 to splurge on ML figs or a case that costs $164. Be real, have some integrity.

    Sure, ML may be more collector oriented because children don't have that amount of money, I'll give you that. Thing is they are sold in Toys aisle, next to children's toys. Would we wish it were different? Not really, because that would mean less availability for everyone. I don't know or care where you do your buying, but having these at retail makes them have to align to certain restrictions. 

  2. 1 hour ago, Gigantor said:

    Stating facts is not being "angry". Maybe in your world it is, not mine.

    Opinions aren't facts, man. Truth is that FF aren't as popular as they were 20 years ago. Why? We speculate, we don't have the real insider info.

    I guess it's just my perspective, but feels like you've been angry typing for a few days. Everything is negative, everything sucks. Nothing is as good as it was... feels like you're not enjoying what we can get, that's why I asked why were you so angry. It was funny at first but it's been so much, that I could even say I'm a little worried...

  3. 33 minutes ago, Gigantor said:

    Here we go again. The ol, "FF don't have a MCU movie out, won't sell"  excuse card. Cuz they don't have a huge following from those of us that actually "read" comics about them. FF has had damn cartoons done about them in the 60s, 80s, 90s & 2000s along with 2 movies in 04' & 08"!  But nope, FF, Haslab  FF fantasticar won't sell cuz they don't have a damn MCU movie. Did the Sentinels have a movie out last yr? Musta missed it. The joke Sentinels in the "DOFP" X-Men movie were so bad, they didn't even rate figures of them. The Haslab Sentinel is comic based! It sold like 22,000 on a crowdfund raiser that just needed 6000 to go green. If the product is great looking & all 4 members can fit in it, it will sell, MCU movie or not. Add a 6' scale Impossible man as an incentive tier.

    Man, why are you so angry? 

  4. 2 hours ago, Lord_Scareglow said:

    I just noticed she has a Microphone?, ah probably a scene in the movie where the bad guys show up to the Karaoke bar where they are having fun and Shang Chi & Katy have to beat them up, and she uses the mic as a weapon, I bet this. 

    I can't decide if I like this figure or not, I think it's cute I guess, but I also just don't think I have any desire to add it to the collection, but then I think..I bet Morris is going to steal some scenes with Katy in this movie. I guess if it shows up at TRU and I walk by it I'd maybe get it, just because it's fun it's an Akwafina figure, well maybe. I also just don't think this character has ever been in the comics, she is completely made up for the movie, or am I wrong?

    The mic is from Dazzler if I'm not mistaken. I guess they're using it since she's shown singing in a karaoke in the trailer.

  5. I think it's cool that we get to see so many different views along the years in entertainment. We get to see how far we've come, and how much we've yet to grow as a civilization, or even just how much we've changed. Not even 10 years ago movies were still making fun of homosexuals and giving gay a negative connotation, is it good it's stopped? I like to think so. 

    In any case, I think it's funny how riled up people get when they see that what they do and how they do it is hurting someone else and are asked to stop. It really does sound like whining to complain about "wokeness showing how the black are oppressed by the white" when the message is easily interpreted as "I'm hurt that you say I can't hurt you anymore".

    Anyway, who's ready for Loki?

  6. Ursa Major seems like the main reason for IM wave's success because it looks like a kickass figure whether you know the character or not, which brings us to the first point as to why BaFs are such an important factor to Marvel Legends' success and why it wouldn't be a great idea to get rid of them.

    As to being compelled to buy or not a figure based on what you saw in a movie it's very subjective and relative to each movie and person. You may like the figure but hate the movie (Venom, in my case), ignore the figure but love the movie (T'Chaka in my case), or be ignorant of the characters, watch the movie and want to get them (Guardians of the Galaxy for me, although to be fair I wanted them since the trailer hit.)  So far, neither Shang-Chi nor The Eternals have given me much reason to get them, but I wouldn't put it past me to want them after watching the films. 

    Thing is, these are still superhero toys for children. They may be appealing to us adult collectors, but the main market is still kids. That's probably what got me into collecting in the first place, and why I have narrowed to only movie based figures and not comic based ones, being able to get the characters I liked from the movies I watched. I remember wanting every character from the Lost World for example, and hunting for the Lord of the Rings figures. When I finally made the jump to Marvel Legends as a young adult, it was mostly X-men because of my nostalgia of the tv series and videogames.

    My point is ML needs both comic and movie figures to keep catering to all of us. Whether you buy MCU to get the comic BAF or vice-versa, neither would be available without the other. Comic's wouldn't get Spymaster, we wouldn't get Mantis.

    Can either survive without the other? I guess Hasbro is testing the waters with the retro lines and the MCU celebration lines, but I doubt we'll see an absolute and definitive divide.

  7. 1 hour ago, Typhis said:

    If they're going to increase the price of the figures then maybe not make so many repaints or multiples of the same characters..make the ones we've been asking for years to get made..How about more MCU and Fox figures, I can think of many MCU figures I want...The Warriors three, Justin Hammer, some Outriders, Wong and the Ancient One...just to name a few... Fox- The X-Men both versions..

    There's plenty more MCU that I want as well! Happy, Odin, Freya, Malekith, Kurse, Ultron Drone, Korath, Kraglin, Cosmo, Whiplash, Chitauri, The Shockers, AoU Hawkeye, and I can keep going!

  8. 1 hour ago, Gigantor said:

    A $3 increase should automatically include alternate heads, hands & depending on the character's power set, FX powers as well. Cyclops should always come with a variety of optic blast beams & none should be permanently glued or sculpted to his visor! I'm for getting rid of the BAF & just making certain characters in deluxe packages ala Thanos & War Machine. For $23, I'd prefer alternate heads, hands & accessories/ weapons FX.

    I'm sure the 3bucks increase isn't because they can make more things and because they can't keep affording the business as is and everything is getting more expensive. 

    On the other hand, you do bring an interesting proposition. I'd be all for getting rid of BaF pieces and just get alt heads and accessories. But I'm not sure it would work business wise since the only way to get us to buy certain figures is by making them have a BaF piece from a figure we want.

  9. 2 hours ago, RyanDaly said:

    You don't think the insurance adjuster/assistant manager of Home Depot is an exciting look?

    I do! I just... would've preferred a new character. Same with Cap, I love the look... but I love the Falcon outfit from the series that much more... as well with Wanda, a cloak or alt head with red eyes would've put her over the top. The whole wave just feel like "almost" there. 

  10. Firefly, I need to update and complete my Serenity crew.

    Lord of the Rings, Toy Biz did a great job, but they sorely need an update in 6", I don't want the select versions.

    Probably impossible, or a one-shot... Independence Day, it's probably the only 90's property from my childhood that isn't on my shelf.

    Scott Pilgrim, again, probably too limited a selection of characters to make a line... but I'd really like to have a band on my shelf (could even have a Build a Drumkit way of spreading out the instrument) 

    I'd say Community but that would just be civilians, lol.

    Aliens, Neca is great, but they're not in 1:12, and I'd really like some Colonial Marines. Predator too, again, Neca is great but I want my toys to play nicely together.

    Uncharted, limited selection, but it would be awesome to have some Drake and Sully figures in 1:12.

    I'd love to complete my MK ninjas from MK9, made by an affordable line. 


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