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  1. Set, definitely. Unless I feel like it's impossible to get a figure otherwise, but I'm sitting on years-old product from cases I haven't been able to sell because nobody wants it.
  2. He can voice more characters if required, that's the beauty of voice acting, he could even appear as a human character too. Sean Gunn does mocap for Rocket and plays Kraglin. Taika directs, mocaps and voices Korg. Cumberbatch was both Strange and Dormammu.
  3. I agree, and I repeat myself: The day people aren't harassed and murdered for being themselves is the day that race, gender and sexuality in any media will stop drawing attention. It shouldn't be news, but there's a reason it is. Just because you and I are able to have this conversation doesn't mean that everyone everywhere can, and they should.
  4. Yeah, exactly. Depending on how the content is displayed should be the audience who sees it, I agree. But I think that representing LGBT romance on the same degree as heterosexual shouldn't be an issue. Parents need to be able to answer their children's confusion on a perfectly natural subject. Death is probably more confusing and we're able to talk about it.
  5. Agree, on-screen romance is not necessary, but it's not prohibited either. We see Cap kiss Margaery Tyrell, Peggy, Sharon and Black Widow and no one bats an eye. In Iron Man, Tony Stark mentions sleeping around with at least 12 women, and is shown on the way to sex with a reporter he just met. Quill tells of his adventures and even proposes to with that Ayeesha chick. There have always been romantic interests in every film, or sexual. Why is it ok for heterosexual romance, but wrong for every other? We don't even know how or if it affects a story. If attention is drawn to the sexuality of a character, it's because of how certain sexualities are still "unacceptable"when it shouldn't. The day people stop being harassed and murdered for being who they are is the day the sexuality, gender and race of a character will stop drawing attention.
  6. I agree completely on them having to be discussed in the real world, and that tossing characters for tokenism is terrible. On the other hand, maybe entertainment is the right way to place these subjects into the discussions. If they don't reflect the current state of the world or question the way we perceive these subjects, then they are truly devoid of value and as hollow entertainment as can be. I honestly can't care enough if they do or don't add LGBT characters, because it doesn't affect ME. That doesn't mean it could be a good thing for someone else, or to improve how we deal with these subjects outside the film.
  7. Hahahaha I find it really endearing you're still so angry about that other character. Don't take it the wrong way, please, I've grown to appreciate and enjoy your take on things. I enjoy that other character, but if it meant giving Rogue a good guilt/redemption story I'm all for it too. The X-Men have always been my favorite thing from Marvel, it may break the MCU for me if done inadequately, but I can't wait to see what they do with them.
  8. That would be totally great, can't wait for the X-Men. My wishful thinking is that they do the first class justice, I can't wait for a proper Iceman.
  9. I think the effect is ok. If it'd been up to me, though, I would have made the hinge sideways, not up and down, since that would've captured the motion better. (Gambit and Ronin would've benefited from this too.)
  10. I'm not sure they need more articulation as much as they "need" more accessories. If I miss something from the ToyBiz days is the display bases, and maybe the paint washes that really made the sculpt pop... but it some were terrible so I don't really miss that. I'd rather we get more alt heads and hands than fingers or removeable helmets, for example. Toe articulation is case sensitive, Spidey characters might need them, but I think that's pretty much it... You know what, changed my mind, some characters do need more articulation, female characters in general need an upgrade desperately to their range of motion, specially in the abdomen.
  11. Agree, some figures need to look better than move. That said, from what I've seen, Kingpin does at least what Kingpin should, and that's what makes it a great action figure.
  12. While I agree completely on wishing for Armor and Rockslide, I understand the appeal the AoA wave has. If I understand the kind of collector you are, I used to be like you: happy to get a version of a new character you like, no matter which costume or era, just the character in 6" format so to place it in your collection. I used to mix comic and MCU figures on my display and it was great. Right now, I'd rather mount specific displays, AoU, Infinity War, Endgame... hence me not minding buying duplicates of certain characters as to display them accordingly... so yeah, I don't need an AoA wave, but I'm sure someone does.
  13. Oh man, just picking 10 is hard!! 10 Nebula Endgame 9 Warriors Three (Gotta have them together, from Dark World to go with that Sif) 8 Korath 7 Wong 6 Misty Knight 5 Iron Fist 4 Kingpin 3 Cosmo 2 Quicksilver 1 Endgame Thor But oh, man... there's so much more that I want from most movies!! Army builders, secondary villains, civilian characters, the House Party... My MCU wishlist is endless. By the way, there were a MkIV and MkV in 6" from IM2, in the same line as MkI War Machine, but were nigh impossible to get.
  14. I haven't played as Cable yet, but the other 3 are so much fun. The only thing I dislike about the game is how grinding it is. Having to play the same levels over and over to gain xp for each of the characters is too much.
  15. I'd like an AoS pack. I think one pack could have Fitz, Coulson and Sitwell in the suit body, and another in a jumpsuit for the females with May, Bobbi and Daisy. Make a female version of the business suit too to add Sharon Carter, Simmons and a jumpsuit for the males with Ward, Trip and Hunter. Wishful thinking all the way.
  16. Yeah, I think that's the problem we're gonna start facing going forward. Marvel Legends has to find a new way to sell new characters without relying to much on the heavy hitters. With the prices going up, and the biggest guns (selling merch) out of the MCU, I can't see people buying multiple times the same character, specially the FF.
  17. I wish they'd pushed for this instead of Dark Phoenix. Granted, I haven't watched it so I won't talk it down, but I wasn't really feeling the trailers. This on the other hand felt fresh.
  18. Glad to see another MCU collector. You pretty much nailed my wishlist too. I'm adding Cosmo, the rest of AoS (particularly Mack, Yo-yo, and Fitz-Simmons), and Netflix Kingpin.
  19. It's funny until you realize that the most powerful country's government doesn't take itself seriously enough. I giggled, but then felt annoyed. Those are the people in power, the ones earning huge amounts of money, and yet they don't take the time to review what they or their departments do before putting it out there. Worst part is that it's happening worldwide.
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