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  1. Guess that depends on how you're defining "classic". Most of that "timelessness" comes from being visually available for a long time, or being the first one. Nonetheless, there are many classics that are goofy or dated, like a classic car. Old but gold, if you may. But far from timeless.
  2. I think what the core problem is is anger management. I mean, most of us are being really civil and understanding. "I may not like this version, but I'm happy to get this other one!" seems to be the general feeling, or "I'm not getting it, but am happy someone is". We're getting so much that some feel it's a problem (for another post), but at the same time we GET TO CHOOSE and I think that's the best thing ever. Nostalgia blindness when buying is what's moving the market right now, we have the funds, we're buying. So much of the current content and products in the market right now are for us. Even places, game bars, comic coffee shops... it's not really a problem, I mean, what a time to be alive! Nostalgia blindness+anger issues is what turns the internet into an ugly place, hating just because it's not the version we wished it were and being offensive... it makes us seem like little children throwing tantrums. It's not really fueling conversation or debate when it's the same statement recycled over and over, it's not even an argument, just an opinion without a source. I wish I knew how some people KNOW how a story is gonna play out just by reading the synopsis for a new series. Or what makes certain movies the worst trash ever. I've asked, but am yet to get an answer.
  3. You're as cliche as Marvel, man. I pretty much just log in to read you complaining about how boring things are at Marvel this days. Your discourse never changes, it's not creative, and it's not based on anything but prejudice since I understand you're not reading contemporary Marvel issues.
  4. Going MCU here: 1. First Avenger Captain America 2. Concept Art Falcon (F&WS) 3. Concept Art Winter Soldier (F&WS) 4. Baron Zemo (F&WS) 5. Agent 13 (CAWS) 6. Alexander Pierce 7. Arnim Zola BAF Arnim Zola AI diorama
  5. Best Newcomer: Executioner- great new sculpt awesome accessories. Great pack as well Remake: Hela- Great accurate update + more accessories than the original, only way it could be better is if it included swords. Re-release: Vibranium Black Panther- it's amazing how much this figure pops up from the display just with a little paint added to an already awesome sculpt. Only category with no contest IMO. Best Villain: Hela- again, compared to the rest of the releases she get's the most out of her packaging. Best Female: Ghost- She's not on the list but she's my favourite female MCU figure of the year. Mostly out of love for the portrayal and how soon we got her figure compared to Yellowjacket. (Voted Valkyrie since she was my runner-up) New Costume: Iron Patriot- I thought I'd buy it just for completion of an eventual Iron Armor display and Thor's head. I thought it wouldn't replace the MK006 War Machine in my action display. Boy, was I blown away when I got it last night. Strong contender for my personal ToY award.
  6. I think we may be experiencing the youth's allegories as a slap in the face because we're older and get it. I may be wrong, but I think that our experience is the very same thing that could be making us feel like they're dumbing down. I mean, it's happened to me talking to my younger siblings about different subjects, and they're not that much younger.
  7. I mean, it's not that way away from Civil War's premise of outlawing super heroes. But it does feel like a fresh take, one for the youths IMO. He's not gonna get it anyway, he's too much 'always right' to accept he's missing out.
  8. Well, that's disappointing. I think you're right. It doesn't make sense, tho. If they could use de IW mold again with the vest and all, they didn't even have to go all the way and pack multiple heads and we would probably buy multiples to have both widows in white and both widows in black/grey.
  9. I'm glad you added "for this wave". Because it could (probably will) be done later on.
  10. I'm only getting the MCU figs because... well completionist, but Red Guardian without a helmet is a slight let down and Yelena looks really, REALLY cheap. That BaF almost makes me want to buy it, but I have to pass for budget. I hope we get a helmeted RG in a 2-pack with Melina Vostokoff, I wouldn't mind getting both versions since the single pack looks to be younger, but would obviously prefer to get the first with both heads.
  11. I know my opinion may be unwarranted, since I'm not a reader, but I think it's cool they're presenting new characters for the guest stars to give the mantle to.
  12. I love how much fun you have with Giant Man. Makes me like mine that much more, so thanks.
  13. You haven't read anything about those 2 characters since THEN when you didn't like them, you don't know them now and somehow you like them less. You haven't read this story or how they'll be part of it and think of them as a waste of space already. Sure, you don't need to be current with today's comics to have any opinion whatsoever, but your opinion won't be current either.
  14. My money'd be on them revealing some of the movie figures or at least confirming which will make the wave. They've made the concept art too available for them not to show some in figure form.
  15. That's not a bad idea in theory... but I would feel totally ripped off if I had to buy an accessory pack for a wave... with the rest of the wave, you know? Specially if they decided to stop including accessories with the figures to encourage buying the accessory pack.
  16. I never got it!! I ordered it and got charged and never got it... I kinda prefer that Cannonball to the current one... but I wouldn't just not be upset if they did retake it, I'd probably be happy.
  17. I hope so too!!! Never enough MCU characters for me 😛
  18. **Gasp! Things must be really bad for you to be saying something is bad. It's not like you complain about EVERYTHING
  19. Even if they did have a lot of movies, they're doing 9 waves a year, 4 are MCU, plus all the vintage and anniversary lines, exclusives... Thing is, they could totally pull off 4 MCU waves (or less, considering Endgame was a once in a lifetime event that required 3 waves... and could still use more), 2 Ultimates for the X-Men, 2 Ultimates for Spidey, and an Ultimate for F4 (or spread them out as you see fit, I haven't read as much as I would like and am pretty ignorant of the Ultimate Universe).
  20. I'm trying to pick one, but I can't. I guess I'm most grateful I get to collect as much as I do, and have so much to pick from. I don't know how long I'm gonna be able to keep this up, or if my collection will be with me all the way to the grave, so I'm really thankful to be able to do it right now.
  21. Single: Worthy Cap-last one I'll have to get, they got the face right and the armored sculpt is beautiful. Double: Corvus Glaive and Loki- Rounding out the Black Order and the best looking Loki... picked because of all the sets, this was the one I was most excited about... even if it isn't as accessory packed. Multi: Alpha Flight-I personally wouldn't get it, it has no place in my collection, but the fact that they finally managed to put 6 figures in a single pack is something to commemorate. I just wish this starts a trend and isn't just a one off. Fan Channel: BTSM, the only one I'd pick up if I had the chance.
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