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  1. Wow, X-Men fans must be happy right now, that's a TON of stuff I've seen people asking for. It doesn't look like I'll be buying anything for a while though, the only thing that interested me today was Gamora and the Spider-Man VHS series. Gamora looks FANTASTIC, I've been wanting her forever. That's a further confirmation that that Disney+ wave is legit so I'm even more hyped now. The prospect of a Spider-Man VHS series is very exciting, I'm curious what all will be in it. I hope we see that Carnage soon, the Bucky Cap mold never worked for me for him and the 2020 figure was too modern. Hopefully this gives us a good classic Carnage, the art on the box looks like straight up classic Carnage, not the show version, so I'm hopeful.
  2. That's gotta be a new Shuri right? She's the only one we haven't gotten yet aside from M'Baku, I guess it could be him as well. I assume they've been holding her back for spoiler reasons. But I'm pretty much the complete opposite from everyone else when it comes to next year I think. I have zero interest in pretty much all of the comic stuff outside of the Spider-Man stuff. I sold off my X-Men collection a while ago, otherwise I'd have been all over that new Blob. I'm somewhat conflicted about the Spider-Man wave, I'll have to see the BAF, but I kind of wish we had gotten Carrion or Overdrive, they need to complete those teams. Also where's our classic Toxin and Chameleon? When will we get characters like Kaine, Vermin, Will O' The Wisp, Prodigy, Mania, Grey Goblin, etc? That being said, I'm very excited to get Tarantula and the Rose, hopefully that Ben Reilly is one of his Scarlet Spider suits and not just the retro figure repacked. The MCU stuff is pretty exciting. I wish we had gotten more figures from Quantumania and the Marvels, but 3 each isn't terrible. Plus I figure the BAFs will be MCU, MODOK or Stature for AM and some villain for the Marvels. Also I'm sure we'll get some exclusives for those movies that weren't on that list. The Infinity Saga wave looks interesting, I assume it'll be along the lines of the BP Legacy wave, so I'll be curious to see how much remolding they do. We desperately need a better Civil War/Homecoming Spidey mold. The NWH wave and D+ wave 5 are the standouts for me. The NWH wave is everything I wanted it to be, we better get a glider for Norman. I honestly thought they'd do a deluxe for him, so I'm a bit worried about what he'll come with. I assume Lizard will be the BAF and we'll probably get Electro as a Target exclusive or something. No way they'd do everyone but him. Also so glad they're giving us a Matt and a new MJ. The D+ wave is INSANE. Kingpin, Agatha and Thanos Gamora have been on my wishlist forever. I hope they do Daredevil as the last figure in the wave and Abomination as the BAF but I'm worried those will be more What If figures... Even though DD would be just a repaint of the Netflix version.
  3. I imagine there's a lot of collectors in my position, the car looks fantastic but I can't justify $350 on it even if it might be worth that if all the tiers are reached. And really, that just comes down to lack of interest in the product itself. I put down $400 on Galactus, knowing that I could pay it off over time. I could very well do the same here, but no matter how good it looks, neither the charger or the potential tier figures appeal to me to drop that much on it. A good example of this would be if it was an AoS Robbie and Hellcharger, with some of the Agents as tiers. Day 1 backing for me, and that would only be slightly different than what the current offering is. Galactus and the Sentinel were huge names, appealing to many many people. The way the campaign is going right now, it isn't going to fund, I'm not sure exactly why Hasbro is deciding to not reveal the rest of the tiers now, I think those will be the only things that would get it there.
  4. The color scheme and most of the figure look stellar, but those legs have me questioning the design team. I don't think any of her suits have had tree trunks like that and for the figure it's going to obliterate ankle movement. Either way, I'm excited to be getting another Wakanda Forever character, hopefully they reveal Shuri soon though that probably won't be until after the movie comes out for spoiler reasons.
  5. I kind of figured we'd get that particular suit from them first, but I'm still disappointed. Hopefully we get his other 3 suits from the movie as well as Tobey and Andrew. Glad to see they're starting on NWH stuff now though.
  6. There’s gotta be something else going on with Mephisto that’s different in their eyes, I have no idea exactly what, but otherwise they would have released him already, there have been people clamoring for him non-stop forever now. I highly doubt they’ve been specifically planning on him being included to sell this particular Haslab, though it’s entirely possible that they knew he would have to be released somewhere like that.
  7. They’ve said they can’t release demonic figures like Mephisto at retail, I don’t know the implications of that or if retail means just in store, or fan channel as well, but it’s entirely possible that this was the only way they could do him and they’re just working within the constraints. People love to criticize Hasbro’s team for things but they rarely have all the information behind a certain decision. From what I’ve seen the team behind Legends is very passionate about bringing the fans things they want in whatever venue they can, working within whatever leeway the big boys at Hasbro and Disney give them. It’s not fair to criticize them for things they have little control over.
  8. Just because there are people who can't afford certain price points doesn't mean those products shouldn't exist. Hasbro releases tons of product constantly at different price points, there will always be something for everyone. Furthermore, there are people out there who can't afford a $100 box set or a $50 2-pack. Does that mean those things shouldn't exist either? It's a hobby, not a necessity, we collect because we like things, and if you want and can afford something $300+, you shouldn't be denied that aspect of collecting just because others can't.
  9. This might have to be my first ThreeZero figure, I'm looking forward to seeing the actual product images
  10. Not really a comic Thunderbolts fan, but I too would have liked to have seen a different cast. I'm looking forward to the MCU's take on what seems like it'll be a Suicide Squad-esque movie, but because of that, Bucky doesn't seem like he belongs here, given he's pretty much reached hero status at this point. It'll be interesting to see Yelena and Red Guardian together again after Black Widow, but Taskmaster should have been the Tony Masters version this time, it was fine in Black Widow to have that version of the character, but just because of the type of character she was, she was really bland and uninteresting. Masters would have been a much more interesting choice, I'm still hoping he shows up at some point here. The rest I all expected, but I would have loved for Abomination and Zemo to show up, it's possible they could still. I also hope maybe we get future versions of the team that include Deadpool, Bullseye, Punisher and Elektra.
  11. I still prefer the Legends version. The articulation cuts are just too unsightly and he's way too shiny and metallic. Despite the Legends not coming with alternate heads, I think they look far better overall and they cost a third of the price. I likely wouldn't have displayed them with the unmasked heads anyway.
  12. FINALLY!! My most anticipated wave of the year lol, hopefully they show up stateside in the next month or so.
  13. It's not that I think every figure should have pins, but for a figure that has nothing more than a BAF wave figure like Controller wave Thor or a lot of the recent MCU offerings and yet costs $5 more for some reason, they could have at least given him pinless arms and legs, maybe then he could have had his proper chicken legs too. And even on non-Spider-Man figures, pinless just looks better, it's so much cleaner.
  14. The pictures on the box show him pinless. I’m guessing maybe they had originally planned on him being pinless and then they weren’t able to do it for some reason?
  15. Looks good minus the pins, but I'll pass. I might have gotten him if he had been $25 but not for $30. I try to stick to only 1-2 villains per hero on my villain shelf and I already have Loki for Thor. Gorr isn't important enough for me to spend that much on a reused (pinned) mold with new accessories.
  16. I buy most of my legends online, mostly through preorders. My in-store purchases are primarily impulse buys or if I miss out on a preorder, but that's fairly rare so it won't affect me too much. The biggest thing this'll change for me is the times when I buy 2 of one figure, one to keep in box and one to open. I don't do that with every figure, just when I really like a character or think the figure looks good in its packaging, but this will undoubtedly make me cease doing that altogether, the last one probably being Moon Knight from the D+ wave. There's just no point in doing that in my eyes now since you can't see the figure through the box anymore.
  17. This looks damn good. Definitely getting him to keep on card even though I have both other versions of the mold. The mid-transformation head and bone hands are a really cool touch.
  18. This looks like the lovechild of Hasbro's Monster Venom and movie Venom, it looks pretty cool actually. Not enough to actually get it though, I have plenty of different Venoms at this point.
  19. MOLTEN MAN!!! Also it’s hilarious that they just replicated the same recipe everyone’s been using for Silvermane lol. Also what a strange wave. I guess it’s cool to have more zombies and I’m always hyped for more live action stuff but I would have preferred Gamora from What If… Khonshu BAF is amazing though, I wasn’t expecting that at all.
  20. Ok, good to have a reference for this particular version of Riot, makes me wonder why we got this version instead of the classic version, I think most people would have preferred the 90's version. Hopefully we do get at least that figure down the line since it seems like the other 4 are fairly interchangeable.
  21. Watch them do a Pulse exclusive 5-pack down the line with repaints of Phage, Scream and Agony, Lasher on the Vulcan buck and classic Riot on the Omega Red buck.
  22. Instant preorder for me, I've wanted to finish the Life Foundation ever since Lasher came out and I've wanted Venom on the Omega Red mold since that figure came out lol. Comic Venom on the movie body never worked for me, so I'm more than happy with this set. Also the price for this is so good! The Amazing Friends set which also had 3 figures was $75, so for only $3 more and including a former BAF/deluxe figure, this set is an absolute steal. Especially compared to the $90 NWH set...
  23. For me personally this is the only upside to the SHF, so they're pretty much on par with the Legends now. These will be probably like $50 more than the Legends, out of scale with anything outside of more SHF and have much worse looking joints. I'm still going with Legends despite the unmasked head, I likely wouldn't even display them unmasked.
  24. It has to be Robbie, he's the most logical choice for a Ghost Rider HasLab by far. I'm curious what the tiers would be, I doubt they'd give us Blaze or Ketch with their bikes, at most we'd get Johnny as one tier and his bike as another tier, though we'll probably get deluxe releases of those 2 independently in 2023. Maybe Eli? More classic demons like Mephisto or Blackheart?
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