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  1. I'm very happy I was able to snag my 2, especially since I wasn't able to get him until an hour or so after he went up. $22.99 and he's still up. I hope all future Target preorders are this easy.
  2. Pretty good stream, way more than I was expecting. I'm not like super hyped for Sharon, but definitely getting her, I'm not mad about adding to the FATWS shelf and we've needed a Sharon since at least Civil War. Bag-Man was the highlight of the stream for me, I've been wanting him forever. A bit annoyed he isn't on the Spider-Man card, but oh well. Japanese Spider-Man is a big yes as well, always nice to add to the Spider-Verse shelf. Couldn't really care less for Firelord, War Machine or the Mojo set, though I'm sure those made a lot of people happy. I might get Mojo if he releases single-packed later on.
  3. I'd like to see it, for accuracy's sake in the MOM display, but her Wandavision figure is close enough to pass if we never get the right version.
  4. If they had anything else for us already from MOM, I would assume we'd have already seen them. I had thought we'd at least get a new Wanda, likely packed with a spoiler figure, which was why we hadn't seen her before the movie, but as time goes on that seems less and less likely.
  5. If they're going to reveal something, maybe more of the Spider-Man 60th? I think there's still a few figures missing, based on rumors and leaks.
  6. Ugh. I’ve been wanting a 5-pack of Guardians from the first movie, and they got so close, but yet so far with this set. It would have been fine to just repaint Rocket orange, give Peter his long coat and give Gamora bare arms, but nope, straight rereleases. So annoying. Hopefully we get something like that alongside the Holiday Special/3rd movie or for the 10th anniversary in 2024.
  7. I have the BAF Rhino, but this one is just so much better in my eyes, color, heads, head articulation, accessories. The BAF will get the shoulder pads and masked head to recreate his Ends of the Earth look.
  8. Honestly, Galactus was about it for me as far as comic Haslabs go, though I may go for a Fin Fang Foom and I probably wouldn't be able to turn down something like Devil Dinosaur. A cosmic scale character like Living Tribunal would be cool, but I wouldn't be able to justify the price for him. I don't see any vehicles that would interest me either for sure. MCU Haslabs would be another story, though the only vehicle I'd probably go for would be a Vol. 1 Milano with a revamped set of the original 5 Guardians, that would be a dream come true. Other than that, an in-scale Giant Man or Surtur would be cool, though not really necessary. Maybe an Avengers/Endgame Leviathan? MCU Arishem is another option as well, or a full-size Great Protector from Shang-Chi. A massive, fully posable dragon would be freaking sweet.
  9. AoU figures with face printing would be great! Maybe also GOTG1 figures alongside the new movie next year. This could be like the Black Series archive collection.
  10. This line is basically what the retro lines used to be, repaints only. If that's the case, it would be cool to see some more figures that need updated paint come out, Mysterio, the male/female quantum suit, Night Monkey,, the homesuit, the black and gold suit, US Agent, Homecoming/Civil War Spidey, MK 2, etc. Oh, also figures that are harder to acquire/small BAFs. Yondu, Mantis, Iron Spider, Okoye, Ronin, etc.
  11. It wasn't in the Okoye wave version, but it was in the tactical version from the M'Baku wave. That being said, this is a good version if you don't want to steal the head from that one lol.
  12. This looks incredible, I love that they gave him the electric classic mask and I really hope Hasbro gives us it too. That was a genius decision from the movie.
  13. I really like the idea of a legacy line as well, sort of like a MCU Infinity Saga/anniversary line that could run all year and cover any character. To my eye, T'Challa is the only straight-up reissue, all the rest appear to have a decent amount of deco updates. I might pick Shuri up because I prefer this color scheme to the one from the Hulk wave, but I wish she had gotten a new head sculpt with the chin piece and braid.
  14. The only reason I can think of as to why they'd forgo Gorr's awesome comic design in favor of Voldemort with a nose is regarding the expression of the character. Gorr has the potential to be one of the darkest, most emotional and sympathetic villains yet, and it's possible that they didn't want to reduce Christian Bale's acting at all by giving him either a CGI or prosthetic face. That or maybe he'll undergo a transformation of some kind and look more comic accurate by the end. I do wish they had at least given him the black robes and head tails though.
  15. If those are the actual figures, why do they already have working prototypes for these guys and Hasbro/Bandai don't? I assumed Hot Toys would have had the same information as far as who was going to be in the movie that Hasbro did.
  16. This is really going to change the stuff I collect. I honestly might have to limit my ML collection to only MCU and comic Spider-Man, I currently have most of the most recognizable characters I'd want from Avengers/X-Men/Villains, etc, but if prices go above $25 I might have to sell them off to fund even just the new MCU and Spider-Man figures. My other collections are already limited, Black Series is Mandalorian, Transformers is Bumblebee and Prime, Power Rangers and GI Joe are few and far between. It does make me wonder though, because though there will still be people buying everything, from what I've heard a large majority of collectors are either in my boat or stopping collecting entirely. Is it worth it from Hasbro's perspective to raise costs but have fewer products being purchased when possibly the same amount of sales could have been gathered from more people buying more product at lower costs?
  17. The US price is 33.99, so the CAD price is only about $5 more than it should be.
  18. That AF #15 figure looks so good. I really hope we see a red and blue Spidey on that mold at some point, maybe Bagley-style.
  19. They already gave us a Homecoming MJ, people were mad about it when it came out and if they had thrown her into this set, people would have been complaining that they had to spend $84 to get Ned and/or Peter. It's possible we'll get a FFH or NWH version or her with Peter in the future. Maybe in a 2-pack with Andrew Garfield lol.
  20. Just remembered about this. I'm guessing the retro figure was Lizard, but the wave didn't get revealed?
  21. The problem with pedestrian figures is like you said, the majority of them are men in one of the 3 suit options we have right now or the Stan Lee/comic Peter body. This Ned 2-pack gives me hope though, I'd love to see a casual female body at some point for Jane Foster, maybe along the lines of Jessica Jones, and a more dressy one for Pepper, in addition to some other options for casual male looks.
  22. I've seen a few (misguided) people asking for it, but the majority has been for Omega Red by far. Even Shart eventually conceded that OR would be a better choice I think. The lower legs and feet are just so awkward for comic Venom, if they had changed those it might have been fine, but here we are. I guess I'm making my own Venom now.
  23. That was a hell of a livestream! I think this is the first time I'm down for everything they showed off today. Tomorrow's going to be hard on the wallet, thank god for preorders lol. LaT and D+ stuff: Nothing new but I'm still happy with all of it. Interesting to see a blue color scheme for the boxes for this wave, the first wave was red and the second was purple. Except for Loki, which was green. Ned and Peter: Yes. Just...yes. I'm buying 2. Noir: Great addition to the Spider-Verse shelf, not sure I need another Ham but it's whatever Toad: Freaking finally. Looks damn good, my X-Men villains display is edging ever closer to completion. Glad to finally be able to order Iron Spider and FF. Still waiting for a regular FF suit, maybe on the card. Knull and Venom: Mixed emotions on this, Knull is fire, Venom LOOKS good, but that movie mold just feels wrong. Renew Your Vows: All the yes. Pinless, toe joints, new head. Love it. I was worried they reused the pizza head again but that doesn't seem to be the case. Spinneret looks fantastic as well. Lizard: Definitely getting one to keep on card, I don't know if I'm a big enough fan of the classic design to get a second to open though. Amazing Fantasy: Beautiful. Gimme all the Spider-Man suits that exist and the new mold is really good, I'd like to see it in the red and blue eventually.
  24. Ok, winged Venom with Knull, no surprise there, but why the movie mold?? I was hoping for him on the Omega Red mold...
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