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  1. All of this Moon Knight talk is making me real itchy for this figure, And so far we have no announcements here in Canada about when and where we will be able to buy this, this is my most wanted Legend of the year, so jealous of all you people securing your pre-orders
  2. Ugh, so does this mean No Physical copies of Scream # 6 and Ghost-Spider #10 ??, that is really a bummer to me, I don't do digital, that doesn't help my collection, and those are two issues of current series I am invested in and been waiting for the newest installments.. marvel why are you doing these titles like this!!
  3. I don't really have any personal desires for these looks, since most are just old anyways or classic (so they don't need to be HoX/PoX), and the new ones..ehh, wouldn't say I wouldn't buy a few of them if they got released, but wishlist wise there isn't many Betsy as Captain Britain Rasputin is awesome Racheal Summers looks cool in that new look and maybe Emma Frost.. but I'd rather have a classic Storm..sure looks good.. but I probably would pass also maybe Red Nightcrawler.. I mean Cardinal, that look cool can I say Morgan Le Fay?
  4. Got another birthday present, super late, but still pretty rad, I've been wanting this set since I wasn't able to obtain it when it came out EE exclusive GOTG comic set so stoked to have these figures now especially that Gamora, these have been on my want list for years and never saw them in-stock or for a reasonable price, thanks Mom!
  5. Here ya go.. just off the head quick, and from an older list I made, no specific order 1. Shiklah (I hope we are getting her in this new DP wave) 2. Eternal Brain 3. Termantrix 4. Orb 5. Meggan 6. Cerise 7. Grendel Dragon 8. Doghead 9. Death Ninja 10. Mung The Inconcievable 11. Skinless Man 12. Gorr The God Butcher 13. Chthon 14. Black Spectre 15. Crater 16. Warwolf 17. Manhibian 18. Vantage 19. Jenna Cole 20. N'Astrih 21. Deathcry 22. Bengal 23. Black Swan 24. Densen Macbre 25. Deathbird 26. Gothic Lolita 27. Caiera 28. Catseye 29. Varnae 30. Xenmu 31. Nekra 32. Lady Hellbender 33. Andromeda 34. Karnilla 35. Bloodscream 36. Werewolf By Night 37. Satana 38. Husk 39. M 40. Penance 41. Emplate 42. Orphan Maker 43. Black Mamba 44. Diamondback 45. Black Racer 46. Death Adder 47. Viper 48. Fer-De-Lance 49. Slither 50. The Asp 51. Coachwhip 52. Sin 53. Howard The Duck 54. Dragonman 55. Nightwatch 56. Venom 2099 57. Dinah Soar 58. Styx 59. Bloodhawk 60. Riot 61. Agony 62. Phage 63. Brood 64. Annihilus 65. Swarm 66. Blackheart 67. Mephisto 68. Crystal 69. Vengeance 70. Wraith (Yuri) 71. Clea 72. Marrina 73. Lady Deathstrike 74. Darkstar 75. Morgan Le Fay 76. Phantom Rider 77. Stingray 78. Stegron 79. Carrion 80. Ursa Major 81. Shriek 82. Omaka 83. Zzzxx 84. Senyaka 85. Demon Bear 86. Mania 87. Iron Maiden 88. Crimson Cowl 89. Shuma Gorath 90. Synapse 91. Vera Gemini 92. Panda Mania 93. Tigra 94. Firestar 95. Revanche 96. Knull 97. Sleeper 98. Vermin 99. Proto Goblin 100. Big Mother and surprisingly I could probably go on further, there are plenty I missed
  6. I usually try to get them in-store to avoid shipping my spot tends to be my local EBgames but when it comes to ordering online Northmen Collectibles, Canucktibles and Toys R Us, and sometimes EB Games, I was just curious if you knew about a place I didn't that's good in Canada to order from, I try not to order from Anywhere not located in Canada
  7. here is a pic of the inpackage War Machine (it's up on Amazon.Com) http://actiontise.com/A/adclick.php?bannerid=184&zoneid=253&source=&dest=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.bigbadtoystore.com%2FProduct%2FVariationDetails%2F125448
  8. Wow this was a fantastic reveal, so much good stuff its mind boggling, I thought the PR reveal last week was exciting this blew it out of the water, I am so stoked on the Moon Knight as I knew I would be!, I think almost everything showcased today I want to pick up except for Peter Parker, and maybe not Armored DD, Armored DD was something I was hoping to get for years, but seeing it I'm alittle less interested, that new Apocalypse looks so good in the packaging..woo, finally an attainble (maybe) Green Goblin and Electro! I need those, the War Machine is a must have, so cool to know that we are going to get the new Venom wave.. my pockets are already wailing. and last but not least... that Leg... it has to be a sentinel BAF but how in the world are we going to get a massive BAF like that in standard packaging..will be cool to see
  9. I heard rumors It's maybe Spider-Gwen, which I really would obviously welcome, and rumors it's Jackpot...either way I'm excited for anything , as long as its done right, guess it's official we are not getting a Silver Sable or Black Cat movie anymore? I thought they were changing it from a team up into 2 solo movies..but I don't remember anymore
  10. I'm actually interested in SP//dr BAF Daredevil Piece: Right Arm & Warlock BAF Dazzler Piece: Left Arm anything you are wanting from my list perhaps for trades?
  11. Sad stuff, but not like we all didn't expect this, I'm just waiting to hear the sad news that The beloved Toronto 80's Toy Con will be cancelled and they already rescheduled to October
  12. I think they are both excellent, and it really just comes down to personal preference, I personally like the colors of blue and yellow on the Love Triangle version, as well as there is just something so 90's about the jacket that I really like, I'm a Jacket cyclops fan myself. but neither are wrong.. because both are awesome, go with the gut man
  13. Hahaha ah oh well, all is forgiven, we know you actually do know what your are talking about
  14. Oh man I hope this venom wave info is correct.. Phage! finally, and shouldn't he know that Phage is not the Purple female symbiote that's Agony One thing that feels iffy however is Movie figures currently in any wave for movies that are not coming out until next year, I feel like Hasbro would put at least a wave like The Eternals wave off until we are closer to the movie, so therefore Carnage's look from Venom 2 seems like it would be a preemptive spoiler maybe.. Morbius as well (if they are movie figures)
  15. Whoa good list, so many goodins here, I had a really hard time anyways I went with 1 Agony 2 Calypso 3 Carrion 4 Man Wolf 5 Nightwatch 6 Panda Mania 7 Phage 8 Riot 9 Stegron 10 Swarm Had to go with the Life Foundation Symbiotes, and some super wants but so many honorable mentions I wish I could have chosen : Basilisk Black Tarantula Delilah Grizzly Hippo Kaine Lady Ock Looter Mattie Franklin Proto Goblin Scorn Shathra Shriek (didn't pick because we should be getting her this year) Spidercide Spinnerette Styx Toxin (didn't pick, because we should be getting him this year) Vermin
  16. Cool Idea, but I'd pass, I like the unison that the current figures have, they look good together with the similar design styles, It would break that up if there was artist versions of characters, maybe if it was a subline, but I'm good without it
  17. Some costumes that are new that come to mind I'd like to see in Legends form (and two oldies) would be.. Domino (Marvel Now) Captain Britain (Betsy) & Psylocke (X-Men Dissassmbled) Jean Grey (X-Men Red) Wasp (Uncanny Avengers) Falcon (Legacy) (even if we get a Classic I would like to see this costume as well) Gamora (Space Armor) & All New All Different Yellowjacket (Darren Cross) (Marvel Now) Angela (All New All Different) Scarlet Witch (Uncanny Avengers & All New All Different) (although similar both are good) Black Cat (Claws) Blackbolt (All New All Different) Some Oldies Dr. Strange Paradox Firestar (New Warriors 90's) (even if we finally get a firestar fig, I'd like this outfit as well)
  18. I would love a 2nd Alpha Flight Box set, but sadly I doubt that would happen, I mean lucky enough we got a set at all, it stil seems like a dream But a new 6 fIg box set with Marinna, Talisman, Box, Diamond Lil, Purple Girl and Goblyn (to be basically the puck in the pack to retain the same value) would be insanely good, don't get me wrong I wish that Guardian was the metallic paint version, and by god I wish he had an alt head, but I now like that his red paint goes with Vindicator , as for Master of the World, I'd so rather have Dreamqueen as far as villains go or perhaps half villain/half hero Nemesis
  19. In terms of a current team I am almost satisfied with being "complete" would be Alpha Flight, I however would love if we could just get Marrina and I'd be cool because that would be the O.G's, but it would be a dream to also get Talisman, Diamond Lil, Box and Purple Girl , I'd take every member but... let's be real even the above mentioned are a tough sell I'd say
  20. As a big New Warriors fan, I would hope they are on the track to at least complete a majority, now with Rage (whom I want the figure solely because New Warriors) , we just really need to see Firestar (which everybody wants), Namorita, Justice and Speedball , that doesn't seem to hard, I can see these guys getting made soon enough. I think it would be a real longshot to say we'd get some of the later additions to the team like Hindsight, Turbo, Silhouette, Timeslip (just to name a few) but hey we did already get Darkhawk so maybe..
  21. These new leaked Images from the movie look awesome, I'm even more excited about this, but I'm super skeptical about this August 28th release date, even if we are back in the world with some normalcy and theaters are open I feel people are going to be really apprehensive about packing themselves into a small sticky close seated box to watch a film, this really should have just been released already as a straight to digital/dvd , it would and is going to probably make as much or more if they did that and just has forgone the theatres, I feel like not enough people even care about this movie, it was never going to be a "mainstream" hit, but maybe I'm wrong... and man people I know seem have no faith in Fox anymore after what we were subjected to last year (Dark Phoenix) I for one and very stoked about this movie, and always have been, but even if august 28th comes around and all is kinda okay, I can't see myself going to a theater
  22. It's actually astonishing that I've had to do this same thing many a times with online retailers.. BBTS, Megalopolis, Juggernaut toys .. all seemed like they were never going to ship me a damn thing, until I E-mail them asking where and when I will recieve this package (when the figure clearly has been out at other retailers for weeks, or even their own store) and BooM! after that e-mail the figures are shipped , seems odd
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