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  1. yeah this is pretty bad looking, I like what they were trying to pull off but it was poorly executed. I also gotta say even nostalgia can't make my eyes like to look at any of those old toybiz wolverines.
  2. This is so far the best thing I've heard about in terms of a cameo in SM3, I'd be very happy to see Daredevil back in the MCU and alongside Spider-Man!
  3. He did indeed fight Count Nefaria when Nefaria was the Kingpin of L.A. , it was during that Bendis period in 2011 -12 or so, I don't remember exactly, it was when he had those alter egos of Spider-Man, Wolverine and Cap
  4. I really don't want him to be Bushman, I don't think that would work, but I do think he'd be a good Morpheus or maybe Carson Knowles (aka Black Spectre) . I always thought a Adewale Agbaje would make a good Bushman. I also saw someone suggest Omar Sly as Bushman.. I thought that was good. I highly doubt they'd take a black character and make him white in this day and age. I bet he's Morpheus or Carson, maybe Ryan Trent.
  5. I found the first two episodes fun, but not particularity exciting and didn't really scratch the MCU itch yet, I know the action will pick up, I guess the first two just felt nothing like anything MCU we have seen before, but they were fun, I am looking forward to what comes next, I only wish we just got every episode at once, I hate the whole waiting thing. I also thought the episodes were really short not the length I was expecting.
  6. Classic all the way! , but after they give us her Classic look, I'd be cool with Avengers and a FF Crystal as well.
  7. Don't know her , but sure why not I want to say she'd be Marlene although she doesn't really look like her, but hey it seems that doesn't matter anymore. I want to say that maybe she's Isabelle Kristel? that seems to work.
  8. Yeah honestly not big on them even at the time, as I said before I don't deny that Spider-Man 2 was a good movie, I just... my opinion don't like Tobey as Spider-Man, don't like Kirsten Dunce as Mary Jane, don't like James Franco as... you get the picture, I just don't , and I find the movies tones to be.. Yeah , best things about those movies were Alfred Molina and Willem Dafoe, maybe give a pass to Hayden as Sandman..but meh really. eek haha please no Nic Cage ghost rider, please no Fantastic Four, I really want to forget those movies even more then SP Trilogy or ASM movies ... I'd t
  9. I don't deny Spider-Man 2 was a good film and the best film out of that 5, but still... it's fine I get it, people now want these figures I just don't get it I swear like 2 years ago no body would have even touched the idea about Raimi movie figures, just feel like I have seen so much bandwagon riding on this one, it's just kinda tiring I don't want em , but sure if people do let them have it.
  10. Yeah I figured that much, but still it seems very weird to me any one really wants to look back on those movies especially the 3rd Raimi movie which anything but hate, or how people are already looking back at the Garfield movies with nostalgia those movies arn't even old yet. I just feel like... regardless of Nostalgia, this series kinda sucked..and we should know this even more now by how much better the MCU has done everything. *shrug* that's just me. I don't want to revisit these older movies, I even tryed watching them all recently and I didn't like them even more then ever.
  11. Ugh, I'd pass, maybe I'd get a Green Goblin (with a Willem Dafoe unmasked head), but these movies just reek of nope to me, why all of a sudden do people want these figures so bad? why do people want Andrew Garfield Spider-man? nobody did now I see people putting these figures on the top of their most wanted list, I'd rather forget most of this stuff. But not hating on any one who does want this stuff, just curious why now? I thought like me people wanted to forget about these movie series?
  12. Ah yes Darkhawk! I am going to need this , Darkhawk is/was one of my favorite Marvel Heroes, he's so underated it's a real travesty he gets hardly any love. I still remember reading all of his original books back to back after I was introduced to him by a friend when he first appeared and always loving this character so much. I wish that because of this 30th celebration Legends would give us some more Darkhawk associated characters Lodestone?, Evilhawk?, Portal?, Savage Steel, Dreamkiller? ha I doubt all that.
  13. I'm sure if he does in fact return they will find some way to make him young again, more then likely involving an alt reality young steve or what not. not sure why we couldn't just close the book on Steve his story ended, I thought we were all okay with that, the more and more I hear about what is planned for the future of MCU with all of this alternate reality and dimensions and multiple versions of characters, I'm getting quite scared about how wonky and silly it all could become.
  14. Yeah I'd love a Scarecrow figure, I'd prefer him in his classic comic look though not this. I also say hey Hasbro! can we get a Retro Ghost Rider wave this year! Imagine seeing this package on shelves again, and we can finally get Dan Ketch and some supporting characters that would be a dream come true
  15. Yeah I was suspecting this was going to be a thing, I figured they were just holding off showing us any footage of that suit to keep the secret. I have a strong feeling he won't wear that outfit long though.
  16. Oh I've seen it apparently this is the work of a man with 8 hand ninjas you just wait, by next week the competition will be going strong. and everyone not finding a single hand ninja on a peg or online will be going strong as well.
  17. Hahaha, yeah me too man, and I have a strong feeling I won't for probably a long time, this figure is being crazy hoarded out the gate which I think isn't fair, I say it all the time, leave some for the rest of us, and then a month or so down the line buy 5 more once some of us get these figures, in the words of Toygalaxy Dan.. leave one for the next collector.
  18. Totally think that if the BAF character has accessories in the comics or what not we should get them. I also like the deluxe figures, both for getting cool bigger characters in one go, and for the potential that BAFs we may have missed out on for whatever reasons, we can actually get... like man I need that Manthing and Space Agent Venom, a Rhino would be damn good as well.
  19. David Vonner always seemed to be the best man for this figure job, from interviews and him showing us and telling us about his ideas, he was trully the essential candidate for making figures, he knows what the people want, because he wants it too, a true fan working for the fans. I think it's a shame he's not in the superhero department right now, the creativity isn't there for wrestling I vote bring Vonner back to Legends!
  20. Yeah I mean in truth I could afford it, but it also just doesn't seem right if ML became 40 bucks here in Canada that's a lot for a figure series that produces like 100+ figures a year, I'd probably not completely drop the line but I'd surely only purchase a few here and there. I think if the price keeps going up we need a bit more in each box or they really need to start listening to the fans and giving us exactly what we are asking for in terms of character selection and costumes, as well as accuracy. I know that many people aren't going to be keen on spending 45 bucks (with tax) on a 190th
  21. Yup here in Canada all new releases starting with ITSV wave are now $32, if it goes up any higher I'm going to have to jump off board because 40 for a marvel legend is ridiculous and I will refuse.
  22. I thought this info was already known.. but I guess this is the official confirmation, either way cool, I'm down. I just hope disney lets it be as the first 2 were and don't muck around with making it too censored.
  23. as much as this is just such a simple re-paint with a new Alt head.. I love this figure so much, I don't need it, but yes I really want it, I love this she-hulk sculpt the gray version was one of my favorite figures of 2020, damn you Hasbro now you are going to make me buy it again in Green... I can't say no.
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