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  1. Yeah no I wasn't digging the fun, it was just stupid, too many songs, dumb humour, characters acting gorky, it all felt unnecessary and corny, I cringed at it all, sorry yeah No Fun Club member card carrier I guess.
  2. Looks like the X-Men Retro wave is popping up ! just got Spiral and Dark Phoenix from Walmart
  3. Yeah I was thinking that bike, might be a tad big, I did see a few interesting bikes online I might try one out.
  4. Watched this the other day, oh boy what a corn fest, wasn't really into this, it felt way too goofy, but that's how I feel.
  5. Ghost Rider arrived today. now I just need a bike for him anybody got a suggestion that's cheap?
  6. This beast really is a nice update, I love the new face, the new Blue Paint, I want it, but I'm saying..I have him already, I really need to not do the whole "just buy it cause it's like 2% better" I loved the Beast before it, and still would (not a huge fan of the yelling head, but I still really like it) if this didn't come along, so that should be the reason I don't buy this and save my money for something I actually really want. I do think this looks excellent though, maybe If I had a really big desire for a lab coat I'd be more inclined to update, but paying like 40 bucks for in reality a new head for Beast isn't worth it.
  7. Yeah I was a sucker and I bought this, I love Howard that much, was it worth the price no, should I have not given Hasbro the satisfaction of getting my hard earned dollars for a glorified statue yes, did I impulse buy it because yes I really wanted a Howard for my collection despite it not even being the exact Howard I wanted yeah, I feel a bit of shame, but I don't have my figs in really intricate poses on my shelf anyways, not sure what I would have done if he had leg articulation (I guess he could have done cool stuff in some Toy photos, but now he can wave, and look merose), so I can't really whine, he should have had all of the love that (some) Legends should get put into him yes, but he does look good on the shelf at least IMO, Go ahead bash me for being a enabler.
  8. Ah new Gambit looks fine, I have little interest in building any Training suit teams, this gambit hardly moves the needle but I'll get him if he is indeed coming in a pack with Banshee and Psylocke, I do want that Banshee and I'll take any Psylocke (I'm hoping they get this Psylocke's buck right and give us a new Head though, but I'm doubting it)
  9. Haha I actually only ordered 1, I'm not an army builder, I only ever feel like having 1 of even say a Hydra Goon.
  10. So happy this pack happened, to finally fullfill my dreams of completing the Life Foundation SYmbiotes, I almost feel there a sweet triumph in my collector wants now, I've been waiting and asking for those Symbiotes to finally get released, but now I feel to complete, I can't ask for them anymore, now I do I wish Riot was his classic look yes...and do I still wish Lasher was on a bigger buck yes...I guess I can yap on about those two things until the day comes if it does they release a classic Riot (seems highly unlikely) and Update Lasher (seems probable). guess it's time to go on about getting an new Anti-Venom, and can we get a She Venom and Hybrid. also Best Venom body yet, half symbiote head is awesome, the full head, I could of been happier with something more gnarly and menacing.
  11. another alternate time where some bad guy gets what he wants and you show us what that world looks like....nah, also...Wagnerine what? 😬sounds like Margerine for dogs.
  12. Movie Carnage looks pretty alright, I hated that movie but I still think Carnage looked pretty cool in it, now if Hasbro ever released a Movie Carnage I'd buy it, but not picking up the bill on this one.
  13. on the 20th they should show us a Deluxe Rider Dan Ketch, if not Deluxe Man-Thing, thanks Hasbro!
  14. I only ever got one chance to get that First Multiple man, and I already broke my bank at the time, so I left it (I was sure at that point I'd see him again, boy was I wrong), never got a chance again, since everybody bought as many as they could it shot up in price with a quickness, I just couldn't bring myself to pay the after market prices, so I hoped we'd see this sooner or later, and viola, I actually like this look for Multiple Man more over the X-Factor look, so I'm happy to finally get a chance at having a Multple Man in my collection. I'm glad I didn't have to wait 15 years to get a second chance at him.
  15. I can see Hasbro doing this figure soon enough, the older Netflix fig commands huge prices on the aftermarket, and I am seeing so many people asking for a new MCU/Show DD, I actually don't care myself and if Hasbro did make this figure I'd walk on by it, I actually got rid of my Netflix DD some years ago, I just don't care enough. I do think people should wait and this figure in Legends form will materialize I don't think because a comic version of this OG suit did poorly wouldn't mean they wouldn't make it in show form, also look that OG suit burnt pegs to dust, yet we just got it again on retro card for Unlimited subscriptions.
  16. The more I see this the more I think, do I want this Update, at first I said easy pass since I don't care enough about Sentry to begin with I'd just keep the older version, but the more I see this I question that, maybe if this figure ever sees a lower price, it's a pretty decent update, but then again I could go days forgetting I even had a Sentry in my collection.
  17. Yeah the last week has been vicious on the wallet, I expect more damage soon, seeing as how people are getting retro GR, DD 3 pack, Terrax + Fallen One, and The new X-Men wave... Christmas is cancelled!
  18. More stuff coming in, Venom 3 Pack, D+ Zombie Wanda, Zombie IM & Howard The Duck
  19. Yeah this is the worst of the variants for this, it's an odd one, but this figure is still so cool, I always wished I could have got this, but at the price being asked it seems like just too much for 1 figure with very limited articulation and no accessories, it was almost 500 bucks CAD, um no thanks.
  20. as someone pointed out, it's pretty nice to see we are starting MLF and Mauraders with this pack, I wonder how long it will take to get some more of those characters though, folks like Wildside, Locus, Tempo and Kamikaze could be super easy for Hasbro to do, also for the Mauraders it would be easy to get us Arclight, Blockbuster, Harpoon, Riptide and Prism. let's hope they pop some more of these baddies into upcoming waves sooner then later.
  21. I was pleasantly surprised with this Razorback, he's so much taller then I had thought, I'm really digging him, such a weird fun design it stands out, I only wish he had some alt hands, only fists is so limiting, also despite Molten Man clearly being on the wrong buck, it's way too small, I can overlook it when the figure actually does look good on a shelf, it's simple but, Molten Man always was, but the flame effects on his hands and back, and the leg pieces once it's all together actually is nice, Human Fly is a good fun figure, just wish he had an alt head, not sure why he's screaming, Spidey and Silvermaine are the most boring here, but I still think Silvermaine is a cool addition, not even sure I need this Spidey in my collection, though the purple does make him at least a bit different then any of the other black suits.
  22. After getting this guy out of the box recently, he is easily one of my favourite figures of this year, it's awesome when Hasbro does a great job on a figure, the head sculpts have great detail, overall this figure has an awesome shelf presence.
  23. Yeah hey spoilers much, didn't even give it a full week, just letting the cat out the bag, but hey guess it's not much of a shock to anyone, wasn't to me. I'd buy this doll, I'm a fan, but that price is dumb stupid.
  24. This actually looks alright, emphasis on alright, just another clear Iceman, although they did this clear very well (at least from these promo pics), it looks really quite like actual ice, applause to that, but I think they always do it wrong by just making him clear, he should be clear sure, but put a frosted wash overtop of the Clear, Iceman isn't just a hollow body of ice he has organs, the stand out from this is the really nice looking Ice slide effect, that's the best one any toy company has given us.
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