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  1. Yeah I'm excited about these Avengers Figures, tons of good stuff, seems fitting for that MK1 to be the first out the gate, and I really am digging that figure, most of the Avengers 60th Stuff I plan on grabbing.
  2. Might have to be getting back to buying comics with this, Summer of Symbiotes has my attention.
  3. I'm confident in saying that the reason she looks nothing like a woman is because she has been modified to the point she isn't anymore, she probably has a sad story, she's basically a Frankenstein, Her story of why she became such a monster is likely to be a real strong element in the movie, she's likely angry and full of hate towards the world and those who made her become what she is, and is in shambles because she had her identity stolen and now is some killing machine. I'm sure in the end it will make sense.
  4. Yeah I think in the cases of this Carnage or say VHS Cyclops, they actually toned down the animated elements on purpose, because they know that many collectors want certain characters in their collections that may have been harder to obtain, mostly for those just getting into the line, but they wanted there to be a reason behind re-releasing them so they fitted them into the whole animated thing, but others just look off with the cell shading, I myself instantly decided I wouldn't collect the animated stuff, I just don't need it all and it's a good reason to not buy stuff, as for the new ITSV stuff yes it's a totally different animal, those figures only look good among each other. I agree Animated/MCU etc everything would be better off in their own sub-lines, but over the last few years they almost have been delegated to that, for instance GOTGV3 wave, Thor L&T, Endgame Wave 3, Eternals, D+, they are all solely MCU waves, sure there are a few waves IE like Quantumania that mix comic and Movie, but those are getting far and between, we rarely see mixed waves anymore, The mixing seems like it's based on lack of actual movie figures to make and they need filler, but we are seeing Hasbro distancing themselves from mixing waves, they seem to not mix if they don't have to, I'm cool with that, I get the necessity of still having mixed waves.
  5. Yeah it's always unpredictable with Hasbro's Distribution system, sometimes US has it all first, sometimes UK (well they seem to be leading the way as of recent) and Sometimes It's us In Canada, we do seem to be getting things much faster then the US as of 2023, but the tables could turn at any point.
  6. Yeah this wave is already seeing a limit release here in Canada, been out at a few shops as of recent, but it's also nice to see that the US isn't behind Canada, which has been the case for what seems like the whole year so far.
  7. Really not diggin the way Morbius looks in this game, looks like Davey Havok cosplaying as Morbius, but I guess they are going with a more Jared Leto look, which is weird, but whatever.
  8. This figure is really cool, DST has really put in some excellent effort as of recent, tons of nice figures, this could probably slip its way into a ML collection, I would have bought this had Hasbro not announced a similar figure, and since I want Veranke I'll stick to the ML 2 pack, but this guy does look good.
  9. Despite the fact that Carnage is supposed to be an Animated version it really doesn't look much like it fits, it doesn't really have cell shading, which is cool, it looks really good, and will be a fine addition to anyone's comic display if they missed out on one of the Carnages over the years, I have no interest in the animated stuff, also I really don't need another standard Cletus Carnage, I have enough all ready.
  10. Cyborg Spider-Woman is still a monstrosity to me, Jessica looks good for what it is, but I'm still going to make an easy pass on these figures they are way too specific in their designs which is great for those who want them, but I'm staying off the animated stuff/MCU, it'll save my pockets which I'm cool with.
  11. Seems to be that GOTG V3 Wave, Outback Rogue and Franklin & Val 2 pack are getting released in Canada, so they should be coming soon for everyone I imagine shortly Franklin & Val https://www.djccollectibles.ca/collections/marvel-legends/products/pre-order-hasbro-marvel-legends-series-fantastic-four-franklin-richards-and-valeria-richards-6-inch-action-figures https://www.cmdstore.ca/collections/new-collection-arrival-2/products/marvel-legends-fantasticfour-2-pack-franklin-richards-and-valeria-richards-5010994182458 https://toysnowman.com/collections/marvel-legends/products/hasbro-marvel-legends-series-fantastic-four-franklin-richards-and-valeria-richards-preorder-may-2023 Outback Rogue https://www.djccollectibles.ca/collections/marvel-legends/products/pre-order-hasbro-marvel-legends-series-marvels-rogue-x-men-figure-6-inch-action-figure https://www.cmdstore.ca/collections/new-collection-arrival-2/products/marvel-legends-x-men-rogue-5010996117595 https://www.imaginationhobby.com/en/marvel-legends-series-marvels-rogue-x-men-6-inch-scale-figure-hasbro-f7039-en.html GOTG V3 Wave https://www.cmdstore.ca/collections/new-collection-marvel-legends-baf-joe-fixit-series
  12. Ah I didn't pay attention to that, alright well with that being the case, I guess this isn't too bad, as it's just missing the Alt Head and a BAF piece, but I still don't know if this needed a new figure so soon, since people could likely find the Armadillo wave version out there still, but I know it's because the new Spider-Man game is coming out. They should have done this as a 2 pack with the new Game Spidey.
  13. Yeah it's pretty sweet, but I agree about the face sculpt seems like there are some real dead eyes going on, it's a nice figure, as a huge fan of Spidey Gwen I would love to have this but the price point on Mezco One:12 is just too high for me, can't justify buying anything like this despite me liking it, it just doesn't seem worth 120 + CAD
  14. I wish this would be a reason we could finally get a Comic Wong Legend. we need a Comic Dr. Strange wave, so we can finally get Wong, Clea and Baron Mordo, and Shuma BAF.
  15. Oh I thought it was just the Alt Venom Blast hands, didn't think I saw any indication the other hands were included.
  16. In Store at Gamestop, also pretty available online from tons of e-tailers and Gamestop , but remember I'm in Canada in Store I've seen this Entire wave or most of several times only at Gamestop though, no other big box stores seem to have the Puff Adder wave yet, but weirdly Gamestop still has not gotten any Orb. I do have Ultimate Cap and Wonder Man Available if you want them, but missing BAF pieces.
  17. Yeah of course, but I just don't seem to get the brag, like if you were actually a cool daddyio post a high res pic of the wave, for all we know these could be really well done customs, so the bragging isn't even justified, if I caught a tiger with my bare hands why would I show people a picture that was blurry and nobody could tell if it was me or not? anyways whatever, if this is anything like the Spider-Verse wave, these foggy pics will be all we see until Hasbro actually announces, since after the Spider-Verse pics leaked we saw nothing more ever again. I wish my dream came true last night, we got a reveal for a new Venom wave....😅
  18. Isn't this a bit early for a re-release of this figure, in fact this figure is more expensive but lacks so many of the accessories of the previous 2o21 figure, yes it's a beautiful figure, but re-releasing this so soon seems silly, you can still find the Armadillo wave Miles in stores/e-tailers. I'm sorry this just isn't it, Armadillo wave came with 3 sets of hands, alt head and a BAF piece, this comes with a overused Cat and extra hands. vs.
  19. I'm surprised we have not gotten a better looking pic yet, why take just one bad pic and leave the room you know?
  20. I still think this figure looks good, and I'm all for buying it, but the promo shot makes that face look a bit dated, but likely it's just the fault of the picture, I'm happy they are re-doing this guy, it's kinda a special figure since it ushered in the Bucky Cap Buck era which changed ML for the better and now being re-visited with the buck of the new era, seems fitting, looks very good, always was a fan of the suit bucky wore during his stint as Cap.
  21. Agreed that the Nighthawk we have currently is a pretty mailed in spot filler, it's "fine enough" I never was a huge fan of his look, but I do like the character, I actually liked him the most when he was a member of Defenders for a while, which was where I remember first becoming familiar with him, the current figure was a pretty sad looking thing though, horrible plastic lump cape (which I just hate that cape even in drawing form), so I guess in reality a newer better executed Nighthawk wouldn't hurt.
  22. Another Nighthawk, man I want Blur, but Don't want to buy another Nighthawk, the one I already have is fine enough, but I do want all of the members I could get, just don't think I need 2 Nighthawks having 1 is enough.
  23. I was looking at this horrible blurry picture of the Bigfoot, I mean new D+ Wave, and I was thinking is the BAF Medieval Hydra Stomper? wasn't there an episode that was in the past or something, I think I remember seeing a Silver Medieval Hydra Stomper, that seems like unless I dreamt that up, that seems like a likely candidate for the BAF
  24. Oh interesting, too bad the picture is so small it's hard to actually make out many details, No clue what that BAF is, and that "Monica Rambeau" figure doesn't seem to be Monica, I am sure that's a male body, not sure who it could be but it is What If so the look is going to be a bit different, sorta does look like either Vance Astro potentially or US Agent in a variation of his 90s look (minus the red boots) it's an interpretation in animated form so it could be a ton of things, but I don't think it's Monica. would have probably wanted at least Yelena from this wave, since I love that look for her, but I've decided I'm done completely with MCU so I won't buy any of these, only What If figures I'd get are Zombies and maybe some unique characters who look comic enough, let's see what Kingpin looks like though before I say no movie figures, because I was dumb enough to miss both BAF Kingpin (sold the parts) and never got the Deluxe Retro, so maybe this Kingpin will have to be a comic enough figure.
  25. Yeah I'm still waiting for a Carrion, he's such an easy figure for Hasbro to do, bugs me still nothing yet, also add Nightwatch to the list, he was hanging around that story.
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