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  1. This is a re-issue I'm actually very pleased about, I was silly enough to pass on this guy and I regretted it quickly, at the time it was a real what to pick type of time, and I generally say nah to people in suits, but I knew I needed a Kingpin, since I sold my BAF parts off, but I thought I'd have a chance with this guy at some point turned out nope, so I have been Kingpin-less in my collection, I've been trying to find this one for some time, the prices are wild, Well now I guess here we are and I can get a Kingpin again, Instant Pre-order.

    Hey Hasbro how about re-issueing that Professor X? wink nudge nudge.

  2. Honestly at this point I'd take anything, ideally Classic would be my first choice, but I fear that is the one they are struggling to put out, I'd take him in the look he had in the Animated IM show as well

    but I would be very cool with this one again. spacer.png

    but next on the list, and one I think could be likely was that Samurai-esque look


    one I want the least is the suited look, that's so boring and uninspired, just not that one please, but I feel really certain it's gonna be that one first, since it's bland and neutral and lacks controversy.


  3. On 4/10/2024 at 7:18 AM, MeGrimlock78 said:


    Some of the Transformer pre-orders that were announced last week are very close to shipping too, I believe.  It feels like pre-orders are being announced closer and closer to release date.

    Yeah seems this isn't really a pre-order, since it's appearing as in stock on Pulse as of now, when I placed my order they just charged me and well that would mean it's going to be sent out, I think that's cool, I always thought it should be more like that, more like a week or a month before something is set to release they put up the pre-order, or better yet just release things.

    of course I still want this 2 pack, because both figures look amazing, but I just browsed my collection and kinda went "oh" I have so many Ant/Giant Men, I kinda forgot, now it seems like overkill to have this one as well, when I have the Target exclusive, Scott Lang Ant-Man, Goliath, Modern Giant Man, Future Ant-Man, Black Ant, MCU Ant-Man, MCU Giant Man, Haaaa oh well.

  4. Still contemplating getting this one, but I sorta feel like it might be a tad bit tall for a Legends display, but it looks fantastic, and I am tired of waiting for Hasbro to get to this version of Crimson, it's a bit pricey here as well which is weird since Diamond figures tend to be reasonably priced, this guy is sitting a bit out of my desired price range currently, price drop and I might pick it up.

  5. On 4/4/2024 at 12:34 PM, Emnems80 said:

    Holding off on my opinion until the movie comes out.


    no point in flailing yer arms about this right now, in the end it will boil down to the end results, and you can only hope Marvel Studios will make the right decisions

    Julia Garner is a good actress, I mean I've only seen her in Ozark, but she is great in that, She certainly can do unexpected menacing and angry well.

    I don't care what Marvel is doing anymore Until I see what they did.

  6. On 4/3/2024 at 9:27 AM, AndyL said:

    Really? I thought She-Hulk was the only must-have in this wave. Of course Blacklash and Nefaria were strong contenders and I did decide against the two older Iron Men. But this is hands down the best version of She-Hulk they've ever made. And considering the last classic She-Hulk they did in the A-Force wave was a T-Rex arms weirdo I thought everyone wanted this. Of course as I always say everyone has their taste. And as usual I'm almost certain Hasbro did something to screw up what should be the perfect She-Hulk figure. I'm guessing with the really awkward scale of size and height of the Animated X-Men wave that height might be the issue here. But as you say a new lady character is never really a bad thing. Unless a better one has been made as in the case of Animated Jean and Storm. But I think this She-Hulk has set the bar. Though I will hold my breath until I either get it in hand or until a trusted reviewer gives us the full skinny.

    PS about Mandarin. I know in general everyone is kind of upset because Mandarin once again got passed over. But what makes it even worse is I was just reading up on the Tin Man armor and found out that it was specifically designed with defenses against Mandarin's rings. What better time to do a Mandarin figure if not now? I'm hoping maybe there might be a companion deluxe figure to this wave that has a bunch of power effects. I would shell for that.

    Yeah the She-Hulk is the first time I think they did majority pretty spot on for her, the down fall for me is her face this time, not so sure about that, the modern ripped shirt Shulk had superior face sculpts IMO, but yes I think it seems to be a very nice Shulk, I just intially am only slightly thrilled on more of the same characters, Ideally I always want someone new.

    I can just really hope Mandarin pops up as a fan channel, deluxe, whatev whatev, just give us a Mandarin, I'm not going to take the whole excuse that it's a potentially offensive figure, there are so many different looks for him, just pick one and go, it's IM's greatest foe, it's just pathetic at this point.

  7. On 4/2/2024 at 11:36 PM, Goldbug said:

    my Walmart has the Marvel epic figures on clearance among other stuff
    Target lowered their price on a few to $9.99

    Yapp, these lil guys are all on sale at Walmart's that I've seen, this line didn't really hit, seems like people actually liked the Kenner style figures better, they had more traction, Not collecting these myself but I contemplated it a few times, they are going dirt low cheap right now, if anyone is looking to get into the game, but mostly the odd figures.

    is this another toast line?

  8. Still mad at this wave, yada yada, but I had to get Blacklash and Neferia, but I said I was gonna pass on Shulk but I caved like the sucker I am, I need all the Shulks, sooo I behaved poorly and pre-ordered her, mad at this wave, but still happy to get two brand new characters and another She-Hulk, cause I need all my ladies. 

    But Mandarin some time in the next century Hasbro. 😔I will forgive you this one time for stinking up what could have been a magnificent wave full of much wanted figgies.

    I hate that I love you Marvel Legends. 🤨



  9. On 4/1/2024 at 1:12 AM, watanabefan said:


    I mean, realistically, they went with three Iron Men and a fairly relatively known Avenger over characters like Dreadknight, Titanium Man, Hypnitia and Century because those other guys simply aren't particularly well known or characters. Like, MAYBE Ghost on account of the MCU, but there is zero chance they were gonna release a wave that's just a single Iron Man and a bunch of D-list villains.

    I do agree that the Mandarin is a glaring omission, but otherwise the lineup here is pretty reasonable imo.

    Just simply the fact they still glossed over Mandarin is making me erk, and yeah a bunch of d-listers, whatever not playing that anymore with Hasbro and the legends department, look at the Zabu wave, they know the game they are playing, this was the chance at some highly desired new figures and they dropped it, this is like most non MCU waves a fan channel wave, 2 Iron Men in this wave I can excuse but 3? and a random but great addition in count neferia, She-Hulk here? no I'm gonna stay mad at this wave.

    Still no Mandarin is really bugging me.

    I was just hoping this was the wave we would see some highly desired additions to the line, it was the right place. but Ugh no


  10. This wave was what I was asking for, but these are not the figures I was asking for, 3 Iron Men, what a wasted opportunity here, total dookie, I saw this wave and just scoffed, I'm very happy to see a Whiplash (Blacklash), and Count Neferia, but really 3 Iron Men? stop, I was hoping for finally a Mandarin!!!! really? and no Century? Titanium Man? Dreadknight?, Ghost?, Hypnotia? what a dud of a wave... so sad, I have been asking for this retro carded IM wave for so long and it's a straight up stinker, only going to get Blacklash and Neferia, maybe She-Hulk, but really She-Hulk here? ugh such a let down. Hasbro you were doing so good, Give me a Mandarin!!!!!!!!!

    I didn;t even come here to post about this wave, since I saw it because I was so heated up about it, it's lame, I was hoping this was where we would get some highly hoped for figures (for me) and it was the place for them, but nooooo.


  11. I love this Psylocke, not the one I would have asked for, but they did a wonderful job here, finally a great Betsy face, I really hope that they keep that energy going forward with new figures of her, sadly this Wolverine is a big dud to me personally, I want that Psylocke so bad that I'm willing to basically pay 70 bucks for her, I know I know it's crazy, but I must have all Psylockes.


  12. They certainly are really dumping these DP re-releases out, Gamestop Canada just announced they were getting the Smokey DP variant Re-release, sheesh and now this one, I mean cool because people did want this figure yet it was stuck in a 2 pack that actually wasn't easy to get (as far as I saw), that Wolverine was also kinda hard to get (?) it was Amazon exclusive am I wrong?

    kinda crazy they are putting so many DP figures when no doubt about it once it's closer to that movie release date we are going to get a ton of new Deadpool figures

    anyways happy for those who are happy to get second chances at these figures, I don't care about this for myself

  13. At first I loved this Wolverine, then kinda fell out of interest in it, but now having this in my hands I love this Wolvie all over again, cool it has jaw articulation, really appreciate when Hasbro does that, but really this 2 pack is all about Lilandra and she doesn't disappoint, after the head tease with Mystique, I feel like I've just been waiting it out for her to get an actual figure I knew it had to come one day and it's a real winner. 

  14. Pre-ordered this, and now I feel like I should have gotten 2 of these sets, they have such good modication capabilities, could have a ton of SHIELD agents, but I will just stick with 1 for now and wait and see if they get a bit of a discount at some point, awesome set. Glad to finally get a Dum Dum & Fury for my collection, always was mad at myself for skipping that previous Fury, and glad I then passed on buying it for 50 bucks.

  15. On 3/22/2024 at 8:55 PM, MeGrimlock78 said:

    Why is Sharon wearing old lady shoes?

    Also, when can we get an Agent Brand?

    Yeah the Shoes were always a throw off, they look horrible, and I'm not sure where they got that from, did she have those silly tap dance shoes in the comics? ah well, still want it. My need for 99% of all comics lady figures won't let me scoff.

    On 3/23/2024 at 4:24 AM, leokearon said:

    Wish Sharon was in her shield outfit, it would have allowed more customisation 

    I would have desired this far more, for me it would have given a chance at an alt costume that was different for sharon, sure this is an alt costume, and as I said before one of my main collections is Women of Marvel, all costume variants are considered but I do think I'm going to make this one in the set my Sharon, and the previous Sharon will be a White Widow stand in since I already gave her the SHIELD/HYDRA set blonde head, it works enough for me.


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