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  1. Hey yes that's pretty awesome IMO, I am impressed with that Hyperion, I never wanted to pay the aftermarket prices for the older one, and this one is better, looks like a new buck? clearly the tooling budget was spent on Hyperion, Dr. Spectrum is using Bucky Cap, but it still looks good, I got no problem with Bucky Cap mold, it still is a good looking mold for a ton of characters, as for everyone saying "aren't we past the bucky cap buck" the answer will be a big no for still 23 and 24, they say this will be phased out in favor of Vulcan Buck, but that's not going to be until like 2025 or so, I'd say people shouldn't be shocked to see this buck in circulation, figures are made a year or more in advance, and it's a slow phasing out.

    This 2 pack is a must get for me, two characters I really want, and one we have never seen in figure form.

  2. On 1/25/2023 at 9:50 AM, tarot said:

    it would be weird if she was Misty Knight. Misty was in the Luke Cage series and if they want to keep the same actor for the likes of DD and Kingpin, wouldn't it make more sense to keep the same actor for the rest?

    Yeah it would, and I'd like that, but so far it seems we have no evidence that Marvel/Disney have any interest in moving forward with any of the Actors who were in the Netflix series except Charlie & Vincent, and have expressed more interest in rebooting the characters from the Netflix shows, I personally hope she's not Misty Knight and if and when Misty appears in the MCU she is played by Simone Missick, I'm huge on them no scrapping anything from the Netflix shows and keeping those stories cannon and the characters.


  3. On 1/20/2023 at 4:38 PM, JohnF said:

    My question is will Sebastian Stan be in the movie? Looks like a fitting place for him to show up and considering that more and more projects will be about cosmic, supernatural and superpowered people, leagues above Bucky overall, maybe his time is coming to an end. 

    According to several sources yes Sebastian Stan will be in the movie, but in what capacity who knows, but he at least will have some screen time as it seems.

    From what I heard there are murmurs swirling that Xosha will maybe be Misty Knight.

  4. spacer.png

    this should be a wake up call to Sony, not saying they need to hand over their roster of Z-List Spidey Characters, but just that if they are going to make these WTH movies, they really need to do better, this movie was not it, and clearly people didn't turn a blind eye to how rough this movie was, this should either make Sony second guess some of the recent choices for Marvel films or hand over the chest of characters to Marvel Studios who can do it better, just give the rights over to Marvel/Disney and keep a clause they get a chunk of money for the licensing rights, at least they can make some profit and not look like a bunch of fools.

  5. Oh boy! now that's a figure I'm happy to see, long overdue for a Comic Yondu, and this looks good, def a buy for me, only thing that makes me feel down about this is the Target exclusive business, because Target usually means TRU exclusive in Canada and TRU are wreckless price gougers, so this figure if it comes to TRU will be like 50 bucks, ugh, but hey maybe somebody else will pick this up. I really want this figure, I hope with Comic Ronan, Star Lord and now this, we are seeing the gates open for more Comic Guardians figures to come, Comic Nebula Please! she's been so overdue, and more important then Yondu

  6. On 1/22/2023 at 2:01 PM, Ironspider428 said:

    From the reactions a lot of people are having to the wave, I'm hopeful I'll either easily be able to sell off the comic figures if I buy the wave or just buy the BAF parts if it's an MCU character. Nothing in the wave aside from the three movie figures interests me at the moment.

    Well if Indeed the BAF is MCU Modok or some MCU character, I'd sell or trade you the parts from the Comic figures I get.


  7. On 1/21/2023 at 1:53 PM, tarot said:

    Crossfire is a must for me.

    Egghead is certainly a comic figure. Doubt they would make a figure of a character that had no lines in the movie. 

    I agree that ultron is more then likely pymtron. If not then annihilation ultron.

    Following rekt leak of future antman, which I doubt because he only just got introduced in the comic this year. They'll probably change him out for cassie or maybe one of the other antmen, like o'grady

    No interest in the mcu figures and if the baf is modok I'll only get the comic figures 

    Yeah from this rumoured list it's only the comic figures for me, Crossfire has been someone I've wanted for awhile, basically being like one of Hawkeye's big villains, Egghead is a must as well if he's comic, Maybe Ultron depending on what it looks like in the end, if Future Ant-Man is indeed in this wave I'd buy that as well since he is a new character, so I hope the BAF is MCU MODOK because I don't want to build that, so I won't have to buy figures I don't care about for a wanted BAF.


  8. So I've noticed the massive outrage in the US over the price of Video Game Spidey, funny enough this is normal prices for us Canadians so I kinda don't sympathize, do you want it? or not? it is what it is, but on the more funny note this figure is actually the same price here in Canada, I saw an E-tailer selling it for 34.99, and another at 35.99. I would have expected it to be like 47 bucks in Canada.

    either way don't care, not getting it, but I just thought it was odd it's like 36 bucks in the US and 35 in Canada.

  9. Yeah always was a fan of 2099, I was heavily into it when they first came out in the 90's, I think I have every 1st issue they put out, liked when initially we saw new 2099 books and was buying them, cool to see some Carnage action, might buy this, I'm still waiting for Hasbro to give us a 2099 wave with Hulk BAF, not sure why the only 2099 figure we have ever seen is Spider-Man.

  10. Got my first Haul of the year, nothing exciting, but I wasn't to fond of the Legion figure, but he is a new character in the 616, so I was waiting for him to get a price drop, finally he was found cheap, and AOA Cyclops was even cheaper, so I decided might as well just build AOA Colossus.

    so Built AOA Colossus today, and got Legion, and a Cyclops figure I don't care about, but I guess it makes it basically a full AOA legends set, with now me only missing Magneto.


  11. On 1/15/2023 at 7:16 AM, monron999 said:

    As a long time fan of Mystique it's a damn shame this figure, and pretty much any one that came before this one, was done on that wonky, wobbly, noodle legged Kate Bishop buck. I would pay good money to see it redone on literally any other female buck. Of course, at this point, the best chance of getting another Mystique anytime soon would be in a multi-pack. I'd love to see another Family Values type set with Nightcrawler in a different costume and either Rogue in her 80's aerobics costume or Destiny, but even though most of us would get behind it, I still think Hasbro is scared to put their money where their mouth is and take a chance on a set containing 2 female characters. Historically it doesn't happen, but I firmly believe it all comes down to character selection at the end of the day.

    I know some will point to the Pepper & Carol 2 pack, which I did order, but I'm pretty sure that one has been perpetually on sale for at least a year now. I'd have to say, as an experiment it's mostly considered a failure. As they literally did 5 versions of CM before that one I would gamble to say the bigger driving force behind that set was Rescue with the Pepper head sculpt. I know it was for me, and TBH the Captain Eyeroll figure was the best one to date.

    to address the more then 1 female in a multipack, that argument doesn't really work, I don't think Hasbro is afraid of more then 1 woman in a pack, case's in point, A-Force 6 Pack and Excalibur which had both Meggan and Kitty, and those both sold very well.

    I agree we need a new Mystique at some point with the less wonky legs, but the truth is the Walgreens figure is actually still awesome to me, it is one of my fav legends, sure she could have used a less scrawny buck, but hey..

    this figure here though, it really bugs me, it's a terrible shade of blue, horrid blue weapons, a less then stellar face sculpt, and really should have been an update to the older figure but just keeps all of it's downfalls and makes it uglier, no reason why this couldn't have been better, people have wanted a Mystique forever since that Walgreens one was so hard to obtain, even if I didn't have a Mystique this one wouldn't be the one I'd get, even though the Cellshading is minimal.

  12. On 1/15/2023 at 3:07 AM, leokearon said:

    It's a shame because the Wasp was a great figure and didn't deserve to be a Shelfwarmer

    No exactly it was a strange occurrence, that I think likely came down to just to many Wasps in circulation, She was double packed in the assortment, and from what I know there were full cases of her and Ant-Man, which lead to her shelfwarming, it wasn't because she was a bad figure, she was actually one of the best figures in that wave IMO after Black Knight.

    but I still see Wasps around, it's likely the greatest shelfwarmer of all Marvel Legends time, and since it's release has yet to be dethroned

  13. On 1/11/2023 at 9:46 AM, monron999 said:

     I am disappointed with this DD figure. While I do believe his character would benefit from an ultra-articulated body mold, this one is way too small to be him.

    I as well just wasn't woo'd by this Daredevil, sure it's fine, but something about it just doesn't work for me, and I think it's how small it is, I actually still like the Defenders 4 Pack DD better despite it being somewhat outdated, it's more of the DD I want, But this Elektra was worth the ticket price for me, I'm a huge Elektra fan and the new Headsculpts especially the wild hair one is way to awesome not to have on a shelf, I do like her red outfit far more, but I can have both, The Bullseye yes is a bit strange with his more recent outfit, but for me I missed out on the incredibly hard to find Man-Thing wave Bullseye and I'm not paying what he was going for, so this was a good option.

    DD still needs another Update I agree and Yes Vulcan's buck would be likely ideal, but until then and maybe even then I'm just gonna stick with the DD I got.


  14. I actually now notice that Jubilee and Forge seem to have updated face sculpts, and it's not just Storm with a new Face, the features are less soft on those two, These figures Definitely look good all together, but I'm still passing on this specific 3 pack and the Wolverine, I don't need to build this team up, it's really all about Banshee and a new Psylocke variant for me with these 3 packs.

    Likely I'm assuming we will see these figures all get released soonish, if they are showing up internationally.

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