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  1. yeah they had initially contacted me saying my card was on hold and blocked because too many charges were being made in a short span of time, I needed to authorize that the payments were indeed accurate and being made on my behalf, then the next day they called me and said they had to cancel my card because of apparent fraudulent activity and information being compromised yeah first world problems eh, really terrible for you since you likely needed that card while traveling, always nice it happens when everything is supposed to be fun.
  2. well thanks to Hasbro's radical distribution practice, I just got my credit card ultimately cancelled, because of being flagged for potential fraud and other issues, and in that wake now lost all of my pre-orders involved with that card, Thanks Guys! really great way to get the monies, now you get none.
  3. Yeah been finding these figures at the Dollar Store, found quite a lot, and right at the time they announced this "rest" seems like the bean counters pulled a b-line on these. honestly these figures would have sold far better from the jump had the price point been more like what the discounted price is, at least sell these for 10 bucks MSRP, but here in Canada these were 18 to 20 bucks , nobody wanted to pay that, so they just waited it out till the eventual sales, which were plenty to be had, and now only 4.99.
  4. So Ridiculous that I kinda love it, Power Rangers Marvel Characters, too bad all of the Robots don't form into a giant Zord. now wouldn't it be just lovely if Spider-Man comes with Leopardon
  5. Yeah like I was saying in the other thread, Ya a Made up character, she looks cool enough, she has a Disney Princess vibe, I bet they will be making an Legend of her, seems like a character they are going to push, not sure why they couldn't have just used an exisiting character though? couldn't an alt reality Dani Moonstar or Silver Fox been the star of this episode? ah well.
  6. Hasbro really needs to fix their current distrubution system, It was a heck of a day for orders, I got shipped out Blob, Banshee, Psylocke & Gambit 3 pack, Villains Pack, Black Series Mara Jade, Classified Covergirl & Outback, my credit card company even called me to verify all of these charges happening at once, and had to spend some annoying time on the phone. The shipping company just gave up trying to bring me these packages and told me to go get them at some pick up location either way today I "got" Blob, Banshee 3 pack and Villains pack, I gotta go get em though in the next couple days. and now apparently being released tomorrow is the entire Puff Adder wave, my wallet screamed in horror. stagger these releases better Hasbro, not only are things expensive, but coming out all at once, thanks!
  7. I hate these but love them all at the same time. I don't think I could pull one of these off, but I can see it working for some, well executed gimmickyness indeed.
  8. this sounds like something I'd want to read, monsters, check yes. I just wish we could get Hasbro on board with making us some monsters.
  9. yeah congrats Inspectah Deck! ha I mean Inspector of apartment 12e, enjoy the spoils.
  10. yeah I presume as usual they tend to not pay much attention to the finer details, I don't know a ton about what is going on in the comics with Ben other then the obvious, but yeah this new suit is red/blue and that seems easy to see, but this is another case of Hasbro doing Hasbro, sometimes they google sometimes they don't. ğŸ˜Ž
  11. I'd buy it! sounds like a great fun wave, I'd like the new Version of DP to be Weapon X DP, still not sure why we never got that, since they made it in 12'' I to always hoped they'd do the entire Mercs team with the various colored Deadpools like they did in 3.75 inch, that would have been a no brainer it seemed at the time but they dropped the ball, would have been more rad if they did that set but gave us bodies reflecting the characters with mask off additional heads. I always say I'm tired of Deadpool, but I always gravitate to buying Deadpool, and now that we are not getting Wade waves I want them again Ha.
  12. yeah seems like this was a oh my new Spider-Man to make a figure of, quick get that into production, before even having much substantial details, because "new spider-man figure!!! argh" , seems like Miles is also incorrectly colored unless it's just me, but isn't he supposed to be pink not red? either way both of these were easy who cares figures, less exciting then that New Symbiote weirdo Spider-Man from the Kingpin wave who appeared in like 1 or 2 issues. honestly at this point in time, with the plague of constant new different more spider-manz figures, I wish we'd go back to random wacky variants of Deadpool, I'm missing old Wade, he was a fun pirate, weres the maid outfit, hip-hop d-pooly and bob ross cosplay?
  13. I read an article recently, that Kahhori was a brand new completely made up for What If character, this would be her debut, nothing else has been revealed about her, but if it's anything like some of the made up for games/shows etc characters she probably will appear in comics at some point, like Luna Snow for instance.
  14. Sorta surprised by this, but then as I look at it, nah not really, I;m sure this is going to be a new trend going forward, likely we will only get a few waves a year with BAFs (saves money yet again), Hasbro has seen the uptick in popularity when a wave is carded, but that's artificial they will see that's not the case, it's the character selection, but the bean counters saw how well all of the retro carded stuff has done recently so they are trying that route, On one hand I'm very happy this wave has no BAF, I get to happily cherry pick, and on another hand sad that we are in a new era where we don't have BAFs all the time, to have a wave like this sans BAF is wild, and another Spidey wave coming later this year which is the same, one thing that is a big bummer but also not shocking is the lack of accessories here, no BAF yet less in the pack....eh whatever, I'm staying not shocked. anyways cool with getting Rose, Tarantula, new Suit Jessica and DD Elektra, I'll skip the rest or maybe see what Chasm looks like in front of me.
  15. I really enjoyed Jon as Frank, I'm glad they don't plan on replacing him, if this is true, I actually don't want them to replace any of the netflix actors except Finn Jones he can go, despite not actually hating Iron Fist, season 2 was cool, would have liked to see what panned out with the Orson Randall stuff, but Finn Jones just never seemed like the right choice for Danny.
  16. well let's just see what all ends up, I still hope it's a BAF I don't desire, Grizzly would be hard to say no to.
  17. I really hope that this Spidey wave doesn't have a BAF I want to build, because I don't want to have to buy all of these figures, I'd like to just cherry pick and get Spider-Woman, Rose, Tarantula and Eleketra DD. if it's a Grizzley BAF, how much different can it be to ursa? just basically the same figure with a new head? despite wanting a Grizzley BAF I might have to pass if it's not drastically different.
  18. Good to see IMO Monet's face looks better in these photos then the promo pics were showing, I'm still really excited about this figure, super happy to be building Gen X and in their Original suits at that, I think this figure looks good, I just hope they keep the training rolling and don't stop giving us members, I'm tired of the whole...yeah here's alpha flight but sorry we don't do Marrina. seeing all of these figures coming out though gets me worried, things have not hit major retailers all year here in Canada, and I'm just really getting worried everything I've pre-ordered is going to release all at once and my wallet is going to implode. Hasbro's current 2023 Distrubution is wacked, really need to fix that.
  19. Not really that exciting, but turns out Dollaramas here in Canada are getting 3.75 Retro Legends, for 4 bucks, got a ton of them today, Falcon, Mr. Fantastic, Thing, Black Widow, Black Panther and Thor. guess I'm kinda collecting these figures now, if I keep seeing them for so cheap. *edit And then I found some more the next day, Symbiote Suit Spidey and Green Goblin, I'm hoping I keep finding more, since apparently this line is "resting" for a bit.
  20. I don't really have much connection to anything Ultimate Universe, or need another Cap, but this figure does look good, I'm a sucker for a good Comic Cap, I would have totally passed on this but it came with a BAF piece for Puff Adder, the real question is will I keep this or end up getting rid of it, hard to say since I do think it looks really good, but I already have Vintage Cap and 20th Cap, not sure I really need this guy.
  21. Happy then finally got a Molecule Man out, I think this figure is pretty good for what it is, don't think I have any complaints, he never was a very interesting character in the looks department, but is a great character in the story department, I'm happy to add this to the collection.
  22. Kinda cool if they are actually doing more then just Spider-Man characters, that makes me far more interested, I gotta see what else they have in store and I might just buy some of these because of the price point for fun despite them not looking super fantastic.
  23. Yes she looks kinda like a Lady Taskmaster, I actually kinda dig it, with the full mask on she looks pretty bad ass.
  24. I'd say it would be crazy not to make this a Giant Man Haslab this year, Avengers Anniversary, Ant-Man 3 Movie, the figure is economical, it would sell like crazy, if it includes alternate parts to make various versions of the character people would buy more then 1, it would be a real big missed opportunity not to do Giant Man as the Haslab this year, would I rather a Fing Fang Foom, yes and no, yes because I think he's way cooler and I like the look more, no because I don't want to spend 1000+ on one massive figure, that sounds selfish yes, I likely wouldn't buy a 1000 dollar Giant Man, it would save my wallet, but make so many fans extremely happy it's highly desired, the old BAF is very pricey now, they need to make something go, after the whole fiasco with the car last year, Giant Man would do that, I think he'd be way more likely to sell then Foom, because anybody who collects Avengers will want him, and buy more then one if it has the right accessories to make it worth while.
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