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  1. Yeah totally like that, I guess I meant more to say it would be cool to get more of these in the future
  2. Oh yeah I almost forgot easily one of the best has to be The Thing, what a nice fig
  3. I feel like we kinda just did this thread? I dunno here is 6 1. Surtur 2. Tyrant 3. Shuma-Gorath 4. Mangog 5. Ch'od (even though this is basically Abomination, ah well) 6. Dragon Man
  4. Best (off the top of my head right now) Sauron, Lizard, Monster Venom, Moon Knight, Mystique, Scream, Mysterio, Black Cat (Skyline), Groot, Ghost Rider, Spider-Gwen, All First Vintage Wave Figs, Vintage Vision, Rogue, Juggy Wave Deadpool, Hobgoblin/Green Goblin,Deathlok, MCU Wasp, Omega Red, Beast, MCU Hela ....(there's probably alot more) I dunno a whole decade of legends is alot to think about. Worst (off the top of my head.. which is really easy, i won't forget what sucked) Batroc (come on nobody wanted him and nobody still does) Capeless Comic Dr. Strange (worst idea, that they quickly corrected, also not giving us a classic colors and then never doing it) Speed Demon (like Batroc) Karl Mordo (isna Pegwarmer Supreme) Disco Dazzler (Nope) Infinity War Cap with the wackest face scan Paladin (see Batroc & Speed Demon) MCU Black Panther Number 5000 (we got it already) Comic Loki (looks pretty awful IMO) Legless Cannonball
  5. I Do think it would be really cool if we got a few older BAF's re-released as single packed deluxe figures at a higher price , BAF's whose waves are probably only dead stock and not still being shipped out, I'd be into that
  6. yeah Cap is going to be a "you will never find this figure" because Wal-Mart is the worst, and needs to be terminated from their role in providing us exclusives , I thought maybe Iron Man might have been a Target Exclusive (may be wrong)
  7. The Far From Home wave is officially in stores now 23rd was the street date, found all of the figs, Just picked up the two I really wanted, sadly Scorpion and Mysterio were on hold for some other dude, but if he doesn't come through they will be mine
  8. Charlie Hunnam as Wolverine Mark Strong as Professor X Bryce Dallas Howard /or/ Evan Rachel Wood as Jean Grey Kristen Stewart as Rogue Daniel Craig as Magneto Dewanda Wise as Storm Armie Hammer as Cyclops Kelsey Grammer as Beast Amanda Westlake as Psylocke Joe Mangnaiello as Sabretooth Rami Malek as Nightcrawler Brenda Song as Jubilee I dunno thats all that comes to my head right now
  9. always love a TMan video 👌 , best voice in the Toy Review game
  10. 1. Malekith (despite people hating on this movie, love how he looked here) 2. Kurse 3. Outrider 4. Chituari 5. Abomination / AOS Quake (why no quake fig comic or MCU) Honorable Mentions : Howard The Duck (2-pack with Cosmo), Heimdall, Meik (shoulda been in a 2-pack with Korg), Quantum Realm Janet Van Dyne (I.E. how she looked in Pop Form w/Helmet), Kraglin (just because he's such a great character), The Collector and GSP accurate Batroc (cause thats rad)
  11. There are a few figs that come to mind that I really regret not buying when I saw them, I'm kicking myself I still feel so stupid not buying Stryfe when he was all over the place back when he was released, TRU's had that whole wave, and I just said not interested enough 😧. I remember just passing up Cyclops as he was pegwarming at Wal-Mart, Not buying Ghost Rider at the con when I was about to. wish I had bought Silk, Comic Cap Marvel, Zemo, Spider-Man 2099 (OG), Green And Hob Goblin, and that Damn GOTG Comic Box Set *face palm* I could have bought all of these in the Wild and I didn't at the time , Ares really is the one that got away because now I have a Gladiator Hulk missing that damn arm, I just want that arm
  12. The same with me, I have not gotten rid of anything I regretted. I think this thread would of been more fun if it was in regards to the figures we passed on when we had a chance, and now can't find for a decent price or at all maybe, perhaps a figure we thought we didn't like at one point and just only recently realized how awesome they were. I can think of a lot of those that I intially passed on, and still can't get now I wish I hadn't passed on
  13. I personally think the Defender's Set DD is better , better baton deco, holster deco and color overall
  14. Yeah I'm just waiting on the 23rd hoping we get them on the shelves (same as U.S.) here in Canada, although I'm really only after Julia and Doppel, maybe a Scorpion , maybe a MCU Mys
  15. yeah I was going to come in here and just say, pretty sure we were already talking about this elsewhere I pretty much layed out a all Villain Vintage Wave I wanted in that thread (funny enough it looks alot like yours Bradman
  16. I'm gonna go with figs that are already released and not include figs coming out , because there is so many and these are my personal favorites not "Best" Mystique Silver Sable Beast Jubilee Red Goblin Skullbuster Blink Ronin Corvus Glaive Living Laser BAFs Caliban
  17. What SolidSnakeEyes and Mechverse said is what I say in regards to this
  18. As far as universal appeal as BAF's go In need of a re-make (NOT yet Mentioned) -> Red Hulk Galactus (although I see this more happening as a days of the future past box set thingy) Fing Fang Foom (maybe same as Galactus though) M.O.D.O.K. Annihilus ----------------- Not yet made Tyrant (maybe not so universal) Tusk Ch'od Surtur (we should have had this somewhere already) Shuma-Gorath (also not so universal i guess, but so cool) Mangog (see Shuma) Warstar Bi-Beast (hey his face was in Ragnarok) Living Tribunal (maybe like Galactus and Fing over a BAF) Celestial (I think this could be the most likely Eternals wave BAF..if we get one) Ymir maybe those were controversial *shrug*
  19. Well of course, but my point is that there are people already paying these prices and we won't shed a tear for the great product we love collecting 😂
  20. I don't see this happening but maybe I'm missing a rumour floating around or something, that MCU Vulture didn't sell very well as far as I saw (because who wanted that so/so fig without wings, and they would have had to buy a only okay wave to make em) so why put it back out especially when I doubt he's going to be a big aspect of Far From Home, also a second MCU Mysterio seems weird when we are just getting one right now.
  21. I don't think we are going to see a change like this occur, as numerous people have stated we have been seeing "premium" figs for awhile Archangel, The Riders, the 10th Anniversary stuff. Personally you dudes in the U.S. are spoiled like brats 🥴, don't compain a standard Legend here in Canada is 29.99 with taxes at the end of that purchase it's about 34.99 for a figure so this price change seems like a no brainier for a bigger figure, here in Canada that hulk is probably going to be 45 bucks, and I'll still buy it (ain't got no choice if I want it)
  22. This exactly however I never was a Toybiz ML collector, back when Biz was putting these out I was a Selects collector, I only own a small few of the Biz Era stuff (Man-Thing, Vengeance, Black Heart), I always thought back then The Biz figs were pretty goofy looking for the most part and didn't get back into Legends until they started the Infinite thing with Winter Soldier series, that being said I feel the way JayC does in terms of the impact of the Biz era. I do not subscribe to the Marvel Legends doesn't feel special anymore vibe, they are still very special new and old, toy collecting rules! and it's in such a great place right now in terms of product for the seasoned collectors , I remember a time when nothing of a premium sort was coming out or it was in such small doses, now you can get a great high end collector fig for like anything
  23. I don't really collect MCU figs but , now that I think of it I actually kinda do, I just don't put them on my major want list usually, because now that I think of it I have quite a few favorites Hela Wasp (that head sculpt) Ultron (10th anniv not the BAF) Yellow Jacket Ronin Hulkbuster (this can't not be one of the BEST MCU figs) Groot I don't have Rescue or EG Rhodey yet but from what I see I think they will be in the top tier
  24. I think if they plan on keeping this Vintage line going, of course we are going to see Iron Man, F4, Spider-Man and hopfully a Secret Wars series, all using the re-make card back structure, and I'm really stoked on it happening I'm going to be glad if they do.
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