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  1. This was exactly my thoughts, I know this Storm is going to be never seen in the Wild and never going to be a standard price, This Wave looks excellent though, The only ones I don't care about are Cyclops and Patch Wolvie, The rest are must haves especially Dazzler and Storm. Now Where can I pre-order these so I can get my hands on them before I never do
  2. Sorry Folks, not that anyone seemed interested but this is gone
  3. if by meaning ML Endgame Cap (No BAF) you mean Quantum Suit Cap? I will trade you something for this , it is loose (but comes with shield of course) , I also have various Lightning Effects I would be glad to trade you (not my pic)
  4. Wow really, Death's Head is better looking then II? personal preference I guess because I am a way bigger fan of II then the original. I just think he looks far more bad ass, and I guess since I'm a collector of Death's Head II comics and have been a fan since young I feel that way.
  5. Colleen Wing (Comic) Dr. Strange (Classic) (why don't we have this yet) Emma Frost (Astonishing X-Men) Jean Grey (Black Queen) Polaris (Shi'ar) Psyclocke (Armoured) Rogue (Legacy) Thyphoid mary (Mutant Zero) Honorable : Classic Ultron and Classic Warmahine (Because it's stupid we still don't have these? we got Ultron's head) But this list didn't have my Number 1 top pick on it CLASSIC MOONKNIGHT , or 80's Armoured whatever, just gimme my real true Moonie , nobody want's that stupid bag head business suit look also wish would love to see Psylocke (disassembled outfit) and even though we don't have our classic Jean , Jean in her X-Men Red outfit would be awesome
  6. As much as I love reading all of the predictions , I really always feel like we just can't actually predict anything, it seems like a dream shoot, but with that being said I feel we will see more 80th anniversary stuff , which I think will be like someone else said some 10th anniversary cast aways, and either being in a vintage line or 80th a Comic Falcon, the new rumoured Wal-Greens figs I'm sure will get shown which should be Dani Moonstar, Super Skrull and I wanna say Warpath (I feel he's gonna end up being that way) , Probably see a few new X-Men for 2020 and Spidey stuff (as per usual) , I feel like we are going to see a return of the Mojo BAF or Blob BAF for new X-Men waves, and for Spidey we will see Comic Classic Vulture, Swarm (they know we want this) and maybe Vermin , *shrug* I dunno, I really just want an ALL symbiote wave (ala new Venom wave), or an ALL Chick wave (like the rest of A-Force)
  7. I am not surprised by of course Heimdall being a top pick, I feel as though everybody wonders why we still have not seen him in figure form yet as well as the Warriors 3, I personally am still blown away we have not had a comic Baron Mordo yet same goes with Mandarin and Leader (we have gotten so many c list villains but we havn't gotten some of the most important to the top heros). One of the weirdest choices seems to be Death's Head , we already got Death's Head II and it was amazing, Death's Head is by far not as cool looking as II and DH II was a huge peg warmer doubt they will go down that road
  8. I Agree with this, should have been a deluxe release like Archangel with Legs and Blast Effect, and they should have just had a different character in the wave instead , honestly I would have preferred the fig with legs only and no Blast effect, they should really have just had legs and give him some sort of Mysterio or Blink, or Hydro-Man add on effects. I personally wouldn't even want Cannonball with a blast effect at all, rather just legs, figure looks awful to me
  9. Just went on a Hunt, if anyone cares TRU here (Toronto, Canada) has some pretty decent sales going on, Everett Ross & Killmonger 2 Pack for 34 bucks same with Thor & Sif, Cap & Crossbones, MCU Red Skull for 24, Archangel for 23 bucks, both Domino and Paladin were 17 bucks, The TRU I hit had every single standard fig from Captain Marvel Wave, and tons of the Black Spidey & Kraven set. Nothing new though. EB Games still had 7 Infamous Iron Men.
  10. Really Excited about this wave as I knew I would be Wendigo is a must build, I think he's going to look amazing along side Sasquatch , Mr. Sinister, Boom Boom and Guardian have been wanted by me for a very long time so I am very happy to finally be getting them, Nightcrawler is great, only duds in this wave are Wolverine (Yawn, but at least looks cool enough not to hate) and as soon as I saw cannonball legs or no legs hes boring, but without legs it's just awful, either way I will be getting this entire wave, 4 great figs and a fantastic BAF
  11. This was hard since there were so many fun characters I'd love to see in Figure form, I went with however 1 Emplate 2 Lilith 3 Mangog 4 Morgan Le Fay 5 Motormouth 6 Mr. Fear (prefer the Black Outfit) 7 Phantom Rider 8 Sin Honorable : Snark, Bi-Beast, Bombshell, Carmilla Black, Deathwatch (Masked), Destroyer, Dust, Frogman, Hazmat, Ironheart, Lightspeed, Machinesmith (Robot Form), Mettle (Ken Mack), Monica Rappacini, Night Phantom, Psyklop, X-Ray, Spiderling, Spinnerette, Veil and Zzzax Wish we had the options for Cardinal, Heart Attack and Death Metal
  12. Yeah I feel the same I'd rather take the risk of waiting to see if when things actually get widely released I can pick em up for regular prices (and in Canada the scalper prices are the worst (ya no way in hell i'm paying 102 $ for Beast, or 66 for MCU Mysterio when both these figs should be on the shelves at retail eventually) . and on that Archangel note, I can't believe he seems to be marked up so high , or harder to find in the US because EB games in Canada has been stacked up with him for ages and I got him onsale in Jan for 30 , awesome fig though worth pulling the trigger on for all of those great pack in heads alone
  13. I originally felt very against this figure for the same reasons you still are, seemed lazy and a simple re-paint, when Hasbro knows how much we want our Classic Doom figure (and there is no reason for them not putting it out) but instead we got IMO an insignificant and lackluster Iron Man imposter , but whowever I changed my mind once I actually saw this figure in person despite what it is I like it quite a bit now it was a grower of course by all means it's not what I wanted or asked for (or anyone for that matter?) but it as a stand alone figure is looking good on my shelf
  14. Hey just thought I'd let everyone know that CMDStore , has the new Spider-Man wave minus Stealth Suit up for order (Not Pre-Order!) the prices arn't MSRP but hey you can get them now, none of that waiting business
  15. these are pretty cool , but I find them personally unnecessary for my collection, I don't army build or create battle scenes, but I do like these and the concept of their existence, I wouldn't fund them though, I have been burnt two many times with kickstarters
  16. Hmm yes suppose you are right but I mean they are not always "shared scene" character packs, I mean sure Tinkerer could work but I will go with I have absolute zero interest in a MCU Tinkerer fig, and for that matter in all honesty a MCU Shocker, I just intially thought I'd throw in my vote. I am hardly an MCU fig collector anyways so it never really matters, but hey Tinkerer is at least more interesting then Luiz
  17. Just looking to trade an extra Sable i have MIB, not wanting to sell, just want to trade equally or how anyone would see fit let me know if you are interested
  18. Honestly I don't really think we need another random civilian in a pack but if it had to be someone with Shocker then i'd say give us Liz Allen wouldn't buy this two pack anyways, actually wait I would because I'm a sucker for civilians chicks
  19. My area still sucks TRU Run was terrible only new things were Nighthawk and Quantum Cap. EB Games was worse only had 10th anni Skull and 10th anni Ronin amd a ton of Cloak n Daggers, wishing I'd finally see any of the X-Men in the wild. but I finally ordered Jubilee, still no Beast for me
  20. I thought Jean would be Number 1, and funny enough this is why I didn't vote for her also it's obvious we will eventually in soon enough time get ourselves a new Jean, just like Storm, they won't be far off, with these poles I like to choose the characters I think aren't necessarily coming any time soon , and whom i'd really love to see made into figs. I just wish Hasbro actually acknowledged these poles (hey maybe secretly they do)
  21. My picks 1. Annihilus 2. Devos The Devastator 3. Dr. Doom 4. Dr. Sun 5. Dragon Man 6. Lucia Von Bardas 7. Reptilla 8. Crystal Honorable Mentions : Huntara, Vertigo, Lyja, Ms. Marvel (Ventura), Psycho Man ,Galactus (even though there is no way this can't be a BAF), Rosetta Stone
  22. I really am convinced that Mysterio is fantastic looking now, as much as I was under the impression the Comic Version was the only one I truly needed in terms of a Mysterio figure my mind is definitely changed, I really only want Spider-Woman, Mysterio and Doppelganger (surprisingly no one likes this? I think it's great). I am sure if I see Scorpion in the wild however I won't hestiate to buy it but it's not the Scorpion I hoped for (would have preferred a more 90's Toon version with open mask), I still am very much interested in the BAF but having to buy a baby Spider-Man Noir and Hydro-Man keeps me from saying I will build it I have no like for that corny looking Hydro-Man and Stealth suit is just to much like SM Noir for me to see a need to buy it, however it does look like a nice fig.
  23. Honestly this is why I still even bother to Hunt in the Wild, it's such an amazing feeling to find something, it's what makes the fun of collecting to me, the act of going out seeing the product and getting lucky (or not) and having to keep trying, of course the buying online isn't even a sure hunt to me these days either, I refuse to pay scalper prices so I am constantly searching for the lowest price waiting to jump on it. I have bought entire waves before and honestly as fun as it is to see all of the figures crisp and new arrive at your door, it's not as exciting as the thrill of the hunt plain and simple, I just wish the hunt was more regularly fruitful these days.
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