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  1. Amazing, I don't collect Mezco for the price, but this would be the first release from them I feel completely compelled to purchase, finally they give us a Moon Knight, there just isn't enough Moon Knight product
  2. What was the retailer? , because you have to worry about bootlegs especially from China, Aliexpress has tons of them, although they tend to look almost identical to the real things alot of the time there are some hang ups, some inconsistent paint jobs here and there and rigid limbs and such, you never can tell, but if they were a really amazing price likely they are not Hasbro official product, a company called Jaxtoy makes alot of them, I have seen some in person and I wouldn't know the difference between that and true product (minus the Hasbro run out manufacturer #s on the back legs being absent) If you don't care if they are legit and possibly getting some that might not be exactly up to 100% perfect snuff then order away, my girlfriend accidentally bought me some awhile back, and a few friends I know had some. I personally didn't have any problem with the figs I got, they seemed perfectly legit (minus not being), but some of my friends had arms and legs unable to move, or easily things break
  3. Yeah I noticed this myself along time ago, but figured maybe it was just a random thing when they were showing the previews of it, but it does appear to be showing up on all the figures we have seen in pics thus far, hope it's not another case of the Hellcats issue where indeed there is a paint issue on all or most of the figs.
  4. awesome man congrats to the find, guess more people are getting this sooner than expected
  5. Went to Wal-Mart and EB and wasn't suprised that Wal-Mart had nothing in Legends but had all of the new Endgame Basic figures, I actually pressed the customer service rep about why they never stock Legends anymore and why they just let the toy section turn into a trash pile, he didn't seem to care at all and asked "what's a Marvel Legend?". I asked him if anything was possibly in the back unstocked he said nothing it's all they got (find that hard to believe..come on Wal-Mart) , EB Games had the pegwarming on strong with Endgame , Nighthawk and Living Laser only, and 1 Cloak and 1 Dagger, and Havok they have had since they came out so no X-Men yet , or even a damn Ebony Maw or Ronin
  6. See I really want that BAF myself I think it looks unique compared to the other BAFs we've gotten, but my problem is I don't care for at least most of these figures in this wave, thank god I wouldn't need to buy that new Tech Suit Spidey to build the BAF cause I have no interest in that, the only figs I actually really want from this wave are : Spider Woman and Doppelgang, I mean Mysterio looks damn great but I am content with the comic version, and despite how intergral Scorpion is to the Spider world I don't really think this fig looks that great (I would have been all over it if it was the same design as the 90's cartoon, with the lighter lime green and open mask), and he's never been a personal favorite. Hydro man looks like a joke IMO, and why do I want a fig that looks like puny Spider Man Noir? , that's just me
  7. Yeah see for me I am certainly not that much of a guy who needs to be that complete, the civilian characters no matter how important they are to a character's story they look boring on the shelf and I have no interest in them, but hey seems like I am one of the few who feels that way. I think they should just get that out of the way for collectors with say a multi-pack, Aunt May, J. Jonah, Gwen Stacy maybe Civilian Peter himself or Flash Thompson, and make all you guys happy, because in reality I'm sure Hasbro sees no desire to release any of those characters on single cards
  8. Yeah to me at least Swarm is one of the most wanted Villains for Spidey (next to Stegron who doesn't want Stegron!, and of course any and all symbiotes) Swarm could be done so damn cool if they did it right, which i'd say should be like his original fig semi-translucent , I still own that fig and it's awesome, I have no idea why they have not given us Swarm yet, also really always wanted a Spot figure would be rad, and a Alien Spider-Slayer would be Crazy! And I Don't know why you people want boring as Aunt May, inless you just need that much completeness remember this hideous thing we got last time Aunt May was a fig
  9. would be cool to see a re-release of the raft set version of Sandman, I really liked that one
  10. Inbetween Will-O and Scarecrow is Swarm, Behind Rhino Infront of Mysterio is Molten Man, because i guess i ment to saying " only dudes we are missing in this pic"
  11. I mean frankly in terms of his greatest rogues we are doing really damn good only dudes we are missing from this pic which is basically his best villains are : Will-O the Wisp, Swarm, Scarecrow, Tarantula & Vermin (technically we got a hammerhead with chameleon) now (we have everyone else in some shape or form maybe not in their standard look) i'd say thats pretty decent
  12. I'd say pretty important Villains at least I'd say we need (because they are old school villains or had a big part in an arc) or because they'd just look great as figs Swarm (Where the hell is he!) Alistair Smythe (his dad's too simple) Tarantula (re-do) Grizzly Iguana Rose Calypso Demogoblin Shriek Spot Kangaroo Man-Wolf Vermin Stegron Human Fly Will-O the Wisp Vulture (Old-Man O.G.) Living Brain Looter Silvermaine Man Mountain Marko Panda-Mania & White Rabbit (only because I like them) Carrion Modular Man (because he looks damn cool) Spidercide (only because hes cool) and just all of the symbiotes because that's easy
  13. Deathlok who first appeared in 1974 , Spawn wasn't even an idea until like 18 years later
  14. if this is a thread about figures already available previously needing a re-release in Vintage packing (for easier purchase) (rather then buying them at their inflated current prices) I am going with Comic Captain Marvel Spiderman 2099 Ghostrider Ms. Marvel (un-boxed set'd) Comic GOTG (Un-boxed set'd) Comic Hela (Un-Boxed Set'd) those come to mind
  15. Yeah funny enough once you start thinking of all the "pets" in the Marvel Universe it gets staggering, there really are so many cool ones out there, it really would be an amazing thing to have Hasbro try and tackle I agree you added some interesting touches here in your ideas, I myself felt this line would be better suited as a more Fig + Vechile style I.E. the Fig was normal sized and the Animal was bigger , which is why I say didnt go with Falcon and Redwind, because I felt Redwing was a given to be packed in with a standard Falcon fig, or say Ch'od and Cr'reee , felt they were too small and should be pack-ins rather then stand alone pieces (the size of bikes etc)
  16. I was just thinking, since we have an Ultimate Rider's series, it would be really cool to see an Ultimate Pet's line, two packs that contain a character and their pet animals, this series could really knock out a bunch of rare but wanted Marvel characters and significantly cool pet allies, I think this would be rad as it comes, what are your thoughts? off the top of my head I could think of these being great in said "Ultimate Pet Allies" line Gert & Old Lace Ka-Zar & Zabu Moongirl & Devil Dinosaur Crystal & Lockjaw Classic Valkyrie & Aragorn Mole Man & Giganto Hela (Comic Re-Release) & Garm Black Knight (90's Jacketed) & Valinor Killmonger (Comic) & Preyy Nightmare & Dreamstalker Dreadknight (Re-Release) & Hellhorse Gremlin & Droog
  17. I Think this BAF is pretty damn rad, I'm onboard to build it only problem is the wave isn't full of big wants for me, that Mysterio does look really nice I got to say, but I don't know if i can justify the need for him since we got such a fantastic comic one (who am I kidding i'm gonna buy it) but yes I do wonder as well if Jake's likeness is underneath that bowl !
  18. Looks like we found out , and it will be Molten Man ! and he looks great also we found out that indeed MCU Mysterio is the final figure
  19. I agree as much as I am amused it's solely now because it is such common place for me to see these things, I guess here in Canada with the price tag of 29.99 a figure and about 69.99 or more for 2 packs, 3 packs being about 100, this happens alot, and extra specially at Wal-Mart, it really pisses me off personally, because I barely see alot of figures around where I am I need to go at least 40 minutes to get to anywhere where I might find better stock or stock at all and those are always run down because they are in central traffic areas, if I wanna find any jack pot I need a car and a couple hours, so yeah I get it it sucks alot, Canada is a hard place for ML collectors, but in the end you just got to laugh that some jerk was pulling a fast one and the employees are so daft they had no clue, really strikes me pathetic you need to resort to stealing toys, if you are going to be such a thief go snatch something worth while
  20. True I mean I understand that clearly Hasbro saw an easy road with the re-paint factor, but I still think it's kind of a bummer they threw us this Doom over a classic one when they know the people have been asking for him for so long now
  21. Probably going to have to buy a Switch just for this one. MUA games are some of my favorite
  22. I am annoyed we couldn't just get a real Doom figure, why give us this? , this is just a re-paint of Invincible Iron Man from the first Black Panther wave, I'd be passing on this
  23. Oh here is another one a buddy of mine found, this one rules , it appears to be vintage vision with a vintage punisher head, no rocket, and invisible woman from that movie figure series
  24. Seems like the usual Wal-Mart business (at least in my areas) Seems like we have M'Baku body and not Thanos Here is a fantastic one I found not to long ago at my Wal-Mart I had to laugh at hard
  25. Wal-Mart in Canada is a joke period, toy sections never stocked, prices never dropped (I remember them having so many Rockets at one point and they didn't sell them for over a year and never dropped the price), the online website is just as bad, everybody loves Wal-Mart in America, in Canada it's a sham for collectors. The best deals you can get here are generally EB Games and Amazon (both only once in awhile), I have for certain gotten alot of good deals here and there, EB games had Human Torch for 10 bucks once, also got a few for 6 and 10 on Amazon at weird times, best buys ever though go to Northmen collectibles whom I bought a bunch of figs for 5 bucks, funny enough one day they had on 5 Dollar Friday at EB that Ant-Man and Yellow Jacket for 5 bucks, I just missed it when I walked in, I mean I already own it but
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