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  1. I'm still confused about this figure, but I feel like we have no explanation, so this is a taller carnage on the Knull body? right?, because it just doesn't look like it's any different in terms of build then the Venompool wave, either way even if this is a bigger Carnage, I have officially dropped my gavel and said I'm passing, enough Carnages for me, I'm content, and if a bigger carnage was something I wanted, well I got the oversized Select, that's fine, I also for once really am not pleased with the head sculpt here, it's pretty hard for me to not be really lusting after Symbiotes but this one feels meh...bad face, and passing this off as "classic" seems like a rude thing since this here is no classic Carnage, that's not a classic face, if indeed this is the Knull buck, well Carnage is traditionally not Tall, so not classic, he's one of the smaller Symbiotes, sorry Hasbro this isn't it.
  2. Yeah they really went with the Bare Bones approach here, which isn't going to attract many buyers I will presume, unmasked heads for both would have at least gone a bit further, also really Spidey just needs those Waldoes, this figure is so not complete without those, with this Iron Spider figure being released as many times as it has, it's pretty lame the Waldoes had only ever came with this figure once, and was in a fairly elusive 2 pack, I just feel like these figures are destined for clearance, they should have just released these at a lower price point, make some entry level collectors buy them or Parents for their kids. For Collectors I can't imagine people are that amused, these figures are readily available still, but in better versions, that IM & Thanos Snap 2 pack is still out there.
  3. Yeah the Gladiator/Ragnarok Hulk build is pretty much perfect for Skaar (in terms of Hasbro using what they already have in their toolbox), I'm sure that's going to be what they are using, seems very likely anyways, and I'm cool with that.
  4. Makes sense that Big box retailers won't be stocking this wave, this is perfect as a Fan Channel wave, probably a lot of Major retailers wouldn't see this on paper as a big seller being it's quite niche, I like the idea of them doing weirder mixed waves like this and having them out of big box stores, it's likely this was the only way they could do a wave of this sort. Getting Zabu as a BAF also gives me hope we might get a BAF Lockjaw at some point.
  5. Interesting they are re-releasing this, I mean sure fine, for all of the new collectors or anyone who missed out, it is a great set, both are the definitive figures for the characters, just strange Hasbro has been doing a lot more straight up re-releasing as of lately, and originally they never did that, hey I'm all for it, tons of things they can re-release I'd be happy to buy up.
  6. Just was doing my taking more peeks at these reveals, and my peepers noticed the weirdo Black dancing shoes Sharon Carter has on, what's that about? I really don't recall any times she has worn shoes like that, it looks aesthetically displeasing, it's a nice figure until those jarring shoes, I need confirmation she was wearing those in some source material, because if they are just some strange thing Hasbro came up with it's bugging me. I also realized they are saying Carnage is...on the Knull buck? hmmm not even sure how, since this figure looks just like the same body as the Venompool wave, if he was on the Knull body he'd be a bigger figure, this does not look like that, so what's that all about, anybody know?, if he really is like some big tall Carnage, then Hasbro probably going to make me fuss about trying to get it, since I can't be controlled and must army build Carnaaaggees, so I hope this is just what it looks like Venompool Carnage with some extra stuffs.
  7. Really liking this Zemo, but I don't really feel like another Zola is something I truly care about, since I own the Purple one, which I kinda like more, but the classic colours ugh always a thing I want...Since this Zemo is technically not the same Zemo I have since this is Heinrich it easily makes this a well..Gotta get it. And fine I can have two Zolas since there was more then one. Dang you Hasbro, got me again.
  8. The odd ball selection of this wave is just so lovable to me, some really awesome characters here, as well as some really nice looking alternative looks, Red Widow, Ka-Zar & Ikaris are a must, plus gotta have Zabu if you got Ka-Zar, so I'm getting this whole wave, plus technically Black Winter is a new character, and it's a sick repaint, Wolfsbane is a top notch update, and that Cable is just nice nice, gotta get this wave, probably skip IM despite me liking this Armor, but he has no BAF piece so he won't be a must get, likely wait and see if he ever goes on sale. Fun wave gotta say, pleased with it.
  9. I still think that the Lizard Wave Prowler is really rad, this one is way too Animated series for me, and the colours reflect that, cool he has a unmasked head, and the cape is better, but I'm going to pass on this and stick with what I got.
  10. As much as I did find these looks for Logan & Peter fun, and the figures are pretty nice and visually appealing, this one has to be an easy pass for me, not important enough, and more of the same characters I have in looks that are integral. looks coolish though, happy for the people who wanted this one.
  11. I actually went to see this last night, Ooooooh My, what a horrible movie, cringe status at best, I won't spoil anything but Good god, it was everything I thought it would be, felt so flat, CW, made for TV business here, lacked heart, lacked in all departments a true campy poorly executed film, Sony needs to quit this, it's a tragedy, I really wanted to find some redeeming quality's here in this movie, I could barely I liked like 5% of this movie and I think that was because I was enjoying sitting in a theatre watching a movie and that was it, it was a trainwreck.
  12. Here's my take on these reveals Dr. Strange & Morbius 2 pack - Although Both look great, especially strange with the brighter chest insignia, don't need em, they are animated style, so pass Prowler - looks cool, but no need since I have the previous one Carnage - No easy pass, have enough Carnage at this point, and it's not a ton different then the Venompool figure F4 Wolvie & Spidey - No easy pass, not any interest in these 2 in these suits Zemo & Zola - Really into that Zemo, but I already have a Zola, however the Zola I have is the Purple one, probably going to go for this pack, since technically the Zemo is a different person then the Zemo I have Sheild 3 pack - Yes into this mainly because I want a Fury & Dum Dum, Sharon being done better is nice to see, but I feel pretty cool with the kitbash I have, however I'm really wanting Dum & Fury Zabu BAF wave - Yes to all!, I really want a comic Ikaris, Ka-Zar, Red Widow, and obviously if you have Ka-Zar you need his homie, I actually really like the rest of the figures as well, don't really need IM, Thor, Wolfsbane or Cable, but I want them cause they look awesome, and I'm going to build that BAF, that IM suit is actually one of the few suits I've been asking for so I'm stoked on it, surprised how cool that Thor is as well, and a sweet real Wolfsbane and that great costume for Cable, cool wave, weird wave.
  13. It is a really cool suit design, The Red Waldoes are a sweet touch here, and The Black eyes I agree. This is a really nice Spider-Man look.
  14. Yeah weird but kinda cool, I'm actually most surprised they took pictures of the actual figures here and didn't draw them. cover variant collectors will be all over this, it's crazy now a days that when 1 issue comes out they make like 5 different covers, and best believe there are the people buying all 5 covers, I can only imagine how much it must cost them weekly in comics, I remember when I had a pull box years ago, every Wednesday I'd spend like 200 bucks on comics, and I was only buying 1 cover of each, Ouuch
  15. I'm glad they did the Art this way, sure it feels new-er in style but they preserved most of the overall look, I'm happy that they didn't do an art style like so many expected, and it was going to look like What If. Really excited for this show, Even though it was only like 3 years ago I watched All Seasons of X-Men, I might have to go back and do it again.
  16. Now Hoping again this is where we get to see Retro Iron Man & Ghost Rider waves! and Marrina. 🤔
  17. I really love this figure, it may possibly be my fav Carnage figure, but just way too expensive for a single figure for me, if it wasn't the price it was I would have for sure got this, but Also I own 5 Carnage figures, like when is enough enough?
  18. Oh wow okay, that just happened, Hmmm, I do love to see Ebon Moss, he is always good in everything I've ever seen him in so he is a pleasant addition, Joseph Quinn does seem to be a bit old for Johnny but I'm sure they will make it work, I only am familiar with him from Stranger Things, Still not really into Pedro being Reed but whatever, I actually don't really know Vanessa Kirby but I seem to recall her name floating around being attached to this movie as Sue, so I guess in the end it is so, I'm stoked it's fine no complaints here, just make it a good movie.
  19. What what? Amalgam's back, Odd turn of events, Maaan I loved this stupid stuff as a Kid, literal crazy dreams come true, I actually would love to re-read this wacky stuff I don't even remember most of what happened, I do own a few issues when DC V Marvel, but Never bust out my old comics in storage.
  20. Oh interesting, Obviously a thing done soley because of new movie Trailer, Nice to give people a second chance on these two, but I can't imagine a ton want them, but maybe I'm wrong, just felt like that Scooter DP was a big pegwarmer, the Retro Card DP was awesome I'm sure people are going to snap that up, it was hard to find at least here in Canada, I myself already have both of these so Passy Pass. but hey Hasbro, re-release more things, mainly stuff I really want..Like Professor X, Dreadknight, Purple Man, Satana, Retro Kingpin, Hela... You got it.
  21. I was out eating with a friend last night, and of course the restaurant had the Stupor Bowl on, which of course me being the have no idea whats going on with sports human, went nutso when Deadpool 3 teaser pops up, like waaaaa, then it said see full trailer online so of course me and my buddy bust out our phones to watch it, My My I was already excited for this movie, but that was an exciting trailer, this movie better be as amazing as I think it's going to be, because my hopes are all the way high, so much to unpack from that trailer.
  22. Oh ah, totally forgot about that Secret Empire cap coming out, as much As I really don't need another cap, since the 20th, I still always liked this suit design, face ugh looks like the Ultimate cap angry facial expression I just didn't really love, and I like it less here, but the composition of this figure is really nice, but as pass, One thing I can take away from this is, seeing that Brood Logan in more pics, I actually like it less, the face looks like Alien Donkey, and kinda off putting, but I still want to like it since it comes with a much wanted Lilandra. The Sabretooth is still something I keep thinking I might regret not getting because it looks so good, but I currently passed, the Logan in that pack while good, isn't really something I need.
  23. Oh wow, okay, didn't know this, that sounds fairly convoluted, but I guess I should expect that from current Marvel Stories.
  24. Actually feels really weird now to see the 616 Nick Fury, I felt like that variant just was completely axed out of comic lore, and the Ultimate (SLJ) version was just the definitive Nick Fury.
  25. Keep seeing pics of this set and I'm actually really tempted, that DD actually looks pretty cool with the Cell shading, because it looks comic book, and the clear Hydro-Man still has ben super interested, tough..I think I'll hold out and wait and see if this ends up at gamestop so I can get a discount, won't pull the trigger now, this would be a rando see it on the shelves impulse buy if anything. for once though Hasbro does a cool Cell Shaded figure, and it doesn't look like it's from a TV show at all 😏
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