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  1. hey I just saw Amazon.com is already selling some new stuff They already have Grandmaster & Korg 2-pack https://www.amazon.com/Marvel-Legends-80th-Anniversary-Grandmaster/dp/B07TN89J9L/ref=sr_1_8?crid=203GG358W064A&keywords=marvel+legends&qid=1562183985&s=toys-and-games&sprefix=marvel+legends%2Caps%2C157&sr=1-8 I guess that means this is probably going to be more readily available very soon
  2. I feel like this thread has been done before but, I will toss out my list (which is old) Attuma Captain America 2099 Crimson Dynamo Darkstar Throg (Pack In?) Electro 2099 Green Goblin 2099 Killmonger (Comic Suit) Madame Hydra Eternal Brain Man Ape (Comic) Morgan Le Fay Phantom Rider Sara (Caretaker) Stingray Termantrix Orb The Presence Dirty Wolff (BAF) Stegron (BAF?) Doghead Ursa Major (BAF?) Human Fly (Yellow Outfit) M-11 (BAF?) or Rom ? Old Lace or Devil Dinosaur (BAF) Shroud (or is this too much like Cloak really?) Omaka Living Tribunal (BAF) Bloodhawk Warwolf Vera Gemini Death Ninja Jillian Belthauzer (BAF) Mung The Inconceivable (BAF?) Demon Bear (BAF) (New Mutants Wave!) Any of The Luminals Ghost Rider (Yoshio Kannabe) Ghost Rider (Bai Gu Jing) Ghost Rider (Molek) Ghost Rider (Shoba) Mania Classic Nebula Shuma-Gorath (BAF) Iron Miaden (Vostokoff) Eternity (BAF) anything venomized Synapse Howard The Duck (Mech Suit) (BAF) (yeah not comics but, close enough , best way to do howard) Dragon Man (BAF) Hulk 2099 (BAF) Nightwatch Shiklah Werewolf By Night Emplate (BAF) Bloodscream (Monster Form) (BAF?) Venom 2099 Venompool (BAF) Dinah Soar (GLA) Satana (non boxed set-new version) Styx Demogoblin Squirrel Girl Riot (Symbiote) Hybrid (Symbiote) Agony (Symbiote) Phage (Symbiote) Brood (BAF) Annihilus Spinnerette (Mary Jane) Surtur (BAF) Swarm Manphibian Memphisto Blackheart The Skinless Man Doorman (Great Lakes Avengers) Penance Shadow King (Monster Form BAF) Crystal Vengeance M Husk Wraith (Yuri) Some More Poisons from Venomverse Clea Senyaka ! there would be tons more, but this list I made quite a time ago, and these characters still stand, plus this list is looong
  3. if I won today I'd buy Beast and MCU Mysterio for sure and Neca Armoured Assassin Predator, or perhaps Neca Alien Vs. Predator Rip Claw Alien (or any of the new AVP VG figs), and that damn Neca Mantis Alien (I know not Marvel's but it's what I'd buy), if I won another day well who knows
  4. Polaris or Enchantress's effects? or are they not the right green? obviously I was thinking that the Comic Mysterio's effects would be perfect (which I saw somebody already did above me ^) how about Green Tamashi effects https://www.bigbadtoystore.com/Product/VariationDetails/31946 https://www.ebay.com/itm/Tamashii-EFFECT-BURNING-FLAME-for-S-H-Figuarts-D-Art-Fix-Figma-Action-Figure-Toy/273887026183?hash=item3fc4f05c07:m:m5rKjqECo1eaLSJzxPVEEZw https://www.ebay.com/itm/Tamashii-Screw-Impact-Effect-Red-For-Kamen-Rider-Figma-SHF-Action-Figure-Kick-/253883346806 a combo of these could really work
  5. I think most people here already hit the target on the most wanted classics , because most of them are obvious Dr. Strange Dr. Doom Falcon Warmachine Ultron but i would also add Moon Knight Red Skull Kitty Pryde (Shadowcat Excalibur) ------------------ these guys need to be released in there classic attire despite never being even released yet Baron Mordo Mandarin Mephisto (but what's this i've heard Hasbro won't release a "devil" like character??) Vengeance Kang Leader Annihilus Super Skrull Viper Ronan (we need a comic version)
  6. Everything looks fantastic, however I am feeling good about not wanting to purchase any of these, I would love to have that Ghost figure, but I have no interest in a Luis, so I don't believe I'd be paying the price just for a Ghost, I already have Hela (despite this one being a real upgrade) and don't care much about Scourge (if he was comic then yes). The Captain America set is a sure pass for me, and the Iron Man Spidey as well, the Grandmaster and Korg pack is probably a pass since I only want Korg. I don't want to pay the extra money for a figure I don't want or need just for one I need, when the money could go elsewhere
  7. EB Games here in Canada , seem to be getting Endgame Wave 2, however all I could find were Loki, Union Jack and Rock Python (the one's we thought would peg warm) the ones I don't want
  8. I am not a Toybiz ML fan, and never was, I never loved the sculpting, the overall aesthetics never did it for me, the paint aps, I always found them too look rather goofy even in the best of times, with that in mind, I never collected Toy Biz legends (I collected Selects). But there have been some pretty good Toybiz Legends in the past, a few that I really liked and think so far has not been matched by or just matched by Hasbro are the following Abomination Hasbro's is amazing, but something about this extremely classic Abomination was amazing, still holds up, the Select however is still the Best hands down Abomination Man-Thing almost perfect and actually passed on the BAF one because I thought it was still a better Man-Thing, I however think the Hasbro one is just a bit better mainly because of size, but the Toybiz version is still really great Dr. Strange it's safe to say this classic Strange is way cooler then the Legend comic version we currently have, if they fix that and give us classic I'm sure this won't be the case Thor (Giant-Man BAF) this really is still a great classic Thor, and holds up really well, but with the new one coming out, I think it's getting knocked out of this list, but for years this was like the best representation we had of classic Thor for legends Beta Ray Bill Awesome figure and still is, the new Hasbro legend is having a tough time competing with this guy, he's just the right costume, he had nice articulation and was just a super nice representation of the character and still is thats all I can think of off the top of my head
  9. this looks really good! always like to see more
  10. I love seeing starter collections, always fun to see where it all begins for people. How long ago did you start collecting? it's also always fun to know why you bought certain figures (were they on sale, given to you, or just chosen because you like the character, always find that fun) , interested in watching the documentation of your collection growing
  11. Ha thanks dude yeah, I will enjoy checking out your page. appreciate the share
  12. I think we at this point should not even question this figure eventually coming out, it's just when, I feel a multi-pack for 80th Anniversary will be it's place , and by the end of the year
  13. This is awesome, I would be happy with this even though it's just a re-paint of Hobgoblin w/Demonic Head I mean this is what i would expect this figure to look like when released anyways ,perfecto I wouldn't complain p.s. I'm still loving these Digibashes Leokearon , I want to see more, way more
  14. You can get the Vulture figure for retail (US) on Amazon still, but unfortunately building the wings will probably still cost you some loot bags https://www.amazon.com/Marvel-Legends-Spider-Man-Vulture-Vultures/dp/B01G3A8VDI/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=Marvel+Legends+vulture&qid=1561913640&s=gateway&sr=8-1 the wing parts on Ebay https://www.ebay.ca/itm/Marvel-Legends-6-inch-Build-a-Figure-Vulture-Parts-Individual-Pieces/133039204852?hash=item1ef9c129f4:m:mOx0XaFRhoUSj7EaN6zCLjA
  15. Both EB Games I went to today were filled with New Suit Spidey (Far From Home) and Infamous Iron Man, strange Doom seems to continue peg warming hard here in Canada , No EG2 wave yet, but I heard they have been popping up at TRU, except I have not seen them yet or anything new the other day I as there
  16. Probably more then you want to pay, and plus these hands are from Tiger Stripe Wolvie , but I'd thought I'd try to help https://www.ebay.ca/itm/Marvel-Legends-Wolverine-X-Men-Apocalypse-BAF-Wave-Claws-Hands-Only-Hasbro-6/153540533083?hash=item23bfba9b5b:g:WOcAAOSw-DJdECIz
  17. As usual Dan makes us jealous getting figures before everyone else I think this figure looks excellent, I have no complaints about anything I see , I mean obviously the white classic outfit would be great but I actually love this outfit as well, and even if we got a white one first, I'd be hoping we got this Marvel Now look down the road
  18. Very into this, looks like good fun, would buy this without any questions asked as long as it doesn't exceed 30 bucks
  19. oh no doubt it seems really weird, and I hope it's not just some weird business and actually means Demogoblin is somewhere in the pipeline, just got passed on to another Spidey Wave
  20. Indeed it is, and barely a re-paint almost a straight re-release, the paint from the IM3 wave was a lighter duller silver, while the Disney one was darker more shiny silver, the Iron Man is a re-paint from that series as well, it's the Heroic Age IM, with more old 90's style paint. (both Disney Exclusives look way better) , but I mean the only new fig in that pack is Hulk (inless I am mistaken and that's from somewhere else initially as well)
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