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  1. Yeah not sure how much I like this Bullseye costume, kinda looks well dollarstore G.I. Joe, but probably that's the outfit he starts with and it's supposed to be kinda low budget cobbled together, he probably upgrades, I do like that he's suited up though, The Daredevil costume is looking mighty Deadpool-eque from the images I saw, is it cool, it's fine, just doesn't really seem very DD, no DD emblem, a bit too much tactical look...the bright red is cool though.
  2. Ooof, I always wanted that Psylocke, it's so nice, but also so annoyingly expensive, and the Metallic suit just isn't quite it for me, but everything else about this figure is all-star, but why so much moonies đŸ˜’
  3. Yeah seriously, when I saw this I scratched My head, just make up a new name how hard is that? Also I never thought one of Purple Man's powers was to alter reality? when did that become a thing, he can control you, make you do things, but not change reality....come on Marvel đŸ˜”
  4. Sure why not, I could probably crack these open, I did always enjoy the Anime Marvel movies/shows, if these are on that level I'll read em.
  5. Ahck, I love this thing, when I first saw it I was so close to buying it, but for what it is the price is just too high, I can't bring myself to buying it, The Man-thing was amazing too, just a rough price, Why can't Hasbro just do an ML of WBN? whyyyyyy??
  6. Symbiotes, love Symbiotes that cover is coolness, I just want a poster of that, and secondly I have no idea who some of these Symbiotes even are and that bugs me, I'm supposed to be up to date on all things Symbiotes, I failed myself.
  7. Ugh, Honestly I really like that Hydro-Man, that was the Hydro-Man I wish we got last go round, it obscures his goofiness, I always thought Hydro-Man was a kinda lame looking character, cool powers, lame looks, I always desired a full water effect version, well here it is, but no, not gonna buy this for the Hydro-Man I wish I had, but on another note that DD is actually pretty cool, I hate Hasbro's Cell Shading game, but they did this one pretty well, it looks like it came out of a comic, funny enough it doesn't look like the cartoon but more Comic, I don't need another DD though. It seems like it's Hasbro's thing to keep classic DD locked behind exclusive multipacks, makes no sense...so many people always just want a red DD and Hasbro always making it hard. and final thought...these two never fought in the TV show, I'm pretty sure of it, but correct me if I'm wrong.
  8. Cyclops looking so sweet, I think that's my Fav Cyclops they have ever done, I'm glad I pre-ordered it, probably a lot of others are going to want this one, I always thought the Love Triangle was the perfect Scott for me, because of the colors and I always preferred the Jacket look, but this one is top notch, also Ordered Maddy of course who is stunning and the best of the wave IMO, and X-Ecutioner because I think that might be the only chance we get on him, and he's comic enough for me.
  9. So Lewis Pullman is officially Sentry? the first announcement said he was in talks, but now this seems as though he is 100% now playing the character? this info legit?
  10. Nice, I almost forgot about this wave, seems like forever ago they showed us this and no pre-orders, it's gonna be Maddy for sure out of this wave, still on the fence with X-ecutioner and Cyclops, X-ecutioner more likely since he can stand in for a comic version, Cyclops looking real good though.
  11. They really are promoting these, showing tons of Pics, normally I feel like we don't get so many pics from the Legends team, either they think these won't sell, or they really have faith in these and are pretty happy with themselves, either way Lilandra and Psylocke are outstanding, and I can't wait to get them, Sabretooth is a gem as well, but I'm passing, but really the only Wolverine I have any interest in is Brood Wolvie. I'm sure these are coming out shortly, and not in May.
  12. One of the things that I think is so amazing about DST's Marvel offerings is the fact they are still releasing figures that are almost 20 years old, and too big enough fan fair that they are still being bought and put into modern displays, really is a testament to people viewing them as quality items, they certainly have a unique artistic asthetic about them, and it's still rad to see these old figures sitting on shelves and getting runs 20 years later, Legends ain't doing that, Figures like Abomination or Venom for instance, even that Sabretooth still looks pretty darn good, still can't really be beat, if you want a larger style version of the character in yer collection and can easily be subs in a Legends display. and a ton of their newer releases are pretty awesome, I.E. Titanium Man, Apocalypse, Hulks, and that upcoming Annihulus and Crimson Dynamo.
  13. Interesting, well glad they are already actively trying to fill that Sentry role, I don't really think I know much about Lewis Pullman, but from what I do know, I'm not sure if I think he looks much like the right actor again for Sentry, but it he hasn't even taken the role yet, I mean in the end it's just about how it turns out on screen, I for some reason thought these dudes would be cool Sentrys : Austin Butler, Dacre Montgomery & Keegan Allen? anyways I don't really care who they cast, just hope the end result is good.
  14. Yeah really, that again is like literally some of the easiest re-paints, and more then likely people why buy it, but then again, for the fact that a lot of people don't even know about this, and kids likely not buying it, it may be a discounter in the end, Do people really want Green Avengers?
  15. So looks like they are really just going with everyone from Netflix at this point, no recasting, Funny enough I actually totally forgot that Bullseye was in the Daredevil show, oops, I liked him though he was pretty good.
  16. at first it was somewhat amusing, now just no, get rid of that. just because you own it disney...doesn't mean you should.
  17. This literally would be the definition of a re-paint wave that would succeed, how were you the first to think of this?, literally this wave could be previously released figures no changes at all, and a few actual just re-paints, and just give them an additional unmasked head or not
  18. I'm a pretty big apologist when it comes to the MCU, I am usually happy just to watch Marvel movies, so I tend to sway on the positive side, but Love & Thunder was mad dookie, like just off the rails bad, I have never disliked a Marvel movie more, I liked about 20 minutes of it (that fight with Gorr on the planet he was hiding on was a visual masterpiece), the movie had cringe worthy comedy, terrible story, bad character arcs, they turned characters into huge jokes and ruined them, a horrible ending, horrible new characters, it was just a slab of stank, it made me actually appreciate the MCU movies I didn't like as much. I would never watch it again, would like it if Disney/Marvel said it wasn't even canon and was a fever dream that Thor had, But Quantumania I have happily watched more then once.
  19. Yeah No I really didn't have a problem with this movie, I don't care what the critics say, I enjoyed it, it was fun, and visually pleasing, I mean I am biased since I just love Paul Rudd, the internet hated this movie so I guess that's what the Razzie's are going with, but dissing MODOK is kinda a cheap shot, since he was meant to not be taken serious and was a joke, Bill Murray being hated on seems like just nonsensical he literally was in the movie for like 10 minutes, and what did Micheal Douglas do wrong here? either way whatever, I don't think this movie deserves the hate, Love & Thunder was by far worse, and the worst movie in the MCU to date.
  20. Trickshot was basically the bad guy version of Hawkeye, and wore red, he was Clint's older Brother, Barney Barton. Blazing Skull was a golden age character when Marvel was Timely comics, he was basically prototype Ghost Rider, he has a weird origin where he was a news reporter who found a race of Skull head people who chose him to be their champion and trained him blah blah Yeah D-Man was bigger, obviously the recipe would be better with a larger buck, and sure sub the DD buck out, I was just trying to make it as easy to visualize as possible, Odinson buck would probably be better, so Yeah go with that.
  21. True, it has happened before, we have seen characters get multiple figures in the same year, or even months apart, and not even anchor characters, so I guess it's not impossible.
  22. Well I kinda have a feeling it would be pretty unlikely we'd see two comic Wasps in 1 year, and the Classic Costume was already shown and teased, so I think that's probably it, I'd be really surprised if we got 2 Wasps in a year.
  23. Decided to come back to this, here's a second wave Iron Man (Neo Classic) (just give the old one some new legs) Flatman (just repaint Mr. Fantastic really) Trickshot (just basically re-paint a Hawkeye) Blazing Skull (Basically Orb figure, remove head, change belt) Human Torch (Jim Hammond) (just re-paint the recent Torch) D-Man (Yellow DD Body, Wolverine Head) Madame Masque (Re-Paint Viper, give a new head) BAF = A-Bomb (pretty much just re-paint Abomination/Ch'od add a new head, make him a bit taller just to be cool)
  24. Yeah maybe they will throw in some of the characters who got figures in the 2nd Secret wars wave, who well didn't appear, like Hobgoblin, Iceman, Constrictor.. that would be a curve ball. wasn't one of the leaks recently a new Constrictor? hey if they wanted to go the route of tossing in some of the characters who appeared in that secondary wave A Classic Falcon with Redwing would be really fantastic.
  25. Yeah I remember the Juggernaut story, yeah That actually is the factoid page now that I remember seeing she was a mutant, like I said I dunno, guess they flip flopped or she was mistaken as a Mutant, either way. *Shrug* neither here nor there personally if shes a mutant or not,
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