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  1. Okay, the Hood looking cool here...but no Bike? guess he's riding his Cape, oh boyy,,,But we all know this won't last long, Looks pretty neato though, ahem...Hasbro...Legend me.
  2. I only want Psylocke here, so when I get this pack, you can get a Wolverine, Bub. collector friends club. ☺️
  3. What ever happened to the actual character Vengeance? loved that guy, but has he even been in a comic in the last 15 years? anyways here's a twist...it's Egghead who is the new host.. woot, and he's now Egg Rider, and rides a Egg shaped Motorcycle, that's on fire, and he says "it's hard boiling time" as his battle cry. and then Sony makes a movie about him starring Tommy Wiseau
  4. Yeah I always thought, what's the point of wearing a mask...that's not actually covering your face? it's pointless, you just now look well dumb, what is the mask doing for you? the point of a mask is to hide your face..now it's just ornamental, what to make you look fancy and super hero'y, like come on, I know it's you. but like these masks look really dorky, they hold zero purpose, the Anya Corazon one is like...not even a mask it's just some eye thing. it's actually doing nothing for her, UgH🫠 this movie is gonna suck, if it doesn't I'd be shocked. Like really shocked.
  5. Just watched the first 2 episodes, hey I like this show, It's got a more sombre vibe then a lot of the Marvel things of late, the acting is good, nice movement, good action, so far so good, I'm saving the rest of the episodes, let's see how it all unfolds. DD in episode 1 BTW.
  6. I know a ton didn't like this movie, I thought it was a sweetie, I actually want to watch it again, looking forward to when it hits disney plus, I know it's not for everyone, I really enjoyed it, if you hated Love & Thunder... this isn't that 😄
  7. oH you are not, Comic Attuma, please, we need those Namor Villains, Orka...gimme that as well, Pirahana, U-man, gimme.
  8. Hmmm, I see this, still makes me feel like this is destined to be a stinker, with that being said, will I be there opening weekend for this movie, *groans* Yes.... so CW vibes, it's hurting, but it's ladies Spider people in a movie...gush it's awesome, but I know this is gonna be a stanker, but if you can make me go see Morbius day 1, I'm just a shame, so off I will go.
  9. You know I was talking about this with a friend the other day, you know what would have been way cooler then them doing this (obviously more expensive for their budget) would have been to revisit the Fox Studios stuff, could have done a nice little program like they did in 2020 with some X-Men Movie figures, maybe even something like Nic Cage Ghost Rider, I dunno, yeah I get it they had to put stuff out for the MCU/Movie collectors, and didn't have much in the way of movies next year, had to push things back, but it wouldn't have hurt for them to you know dip into the well of the past, that wouldn't have caused any feathers ruffled from no new MCU stuff...Yeah the old X-Men films, that stuff likely would have sold, this not so sure. ✌️
  10. It really just makes me say ugh..that I want that Betsy so bad, that I gotta pay the extra dollars for a Wolverine I could care so little for, but it's Betsy I'll just do it, fine, mean ol Hasbro, At least that Wolverine is much better then the previous one, it's not a horrid thing to look at, I liked this outfit for Logan, but I'd just skip it if I could, I also know that nobody else really wants it so getting rid of it will be an ordeal, but that Lady Mandarin...sigh, so niiiicce.
  11. Well David was right about things so far, so I imagine we can assume he will be right about all of this other stuff, Count Nefaria, Ka-Zar, Ikaris, Wolfsbane and Shield 3 Pack all sound excellent, would be interested in them all, but head scratcher on re-painted Herald Thor, but it's likely the Winter what not version, he will be darker, Heroes Reborn Iron Man doesn't do much for me, I mean X-Factor Wolfsbane would be nice but, Would way rather finally get Feral.
  12. Oh true indeed, would be amazing to get a Aragorn for Valkyrie, I always said they should do a animal rider wave, Black Knight needs a Valinor. oh that would be superb. Good thinking!
  13. I guess Valentine's day is right around the corner, I didn't even think of that, I was kinda...huh valentine's day already?, but nope it's already the next holiday. cute kinda, might be fun to give some one on valentine's day, I mean if they were a fan.
  14. this topic is moving into negative directions, let's not get into the whole "he wasn't right for the part, for so and so reasons" in fact, best to just move on from all this really, he will not be playing the role, talk about that, not why you think he would be wrong for it, let's not get into the whole race swapping thing, keep it civil.
  15. Now where the heck is the X-Men 97 wave, and Lady Mandarin pack? cause i just want Maddy and Betsy.
  16. Going back to this figure, I actually watched the full video, in hopes he'd do a headswap, with the older heads and new body, this I was curious about, it looks like it works? I kinda like it, maybe in the end I will keep this Namor and swap the heads with a previous one, I just don't vibe with the rock star head, but the body is actually pretty cool. Although in the end I'm still content with the Walgreens/X-Men/Illuminati Namor I have, and probably don't really need to keep this guy.
  17. I wish they'd do the variants, would be really cool, I'd be all over it, but they really need to get on giving us a Hybrid figure, seems overdue, let's get that one first. also how has that Monster Venom buck not been used yet for a Venom the Madness? the Deluxe "big" Venom should have been that figure and not a re-paint of the Monster Venom, would have given it more mileage.
  18. it would be crazy for them not to try that one, he's pretty basic, only thing that they would need are...oh hey here are the wings! boom, done. also like I said pretty easy to give us Blue Eagle and Sky Lark with these wings, not much in terms of new tooling for those 2, Now Harpy yes..but having these wings in the tool cabinet really opens up some doors for potential winged characters.
  19. Yeah it's the fact that they already have done better on these 2, that re-packing the least best offerings is a real head scratcher, but I guess things like less Waldoes, no extra heads, etc, really saves them money, but how much? once these land at Ross & Ollies in a year, they'd probably wish they packed these with a bit more accessories to get more bite, Like I said you can get these figures already better, and for a fine price.
  20. Yes like I've said, this Angel figure is really quite nice, just not a thing I desire, I'm happy so many people are getting it though after it was asked for by the fans for years, Sure if maybe it goes into a cheaper price range I might just have that I need to buy something urge one day and get it, I'm also pretty certain at some point they will also re-paint this in the Blue, so there is that option as well, but at this point for myself it's Archangel and I'm good. they did really do these Wings wonderfully though, They could use these for Mimic at some point, or A Harpy perhaps! , Blue Eagle?, Sky Lark?
  21. Yeah I mean from what we saw in She-Hulk he seemed more DD, so let's hope they keep that momentum. is DD supposed to be in this Echo show? I keep hearing he is, but no real confirmation? am I just going coocoo? *edit Answered my own question, yes it appears evident multiple sources say Charlie Cox is Daredevil in Echo. so guess we will find out more, how Marvel is handling DD post Netflix.
  22. See they could have done this, at least give the MCU collectors something worth maybe quad dipping for, how many times can they re-release this figure? this is what the 4th time? and this is the worst iteration, at least even at the least they could done the Waldoe version from that 2 pack, the Iron Man as well...how many times for Mark 85? 3? and this yet again isn't even the best version, I think this is the Lebowski Thor version. they really phoned these in, it seems almost destined for pegwarming status on these two, because people have them, and nothing about these would seem to tempt people to dip again, sure new collectors might want these, but then again they could probably find these figures in some form, I know I still see the Mark 85 snap hand and Snapped Thanos pack in stores, and nobody wants the least awesome offering of Iron Spider. hope some people are happy, because to me personally these are some of the most redundant and uninspired things we have seen as of late for Legends, just new boxes for the lowest on the totem versions of figures.
  23. Yeah, and they did a pretty good job with the Archangel we got, sure it's on the Bucky Cap Buck, but it works for him, and the fact they gave us 3 different heads was a high note, ever since I got that figure I felt like I probably didn't need another version of Warren, the Angel look was always just sorta meh to me, he wasn't very cool then, but Archangel..now that's cool. I'm actually shocked we still don't have a re-do of the X-Force Archangel because that would be easy...it already exists pretty much with no need for improvement. I wouldn't buy it but I know others would.
  24. Ah yes I see, and yup just looking at that Toybiz Lasher it's such a sad moment for the Legends team, that they went so far off with the buck choice, Lasher was buffer and bigger, and not in anyway was the Pizza Spidey buck appropriate for him, the Toybiz Lasher still looks pretty darn cool I say. The Variant colors also on this one you have are really rad, I actually don't have that variant, the variants over time did get more scarce, funny enough I also remember the only character to not get a variant was Scream. really hope one day Hasbro revisits Lasher and puts him on something like the Vulcan buck. I mean they should at some point, because that Lasher is super hard to get, and wanted by a ton of people, and commands high prices on the market, and it's not because it's good it's because people need it for the LF Symbiotes team.
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