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  1. I'm going to speculate that these figures are coming in the Blue Matching (more classic) outfits, as it seems that's their look for this movie, I want to say High Evolutionary is the BAF (but we could be wrong), and a Gamora exclusive to come out somewhere down the line, but at this point I'm not really interested since it's all movie figures, maybe Mantis because she can be a fill in for a comic version, if there is a Cosmo pack in some place I'd likely want that, because it's pretty easy to be a comic fill in, but other then that this wave is already on paper looking like an easy money saver for me, going to be passing on it, which I'm fine with.
  2. Really want this figure, I am going to presume it's going to be a TRU exclusive in Canada, but TRU doesn't put up pre-orders so I'm going to make a wild guess and say it's just going to appear sometime randomly on the website if at all and for roughly 50 bucks, Ugh.
  3. Yeah I just find it fun to add to the Joe shelf, I feel like there is more wiggle room to make up characters then say Marvel, Joe characters can be anything, I just thought certain figures kitbashed would look cool on the shelf amongst the Joes, plus getting the Movie Joes for cheap but not wanting to display them as movie figures (I don't like that movie).
  4. Not necessarily a definitive list, but I really want these in figure form, not a ton of hope these would ever happen minus a few. 1. Dweller In Darkness 2. Necra 3. Gargoyle 4. N'astirh 5. Nightwatch 6. Manphibian 7. Stegron 8. Mellencamp 9. Emplate 10. Chernobog
  5. Yeah seriously Happy Meal toy cross sales, The Power Ranger Avengers are wacky, I want to hate it, but it's so awful it's intriguing, can their zords form a Mega Stan Lee Zord? if not no money for you Marvel.
  6. Here are my made up Joe characters in my display, just kitbashs from left to right Cobra members : Countess (Baroness Clone), Killjoy (Cobra Assassin) & Indigo Dragon (Cobra Sorcerer) Joe members : Brown Wolf (Arashikage Ninja), Trixx (Arashikage Ninja, daughter of Master Hatori) & Old Master Hatori (Elder Arashikage Ninja)
  7. Oh no I know they are not, I just think it would be a cool gimmick if the show was, and looked like Sin City.
  8. Sure whatever, I will reserve my judgment, but I almost don't even believe this will happen, I don't believe 90% of the things Sony is "releasing" will actually happen, they scrap things as fast as they plan them, but this might be one of better sounding ideas Sony has had, at least this can make sense as to why it has no MCU connection being it's in another universe in 1930's if this actually makes it to a screen, I'm going to be mad if it's not in Black & White, at least give us that gimmick.
  9. not really the same, but I do put random figures in my Joe displays like I have a Heist Killmonger with the Udon Taskmaster Head, also movie Akiko I have with the bunny mask on from Female Blue Ninja w/hood from Storm Shadow, and Movie Baroness with the Motorcycle Helmet on from the comic/cartoon figure. and Articulated Icons NInjas as Rando Ninjas.
  10. Here is some more Iron Man Villains Mandarin, Blacklash, Crimson Dynamo (classic), Titanium Man & Cobalt Man Black Widow Villains Ivan Petrovich, Iron Maiden, Mandrill, Snapdragon & Indestructible Man She Hulk Villains Titania, Volcana, Ruby Thursday, Red She Hulk & Grappler Punisher Villains Bushwacker, Barracuda, The Russian, Hitman & Ma Gnucci Power Man & Iron Fist Villains Steel Serpent, Bush Master, Moses Magnum, Chemistro & Mr. Fish Hawkeye Villains Swordsman, Trickshot, Oddball, The Clown & Bombshell Nova Villains Diamondhead, Dr. Sun, Powerhouse, Sphinx & Garthan Saal Captain Marvel Villains Yon-Rogg, Nitro, Titanus, Supreme Intelligence & Deathbird Spider-Man 2099 Villains Goblin 2099, Venom 2099, Vulture 2099, Flipside & Sandwoman Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) Villains Kamran, Stormranger, Kaboom, Discord & Doc. X Sleepwalker Villains 8-Ball, Cobweb, Lullaby, Master Link & N'ogskak
  11. Agreed that spot could have been filled with someone a bit more well needed like Yellowjacket or even an updated Pym Ant-Man, or Bill Foster Goliath, Cassie as Stature or Raz or Nadia, but I like Future Ant-Man, he's cooling looking and a new character who isn't Scott, Hank or Eric. really Both Future Ant-Man and Ultron should have been someone else, the Ultron is really unnecessary IMO.
  12. Wave looks pretty nice, The MCU figures are looking good especially Wasp & Kang and the Cassie BAF, but I have little interest. not sure what's up with the barely anything new about it Ultron, it's the same figure with a new head and more silvery paint, easy Pass. Will certainly be getting Crossfire, Egghead and Future Ant-Man, I might down the road get Wasp just because she looks really nice and I can add her to my Ladies of Marvel shelf, but not really interested in building the BAF, so the only important buys for me are the comic characters minus Ultron.
  13. I have heard it's Pymtron I do hope finally we see these Ant-Man figures, at this point it's a for sure I want Crossfire and Egghead, depending on the Ultron and what it looks like it's a maybe, Future Ant-Man if it is true is also likely a get, the movies figures I'm probably passing on unless Hope looks really good. Also all that being said, I don't want this to be a BAF I want to build, so I don't feel the urge to buy the figures I have likely no interest in, so I do hope it's MCU MODOK.
  14. Some good box sets to get out characters that might not sell on there own so much. criteria is that these villains have to already have a comic hero figure available to fight, that has barely has any villain figures available just going quick off my head let's see what I can come up with. gonna try to have at least 1 female per box, if I can. Ghost Rider Villains Box Set (not going to include the obvious Mephisto (cuz Haslab) and Black Heart because he should eventually be a BAF) Zarathos, Scarecrow, Lilith, Nightmare & Blackout Moon Knight Villains Box Set Black Spectre, Bushman, Morpheus, Shadow Knight & Stained Glass Scarlet Shang Chi Villains Box Set Razor Fist, Ghost Maker, Cursed Lotus, Death Dealer & Midnight Sun Black Panther Villains Killmonger, Man-Ape, Tetu, Achebe & Zenzi Namor Villains Box Set Attuma, Orka, U-Man, Krang & Pirahna Deadpool Villains Box Set Slayback, Ajax, T-Ray, Madcap & Copycat In the mighty words of Steve Rogers..I could do this all day, so I;ll stop there.
  15. Yeah I'm excited for this pack, all cool characters I want, everything about this pack I'm digging, even if Vertigo is a heavy re-use figure she looks really good IMO, only figure here that's kinda blah but accurate is Zero. I'm glad they gave us this bunch of characters all in one go.
  16. These look so good, amazing likenesses, seeing this Wasp figure here makes me contemplate getting a Legend of this look, it's a really good looking suit, guess we will have to see what it eventually looks like, happy to see they gave her short hair which is more comic accurate, this suit also is more accurate to her more modern look. I also think Stinger is looking pretty darn good, maybe a legend of that might be cool.
  17. Yeah a new Ionic Version would be awesome, I'm surprised they have not given us that yet, they just simply need to cast the previous figure in clearish purple, would have been an easy re-paint, but I presume Wonder Man isn't popular enough to warrant a re-paint, it probably would peg warm. could have been a cool WCA multipack with Mockingbird, Ionic Wonder Man, Hawkeye and Gravitron
  18. Dan Ketch Ghost Rider Red She-Hulk Madame Mask Classic Adam Warlock Man-Thing Dreadknight (or just re-release the Raft Set One) Satana Ares (fix those Ball Joints) Ms. Marvel (Carol) Falcon (Classic) Marvel Monsters Box Set Blastaar Valkyrie Yellowjacket Radioactive Man Bucky Barnes Dum Dum Duggan Black Heart Hela Brood Abomination (needs to actually be as big or bigger then 80th Hulk) Odin (Classic) Wrecking Crew Doc Samson Nick Fury (Classic) Anti Venom Iron Patriot (Comic) Lasher (more appropriate buck) Nemesis Purple Man Ghost (fix those Ball Joints) Misty Knight (more metal arm, less wacky eyes) Mole Man Annihilus Mandarin (like come on mannnn)
  19. Not a big fan of this look for Simon, I prefer the look from his older figure, but I'm happy that this figure is being released because so many people have been asking for it, I did order it but solely for the BAF piece, I guess it looks good for what it is although I think his pants should have been tighter. I do hope this means this Wave is coming out soon, I'm excited for many figures in it.
  20. This is good news I really liked the first season, it was a good fun show, I was actually not pleased when I heard they cancelled this show because it was good, glad to see they changed their minds.
  21. Need to see more of this, but it looks fairly cool, although revoltech has some odd proportions, I'm a sucker for all things Moon Knight but not a sucker for the prices of these figures, if this was something in a affordable range I'd probably already be hoping to get it.
  22. Main take away from this is, why is Secret Invasion taking so long to get an official release date, and not getting a trailer slot here? I'm eagerly awaiting that show, it looks really good, but it's odd that nothing seems to be concrete about it's ETA. I can't lie that currently The Marvels has my least interest in terms of film/tv that Marvel is putting out this year, as I still really didn't have a like for Kamala and not sure how I feel her dynamics are going to work with Monica and Carol, I still don't think that I adored the first Captain Marvel movie, how much better can a second one be?, the current only saving grace is Teyonah Parris as Rambeau, I like her in that role.
  23. I agree here, sadly this isn't a superior figure then the TRU 2 pack, The TRU figure has the muted darker colors, plus the face, and the translucent hair, it's a far more aesthetically pleasing figure then this one, the colors are too bright, and it gives the figure some what of a cheaper appearance, the face also has a less fine tuned look (if comparing it to the original release, it almost looks like a bootleg), and the paint apps are generally applied poorly on this figure in the face. anyways I could never get my hands on the TRU 2 pack for a price that seemed reasonable, so I have settled for this, sure it's a nice figure, but compared to the previous release it's not as nice, it's just the sad truth. muted red color, multiple heads, translucent hair effect, better paint apps on face retro just doesn't look like they cleary gave it the love and attention to detail it deserved
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