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  1. Can we just get a Moon knight and his Mooncopter (mainly so I can get a classic all white Moon Knight fig), and can we get Great Lakes Avengers Quin-Jetta for laughs along with Doorman (cause I just want a Doorman figure) , I don't particularly care about the Riders series, the vehicles take up too much precious space , but the OP pretty much knocked the riders I'd say are a good go out but with that Squirrel Girl will be a for sure buy! need that
  2. EB Games here in Canada is officially stocked up with Emma Frost now, I had found the only one over a week ago that I'd ever seen but Now it seems there are at least over 4 at most locations. 80th sets also seem to be not moving at all here in Canada the EB had all of the sets with at least 2 to 3 in stock (except the Peggy & Cap and The Iron Man & Spidey obviously) , plus it seems a new restock of Caliban wave has been hitting EB (no Beast or Jubilee however) , Vintage X-Men seem to be pretty much dwindled down to only Wolverine and Cyclops (and there is alot of them) just broke down and bought the Luis & Ghost pack, I really wanted that Ghost, and had no interest in Luis, but I had a plan to mod him (which I did) I'm actually diggin the figure with the Modding
  3. I personally don't see any line dethroning Legends anytime soon, because well it's Marvel and no other figure franchise is going to be as vastly popular and I doubt there will be anything anytime soon unless it was an entirely new franchise that just blew everything away with instant popularity, but if say another Marvel line came out that looked as good or better then Legends and was at a lower or the same price point well that would be the only contender
  4. Despite not having any particular fav decade, because I love certain characters looks from all over the decades, I would say 80's and 90's because that's when I was first reading comics and when I was growing up, But I voted 1980's because in my mind I always felt 80's were a great time for the comics I loved and alot of iconic outfits came out at that point
  5. I would be very pleased if Hasbro started putting out DC figures like the Legends, but I probably wouldn't buy them except for a few here and there, I wouldn't want the Lines to co-mingle though inless it was Amalgam stuff (which would be rad to see one day)
  6. Love this figure alot but I'm doubting I'll ever see it on the pegs here in Canada inless TRU swoops it up as an exclusive from Wal-Mart, Since Wal-Mart is not even an option anymore for Legends here, they never get stocked and since Binary Captain Marvel all of the Wal-Mart exclusives either don't appear here or go to TRU, still never saw a Power & Glory Cap ever here So I've decided I will be fine with my Vintage Cap
  7. These are my thoughts as well I personally love the quality, it feels nostalgic and "toy" enough that it makes me really happy but the articulation and durability make it feel like a real collectible item, no gripes with the material they are currently using however has anyone seen this new Black series figs Hyper Real? they are like mini hot toys, kinda awesome on paper but interesting to see how they turn out, also they are at a far higher price point (one I wouldnt want to pay) but I could see if potentially they do well the format might get a Marvel treatment down the road, seems cool but getting into a new collector plain with 80 buck price
  8. no way does this count, I mean D-Man Standard costume not when he became Scourge (which was awesome and an awesome figure) D-Man just looks to confusing to the average consumer,, hes OG costume daredevil with a Wolverine mask and none of the coolness, so it seems so pointless, so thats why all the D-Man fans got him in a good costume as Scourge
  9. man that is so rad you actually made a capsicle , that is true dedication ! how fantastic
  10. I think it's already been shown bigger can be done, such as the Wolverine DOFP Sentinel pack, they just need to do more of those deluxe sets, like someone said I don't think that spreading BAF's over 2 waves is a great idea, it will cause problems for the average consumer, so yes make em bigger but not BAFs just bigger figures in deluxe releases or packs
  11. Oh yeah and the Vintage Wave 2 is only 89 bucks also an amazing grab https://www.bigbadtoystore.com/Product/VariationDetails/79676 and the Black Panther (Okoye wave) 86 Bucks https://www.bigbadtoystore.com/Product/VariationDetails/64750 really great ways to start a collection or fill it out both vintage waves are fantastic grabs
  12. if they were completely new sculpts I'd say it was the start of a new collection entirely separate from what we currently have, but as long as they looked good I'd be happy to buy them
  13. Maybe I'm wrong but I felt like alot of people were struggling to find the 80th Anni Iron Man & Spider Man 2 Pack, it has finally shown up in Canada and it seems TRU is the only one whos currently getting it, you can order it (shipping may be not so good I dunno though, but USD worth more the CAD) http://www.toysrus.ca/product/index.jsp?productId=174731786 also I don't know if anyone cares anymore but man BBTS is selling the Vintage wave for 69 bucks https://www.bigbadtoystore.com/Product/VariationDetails/62196 which if you were a new collector is like the best way to start out, if I didn't have these figs I'd swoop em up
  14. It all really depends on how the figures looked, if say mattel picked up the line and continued exactly on the way hasbro has sure i'd not consider it anything else other then a continuation, but if say they started putting out entirely new figures (new packaging re-making , new sculpts) I'd probably collect them if they looked great, but I'd say they were not the same as the Hasbro legends, I don't even consider the TB Legends, the First batch Hasbro or the Infinite all the same series, I don't collect anything that wasn't released in the "Infinite" series anymore not the same but thats just me , if a new reasonably affordable marvel figure line started coming out today I might just start collecting them as well
  15. I feel the same, and honestly I am glad we get figures that not everybody wants it allows our wallets a chance to stop screaming and take a sigh of relief, so most people should be happy not every wave is star studded and packed entirely with the figures everybody wants or maybe every wave would end up being a vintage storm, rogue or beast , but then everybody out there who needs swim suit deadpool or taking a poop tony stark can be happy as well
  16. Honestly as a collector of toys in general with so many things I collect I'd say no, but I'd say I'd never quit the legend game it's too much fun, the only way I'd finish is if the Line itself did, but I'm not a completionist so I only pick and choose the figures I like, and as long as I like the figures I will buy them.
  17. after seeing how outraged a chunk of people were about the reveal of White Rabbit and Superior Ock and how arms up in the air upset and angry they were, maybe we just need to realize that we sometimes need to tone down are disappointment and dislike for characters , I being someone who is super happy about White RAbbit and have been asking for her for years felt kinda exhaunsted hearing all of the cry babys , don't ban the term, but I think people need to be a bit more aware not every figure is for everyone, but the figure is getting made because someone likes it and enough to warrant it's creation, therefore you are just wrong in sayin "nobody asked for this"
  18. I honestly just hope I don't want to build it, because I want to cherry pick this new wave, I have no interest in half of these figures so I wanna say it is J. Jonah Jameson (because then I won't want it)
  19. what Leokearon said but who knows since we have no Idea what this movie has in store, but I'd feel safe in saying it woudn't be a new comic thanos
  20. I feel Hasbro likes to throw us curve balls and surprise us with some pretty odd characters sometimes but for some reason I feel like these characters may just never ever get a chance to get made Hellcow (I mean really how? and plus as we all mentioned Hasbro doesn't want to make "devil" oriented figures, but a devil cow I'm gonna say it's safe to say NEVER) Pink Pearl (a huge fat woman in a pink dress, I'm gonna go with they'd never waste a BAF on this for every obvious reason) Typeface (what a just what a stupid lame character, sure we got tons of bad characters with dumb looks i.e. paste pot etc, but this guy is downright terrible) Leather Boy (um pretty sure I'd win all bets saying this dude would never get made.. since um yeah I KNOW no company would be making a leather daddy figure) Turner D. Century (um cause it's so damn awful and lame this would peg warm until the turn of d next century 😉) Eye Boy (because hes bad, and he is pretty darn lame, I Mean he's probably the most vulnerable mutant ever,, he's covoered in eyes) Asbestos Lady (I am fairly certain Hasbro just wouldn't even want to have to stick her name on a box, it's just bad) D-Man (I'm probably wrong and he will get a figure but he's gotta be one of the most uncreative designs ever, he is daredevil , he is wolverine he was pretty washed, and nobody but the diehards would understand what he even was about) I'm sure there is way more but I thought of these
  21. it would certainly be a nice thing if they'd re-do the FA X-Men because that box-set was pretty phoned in , and doesn't look that great and never did, but as I believe alot of people are saying, none of those looks for the X-Men were very exciting or stand out (which is why they all came in a box I believe in the first place), but who knows I'm sure somewhere down the road maybe a Marvel girl could happen at least
  22. I would really be pleased with any of these characters, I loved AOA when I was a kid, still have tons of the comics from the days the dropped, I really however have a huge love from Generation Next (as at the time I was huge on Generation X) I would mainly love Shadowcat & Husk (two of my favs from AOA) , but of course Jean, Rogue, Dark Beast, Holocaust, Omega Red (loved how he was blue), Jubilee, Death Bird and Lila
  23. Finally White Rabbit, I am so excited, next year we get Squirrel Girl and White Rabbit! thank you Hasbro!, that Superior Ock looks amazing as well, both are a for sure buy for me
  24. I don't think they are handling it wrong, it takes time to guage the success of such things, and it also takes time to produce the figures, I personally don't care about seeing any of these figures to be honest, I'd much prefer seeing some comic spidey suits and spiderverse characters before these video games suits, but if people want em awesome, they get them, I just have no interest at all. I think they are a strange addition to the Legends line doesn't seem all entirely right
  25. As much as I like the BAF version, I prefer the 80th Anniversary over it, I like the classic colors and that Helmet sculpt is by far an improvement , infact the only think that I liked more about the BAF juggs is the belt, although it's not hugely important the belt gives a bit more to the figure. The winner for me is the new 80th Anniversary Juggs though , hands down a fantastic figure indeed
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