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  1. nope this means all of these showed up at EB Games (I'm from Canada dude)
  2. really into this wave! this one deserves classic card backs
  3. just got a new lil haul , iceman, silver samurai, dazzler and emma frost
  4. Villain Wave 1 (probably could think of more) Kang Mephisto Annihilus Ultron Morgan Le Fay Baron Mordo BAF Surtur I'd Love a all Serpent Society Wave (I want to finish this collection so bad)
  5. This is pretty much the list I was thinking but with a Change MCU Black Widow MCU Black Widow (Belova) MCU Task Master MCU Red Guardian Viper/Madame Hydra Black Lotus Gray Suit Black Widow (No BAF Peice) BAF : Ursa Major
  6. Tarot's list is pretty damn strong I'd do a few changes however in terms of what I'd personally like Dr. Doom She-Hulk (FF Costume) Crystal Annihilus Triton Super Skrull BAF : Dragon Man I'd save Lockjaw as the BAF for an Inhumans wave
  7. I think we pretty much have the grand majority of the big true "heavy hitters" of course as people mentioned like every single character above that needs to be done, I think Legends need to focus on X-Villains since it's surprising we have so little, we really need Blob, Pyro, Toad, Avalanche, Lady Deathstrike, Sabastian Shaw, Mojo, Brood, Spiral, I could go on but I really think they need to shift focus from Heros to the Villains in the X Department , but me personally I just want Generation X to finally get some character reps, let's get Excalibur and let's finish Alpha Flite, I'd be content
  8. I went with Demogoblin & Protogoblin Dr. Strange & Baron Mordo (new Classic Dr. Strange) Overdrive & Living Brain Spider-Man 2099 & Venom 2099 (Spider-Man 2099 updated on Spider UK Buck)
  9. I wish that we'd see a Dark Beast and I bet we eventually will, as well as a Gray Beast, and maybe I'd be able to find one at MSRP hahha
  10. I think it's unanimous we all want a Secret Wars based set of waves, but me personally I'd also love to see Maximum Carnage (so we can get Carrion, Demogoblin, Shreik), Venomverse (so we can get some awesome venomized characters and poison characters to go with Poison SM) and Lethal Protector (so we can get those Life Foundation Symbiotes), also would love a Midnight Massacre based wave and Phalanx Covenant would be rad (then we could get some Generation X characters and Excalibur) but I bet none of these would happen apart from Secret Wars which I think has huge potential
  11. Only thing I'd be interested in is seeing a MCU Hydro-Man , after seeing things like the Pop figure It would be rad, other then that no please not another FFH figure please , please no Ned Leeds
  12. I agree with the idea that a "Deadpool" wave must include at least 2 Deadpools, of course this is only because the 2 Deadpool waves we do have are heavily Deadpool figure oriented, it doesn't mean in the future this can't be broken, but I do believe the "criteria" for a DP wave is at least 2 deadpools and at least 2 characters directly associated with Deadpool , The first DP wave had 2 important DP characters (both who were in DP 2, which that was was channelling) Cable and Domino, we also got X-Force Characters X-23 and Deathlok, Paladin was really the odd man out, because as far as I'm concerned Paladin is much more a Spider-Man / Street Level / Knights character then Deadpool. DP wave 2 of course followed similar structure, with Lady Deadpool and a second x-23 (covering his direct associates) with Bishop and Omega Red kinda the odd ones out , but watch this new Deadpool wave is just 6 versions of Deadpool and Stronguy BAF to make everyone mad hahaha here is my everyone is gonna hate this new Deadpool wave roster (Only A Joke) Pirate Deadpool Zombie Deadpool Detective Deadpool (Suit Re-paint with jacket & Hat) D-Pooly Deadpool Shirtless Deadpool with Baby Unicorn Pink Deadpool (Breast Cancer Awareness) Strong Guy BAF
  13. I really just want to see Kurse, Malekith, Destroyer and Surtur if we are talking MCU
  14. Greenlucario is right, I do this often at EB Games , You just say you want to pre-order whatever figure (as long as it's still in the system as per-orderable) and they take down yer phone number and that's it no money down nothing it just guarantees you will be contacted when the figure comes in and there will be one for you, you can even on the day it shows up in store just either not show up, or go to the store look at the figure and say nah... pass , and you don't even have to put a cent down
  15. I think the re-releasing of BAF's is far to erratic to actually place any bets on anything getting re-released, so therefore no, keep trying to build the figure, I feel the likely hood of us getting re-released BAF's at any faster or predictable rate then currently is pretty nil , once in awhile we get lucky enough to have passed on a BAF only to get it in a much easier way , I Personally would love to see more BAF's finding there way onto shelves as part of packs or single carded
  16. Finally Finally Canada gets the Hydra Supreme & Arnim Zola 2 Packs, Now A TRU Exclusive, I am so happy to finally get this awesome pack
  17. Yes Wal-mart isn't just bad online, it's bad overall, Wal-mart has absolutely no interest in actually treating Legend Collector, or Toy Collectors with any respect or care, Wal-mart is only good for letting you down, and not providing you with anything, I am suprised still that they get any Exclusives, and in fact here in Canada they don't get Exclusives anymore it seems, every one of Wal-Mart's recent Exclusives are now TRU bottom line, don't go to Wal-Mart to buy figures, just toilet paper
  18. TRU have gotten Some of the Vintage X-Men already, only ones spotted however are Wolverine and Cyclops
  19. as much as I will groan on principle that we are getting another Deadpool wave, I for one won't be sad if it was packed with Deadpools if we could finally get the Mercs For Money represented here, they can do the simple re-paint tactic and give us colored deadpool's with alt heads, I am down!, also I wouldn't complain if we finally saw Weapon X Deadpool , and we got a Pantherpool. I don't care about Strong Guy anyways so whatever wave he's in doesn't do much for me
  20. I am very pleased with hearing all of this, sounds exciting but um.. no Mahershala Ali cannot play Blade I'm outraged how could they do this, and destroy MCU continuity he was already Cottonmouth , just because those Netflix shows were canceled doesn't mean that they don't exist in the MCU anymore or didn't , first time I'm officially mad at Marvel Studios
  21. I feel like this is kinda already being talked about here But no I am Not Pumped, wave is pffff
  22. oh yeah like I said the 10th anniversary one is def a top contender it's certainly the best MCU Ant-man
  23. Yeah it's personally my fav ML Ant-Man currently, I do really like the 10th Anniversary MCU Ant-Man, but overall best Ant-Man is this Astonishing one, beats the bad lankey body of the Vintage (or Black Ant) and comic always beats MCU (IMO)
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