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  1. I just got the Hulk & FA Wolverine 2-pack,, I'd be willing to give you a clawed hand, since It's cool don't need that fig and one of his hands can be unclawed for all I care , let me know , i'd be down for a wee trade or something
  2. Since I just got a bunch of new stuff, I had to do some rearranging, and moving of figures, alot fell and got me really annoyed I just decided to take a few photos of a few random figs "posing" , this is only a tiny peice of my collection mainly ones that were new and going in a case (hulk and juggs) and a bunch who love falling on each other (the chicks), I'll probably take a few more picks later on
  3. I think that we might get more stuff only because with all of this coming out there are going to be some serious lul moments this year come end of year, with only one more wave in October (Endgame 3) , the rest is just Multi Packs and Fan Channel stuff, I feel like it would be crazy not to see, at least 2 more waves, ones for say Nov/Dec , but hey maybe I'll be wrong , those standard non exclusive waves are Hasbro's bread and butter, I don't see them just closing out the year on 1 last wave in October, those fan Channel figs and Multi packs arn't for the peeking in the window consumers which they gotta attract
  4. Yeah IDW currently has the rights for the Comics, but There are some characters like Bug who are In the Guardians (or at least was in the 2008 times) and both Bug and Marionette, Arcturus Rann showed up as members Enigma Force or w/e in Minimum Carnage (plus the battle was happening in the Microverse, and have Micronauts other characters) and that story arc happened 2013/14 or so, I think those guys I mentioned are Properties of Marvel still, and they had a new thing Microns It could happened, at least some members
  5. Yeah I think that Thorbowski Wave is now officially one of the Weakest waves, Only good things are the BAF (but is just fun nothing more), Hemidall and Valkyrie (finally in the outfit we wanted) , other then that man that wave is a Snooze fest
  6. after really giving this a look over , it's a clear that I want that Squirrel Girl, Cosmic Ghost Rider and Doom the most out of all these reveals, still wondering if we are going to get some more 2019 wave reveals since I'm sure we should be getting like 2 more waves at least after that Thorbowski BAF wave. anyways as Leokeron did heres my break down Cosmic Ghost Rider - one of my fav reveals love this look for ghost rider, and that bike is awesome, it's a must have for me MCU Giant Man - Cool but not particularly important to me, but knowing my love for the Ruddster I will buy this if it's sitting on a peg Dr. Doom - finally! looks amazing and Is no doubt a must buy! Morph - love it alot, always was a huge AOA fan, and this is my fav look for Morph (I know i'm crazy right), Can't wait for more reveals in the AOA department Shang Chi - Easy pass on a Shang Chi, never was huge on the character and looks boring, but does seem well executed for Shang-Chi She Hulk - Oh god yes! , this is amazing looking, I cringe at her new look in the comics, but they dialed this down a bit and she looks less Hulk in drag and actually looks just like super charged She-Hulk, this is a must have Spider Armour Spidey - Looks cool for what it is but Easy Pass Strong Guy - No that intersted in Building a Strong Guy and never was (I know everyone else is) , only way this will be added to my collection is if the Wave is awesome Punisher - I like it, but I am content with having 1 Punisher in my collection Velocity Spidey - same as Spider Armour, easy pass Vulture - really great looking and finally a classic comic accurate Vulture, but I don't have any real lust for Vulture or his look overall, I actually liked the Drago Version better IMO , I probably won't seek this out Weapon X - as much as I love AOA I don't want this at all, Wolverine needs to go away for a bit X-Man - Cool that he's coming out, but probably nothing I will run out to buy, he's not really to interesting to look at IMO Deathlok - Awesome re-paint, I am still happy with the first one we got, but since I love Deathlok so much I will probably not pass on this if I see him in the wild Love Triangle 3 -Pack - Jean! I would buy this solely for Jean, she looks so damn good, 2 heads, awesome, I really can't stand another Wolverine especiallly one so Malibu Hat Barbie Style, the Cyclops is fine but Like jacketless better, Would easily buy this just for Jean and Scott , just because I still don't have that older JL Scott X-Factor 2 Pack - Love it , both are the costumes I wanted for these two forever, never got originall Havok because I held hope this would come out, love the Polaris, and I am cool with having two Polaris in my collection New Mutants lady pack - Really Nice and cool we get 3 characters in one, would probaby by 2 so I could have Dani and Wolfsbane Squirell Girl + Scooter - Amazing finally, this is a must must have for me, Love me Squirrel girl, Cute #$## Deadpool Wave - Ugh not another Deadpool wave, however if this wave has to have a ton of DP's in it, I would be stoked to see a Pantherpool and or Weapon X , Would also be very happy with Some Rainbow Merc DP's with alt heads, or even just some Merc characters, how about a Copycat
  7. Man so much fun new exciting stuff to look forward too, I knew we'd see Stronguy finally (didn't care myself) and Classic Vulture, loving that new Deathlok look (wish this was the first one they put out), awesome we are getting New mutants (although I'm not stunned by the generic looks, but is a for sure buy), that Havok and Polaris 2 pack is amazing, finally both the versions I always wanted, and That Jean Grey! already know that 3 pack is going to sell like hot cakes, but how lame another yellow suit wolverine *sigh* I'm actually most excited about Cosmic Ghost Rider and Squirrel Girl! , but that new She-Hulk is amazing and so unexpected and finally a Real Doom (and is that soft goods I see?) , the AOA wave should be rad that Morph is fantastic
  8. just got a great lil haul 80th Anniversary Thor, Iron Man, Juggs x Colossus , Hulk x Wolverine Rescue, Beta Ray and War Machine
  9. This wave really caught me by surprise, honestly I'm kinda not that impressed it feels a little phoned in to be honest, that Cap is ancient, Iron Patroit is simply a re-paint of the last waves War Machine (am I wrong?), Iron Man is of course nice and new, but so meh to me, that Vision seems to be the exact Vision from the 2-pack, only really new things here are Valkyrie and Hemidall who both look great but the best part of this wave is the BAF , I really want that fat thor , but really want to skip buying most of this wave. Hasbro knows how to squeeze our pockets
  10. yep Street date is friday, are you in Canada? because if not the prices won't be important, um they did not have Colossus + Juggs pack, but I'm sure eventually they will inless it's an exclusive Hulk & Wolve - 70 Iron Man, Thor, were priced at 35 each I didn't actually see the prices for the ghost set or the hela set , because I wasn't buying them but I Imagine like 65
  11. yeah that's what I thought , it appears to be DC Multiverse Diana figure painted yellow with the Scream head and one of Screams arms but it's kinda hard to tell , because it seems both of the arms are really messed up , one of the arms isn't even a full arm, so it blew my mind, someone I guess really wanted a scream body but didn't care about having the head, and maybe didn't want a Diana figure except for her head it's really weird, people are wack
  12. Just went to my local EB and the dude who works there, went into the back for me and brought out tons of 80th Anniversary stuff, Thor, Iron Man, Wolvie & Hulk Pack, Hela & Skurge Pack and Luis & Ghost Pack, I bought Hulk & Wolvie, Iron Man and Thor, but I sadly couldn't take them home with me because of the damn street Date but I can go back and secure them on Friday so Yeah, plus pre-ordered Anti-Agent Venom with them
  13. oh hell yes, I'd be a huge fan of this, let me please have a Repto, Baron Karza and Force Commander ML figure , and some comic people like Marionette, Acroyear, Fire Flyte, Huntarr and Bug
  14. I feel like this thread has been done before but ah well Swarm Man-Wolf Calypso Allistair Smythe Alien Spider-Slayer Shreik Carrion Demogoblin Spot Stegron White Rabbit Vermin Will O' The Wisp Symbiotes (Riot, Phage, Agony etc) Iguana Spider-Cide that's what currently comes to mind
  15. Looks fantastic, the Juggernaut is classic as it gets, I love the color variation from the BAF, Colossus looks great but, I don't feel as interested in him which is to bad
  16. I was really hoping this figure was going to satisfy my definitive comic Hulk needs, as I was not going to be spending 80+ dollars on that Wolvie & Hulk 2-pack since I don't want the Wolvie at all, but now that I see this there are some definite aesthetic issues to me, the dark around the eyes and the veins are not particularity pleasing, it's clear that the 2-Pack hulk is the best comic Hulk there can be hands down.
  17. No way that wave was the wave that got me back into collecting ML, it had an awesome Black Cat, Carnage, Superior SM, Anya Spider-Girl, Toxin (while we could have seen better, this is probably what we are going to get for along while), and Ultimate Beetle whom I thought was nice, and Movie Electro which I really still like (more then the comic version we got) plus that BAF is great , but it's all personal opinion since.. so many people disagreed with me saying BP wave 2 was one of the worst
  18. haha rad, well i almost forgot after trading you those pieces to show me how awesome the shadow king looked , nice to see you actually got it all and then some. 👍
  19. I freaked out when I saw this as another opportunity to try and get storm, but it seems only the full wave, or individual figs other then storm or silver samurai , still rad though
  20. o Crazy because Blink is one of the hardest figs to find where I'm at Gambit has been the pegwarmer around my parts along with as of lately Forge and Weapon X, all of the other Caliban wave has been really hard to find, Far from home wave has been pretty bad though mainly huge pegwarming new suit spideys, but as I said some re-stocks have been happening and seems the whole wave is getting action except Scorpion, Mysterio and Hydro-Man, Endgame has been strickly Loki and Union Jack, Rock Python was warming now he's nowhere Wish Wal-marts here would even bother having a cool endcap, nothing like that happens here inless it's for some kids toy or transformers
  21. hahaha yup you seem to be right man , dude is going to have to buy a new cheap Titan Hero, he's running out of peices
  22. Super Angry, my local EB got a full re-stock of Caliban Wave and Far From Home Wave, some dude came in moments before me and bought the Beast!, Mysterio and Scorpion , I just can't get that Beast for MSRP it seems ever , but nice to know Canadian EB Games are getting some good re-stocking done, and first time i've seen Jubilee in the wild
  23. Local Wal-Mart jerk is at it again dude is still using his Scarlet Witch Hero Titan peices, as you can see he's got the leg in that Citizen V pack I don't even know what that red thing in Nighthawks pack that is replacing the Thanos part, but Thano's weapon is replaced with The Minn-erva gun from Star Force Cap marvel, and poor living laser doesn't even have a sub peice but is missing one of his laser effects Wal-Mart is such garbage , this is a constant thing around here, and It's the same people doing it , since they are using the same scraps over and over , wish somebody would care to stop this
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