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  1. See now this would have actually been a good Cap Marvel wave Hasbro needs to hire people from this board as creative consultants
  2. I gotta agree with the Caliban Wave being so far the best wave, I really loved the figures I did want being everyone except Weapon X and Forge (but those were still nice figures, just not my needs), and I love the BAF, the next best wave is currently going to go to Wendigo wave , I want every figure except for Cannonball , even though I don't need another Wolvie the X-Force one looks really great, and Wendigo is a must build for me. Vintage X wave is really good as well but I put Wendigo wave over it because I really could careless about that Cyclops and that Wolvie (rather X-Force Logan) , so it seems X-Men are the waves that rule this year! , can't wait to see what we are going to get with SDCC coming soon!
  3. these are what currently come to mind I gotta say alot of waves are far from perfect but as of current (and thats only including from Infinite Series Onward) the worst wave had to have been the lazy lackluster Black Panther wave 2, what a weak wave. 2 Black Panthers.. both we didn't need , one being one we basically just got a few months earlier, another Okoye basicalliy , and 3rd Black Panther whom was just wearing a dress , a drunk dude in a suit who fell on his face, and the only good figure in the wave Killmonger who could easily be a pass for most, plus really uninventive BAF that wasn't even warranting a BAF position another close runner up was Captain Marvel wave, over saturated with Captain Marvels, a boring young suit Nick Fury, terrible Yon-Rogg, a Skrull nobody wanted (if it's not comic no thanks) , and a hideous and undersized BAF, however the wave did have Genis and GG whom I quite liked but not enough to warrant this being a good wave
  4. round 4 SHIELD - Quake Hydra - Viper AIM - MODOK Dark Avengers - June Covington Soviet Super Soldier - Ursa Major Big Hero Six (comic version) - Baymax Invaders - Iron Cross (Clare) All-winners squad - Blonde Phantom Eternals - Sersei Exiles - Nocturne Legion of Monsters - Manphibian Runaways - Karolina Dean Ultimates (616 version) - Blue Marvel Spider-verse - Peni Parker (to go with SP//DR) (but seriously spider-man's need a break)
  5. Yeah I think it's weird we havn't seen Hasbro release some Accessories packs, other companys release packs though for use with 6'' scale action figures that work with Legends
  6. Round 3 Asgardians - Kurse Champions - Darkstar (or if new team Viv Vision) Defenders - Clea Mauraders - Vertigo Midnight Sons - Werewolf by Night Reavers - Lady Deathstrike Sinister Six - Vulture West Coast Avengers - Moon Knight (all white) Force Works - Century
  7. I know for a fact in recent there has been a "wave above all" thread which was basically people's thoughts on the best wave, but seems in no recent times at least has there been a "worst wave" legends thread, you should make it
  8. Fantastic Four (yes there is more the just the original) - She Hulk (FF Uniform) Heralds of Galactus - Stardust Young Avengers - America Chavez Squadron Supreme - Arcanna GOTG (present comic version) - Moondragon Outlaws - Will O' The Wisp Heroes for Hire - Colleen Wing Excalibur /MI13- Meggan
  9. if it was today I won, Mafex Evil Gwenpool or I'd settle for regular Mafex Gwenpool, but hey I will buy these figures regardless 🤩
  10. Wish the one we got looked as good as this, head sculpt is perfect
  11. Avengers - Tigra X-men - Revanche Thunderbolts - Skein Brotherhood of Mutants - Phantazia Masters of Evil - Titania Sh'iar Imperial Guard - Warstar Serpent Society - Black Mamba Hellfire Club - Selene Guardians of the Galaxy 3000 - Nikki Alpha Flight - Snowbird New Warriors - Firestar X-Factor - Wolfsbane New Mutants/X-Force - Feral *Inhumans - Crystal
  12. I love it, I have wanted this Dazzler so very much, I cannot wait to add this to my collection 🕺
  13. I know alot of us collectors usually don't have "regrets" that we bought, but I know there must be some, most of us are either completists or don't make the mistake of buying something they don't trully love (I am not a completist and cherry pick figs) since we are so content with the new figs often, but I'm sure in the past this has happened, we have so many threads about our favorites or the figures that got away, so what are the figures you just wish you didn't add to your collection? (and maybe they are gone already) Mine would have to be Quantum Suit Cap, I absolutely cannot stand seeing this in my collection, the suit isn't screen accurate, the head sculpt big and clunky, and also not accurate to the screen, overall bad figure, I bought it on a wim soley because it was there to buy and I thought perfect I'm going to put my Ant-Man 10th Anniversary unmasked Rudd head on it, turned out that head didn't fit, and now this figure nobody wants, and is on sale, I payed full price and it's just corrupting the beauty of my collection, I've tried multi heads on it to curb my hate, but no luck
  14. So as I stated before it seems Grandmaster & Korg 2-Pack is actually released, it's been hitting a few stores, so it seems that Amazon sale isn't so dubious https://www.amazon.com/Marvel-Legends-80th-Anniversary-Grandmaster/dp/B07TN89J9L it is sold out however they did have it https://roguetoys.com/collections/marvel-legends/products/hasbro-marvel-legends-80th-anniversary-series-grandmaster-korg In Europe > http://www.blacksbricks.de/en/Figures--Vehicles---Dioramas/Marvel-Comics/thor/grandmaster-korg-action-figure-2-pack-marvel-legends-80th-anniversary-thor-ragnarok-15-cm.html
  15. Looks awesome as I had suspected, but something I didn't notice until now is well... I am kinda on the fence about that head sculpt is it just me or is his forehead and top and back of his head sorta of well extra large and a tad bit awkward looking? , the profile shot really made me feel this way. I will still be no doubt getting this figure (it's the best Ice Man we have gotten yet), but thought i'd mention that
  16. At EB I saw that they finally had Professor X and not just one, looks like he's finally making his rounds here in Canada, since I had not seen him before
  17. I decided I really am passing on the Wolvie, even despite the new images, and I once was interested in Big Time Spidey, but not to be that guy but I already feel let down by it.. just sorta meh, The Anti-Agent Venom however is looking even better then I hoped even more so that it's coming in the Venom Wave Style Box... Beautiful! .
  18. yeah but he'd have to be a pack in , or in a multi-pack I'd say because he's just to small, or but wait I guess they could preform the Rocket or Spider-Ham technique with him , but what would be all too amazing is a Pet Avengers Multi-Pack with Throg, Redwing, Lockheed, Hairball & Ms. Lion , I'd buy it!
  19. Shhhhhh , Your alluding to much about the character, people gotta see the movie but really who or what would make sense enough as a BAF for a Far From Home Themed wave , and don't say some random comic dude you dream was the BAF, cause we all know A Movie ortiented wave isn't going that way inless they have nooo option
  20. Sadly you'd have to have been crazy not to think this figure was going to fly off shelves in an instant, and skyrocket in price in an instant due to demand, currently yeah it's gonna be selling for bigger prices, some times you gotta just bite the bullet for what you want https://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B07Q762PHS/ref=dp_olp_0?ie=UTF8&condition=all http://www.cmdstore.com/marvel-legends-infinite-spider-man-molten-man-series-6-inch-action-figure-mysterio.html or here pre-order it at retail (and just wait a bit for the re-stock) https://www.entertainmentearth.com/product/spiderman-marvel-legends-6inch-far-from-home-mysterio-action-figure/hse3961
  21. I personally feel this Red Skull outfit you posted above is the way I'd like him done as a classic variation, but however I saw this custom of a green suit and I gotta say it looks really rad but also this looks really damn good if Hasbro did something like these man that would be great
  22. Good Prices arn't really something you can look for when buying full BAF's most are going to run you like 50 bucks and over (remember it essentially costs 120 bucks to get the figure , and even getting it at 60 is a deal, and if you are trying to buy all the figs to get all the pieces it's going to not necessarily be easy since some of these figures go for over Retail now or are not on the general store pegs just sitting , only way you may get this for a lower price is if you can get to a Con or find it at a comic shop (but thats maybe) , this figure is very worth even 100 it's an amazing BAF 69 bucks here is a good deal I'd say , seen this going for over a 100 most times https://www.ebay.com/itm/Marvel-Legends-Venom-Wave-Monster-Venom-Build-A-Figure-Complete-SET-In-Stock/323747009703?hash=item4b60d354a7:g:CscAAOSwyUtbgJIg
  23. Probably not going to find this figure in the store anymore, this was a tough one to find, and sold out really quick, most of the online retailers are going to be selling this above MSRP, but your best bet is online, and believe me whatever price you pay this figure is worth it, its one of the nicest legends of last year, and maybe of all time (IMO) I'd say this is actually a good deal here dude https://www.ebay.com/itm/MARVEL-LEGENDS-THE-THING-Hasbro-Walgreens-Exclusive-Fantastic-Four-Grimm-mip/123822232810?hash=item1cd46154ea:g:iX8AAOSw3N1dG6J4
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